35 Fantastic Bathroom Cleaning Hacks To Help You Achieve Sparkling Serenity

The bathroom is one of the most important places in your house, so keeping it clean is paramount. Keeping your bathroom clean can be a breeze with a good cleaning hack! Even therapeutic! 

Keep your bathroom spotless effortlessly with these 35 easy cleaning hacks. Discover smart tricks and tips to maintain a pristine and inviting bathroom space.

In this article, we’ve compiled 35 of the best cleaning hacks to ensure your bathroom is always sparkling.

1. Cleaning Begins with Clean Tools

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You’ll first need to use clean tools to get a clean bathroom. For example, a dirty mop could be clogged with dirt and grease, leaving some residue on your floors. 

Similarly, a broom with debris and hair or a dirt-filled vacuum won’t clean well. Start with clean tools and ensure that you clean them after every use so they’re ready to use whenever you want to clean. 

2. Use a Squeegee for your Mirrors 

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A squeegee is one of the most effective cleaning tools to use in your bathroom, and if you don’t have one, now is the time to change that. 

Using a squeegee is one of the best ways to prevent water mineral buildup on your bathroom glasses. After every shower, take about two minutes to wipe down the tiles and mirrors like you would a car windscreen. 

This prevents mineral and soap scum buildup, reducing the need to clean your bathroom often. 

3. Use Baby Oil to Clean Metal Faucets and Surfaces 

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You don’t have to have a baby to purchase baby oil; it’s pretty effective in cleaning, too. 

First, clean off metal surfaces such as faucets and other furnishings using warm water, then add some drops of baby oil to a soft cloth and wipe metal surfaces to give them extra shine. 

4. Use Food Coloring to Detect Toilet Leaks 

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Do you often find puddles of water even after drying your bathroom? Chances are that you have a toilet leak. 

Put several drops of food coloring in the toilet’s tank to ascertain this. If the leak is coming from the tank, this should help you detect where it’s coming from. Identifying the leak can help you save money by reducing the gallons of water that would’ve been lost.    

5. Use Vinegar to Stop a Sputtering Shower

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Deep cleaning your shower head could help stop it sputtering and creating a mess. All you’ll need for this simple hack is distilled vinegar. 

Remove the showerhead and soak it in some distilled white vinegar. The vinegar will cut through the minerals clogging the jets and leave your shower flawlessly smooth. 

Looking for a hands-free method to unclog the shower head? Just fill a plastic bag with some diluted white vinegar and attach it to the showerhead using several rubber bands; better still, you can opt for a zippered plastic bag.

Leave the bag overnight for the vinegar to soak up and remove the mineral buildup in the shower.

6. Try the Vinegar and Water Rinse

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Some house cleaners swear by the effectiveness of using a solution of 50/50 distilled white vinegar and water rinse. Fill a spray bottle with a solution and use it to clean your shower daily or after two days to prevent soap scum from building up in the shower. 

7. Use Chopsticks to Clean Crevices Around Fixtures 

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Kitchen cutlery differs from what you expect to use in the bathroom, but we’ll have to make exceptions for chopsticks. 

These utensils are the perfect tools for navigating hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your bathroom. Just get a chopstick and wrap a cloth around it. Then, you can easily use it to clean grouts, vents, faucets, and other hard-to-reach places in your bathroom. 

8. Try Microfiber Cloths 

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When wiping surfaces, nothing does a better job than microfiber cloths. This material is highly effective in trapping dirt without leaving any spots or streaks that make the job seem incomplete. 

You can use microfiber to wipe surfaces such as sinks and other items in your bathroom. 

9. Clean your Hair Styling Tools

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An ineffective flat or curling iron may yield a different result, which can be inconvenient. This is probably because it is covered with oil or hair sprays, accumulating over time and creating gunk. 

Since using water to clean these appliances may be ineffective or even dangerous, the best thing to do is apply some rubbing alcohol over the sticky surface using a cotton pad. Wait a few minutes, then wipe the surface using a microfiber cloth.  

If this doesn’t do the trick, you can use a simple paste of baking soda and water. Create a paste using one tablespoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of water. Then, apply it to the affected appliance and scrub. Use a soft, damp cloth to wipe off the residue.

10. Keep a Convenient Caddy 

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Cleaning isn’t just about the large sputter and openly glaring spots; sometimes, it’s about those small spots that can be cleaned in the shake of a lamb’s tail. 

Keeping supplies such as glass cleaner, store disinfectant wipes, and a spray bottle of all-purpose cleaner in one place can make a significant difference in cleaning your bathroom. 

Toothpaste spots on your mirror and water sputters won’t stand a chance with these supplies ready at hand.

11. Clear Hard Water Rings and Streaks

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For people residing in areas with hard water, you’ve probably come across rings and streaks in your toilet bowl that won’t just come off no matter how hard you scrub or how often you clean your toilet. 

High mineral content, such as calcium, iron, and magnesium, may form rust-colored stains that are very hard to come off. The solution to this menace is easy: mix some vinegar and baking soda and use it occasionally to keep the stains off. 

Alternatively, you can use borax paste if the discoloration is too persistent. 

12. Keep Surfaces Dry

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Unless you’re taking a shower, puddles in your bathroom can be a recipe for disaster. Slips in the bathroom could be dangerous, and the presence of puddles multiplies this risk. 

Standing water attracts insects and is a magnet for dust and hair. Dry any wet spots immediately after seeing them to avoid any issues later. 

13. Embrace the Use of Steam

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Dirty tiles are no match for a steam cleaner. A handheld steamer is especially useful in removing stubborn dirt from tiles, grout, and other fixtures. 

A steam cleaner’s high temperatures and pressure help dissolve and break down buildup. 

14. Ventilation can Make a Huge Difference

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Mold can quickly develop and cause an unsightly scene in your bathroom. Since the bathroom stays damp for a given period after use, it may develop mold or attract scum. 

Opening up the windows improves air circulation, which helps the curtain dry. If your curtains have already developed mold, remove them by soaking them in a diluted bleach solution: one part bleach and four parts water.

15. Try Pumice to Remove Stubborn Stains

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Pumice stones are often associated with pedicures, but they can be used to clean stubborn stains from your toilet bowl. 

This abrasive is available in powder or liquid form and is a cheap way to handle hard water stains and limescale and clear away rust. Lower the water level in the toilet, put on some gloves, and start scrubbing.

16. Unclog Your Drains 

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A clogged drain may make the water flow and drainage process in your sinks and bathtub seem endless, but a mix of baking soda and vinegar can make all the difference. 

Simply remove the drain plug and add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda, then add equal amounts of vinegar. Let the mixture sit in the drain for about 20 minutes, then rinse it with warm water. 

The mixture should clear up any scum or grease in the drain, leaving them draining freely. 

17. Make a Customized Air Freshener

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An air freshener is like a breath of new life, especially in the bathroom, and it doesn’t always have to be the expensive commercial brand you can make your own at home. 

That’s right! A mixture of distilled water and essential oils creates a great air freshener. All you have to do is find a mister bottle often used in gardening. 

Fill the bottle with distilled undiluted white vinegar and add a few drops of your favorite essential oils. You can choose different varieties, such as lavender, citrus, or woodsy scents. 

18. Get Creative with DIY Toilet Cleaner Bombs

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One of my best things to do is use DIY hacks, and toilet cleaner bombs are among my favorites. 

All you need is some baking soda, citric acids, and essential oils, and you’ll have an effective toilet cleaner in no time. Drop these “ingredients” in the toilet bowl and let them fizz and react, then scrub the toilet bowl for a heavenly, squeaky, clean toilet.

19. Use Shaving Cream to Prevent Your Mirrors from Fogging 

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Shaving Cream not only protects your skin, but it also has potential benefits in the bathroom. 

Applying a thin coating of glycerine-containing shaving cream on your mirror will prevent it from fogging. Just use a thin layer of shaving cream and wipe it off with a soft cloth. 

20. Repurpose Old Toothbrushes

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Repurposing old toothbrushes as miniature bathroom brushes to clean hard-to-reach places is just the way to ensure that every corner is sparkling. 

All you need is some hot boiled water. Place the brush in the water, then use a pair of pliers or tweezers to bend one-half of the head of the brush backward. This creates a uniquely corner-shaped cleaning brush that can reach the tiniest of spaces. 

21. Sanitize and Dry Your Toilet Brush 

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Many people forget that even the toilet brush needs cleaning every once in a while. Placing the brush back in its holder without drying it after use may attract bacteria or mold. 

Once you’re done using the toilet brush, disinfect it by spraying it with hydrogen peroxide, then place it where it can dry, for example, under the toilet seat. 

22. Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Mildew

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Mold and mildew in the bathroom can change the whole complexion of the space. While chlorine bleach is one solution to this issue, some people may be unable to use it. 

In this case, hydrogen peroxide can act as a great substitute. Fill some hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to target spray areas with mold and mildew, then scrub and rinse the area. 

23. Use Baby Shampoo to Remove Makeup 

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Baby shampoo can make all the difference when cleaning your makeup brushes or removing makeup stains from your clothes. 

Use it as you would with soap when washing your makeup brushes, and then rinse them under a stream of lukewarm water. To remove stains from clothes, moisten a soft cloth with water and dab it in baby shampoo, then gently rub out the stains on the clothes. 

24. Use a Homemade Grout Cleaner to Clear Your Grout Lines

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A mixture of baking soda and water is all you need for this hack. Then, apply a baking soda paste and water on stained grout lines. 

Once done, use a small brush or a repurposed toothbrush to scrub clean the grout lines and then rinse off with some water. 

25. Use Laundry Supplies To Remove Soap Scum 

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Dryer sheets can be very effective in removing soap scum from the glass shower doors and tiles. 

Just wet a few dryer sheets and use them to wipe these surfaces. The fabric softener present in the sheets will work wonders in loosening and clearing soap scum. 

26. Go All Natural with Lemon Power

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Lemons don’t just make lemonades; they are effective cleaners, too. Cut a lemon in half, sprinkle one side of the lemon with salt, and then use it as a scrubber.

It can be used to clean bathroom shower heads, faucets, and other metal fixtures. The citric acid present in the lemons helps break down mineral deposits, making it an effective cleaning agent

27. Before cleaning, Dust

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Bathrooms may sometimes accumulate dust, so the best way to start cleaning is to dust off the entire space. 

Before cleaning, use a duster to remove dust from countertops, toilet tanks, and window sills. 

28. Use Oxygen Bleach To Whiten Your Toilet

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Are you looking to give your toilet bowl an instant new look? Try sprinkling it with some oxygen bleach, then let it sit for about 15 minutes or overnight. 

Use a toilet brush to scrub, rinse, and flush. There you have it; your toilet bowl will have a rejuvenated, clear white look. 

29. Try Some Vodka on the Toilet

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Sometimes, we run out of cleaning supplies too soon, but some liquor may rescue us. Pour ½  cup of vodka into the toilet bowl, scrub well, and have a sparkling bowl. 

You can also mix the vodka with water and use it to create a disinfecting spray that you can use to disinfect the toilet seat and cover and other areas in the bathroom. 

30. Keep Your Bin Fresh

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Once you have emptied your bin, clean it with warm water, spray disinfectant, and wipe it dry. 

Before adding a new page, sprinkle some bicarbonate soda in the trash can to keep it fresh for longer. This will also help with the odors.

31. Keep a Jar of Rice and Essential Oils to Reduce Odors

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You’ve probably seen a lot of correlation between kitchen items and the bathroom; rice is the newest addition to items that can be used in both places. 

Since it‘s a natural odor absorber, mix some rice with essential oils such as lavender, peppermint, or rosemary in a jar and cover it with a breathable fabric. 

This should soak up any odors in the bathroom, and the use can be extended to other rooms, too.

32. An Aspirin Could be the Solution to Your Cleaning Headache

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Run out of bathroom cleaners? Try an aspirin. The salicylic acid in the aspirin makes it an effective bathroom cleaning agent. 

Dissolve the aspirin tablet in water and use the solution to clean it as you would with any other cleaner. The aspirin solution can be used to remove soap scum and stains in your shower.

33. Use a Bleach Pen to Clean the Grout

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Bleach pens are surprisingly versatile; besides being extremely effective in removing stains from laundry and shoes, they can clean your grout deep. 

All you have to do is run the pen along the grout lines and let it sit overnight for the chemicals to react. Then, use warm water and a soft cloth to clean it, and you’ll have bright grout lines for days.

34. Powered Up Grout Cleaning 

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Another neat hack to clean your grout is using an old electric toothbrush or one with an extra head. 

Just dampen the toothbrush head and dip it in baking soda, then use it to clean your grout and other tight spaces that are hard to reach. The baking soda acts as an abrasive and is effective in removing soap scum and trapped dirt.

35. Remove Rust from Chrome with an Aluminium Foil

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Rusted chrome fixtures interfere with the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. To help clear these stains, use aluminum foil, which can easily restore the shine. 

Cut an aluminum floor into a square, crumple it, dip it in warm soapy water, and gently rub it on the rusted surface in small circles. 

Once the foil begins to discolor and tear, dispose of it and use a new one, following the same steps until they’re sparkly again.

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