18 Chic DIY Coffee Tables Perfectly Tailored for Every Space

A coffee table is a functional and convenient piece of furniture that adds to the comfort and style of any living room.

You can use it for holding drinks and magazines, showcasing decor and keepsakes, or simply as a place to relax your tired feet as you sip on a glass of wine.

Coffee tables can sometimes be overpriced, but you can still achieve a super clean design with a DIY coffee table. By investing some time and energy, you can create a piece of furniture that fits your needs while saving some money in the process.

Transform your living space with these 18 chic DIY coffee tables, each uniquely crafted to suit various styles and sizes of rooms. From minimalist designs to rustic finishes, these coffee tables add both functionality and flair to any home decor.

Before you begin your DIY project, always consider your abilities and don’t indulge in a too complicated project.

Tackling advanced projects might be fun and engaging, but there are specific skills that require particular tools and know-how to get the job done.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced builder, we’ve compiled a list of DIY coffee table ideas that will add style and functionality while complementing any space you put them in.

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1. Repurpose Crates

coffee tables 1jpg.


This DIY coffee table idea is very affordable, and all you need is some simple crates that have already served their purpose.

The crates have been placed on their side to create supplemental storage and a platform to display decor. A thin layer of plywood has been used to create a flat top, while tiny hairpin legs give the table a modern feel and look.

2. Try a Simple Look

coffee tables 2


Building your coffee table doesn’t need to be a complicated project. This DIY coffee table idea is excellent for beginners and will only take a few hours.

All you need to do is find some white oak and put your woodworking skills to work.

3. Go the Bold Way

coffee tables 3


Painting your coffee table a bold color like black is an excellent way of giving it a facelift.

This DIY coffee table uses black to complement the dark gray sofa. The person who built it added some hinges at the top to give the table an authentic rustic feel.

4. Bring a Natural Feel

coffee tables 4


The natural white oak used for this round coffee table makes it slightly rustic, while its shape makes it modern.

This is actually an easy build that will take you no time to assemble, and you’re sure to get a modern and clean look.

5. Opt for a Unique Design

coffee tables 5


This DIY coffee table uses a lift top, which you can easily adjust to a suitable and comfortable height to use a laptop while seated on your couch.

An open storage box beneath the lift top creates additional storage for your essentials, and you can adjust the bottom open shelf for better storage and display.

6. Utilize Wine Crates

coffee tables 6


You can use wooden wine crates for numerous DIY projects, but they are particularly excellent when it comes to homemade coffee tables.

Each crate faces outwards to create extra storage shelves, and bold paint has been applied to make even more of a statement piece of furniture. There’s also room at the center to feature your favorite indoor plants.

7. Mix Materials

coffee tables 7


The hairpin legs for this coffee table give it a clean, modern look as well as an industrial feel. The legs also make this table the perfect height to sit by a sofa and make it easy to vacuum under.

The wooden top introduces the rustic feel to the mix and ample storage using extensive shelves.

8. Use Different Storage

coffee tables 8


This DIY coffee table has a closed drawer storage, an open display cubby, and a low profile, making it an excellent centerpiece in your living room or under your TV while placed against the wall.

There’s also enough room on the tabletop where you can display your ornaments.

9. Introduce a Glass Top

coffee tables 9


If you prefer more of an eclectic style, this DIY coffee table idea is perfect for you.

This coffee table uses a glass top to create a modern country-style look that will dazzle your guests.

10. Bring the Outdoors In

coffee tables 10


Mid-century modern furniture is often expensive, but this DIY coffee table idea can add retro flair to your home.

The Nepalese cedar used for the tabletop makes the coffee table stand out in this dream coastal home, while the hairpin legs give it that unique look. You only need some black resin to fill the cracks, and you’re good to go.

11. Coffin Coffee Table

coffee tables 11


There are endless ways you can style your coffee table.

Here, the coffee table uses a coffin shape to add some artistic flair and has big drawers for storage where you can tuck everything neatly away.

12. Pullouts for More Storage

coffee tables 12


This retractable coffee table has pullouts on all sides, creating tons of space you can use to store your essentials.

The DIY idea is quite unique and might require an intermediate or advanced woodworker to actualize the design.

13. Stick to Traditional

coffee tables 13


This beautiful DIY coffee table uses stacked pallet slats to give it some interest.

The tabletop uses a rich stain that contrasts nicely with the rest of the table, resulting in a stylish piece of furniture that will fit well with mid-century modern spaces and minimalist decor.

14. Impress with Round Design

coffee tables 14


This homemade coffee table is the perfect size for a small, modern coffee table and will fit into just about any space in your home.

The round top has been stained with a translucent walnut stain that gives it an earthy feel, while the hairpin legs enforce the contemporary style.

15. Personalize Your Table

coffee tables 15


Personalized coffee tables are the best and genuinely intriguing.

Here, a harmonious blend of wood, olive leaf, and epoxy resin has been used to create this beautiful top. The criss-crossing hairpin legs result in a luxurious, modern coffee table.

16. Incorporate Angled Legs

coffee tables 16


This beautiful handmade wood coffee table uses a dark wood stain to add color and create a rustic and vintage feel.

The angled legs make this gorgeous coffee table even more charming, and a single pullout shelf has been used to keep things minimal.

17. Upcycle Furniture

coffee tables 17


As seen in this DIY idea, you can easily repurpose unused furniture and transform it into an elegant coffee table.

This coffee table was initially a desk with a broken leg, but instead of throwing it away, the owner replaced its long wooden legs with shorter hairpin ones, giving it a complete makeover.

18. Go for a Modern Design

coffee tables 18


This DIY coffee table has a modern square base, making it stand out from the rest of other DIY ideas.

The coffee table is short and wide, giving you lots of tabletop space. The solid ash wood used for this table has one coat of weathered oak, making the piece look like a simple, sophisticated coffee table.

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