5 Creative Ways to Fall in Love with Your Home Again

fall in love with your home

Everyone is nowadays looking for an opportunity to share their perfect homes, with new home and decor trends constantly emerging on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

These images of a person’s ideal home can definitely inspire some new ideas on how you can freshen up your space to reflect a style that truly speaks to you. 

However, going through these “picture-perfect” homes might not be as healthy as it seems. Take, for example, a person sharing their million-dollar mansion as their “ideal home.”

Unless you have a similar home (quite rare, I have to say), such homes might make you loathe your space, and you’ll end up in a trance of admiring a space that isn’t essentially yours.

As the saying goes, “East or west, home is best,” your home is a private sanctuary where you make lifelong memories – be it a rental or a home you own.

Rather than focusing on your landlord’s preferences and rules or what your budget can allow to change, it’s better to reframe your perspective. This way, you’ll appreciate the positive sides of your home.

This article will share five ways to appreciate your home, whether it’s your dream home or far from it.

Take a look!

Never Stop Loving Your Space

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No matter the duration you plan to stay in a particular home, whether it’s one year, two years, or a lifetime, you should never stop adoring your space.

Always look for easy and budget-friendly ways you can use to tailor your house and make it feel like yours.

Hang a family portrait on the walls, showcase your keepsakes and hobbies, or host a party and invite your closest friends.

These are simple gestures and ideas but they’re sure to make your house feel like a home, not to mention they’ll fill it with adorable memories.

Change What You Can

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There are a few aspects of your home that you can’t effectively change, but not all. Identify what doesn’t reflect your style, and then try to find some clever ideas.

Maybe a fresh coat of paint is all you need to liven up your space or replace your semi-flush mount lights with recessed ceiling lights.

Even a simple change of drapery can freshen up your space – you’d be surprised at the impact your curtains have on the overall feel and look of a room.

Your transformation doesn’t necessarily have to be permanent. It can be a “for now” solution before you get any new ideas to make other changes.

Pro Tip: Renting shouldn’t discourage you from making changes. If you want to make a significant change to the design of your house, simply discuss it with your landlord.

You might be surprised by them not only agreeing to your suggestions but pitching in on the cost, especially if the changes will enhance the rentability of the space.

Focus On What You Already Love

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We usually tend to focus on the home aspects that really irk us, and we forget to appreciate the positives that are right in front of us. Perhaps your home has a small square footage.

Limited, yes, but cleaning will be much easier and there are tons of affordable decorating hacks. Your inefficient windows might allow drafty breezes inside, but they’re also full of character and charm.

So, instead of focusing on the downsides and boiling with rage whenever you see them, try to see the positives and be content.

Accept the Quirks

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Remember when you used to stay with your college friends in a quirky house whose heat would break down occasionally, especially on cold nights? I’m pretty sure those were memorable moments you still cherish!

Maybe staying in a house with no heat at night after a long day at work isn’t an ideal option for you today, but these idiosyncratic aspects of your home might evoke nostalgia later on. So, learn to accept them.

Never Forget The Purpose of Your Home

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A home is a sanctuary, a safe space to be yourself, relax, and surround yourself with family and friends.

Once you start putting too much effort into the negatives in your home, you’ll never have peace of mind, defeating the true purpose of having a home.

Rediscover the charm of your home with these 5 creative ways to fall in love with it all over again. From rearranging furniture to adding vibrant accents, these simple tips will rejuvenate your space and reignite your love for your home.

Always look on the bright side instead of finding reasons to depress yourself.

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