28 Amazing Laundry Closet Door Ideas and Designs

When we buy a home, one of the rooms that we overlook too often is the laundry room. Since it’s such an important part of everyday life, it needs our attention.

The first thing is how much laundry space do we need? What I’m learning about this project is that we might not need a dedicated room after all.

Best Laundry Closet Door Ideas. Are you looking for an inspirational door design for your laundry closet? These are the best laundry closet door ideas and designs selected for you. #decorhomeideas

Many people are finding unique ways to add a laundry area in a closet, as part of a bathroom, or even outdoors. This is especially true for people who embrace a minimalist lifestyle or for homes where only one or two people live.

The second issue is how to integrate it with the rest of our home. We have found that the biggest issue is picking the right door. It needs to allow access to everything in the room and match the décor. Here are some great laundry closet door ideas.

You’ll see how they function and how they fit in. Perhaps you’ll find the solution to your laundry closet here.

1. Transform Small Spaces with Single Panel Doors 

A Single Panel Door for a Laundry Closet in a Narrow Space #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Single panel doors work with narrow rooms. The look is sleek, and this one stretches to the ceiling.

This gives the illusion the door is part of the wall. It also creates easy access to the top shelves. The color of the door picks up on some of the gold veins in the marble tiles.

via Multi-trade Building Services

2. Maximize Your Laundry Space with a Bi-Fold Door

Bifold Laundry Door for More Accessible Design #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

When the laundry area is wider, use a single bifold door along with a panel door.

Used here, the door on the left fits next to the sink. By using bi-fold doors, the width of the laundry area can be extended.

via Michael Partenio

3. Get Creative with a Hidden Laundry Bookshelf Door

Bookshelf Door with Hidden Laundry Closet behind It #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

A great idea when space is at a premium. The entire bookshelf hides a laundry area. The middle and left sections are mounted on a track.

The right section remains in place. It’s a functional solution that doesn’t detract from the high-end look of the room.

via Archtectus

4. Make Laundry Closet Stand Out with Frosted Glass Door

Conceal a Laundry Closet with Frosted Glass Door #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Frosted glass is an elegant solution. These doors rise to the ceiling in this free-standing closet.

Using a pale blue-green color on the sides keeps the room looking light and airy.

via Miele

5. Hide Your Laundry Under Stairs with a Custom Door

Custom Door for Laundry Closet under the Stair #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

This is a great answer to making use of the space under the stairs. Doors are hidden by custom molding.

Shelving mounted above the appliances gives the owners a small work space for detergent and baskets.

via Brick House Design and Build

6. Get a Contemporary Look with a Flat Panel Door

Flat-Panel Door for Seamless Contemporary Look #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Seamless transitions are a hallmark of the Modern style.

Only the small metal handles give away that there’s a room on the other side.

via Rerucha Studio

7. Upgrade Mini Kitchen Laundry Closet with Folding Door

Folded Door for Mini Laundry Closet in Kitchen Area #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

A laundry closet blends into a row of utilitarian rooms and storage areas. The owners minimized the cost of proper ventilation by creating the space next to an exterior wall.

The door trim matches the French doors that lead to the patio.

via Laura Natkins Artchitect

8. Deck the Halls with Louvered Laundry Closet Doors

Folded Louvered Doors for a Laundry Closet at the End of a Hallway #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Louvers are a functional solution for shallow spaces. This closet has enough room for a stacked washer and dryer and a small bookcase that’s used to store linens.

Opening up the entrance and adding the louvers makes use of the entire length of the closet.

via Talianko Design

9. Add a Pop of Color with Folding Blue Closet Doors

Folding Blue Closet Doors #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

The slate blue doors keep the stacked washer and dryer hidden in the bathroom until they’re needed. When the doors are closed, it looks like any other utility closet.

A sink is also installed in this area. The doors run along the full length of the track.

via Rajni Alex Design

10. Embrace Minimalism with a Long White Folding Door

Folding Door in an All-White Laundry Closet for a Contemporary and Minimalist Look #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

The minimalist lifestyle means there’s less need for a full-size washer and dryer. This laundry room has all the necessary elements without taking up precious floor space.

Since the appliances are installed against one wall, a door that folds away from them was the smart move.

via Cantilever Interiors

11. Modernize Laundry Room with a Glass Panel Barn Door

Glass Panel Barn Door to Make Laundry Room Appear Larger #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

The easiest way to make a room feel larger is by removing barriers to an adjoining room. The sliding glass door panel opens the area but can be closed to contain noisy machines.

The rooms are matched with light wood panels and black accents. The minimal geometric pattern in the door adds the right amount of interest and intention.

via Colonial Elegance

12. Modify Your Hall Laundry Closet with Folding Doors

Hall Closet Washer and Dryer with Folding Doors #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Adding a laundry area in a hall closet is a great way to cut down the clutter. The closet rod is placed higher than normal for hanging damp clothes.

The solution for gaining full access to the space is by adding doors that fold out of the way.

via Carriage Lane Designs

13. Transitional Bathroom with Louvered Laundry Door

Intensify the Charm of a Transitional Bathroom with Louvre Laundry Door #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

A transitional bathroom is made even more functional by including the laundry area.

The entire utility closet is hidden by louvers.

Try creating a laundry space like this in an area with the least amount of traffic.

14. Add Style and Sophistication with Black Shutter Doors

Laundry Room Closet with Black Shutter Doors #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

This entrance to this closet was opened so it could be a functional work area.

The doors match the décor, including the door leading to the adjacent room. The metal towel bar provides a nice accent color.

via Kate Marker Interiors

15. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Double Barn Door

Minimalist Double Barn Door for a Farmhouse Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Barn doors have become very popular and fit right into this farmhouse. They’re space savers, functional and an easy do-it-yourself project.

The trend has been to use white doors that match the walls. This wood-stained door proves you can step outside the box with that idea.

A floating shelf and high closet rod create more space. A countertop was extended on top of the machines, like what you would see in a kitchen.

via House On Longwood Lane

16. Give Laundry Room Natural Vibe with Sliding Barn Door

Modern and Natural Laundry Room with a Single Barn Door #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Another great example of a barn door. This hides a full laundry room.

The weight of the door is a secret to minimizing noise that comes from a noisy machine.

via House On Longwood Lane

17. Achieve a Contemporary Look with Folding Closet Doors

Modern Closet with Washer and Dryer #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

These minimalist folding doors are narrow enough that they’re still out of the way when opened.

If you’re going for a contemporary look, choose a wood door with a smooth grain.

via The Block Shop

18. Functional Multi-Panel Telescoping Laundry Door

Multi-Panel Telescoping Laundry Door for a Large Opening #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Here’s a functional door that works well because it remains out of the way of a walking area even when it’s open.

Adding a prep area with a Murphy-style table gives the homeowner all the room they need to take care of their clothes in style.

via HSH Interiors

19. Add Splendour to Your Home with Pocket Doors

Pocket Door: Excellent Alternative to Sliding Door #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

This closet is a nice, out-of-the-way area for taking care of laundry chores.

Sliding doors always leave one section closed. Pocket doors allow for access to both sides of the interior at the same time.

via Build Sense

20. Lavish Patio Laundry Room with Stylish Screen Doors

Semi Outdoor Laundry Closet with Decorative Custom Screen Door #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

When the climate allows for it, taking the laundry area outdoors is a great idea. The heat generated from the machines doesn’t affect the home.

Putting the machines on a patio idea makes doing laundry a much easier chore. The beautiful screen doors would be an easy project to build. Try using bamboo or other lightweight wood.

via Estudio Nada

21. Master Your Laundry Space with a Single Pocket Door

Single Pocket Door for a Compact Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

This entrance is too large for one door and too small for two doors.

This calls for a custom door. An affordable way to do this is by adding a single-pocket door.

via Joe Schmelzer

22. Save Space in Narrow Laundry Room with Sliding Doors

Sliding Door for Laundry Closet in a Narrow Place #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

These sliding doors work on the same principle as the barn door. These doors are lighter than barn doors.

The molding was added to match the rest of the home.

via Adams Beasley

23. Add Intrigue to Laundry Area with Custom Sliding Door

Special Sliding Door for a Low Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

A front-loading washer and dryer duo open up more storage options.

Work with a designer, plumber, and electrician who can find custom solutions. Custom doors were built to create a place in this hallway for the machines.

via Greg Robinson Architect

24. Bring an Industrial Vibe with Metal Grate Doors

Stacked Washers and Dryers with Metal Grate Doors #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

These doors with grates would fit in with an industrial look.

It’s also functional as it allows for ventilation while the doors are closed.

via Alyssa Rosenheck

25. Modern Flair with Stylish Pocket Glass Laundry Doors

Stylish Pocket Glass Doors for Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

The pocket doors allow for complete access to this full laundry room. Frosted windows allow daylight to shine through from the window when the room is not in use.

They’re also a versatile design choice. You can use them in farmhouses, cottage-style homes, and contemporary styles.

via Jackson Remodeling

26. Elevate Outdoor Laundry Closet with Sliding Door

Stylish Sliding Door for an Outdoor Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

A large sliding door on a rail is acting as a wall when the laundry area is not in use.

The appliances are on a slab and moved back from the door. This will help prevent any water from reaching them if the weather takes a wet turn.

via Richard Leo Johnson

27. Add Glamour with Decorative Wood Laundry Doors

The pattern on Laundry Door to Create Distinct Texture #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

Using decorative wood creates texture on an otherwise plain wall. The bi-fold door uses the same vertical panels to match the sink and prep area.

The lower cabinet doors use the same wood element with a natural stain.

The prep area with its marble backsplash remains open. The machines are hidden, revealed only when needed.

28. Match Laundry Doors with Wall Decor for Unique Look

Wall-Like Laundry Closet Flat-Panel Doors #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

These flat panel sliding doors panels are custom built. They rise to the ceiling, creating height in a small area.

The fabric on the exterior can be covered with wallpaper to match the room.

via Kitchen and Home

29. Bring Rustic Elegance with Classic Laundry Closet Door

Wooden Double Door for a Classic Laundry Closet #laundry #closetdoors #decorhomeideas

This classic door style will work in rustic and modern designs using organic elements. If you’re in a Victorian home, use a semi-gloss finish.

Keep the handles black to ensure the look is subdued.

via Villa Decor

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