69 Amazing Rustic Home Decor Ideas To Make It Cozier

You don’t need designers or expensive furniture to make your home beautiful.

With these 69 Amazing Rustic Home Decor Ideas you will give every room a unique look and mostly make the atmosphere cozier.

Best Rustic Home Decor Ideas. Rustic home decor ideas could turn your house into a cozy home, incorporating everything from wooden primitives to shabby chic.  #decorhomeideas

Rustic aesthetic is evergreen and nowadays there are plenty of DIY ideas that can be made by a beginner. With the right materials and enthusiasm, you can make a sliding barn door for a wide opening, shelves for extra storage, unique wall decor pieces.

Discover new ways to repurpose old furniture pieces, windows and shutters into part of your rustic decor. Use paint colors to give them a fresh look, ornament them with faux flowers, wreaths or greenery.

You will see how the simplicity in their design turns them into an outstanding piece of the decor which easily blends with any existing decor.

1. Repurposed Birdhouse and Corner Vignette

A Birdhouse Assemblage and Barnwood Door #decorhomeideas

Make a room more welcoming by creating a rustic nook for reading. Add a vintage chest of drawers revealing signs of age and décor accent on top of it.

The small birdcage accommodates seasonal decorations which match the bigger accents opposite it.

2. Create a Mirror From an Old Panel Door

A New Way to Hang a Door #decorhomeideas

Adding a mirror to the wall above the sofa creates a visual illusion of a larger space.

When that is taken down to the rustic style, put the mirror in an old window frame, in a shutter or even a door.

3. A Vintage Trunk Becomes a Coffee Table

A Trunk Makes an Ideal Coffee Table #decorhomeideas

Create a bold rustic accent with a wooden trunk repurposed into a coffee table.

The dimensions of this antique piece are perfect for this new application and when added to a contemporary room.

via Sarah Joy

4. Add a Faux Window on Your Wall

A Window to Your Living Room's Soul #decorhomeideas

Recreate a farmhouse outdoor landscape into your living room decor to create a stunning focal point. Two shutters are given a whitewashed texture to match the bright airy interior design.

They are placed on either side of a modern painting and positioned in the center of the wall to act as frames.

Below the modern art piece with a rustic frame, there is a shelf holding old books. Two wooden corbels keep the pile fixed and put a finishing rustic touch to the symmetrical arrangement.

5. Build an Extended Headboard With Barnwood

Barn Wood Headboard and Statement Wall #decorhomeideas

The bedroom is the room that most needs a rustic accent to become homely and cozy. You can add the rustic vibe with smaller accents or only with one element which draws attention.

The rustic decor idea here features a headboard made of weathered barnwood slats arranged in an asymmetrical pattern.

The headboard is tall enough to cover almost the entire wall and to create a rustic statement.

6. Antique Ladder Adds Vertical Storage

Bathroom Ladder Toiletry Organizing Baskets #decorhomeideas

The cottage style of this bedroom makes it so charming and inviting! When you enter the room, you actually carry away to another world that is calmer, casual and closer to nature.

Natural elements, simple outdoor items repurposed into functional elements and rough weathered surfaces help create this visual effect. The paint of the door is purposely damaged to show the original wood texture beneath which matches the adjacent elements.

The storage idea here is impressive- a simple wooden ladder is transformed into a bathroom shelf unit. It covers only a small part of the floor but is tall enough to offer 6 accessible storage places.

via Shells on the Beach

7. White Window Pane Shows off Holiday Wreaths

Cathedral Window Pane and Wreath Home Decoration #decorhomeideas

This is another wall decor idea inspired by a rustic effect. The vintage arch window has inspired a small in scale decor piece ornamented with a wreath.

Faux greenery and white roses make sure that the wall decor piece can be used for a long time.

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8. Apple Crates Add Character and Storage

Chalk Paint Makeover with Primitive Apple Crates #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for an easy idea to upgrade your rustic nook, add crates. They can be stacked next to the item acting as a focal point or spread around it.

The latter ensures also functional usage as the crates can be filled with seasonal decor accents, throws and pillows.

9. DIY Farmhouse Family Photo Display

Chalkboard and Chalk Paint Family Photo Display #decorhomeideas

Make your own family photo display with reclaimed wood pieces. An old window frame, some slats, a short board and corbels are needed to make the base of the display.

Use white paint to give the wood a distressed finish. A few of the panes can be painted with black chalk paint for enhanced visual interest.

The black background will be also helpful to write notes about the displayed family photos. Add metal corbels to support the shelf and door knobs to use not only as a vintage embellishment but also as hooks.

10. Add Simple Wood Framed Scripture Plaque

Charming Farmhouse Decorative Scripture Sign #decorhomeideas

Frame an inspiring quote from the Bible in a simple wooden frame to add to the mantel.

There are plenty of free online applications where you can write the sentence in a beautiful script and frame it with a symbolic frame.

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11. Chicken Wire Window Frame for Floral Display

Chicken Wire and Wood Flower Tin Decoration #decorhomeideas

Make the wall decoration more notable with an old window frame. Replace the glass panes with chicken wire filling or a piece of canvas.

These fillings will be safer on one hand, and on the other will let the attached vase stand out.

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12. Repurposed Balusters Become a Multipurpose Table

Chunky Baluster Leg Farmhouse Work Bench #decorhomeideas

If you ever find two balusters at a thrift shop, don’t miss them because they can be repurposed into so many rustic pieces. They can be used as a frame for the fireplace, as supports for a rustic headboard, as tall candlesticks, etc.

The inspiring creation here shows how two balusters with master carving are used as a basis for a slim side table. Their surface is refreshed with a new coat of paint. Distressing on the edges is additionally applied to enhance their rustic beauty.

via Chapel Cottage Chicks

13. Country Cottage Style Begins at Your Entryway

Country Cottage Inspired Entryway Design #decorhomeideas

We have discussed many times how important the decor of the entryway is since it creates the impression of what the rest of the home will look and feel like.

If you want to impose a homely, cozy and inviting vibe at the beginning of your home, do it with rustic decor pieces. Wooden material combined with natural fabric textures and an earthy color palette set the desired ambiance.

via Home Decor Momma

14. Stunning Farmhouse Chandelier

Country Cube Hanging Statement Light #decorhomeideas

The light fixtures are another decor means to set or include an interior style in the room. This dining room is easily recognized as a cozy shabby chic place where everyone will feel at home.

The design of the light fixture must cohere with it, hence the aged rustic look of it.

via Worthing Court

15. Vintage-Look Toilet Top Box With Checklist

Decorative Bathroom Rules Toilet Top Box #decorhomeideas

Add a cute decor piece in the modern bathroom with a meaningful purpose.

To set the rules inside this room in a fun way and to smoothen the hygienic environment with the warming rustic design of the box.

This container can be practically used for storage of hand-washing soap and aftercare cream or for decor accents

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16. Custom Book Cover Spines Send a Message

Decorative Home Sweet Home Vintage Book Trio #decorhomeideas

An inspiring thought will be far more notable and influential if it is written on an unexpected basis. This pile of books is an example of that. There are three books, each displaying a word.

The symbolic tie around the pile refers to them being inseparable and meaningful only when they are together.

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17. Use Vintage Silverware as Wall Art

Distressed Fork and Spoon Kitchen Wall Art #decorhomeideas

This is cute vintage wall art that is suitable for the dining room or the kitchen decor. It is straightforward, with galvanized surface texture and that makes it rustic adorable.

If you are willing to make it yourself, take the letters from a craft store and spray paint them with silver metallic paint. Edges are then darkened with black paint to give them dimension and that specific for the galvanized metal oxidization.

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18. Rustic DIY Picture Frame Hanger

Distressed Milk Paint Picture-Hanging Rod #decorhomeideas

This is another great idea for a family photo display. Instead of nailing the photo frames on the wall, they are suspended on a curtain rod.

The combination of the cold industrial elements with the warm wooden material of the frames creates a point of interest and balance.

via Kruse’s Workshop

19. Personalized Flower Box Holds Mason Jar Vases

Distressed White Personalized Wooden Flower Box #decorhomeideas

This is another great idea of how to improve the visual interest of the farmhouse vases. In the beginning, you can see how charming the vase looks when attached to the center of a weathered window frame.

Here we see a set of identical in size and style vases grouped together in a farmhouse planter. Mason jars are repurposed into vases with one simple change- the application of pastel paint colors on the outer surface.

The front of the container can be customized with the name of the family.

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20. Gothic Revival Hutch Holds Pitchers and Tureens

Elegant Gothic Revival China Cabinet #decorhomeideas

Give those special and unique arch windows new life by including them in a newly built rustic cabinet. All pieces are cut to suit the size and shape of the arch windows. Their role is to close the cabinet and keep valuable china pot sets safely stored.

The window panes let you see what is inside and make sure that this valuable set complements the existing decor.

via Cotton Stem

21. Floating Photo Shelf Using Exposed Beams

Exposed Beams on the Walls #decorhomeideas

Exposed beams create a unique cottage feeling when they are mounted to the ceiling. They add the same interior rustic flair when they are mounted on the wall and functioning as shelves.

Make sure to match the stain color with another major element of the décor such as the flooring.

22. Whitewashed Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Floor to Ceiling Whitewashed Country Kitchen #decorhomeideas

Neat, tidy, casual and appealing- this is how we can describe this airy kitchen. This is possible by using farmhouse elements for a few of the basic elements of the decor.

The natural wood floor is priceless when it comes to quality and feel. It matches the countertops which are contemporary made but mimic a retro butcher board look.

Smaller accents such as the sign on the side of the cabinets, the curtain below the sink and the vintage bread box improve the rustic appeal.

via Farmhouse 5540

23. Decorate a Wall With Vintage Finds

French Sign and Repurposed Window Shutter #decorhomeideas

This organization idea is great for a cottage interior design or for a restaurant decorated in the farmhouse style. All boards need a clean space for storage and that happens on a coat rack.

The interesting storage solution is complemented by an old piece of a shutter, a galvanized sign in the theme and a small ladder with signs of damaged paint.

via Organized Clutter

24. Build a Barnwood Leaner Mirror

Full-Length Rectangular Barn Wood Mirror #decorhomeideas

The free-standing tall mirrors are used in the decor to create a visual illusion for a larger space. When placed opposite a window, they reflect the natural light and at the same time, become an important part of the day look of the room.

If you haven’t found the perfect mirror for your farmhouse bedroom, you can make your own. You need pieces of reclaimed wood such as pallet slats. The more worn they are, the better.

Cut and assemble them to form a frame suitable for the mirror and lean against the wall.

25. Wood Wire Spool Becomes a Side Table

Halved Wood Spool Hallway Table #decorhomeideas

This is a gorgeous idea of how to repurpose a wire spool inside your home.

Since it can be big for the space, you can cut it halfway through. It will still be stable enough to use as a decoration display in the entryway or the hallway.

26. Painted Mason Jar Vases Become Wall Décor

Hanging Painted Mason Jar Vases on Hooks #decorhomeideas

If you prefer a gentle backdrop for your farmhouse vases with flowers, try this simple holder made from a wooden board and a wrought iron bracket.

The contrast created by the stained wood lets the white chalk paint surface stand out.

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27. Faux Entryway Created From Vintage Collection

Homey French Door Floral Decor

This is an amazing décor idea aiming to enhance the impact of the fireplace in the living room.

Fireplaces are known to make the interior design cozier and warmer and when rustic accents are added next to or around them, this effect becomes more intense and sensible.

An old bench, a few pillows and a large repurposed door with a wreath recreate the scene of letting you inside the private world of the family.

via Sarah Joy

28. Funny Wood Framed Bathroom Reminder

Humorous Wash Your Hands Bathroom Sign #decorhomeideas

This is another cute and fun bathroom decor with a rustic look. The sign is pretty small but visible thanks to the combination of white canvas and black letters.

Emphasizing particular words is made with different scripts. Framed with reclaimed wood slats, the design of the sign matches the shelf and the surrounding accents.

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29. Iron Pipe Brackets and Rough Wood Shelves

Industrial Pipe and Rustic Wood Shelf Set #decorhomeideas

If you haven’t seen our rich collection of DIY bathroom shelf ideas, it is time to do it because every bathroom needs proper organization. Furthermore, the shelves are used also for improving the decor.

This is one of the most inspiring examples which utilizes the blank part of the wall above the toilet. It combines industrial hardware with warm solid wood to unite the styles used in the existing decor.

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30. Stack Slat Fruit Crates for Quick Side Table

Industrial Stacking Crates Side Table Concept #decorhomeideas

This is another great example of how old crates are given a dual function- as extra storage and as a unique rustic décor.

Here, the lower crate is bigger and its inside is entirely utilized for storage. Over it, there is a smaller crate functioning only as a stand which elevates the items on it at a good reachable height.

via Apartment Therapy

31. Framed Calligraphy Gratefulness Reminder

Inspirational Morning Mantra Bathroom Wall Art #decorhomeideas

During the work days, we are always in a hurry and that instantly affects our moods. Try to change this with this inspiring bathroom décor idea.

Two meaningful and thoughtful quotes are framed and positioned next to the bathroom sink. The room they are displayed in makes sure that they are seen and read every day.

via Bless’er House

32. Printable Sign to Relax Rests Over Coat Hangers

It's Good to Be Home Wooden Sign #decorhomeideas

This rustic entryway décor idea is the perfect way to make a quick transition from the busy day at work to the calmer ambiance at home.

Combined with a coat rack with a modern rustic touch, the sign makes a wonderful impact making the entryway feel warm and homely.

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33. Thick Reclaimed Wood Floating Shelves

Large and Chunky Live Edge Wood Shelf #decorhomeideas

The combination of modern hexagon backsplash tiles and rough rustic solid wood is fantastic! Two opposite styles are mixed together to prove that the kitchen is modern but also very cozy.

The containers on the countertop match the displayed pottery and glassware on the shelves. They are used as a means to unite the modern and farmhouse styles.

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34. Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

Laundry Station Rustic Farmhouse Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

This is another impressive décor idea featuring modern and farmhouse in a blend. The design aim here is to give predominance to the farmhouse, hence there are more rustic shapes, materials and accents. The contemporary vibe is felt through the color choice and attractive floor.

The floor is a major element of a room and it is very important that its color is seen in other room elements. Here we see the gray and white combination on the wall décor represented by a cute sign suited for the application of the room and the interesting towel holders.

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35. Bedroom Blends Vintage With Luxury

Lush but Lived-In Bedroom Suite #decorhomeideas

Add some rustic accents to make the master bedroom décor more personalized. Signs on the love topic positioned on a rustic shelf will impose the romantic feel in.

Continue the rustic vibe by placing repurposed farmhouse accents in different places. Mount an old window frame or a shutter on the wall to act both as wall art and as a backdrop for other accents.

36. Antique Desk Becomes a Sofa Table

Milk Paint Sofa Table with Potted Lavender #decorhomeideas

There is so much beauty in this table that it should definitely find a new application. Nowadays it is very difficult to get a unique piece like this or it will cost a fortune.

A good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint do miracles when it comes to antique wood furniture. This unique table is repurposed into a side table. Three galvanized pots with lavender and a watering can are displayed to complement the rustic table and together to create a unique focal point.

via My Rustic Farmhouse

37. Wall Décor Stands Out Against Neutral Background

Modern Farmhouse Spiritual Christian Song Lyric Sign #decorhomeideas

The best frame for a sign displaying a quote from the Bible or a church song is the wood. The rustic look of the wooden frame matches the authenticity of the inscription.

Here, the example showcases an elegant combination of white shiplap wall and darker brown wall décor. The sign stays in the center and two glass vases frame it.

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38. DIY Media Console for Modern Farmhouse Décor

Nest Sign, Rattan Baskets, and TV Table #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiring example of how to blend contemporary appliances with farmhouse décor.

Use suitable support in a farmhouse style to place the TV and surround it with smaller accents in a rustic style which will draw attention away.

via Paddington Way

39. Entryway Shows Off Whimsical Farmhouse Décor

Oak Bench, White Pumpkins, and Cow Prints #decorhomeideas

Isn’t this entryway airy and welcoming? The bench is one of the most practical pieces of furniture for this space because it can accommodate at least two people and also store some of the stuff.

Its seat is also very functional for seasonal décor. Combine with a cute print leaning against the wall and small farmhouse ornaments matching the theme.

40. Centerpiece With Glass and a Whitewashed Box

Oh Hello Decorative Container Box Centerpiece Idea #decorhomeideas

Make a simple but very impacting centerpiece for the dining room out of a wooden box, candles and a flower pot.

Grouping them together in the box improves their impact on the decor. The cute inscription on the side of the crate makes a fun relation to the warm welcoming of guests inside.

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41. DIY Driftwood Framed Mirror Adds Texture

One of a Kind Driftwood Mirror #decorhomeideas

Make your rustic home ready for summer with this gorgeous driftwood mirror. For that, you need pieces of driftwood or dry bark.

The beach look pairs well with vintage glassware, wooden surfaces and other rustic items.

via The Wood Grain Cottage

42. Charming Antique Milk Pails and Dried Florals

Paper Succulents and Old Milk Pails #decorhomeideas

The warm touch the fireplace creates can be improved if you add some vintage accents. They are a great way to revive the fireplace in the warmer months when it remains unused.

The front base of it is perfect to be repurposed into a display for milk cans, crates with throws and pillows. Combine with a rustic wreath on the wall above the mantel.

43. Bring out Pumpkins for an Autumn Display

Pumpkin Patch Perfect Corner Display #decorhomeideas

The rustic furniture is great for setting your seasonal decor. Pumpkins throw in a buffalo plaid pattern, and wreaths and candles create the autumn decor.

When summer comes, the wooden side table can display seashells in a big glass container, a rustic beach sign, and rustic candlesticks.

via Sugar Creek Homes

44. Impressive Headboard Using Framed Reclaimed Wood Planks

Reclaimed Wood Patchwork Rustic Master Headboard #decorhomeideas

The bedroom should be calm and comfortable, hence there isn’t too much furniture or decor. If you want to give it a rustic feel, you can do it by adding a unique headboard made from wooden slats.

Applied paint colors on a few of the slats can improve the personalized look and add a delicate color accent to the ambiance.

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45. Create a Country Window Mirror With Barnwood

Rustic Barn Wood Shutters and Window Mirror #decorhomeideas

Make your unique wall décor for the dining room with reclaimed wood pieces. The shapes they are assembled in mimic two barnwood shutters and a large window. Instead of glass, the panes frame a mirror that reflects the natural light coming from the opposite side.

The weathered surface of the wood matches the buffalo plaid runner and tray centerpiece.

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46. Distress New Coffee Table For Vintage Look

Rustic Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage Bins #decorhomeideas

Although it looks weathered, this coffee table is a brand new make. Thanks to the sanding off the white paint, the wood gets a weathered look.

The solid wood top adds another rustic accent being left in its original color. The X-shaped sides give the vintage table a modern touch which makes blending with the existing decor possible. Added baskets underneath the top ensure extra storage place.

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47. Tableware Becomes Part of Décor

Rustic Farmhouse Family Sign Dining Room Display #decorhomeideas

Give the dining room a homely personalized look with this cute arrangement idea. A tray with a rectangular shape holds vintage tableware. The front slat is used for personalized inscription saying the name of the family and when it has been established.

The rustic theme continues on the wall and is featured by a window repurposed into simple art.

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48. Use Small Galvanized Buckets as Planters

Rustic Galvanized Bucket Home Decoration #decorhomeideas

This is a great and easy idea of how to make the mantel spring or summer-friendly. Add three or more identical buckets filled with seasonal flowers.

If you are looking for a more permanent décor idea, put faux succulents or greenery inside to enjoy them all year long.

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49. Pallet Wood Shelf and Towel Hanger

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Palettes #decorhomeideas

Turn half of a pallet into a functional bathroom shelf. Add a wrought iron rod to the bottom where towels can be neatly stored.

The top surface is just enough to store beauty care products.

50. Build Display Shelf With Reclaimed Wood

Rustic Home Decor Ideas for Wall Shelves #decorhomeideas

Looking for a rustic piece to decorate a blank wall? This wall-mounted unit is perfect as it creates a point of interest and can also accommodate a few additional accents on the provided shelf.

The boards are cut in different lengths to create an interesting mismatched pattern for the backing. At the bottom of this plaque, a longer slat is screwed to act as a shelf.

51. Rustic Narrow Shelf Displays Smaller Items

Rustic Wooden Shelf Set for Decorative Displays #decorhomeideas

These shelves can be used in every room. They are slim in size which makes them good even for small spaces such as the entryway or the hallway.

The shelves have a front rim which makes sure that everything displayed there is secured from falling.

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52. Add Elegance With Florals, Chandelier, and Lace

Shabby Chic Chandelier, Crochet and Roses #decorhomeideas

When you take a look at this dining room, you feel carried away to another world where elegance is mixed with casual freedom.

This feel is imposed by the farmhouse furniture combined with handmade fabric decorations. A rich crystal chandelier stays right above the center of the table to make a straightforward statement of the stylish taste of the home owner.

via The Spanish Dahlia

53. Rustic Tool Caddy Centerpiece

Shabby Chic Flower Trough Centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This centerpiece is breathtaking. First, because of its size that is perfect for the long length of the table and secondly because of its natural look.

The bright colors of the seasonal flower cuts add a fresh nature-inspired motif to the airy room. This centerpiece idea is also very suitable for décor of summer farmhouse-style weddings.

via Laurie Anna’s Vintage Home

54. Chic Cottage Décor With Window Pane and Shutters

Shabby Chic Interior Window and Shutter Decoration #decorhomeideas

This is another beautiful wall arrangement with shutters and a window. This time they are smaller in size since they cover a smaller part of the wall.

Secondly, they need to match the size of the piece of furniture sitting below them on the same wall to make a symmetrical and elegant scene.

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55. Cathedral Window Panes Adds Versatile Décor

Shabby Chic Rustic Church Cathedral Window Panes #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for another rustic wall décor different from shutters, take a look at this set of two arch windows. They mimic the vintage church windows.

The shape is intriguing enough, however added wreath embellishment improves their décor impact.

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56. Build Customizable Room Divider With Barn Door

Simple DIY Barn Door Room Divider #decorhomeideas

Sliding doors are preferable for small rooms or for wide openings between transition rooms. The DIY idea here features an easy way to make your own rustic barn wood door.

You can customize it in size and color but if you have fallen in love with the authentic look, make sure to follow the steps featured below.

via Taste of the Frontier

57. Secret Ingredient Printable in Wood Frame

Square Kitchen Secret Ingredient Sign #decorhomeideas

This simple style sign reveals an evergreen truth. The inscription is the focus, hence the reclaimed wood frame, white canvas and black lettering.

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58. Upcycled Mason Jar Wall Décor

Staggered Canning Jar Plant Holders #decorhomeideas

This is another idea of how vases with seasonal or faux flowers can be displayed on the wall. Here the pattern of alignment and the size of the backing boards improve the point of interest.

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59. Hang Galvanized Fluted Wall Planters

Steel, Iron, and Plank Plant Hangers #decorhomeideas

The Mason jar vases can be replaced with small galvanized buckets. For a long-lasting décor solution, try filling them with faux greenery instead of seasonal flowers.

The green color matches any background color and easily adds a nature motif inside.

60. Home Sign With a Unique Touch

Stone Daisy Hanging Home Sign #decorhomeideas

The signs inscribing home are a typical rustic decoration. They are great as part of the outdoor and also indoor décor.

The “O” letter can be mimicked with different rustic elements such as a wreath, a sunflower or a flower made from stones.

61. Wall Sticker Brings Home Powerful Message

The Days We'll Remember Farmhouse Decor #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most minimalist rustic décor ideas we have ever seen. A black letter cut sign stays on a white shiplap wall.

The minimalist design and the black color are used only as an accent in this farmhouse living room to give it a contemporary look.

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62. Farm Vignette on a Tiered Tray

Tiered Tray Full of Rustic Charm #decorhomeideas

These small farmhouse decorations are beautifully arranged on the tiered tray. All of them match one theme- HOME.

The family is symbolized by farmhouse animals and items such as eggs, chickens, nests. White and black are the main colors while natural wood only appears in a few places for a cute warm accent.

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63. Botanical Prints Bring Nature Indoors

Warm Wood with Black and White Botanicals #decorhomeideas

The rustic style is all natural from the materials to the signs with farmhouse animals. This bedroom wall décor features a more delicate nature element that can be displayed like a painting or a photograph.

Pictures of graphically painted plant kinds are positioned right above the headboard. They are two to match the parties in the couple and probably also how each of them will imagine themselves if they were part of the flora.

via Ana White

64. Age a Laundry Room With Vintage Finds

Wonderfully Rustic Laundry Room Workspace #decorhomeideas

Pair your laundry room countertop with the shelf for extra storage. Whitewashed wood fits perfectly into the application concept of the room- clean and neat. Use wire and rattan baskets to sort things and to make more storage places.

65. Showcase Wrought Iron Accessories

Wood and Wrought Iron Arch Accents #decorhomeideas

Antique shapes are used for the frames of the mirrors in this farmhouse-style dining room. One of them is a repurposed arch window, the other one wrought iron curved frame.

The warm brown color of the window matches the table top and the side table. The black color of the wrought iron is seen also on the floor and the chest of drawers next to the table.

The overall look of this balanced colors room is airy, unique and welcoming.

66. Rustic Wooden Wine Display

Wood Is for Wine Lovers #decorhomeideas

Wine lovers do need a special place for their wine selection. This pallet wine display is great since it uses the hobby as part of the décor. There are slots in the bottom of the storage unit where wine glasses perfectly fit.

The compartment can easily accommodate 6 bottles. The top slat can also be used as a shelf for glasses.

67. Fabric Flowers Fill a Rustic Box

Wooden Flower Box of Burlap Hydrangeas #decorhomeideas

Make a long-lasting bouquet for the table centerpiece with burlap! This amazingly creative idea shows how pieces of burlap mimic the petals of hydrangeas.

The creamy color of the burlap lets the faux flowers stand out against the white wooden box.

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