When to Clean Your Home: Key Signs You Can’t Ignore

Cleaning and organizing your home is one way to feel relaxed and at peace when spending your time indoors. 

A clean home will always feel cozy and inviting. However, knowing when to clean your home or take on an organizational project isn’t always easy. But not to worry! If you’re busy cleaning your home frequently, there are a few signs to look out for to know its cleaning time. 

Here are a few expert signs that indicate your home has seen better days. 

Dust Buildup

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When you are rarely messy, your space is always well organized, and everything is in place, but this is no excuse not to tidy up. Dust can build up even in the most elaborately arranged rooms. 

This buildup may take more than three days or even a week, so even though your space may look meticulous, you’re likely to find dust on window frames, baseboards, light fixtures, furniture, or even countertops. 

Areas that you rarely clean are most susceptible to dust buildup. If you notice such places filled with dust, it’s time to bring the cleaning brushes out.

Unpleasant Odors in Your Home

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An unpleasant odor will likely be disturbing, no matter how well-designed your space is. Once you notice a distinct and distasteful smell in your house, you should take on a cleaning project ASAP. 

Once you have cleaned and removed the odor, you can take measures to ensure this isn’t a repeat occurrence. For example, you can use a dehumidifier or air purifier to clean the room’s air. 

Empty your trash can daily, clean your dishes as soon as you’re done using them, and ensure dirty clothes are placed in a breathable fabric to keep odors from building up.

Difficulty in Finding Essential Items

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One of the leading indicators that it’s time for a cleanup is when you can count essential items you use each day. Items like headphones, phone chargers, keys, and even remotes are used frequently, almost on a daily basis, so when you can’t find them, it may be a sign that the clutter is getting out of hand and it’s time to reorganize the space.

Too Much Clutter

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Making a house a home requires decorating and personalizing it with different kinds of decor. Sometimes, this can lead to clutter, especially when the space becomes disorganized. If your space is filled with too many items, you should include a cleaning and organizing day in your schedule. 

Cabinets and closets are some spaces that you need to organize. Reducing the clutter or organizing the space can keep your mind at ease and even improve your decision-making. 

Pet Hair on Your Furniture

when to clean home 5

Pets make good company, and it’s expected to have pet hair on your furniture. However, once the fur accumulates, it can make your space look untidy. 

So, grab a vacuum and get to cleaning. Make sure you regularly groom your pets to minimize the shedding of fur and reduce the accumulation. 

Non Functional Countertops

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Your countertops are good places for temporarily placing items or working on them during meal prep. However, when you don’t make a habit of tidying up these areas, they can become cluttered and non-functional in no time. 

Make sure you regularly remove the items you place on your countertops and clean the dishes following every meal. Keeping the countertop clutter under control is crucial in maintaining a clean home. 

In cases where you notice an extremely cluttered countertop, then that’s a signal cleaning time has come.

When Your Home Hasn’t Felt Clean In a While

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Even when you don’t have cluttered spaces, experiencing foul odors or piles of dirt can still make your home feel untidy. The thing with a clean space is that it’s easy to notice; switch rooms are like a vacation for your eyes where everything looks neat and organized. 

Discover the key signs that indicate it's time to clean your home. From lingering odors to dusty surfaces, learn when to tackle household chores for a fresh and inviting living space.

When you feel you haven’t seen your home at its best, that alone should be a reason to clean. Think of the times you marveled at your space’s tidiness and organization. If this feels like long ago, bring out the brooms and mops and start changing that.