38 Gorgeous Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas For a Perfectly Cozy Cooking Space

The kitchen is the room that consumes most of the time and the budget during the renovating of a home.

It is clear that this room must combine all of the following features: modern appliances, appealing design, comfortable furniture, welcoming atmosphere and of course, individual imprint.

Want to know which interior style will ensure all of these? The farmhouse style!

Best Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Ideas. If you have been considering a farmhouse kitchen for your house, you are in luck because today, we bring you these gorgeous farmhouse kitchen cabinet ideas. #decorhomeideas

Wood, being the most used material for this style, is not only stable but also textured material. The aged or antique accents will add the warmth you are looking for to space. The furniture designed for this style is massive and comfortable. The colors are earthy and calming.

Gathering all of these in one place is a promise for a pleasant time spent in the kitchen.

Cabinets are one of the most important parts of the kitchen being the main means for storage and organization.

This is why we have dedicated a special time for the farmhouse kitchen cabinets that are both functional and appealing.

1. White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets for a Rustic Look

Affordable White Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The white color will never mislead you when it comes to any part of the interior.

Choosing it for your farmhouse kitchen cabinets will eliminate the overcrowded impression even if the whole room is covered in cabinets and will let you include more colors and accents for the rest of the furniture.

via Solid Cabinetry

2. Combine Farmhouse and Coastal Cabinetry for an Inviting Look

Blue Rustic Cabinets with Top Open Face #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Combine the classic look of farmhouse cabinets with the typical colors of the coastal style.

They will give a certain depth to space, especially if part of the cabinets are of an open concept.

3. Upgrade Your Farmhouse Kitchen with Modern Copper Accents

Classic Farmhouse Cabinets with Modern Twist #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The classic design of this farmhouse kitchen is upgraded with modern accents. The copper material both speaks for refined taste and luxury.

via Houzz

4. Beveled Edge Cabinets for a Personalized Farmhouse Design

Classic White Cabinets with Beveled Edges #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you want to add an individual touch to your farmhouse kitchen, do it with the design of the cabinets.

Although made of wood and in white color, the uniqueness of these kitchen cabinets is clearly noticed in the beveled edges.

via Adrienne Elizabeth

5. Add Wood Countertops and Silver Accents for a Modern Twist

Classic White with Silver Hardware Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is an example of traditional farmhouse design. The white cabinets are complemented by massive countertops in natural wood color.

The silver accents match very well with the interior and give it a slight modern twist.

via Junk Chic Cottage

6. Natural Wood and Distressed White Kitchen Cabinets

Contrast Cabinets with Dark Wood and Distress White #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The natural wood color and distressed white can be used as a color combination for the kitchen cabinets.

The distressed surface gives the kitchen an antique charm and instantly turns the space into a relaxing spot for pleasant activities.

7. Contrast Colors to Create Depth in Modern Kitchen Design

Contrast Cabinets with Raw Wood and White #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The same color combination is applied but this time the bottom cabinets are in dark color.

The top ones are in white to give the space height which lacks in the reality. To visually create the feeling for depth, the contrasting colors technique is used through the niche planked with dark wood slats

via Centsational Style

8. Captivating Cobalt Blue Cabinets for Spacious Kitchens

Dark Cobalt Blue Matte Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If your kitchen is spacious, you can use other colors than white. The dark cobalt blue for the cabinets gives them an antique beauty.

They match perfectly with the marble countertop and the metal accents.

via Houzz

9. Bring a Retro Feel with Raw Oak Cabinets

Dark Oak Unfinished Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The individualism of this kitchen is felt in each detail. Starting from the raw oak wood surface of the cabinets, going through the countertops covered in steel, finishing with the vintage appliances.

The handmade work has created a welcoming atmosphere that reminds me of the relaxing days of the past.

via Big Fork Builders

10. Distressed Kitchen Cabinets with Exquisite Charm

Deep Distressed Unfinished White Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The deeply distressed kitchen cabinets have an exquisite charm that is not per everyone’s taste.

Since the farmhouse influence is very tangible, all accessories and decorations must coordinate well with the major style.

via En Mi Spacio Vital

11. Extant Kitchen with Retro Khaki and Aged Metal Accents

Farmhouse Style Cabinets with 70s Color Twist #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The uniqueness of this kitchen is achieved by the massive wood countertops, twisted lines and retro khaki color.

The metal handles and hinges give these contemporary-built kitchen cabinets an aged look.

via Country Living

12. A Combination of Modern and Farmhouse Styles

Grayscale and White Cabinets with Black Accents #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

This kitchen is an example of the combination between the modern and the farmhouse style.

The predominance of the wood material smoothes the straight lines and the contemporary alignment of the cabinets.

The tile backsplash, the marble countertops and the metal accents in grey shades outline the influence of the modern design.

via Blesser House

13. Blend Farmhouse Charm with Industrial Accents

Grayscale Shiplap Cabinets with Rustic Vibes #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse style successfully meets industrial and modern accents to create together a balanced kitchen atmosphere.

The metal light fixtures define the expanse of the room while the textures of the wood materials let the furniture fit comfortably in the airy space.

14. Modern Farmhouse Kitchen with White and Black Palette

High Contrast Kitchen Cabinets with Black Accents #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Although small, this kitchen is functional and welcoming. The white color of the cabinets creates a visual illusion for an airier space.

The black of the countertops adds a contemporary touch to the farmhouse kitchen cabinets and serves as an accent of the room because of the contrast it makes with the rest of the decor.

15. Organized Farmhouse Kitchen with Warm Khaki Cabinets

Khaki Tan Modern Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

These cabinets are an example of traditional comfortable kitchen furniture in the farmhouse style.

The plenty of storage places they provide ensure an organized and neat general look.

The khaki color adds warmth to space and supplements the dark-stained countertops.

via Hill Farm Furniture

16. Bright Kitchen with Nautical-Inspired Light-Blue Cabinets

Light Blue Vintage Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The light-blue cabinets give a nautical charm to this organized and neat kitchen. They match perfectly with the white color and the massive wood countertop.

Space is well lighted by the natural light coming from the windows. Additional illumination is provided from the bottom of the counters during food preparation.

via Zillow

17. Enhance Your Kitchen Design with Chicken Wire Cabinetry

Light Olive Chicken Wire Open-Face Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you want to emphasize the farmhouse impact in your kitchen design, do it with chicken wire.

Replace the glass of the cabinet doors with the wire and see what a great difference it will make.

via Cisco Pisco

18. Complement Your Kitchen with Rustic Furniture and Corbels

Lightly Rustic Off-White Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse cabinets in the kitchen don’t have to be with doors. Instead, you can use drapery which will add a romantic and homely vibe to the place.

The suspended furniture can be represented by open shelves supported with beautiful corbels. An interesting and remarkable accent of this kitchen is the lighting fixtures made from wire baskets.

19. Eco-Friendly Kitchen Design with Carts and Crates for Storage

Metal Rolling Cabinets with Crate Storage #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for inspiration, take a deeper look at this kitchen. Instead of bottom cabinets, this designer has decided to be eco-friendly and brave.

Carts on casters replace the wooden cabinets and accommodate wooden crates for storage of kitchen accessories.

Their vintage rusty look is balanced by the shiny and clean countertops which make a bond between the bottom and top storage furniture.

via Lonny

20. Rustic Charm of a Mint Green Farmhouse Kitchen

Mint Classic Style Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Mint green is another color option that matches the farmhouse kitchen concept.

Being in the light shades makes the space airy and clean. The countertops are made of wood stained in rusty nuance to match the copper hardware of the cabinet doors.

via Emily Henderson

21. Incorporate Grey for a Stylish and Refined Look

Modern Farmhouse Light Gray Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you are addicted to grey, you can use it in your farmhouse kitchen. Although it is related to the modern interior, it won’t ruin the warm and appealing look of the room.

It matches very well with white and silver accents.

22. Create a Timeless Look with Open-Faced Cabinets

Open-Face White Paneled Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The open-faced cabinets are a classic design of the farmhouse style. You can use them for the top part of your kitchen furniture to store and display glassware.

Leave the bottom cabinets closed to organize appliances and gadgets that should rather not be shown.

23. White Beadboard Cabinets with Wooden Countertops

Paneled Cabinet with White and Black #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Although the beadboard cabinets are related to the cottage style, the massive wooden countertops change their effect.

The versatility of the white color is proven one more time. It gives the space a tangible cleanness and airy feeling regardless of the materials and the textures used.

via Live Creatively Inspired

24. Modern Grey and White Kitchen with a Twist

Raw Wood Kitchen Cabinets with Black Hardware #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The roughness of the wood meets the polished and straight lines of the modern design to make this kitchen unique.

The farmhouse cabinets have been the preferred furniture because of the large and hidden storage places they provide.

via Magnolia Market

25. Modish Kitchen Design with Complementary Grays and Whites

Rustic and Modern Cabinets with Farmhouse Flair #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Grey and white work very well in this kitchen example. This time white is the predominant color while grey is used for the accents.

The modern twist is gently peeking out from the lighting features and the cabinet handles.

26. Enhance a Kitchen Ambience with Mahogany Wood Cabinets

Shaker Mahogany and Shaker Xpresso Kitchen #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a way to smoothen the shop look of your kitchen does it with wooden cabinets.

Made of Mahogany wood, they will provide a rustic feel to the place without making the appliances look odd.

via Solid Cabinetry

27. Modern Farmhouse-Industrial Kitchen with Shiplap Accents

Shiplap Unfinished Farmhouse Rustic Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

This kitchen combines modern, farmhouse and industrial styles in one place.

The grey color of the cabinets and their straight lines confirm their presence in the contemporary world. However, the shiplap succeeds in balancing the cold look, making the whole space more welcoming and modest.

via Loving It

28. White Cabinets and Upcycled Table Legs for a Stylish Kitchen

Simple Paneled White Cabinets with Black Hardware #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Although simple these white cabinets have a personal imprint through the wide slats of their fronts.

The sink is framed by upcycled table legs which give another unique touch to the room. A good idea for hiding the piping beneath the sink is to hang a burlap curtain.

via Bloglovin

29. Rustic Kitchen with Striking Dark Wood and White Cabinetry

Tuscan and Modern Blended Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The beautiful combination of dark stained wood and white cabinets makes this kitchen extraordinary.

The clean lines can be seen in every inch of this room. The accents outline the open shelves and match the stainless steel appliances.

via HGTV

30. Rustic Kitchen with Upcycled Wood and Steel Plates

Unfinished and Mixed Vintage Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

You can create an impressive farmhouse kitchen with upcycled wood. Leave the paint weathered and incomplete to make the place unpretentious and impacting.

The combination of repurposed wood with steel plates on the wall, increases the authentic look of the room. If you are looking for an alternative material for the countertops, the butcher’s blocks will cohere with the homely atmosphere.

via Unique Homestays

31. Victorian Kitchen with Custom Cabinetry and Porcelain Sink

Vintage Victorian Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The customized drawers and cabinets make this kitchen unique. Combined with an oversized porcelain sink, the atmosphere reminds of the past Victorian times.

The only sign of the contemporary world is the white stone countertop and the steel accents to fix the kitchen in the presence.

via The Cottage Market

32. Bring Warmth to Your Kitchen with Olive Green and White

White and Olive Green Blended Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

Another color combo you can implement in your farmhouse kitchen is olive green and mat white.

The olive green is a dark color but used for the furniture next to the window adds warmth to the space. The white cabinets opposite the window open the narrow space, creating an illusion of depth and height.

33. Personalize a White Kitchen with Subtle Gold Accents

White Farmhouse Cabinets with Gold Hardware #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If you want to add a personal touch to your white farmhouse kitchen, do it gently.

A few gold accents like the cabinets’ hardware and the light fixture suspension will have a great impact.

When using such bright accents be careful where and how many you would put as they can become too distracting.

34. Achieve a Larger Feel with One Color and Texture

White Paneling Open-Face Farmhouse Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

If your kitchen is too small, you can use the same color and texture for both the walls and the cabinets.

This farmhouse kitchen is an example of how well this technique works for the visual enlargement of the room.

A countertop in a contrasting color won’t ruin this goal, on the contrary- it will anchor the homely feel.

via Farmhouse 5540

35. Crafted Wood Cabinets with Green and Aged Accents

Woodland Distressed Green and Raw Wood Cabinets #farmhouse #kitchen #cabinet #decorhomeideas

The wood of all cabinets is rough but of different designs and textures. It is an interesting and very effective move to further differentiate the designs.

The green color easily pops out thanks to the dark surrounding cabinets. For sure any aged hardware will make this unique cabinetry even more authentic but gold looks especially well.

via We Are Art

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