45 Amazing Master Bathroom Ideas and Designs To Inspire Your Next Renovation

The design of the bathroom has always been an important part of the home makeover. The bathroom is the place we start and finish our day. Whether to take a quick shower or have a long relaxing bath, we aim to make our bathrooms appealing and comfortable.

If you are looking into ideas to design your water oasis within the limits of your home, we are going to share with you 45 best master bathroom ideas and designs.

Best Master Bathroom Ideas. Looking for bathroom design ideas? From crisp and modern to luxurious and marble-clad, get inspired with these stylish master bathroom ideas and designs that will suit any style. #decorhomeideas

You will find inspiring suggestions for stylish and aesthetic designs that do not make any compromise with functionality, comfort and easy maintenance.

1. Transform Your Bathroom with Bright Airy Style

A Little Bit Of Glam Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The large windows of this sunny bathroom let including darker colors in the interior without overwhelming the airy feeling and look.

Black hexagon floor tiles display a teal vanity with brass fixtures and hardware. Subway wall tiles in white create a statement wall creating a visual contrast with the flooring.

via Hammer and Hand

2. Add a Touch of Class to Bathroom with Black and White

Black and White Formal Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The granite countertop gives this antique bathroom vanity an elegant touch. The splashes of black and brown match the colors of the adjacent surfaces and the hardware.

The light fixtures also make a great visual impression each holding three bulbs to illuminate well the individual mirrors. The storage containers on the countertop are very interesting aiming to balance formal and rural.

via The Tomkat Studio

3. Indulge in the Lavish Look of a White Bathroom

Bright White and Beautiful Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Regardless of the style, the bathroom must scream hygiene! And which color interprets the best sanitization? White, of course. So there is no query why white is always present in the bathroom designs.

This inspiring master bathroom makeover features pure white wooden surfaces combined with a glossy granite countertop with white and grey hues.

Silver-plated hardware could be barely seen as it shines with a sleek finish. A large mirror completes the wall above the vanity to reflect the light from the sun and from the light feature and to create a visual illusion for a larger space.

via Lighter Side of Real Estate

4. Bring Rustic Elegance with a Brick Wall Accent

Chic Modern Industrial Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Have you ever thought that the master bathroom could be very cozy and functional with a brick wall? Bricks are the perfect material to take up the humidity in this room. The most appropriate place for the brick lining is next to the vanity with sinks or the bathtub.

Whether covering an entire wall or only a part of it, bricks also add an industrial vibe to the atmosphere.

via Studio 10

5. Add Charm to Home with Modern Farmhouse Bathroom

Classy Farmhouse-Style Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The floor, the furniture, the colors, the accents- everything in this bathroom screams modern bathroom with a farmhouse charm! Grey hues add elegance together with white accents.

The large window lets natural light come in and reflect in a shared vanity mirror. The bathroom layout differentiates two zones- a wet zone where the bathtub is and a dry one where the vanity stays. The transition between them is open and aesthetic- an arch.

via High Fashion Home

6. Refresh Your Bathroom with Gray and White

Clean and Bright Gray and White Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Another idea for the grey and white color combination features a predominance of deeper grey. White is used to accentuating only a few elements like the mirror, the vanity countertop, bath accessories.

White and grey could be also seen on the shower section, on the floor and on the shower wall.

via Tracy Lynn

7. Add Luxury to Your Bathroom with Porcelain Tiles

Contemporary Master Bath With Porcelain Tile #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The copper hardware and light fixtures give this rustic bathroom a modern look. This could be an inspiring idea for a budget-friendly makeover of the bathroom.

The vanity is very functional, allowing a number of drawers for neat storage of personal accessories.

via Barbara Brown

8. Get Vintage Charm with a Rustic Farmhouse Vanity

Cottage Classic Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The wall above the vanity has been turned into an accent with a rural effect. The shiplap lining creates a point of interest with the texture and the deep grey color that creates an amazing contrast for the vanity and the mirrors to stand out.

Silver hardware becomes an accent against the even white wooden surfaces and gives the master bathroom a feeling of lux.

9. Turn Bathroom into a Sanctuary with Elegant Accents

Country Club Elegance Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

You can give your master bathroom an expensive look with accents. A plush ottoman, silver hardware, a granite countertop to match the hardware and the light fixtures. Small decor pieces like flowers and containers could enhance the elegant vision.

via Beck Design

10. Achieve Homely Feel with Illuminated Bathroom Design

Country Garden Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This master bathroom design aims to achieve a homely feel with the added illuminated cabinets at both sides of the bathroom vanity.

Smooth yellow light illuminates the glass sections where pictures and other personal decor pieces are displayed.

via HGTV

11. Enjoy Luxury Living with an Eclectic and Classy Bathroom

Eclectic and Classy Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This bathroom layout impresses with the smart positioning of the zones and their related furniture. A freestanding tub covers a corner in order not to be an obstacle for passing by the long vanity. The glass wall of the vanity creates a statement with the beautiful black and white ornaments reminding mandala.

The floor tiles continue the statement focusing on the black color.

via HGTV

12. Give Your Bathroom Industrial and Farmhouse Upgrade

Edgy Farmhouse Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The layout and the design of this bathroom manage to utilize functionally the limited space. An architectural particularity of a dead corner has been utilized as a spot for a freestanding bathtub.

The natural light from the window above increases the relaxing vibe. The vanity reveals industrial and farmhouse combinations. The hardware below the sinks can be easily seen since there are no doors.

Instead, the storage is ensured by two large wicker baskets.

via French and French Interiors

13. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Lodge-Inspired Bathroom

Elegant Lodge Inspired Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Although this is a small bathroom, the comfort is optimum. There are three zones decorated in the same style to make the shared space look united.

Wood, stone tiles, river rock floor in combination with vintage hardware and light fixtures make this master bathroom very cozy and appealing reminding the atmosphere of a lodge.

14. Create a Beautiful Contrast with White and Gray Decor

Elegant Master Ceramic Tile Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Different hues of grey create an elegant bathroom design. Grey has defined even the hardware with its sleek silver finish.

White acts as an accent to give the room airiness.

via Fluidesign Studio

15. Renovate Bathroom with Modern Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse Bath Remodel #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Shiplap walls create a feeling of warmth. Added wooden furniture has a farmhouse design, however, it is also a contemporary make to ensure comfortable storage places.

The tiles on the floor are very interesting. They can be bought as a ready store product or painted by hand with a stencil.

via Haven Design

16. Optimize Your Bathroom with Innovative Design

Formal with a Masculine Touch Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The design atmosphere of this master bathroom shows that every individual in the couple matters. We see clean lines and industrial touches from iron and steel

The grey color, the white accents are seen in the rugs, the towels and the light fixtures hint that elegance and style also exist.

17. Achieve Warm Ambiance with Earthy Bathroom Decor

Industrial and Earthy Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Earthy colors make a bathroom look very cozy, especially when they come in the shape of shiplap lining. The dark-stained furniture enhances the farmhouse style. Added hardware from wrought iron makes sure that the interior is balanced.

White tiles with earthy and blue splashes mimic the texture of marble to create a backsplash for the vanity. The white granite countertop covering the vanity adds the so needed touch for hygiene and freshness.

via Anne Sneed

18. Unite Your Master Bathroom with a Stylish Design

Inspiration For A Contemporary Master Bath #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This master bathroom considers the privacy of the two people in the couple. There is an individual vanity for each person with lots of storage places.

These two are united by the identical design and colors of the furniture. You can easily recognize which vanity belongs to the woman and which to the man.

At the deepest corner of the bathroom, right next to a French window, there is the shared space where a relaxing bath can be taken in a free-standing tub.

via Gottesman Residential Real Estate

19. Create a Cozy Abode with an Italian-Inspired Bathroom

Italian Inspired Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The most inspiring part of this bathroom design is the cool walk-in shower. The glass walls reveal the hardware that will ensure massaging and deep cleaning.

Good illumination through four built-in light fixtures enhances the comfort of the shower zone.

20. Jazz Up Your Bathroom with a Freestanding Tub

Luxurious Master Bathroom with Freestanding Tub #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

A master bathroom sodden with style and elegance. Each zone is thoughtfully used to create a relaxing spa zone in the comfort of your own home. The typical vanity is upgraded with a lower level where the woman can do face procedures or do her make-up in the morning.

The white large tiles create a uniform floor and you can barely see their ends. The grey accents in them match the deep grey of the statement walls.

via AR Homes

21. Step into Paradise with a Luxurious Bathroom Design

Luxurious Showering Experience #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This is one of the greatest inspirations among our modern bathroom ideas. The spa design seen through the earthy colors of the tiles and the stone planters on the wall is complemented by a large shower.

Its size is able to ensure a flow reminding the intensity of rain. This association is additionally backed up with the glass ceiling revealing the sky above.

via Mantis Design Build

22. Reimagine Your Master Bathroom with Vintage Vibes 

Luxurious Slate Tones Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Are you in love with the texture of the vanity? This could be made by you. A remodel idea of a vintage cabinet creates an aesthetic vanity for the master bathroom. Good sanding of the paint coat to raw wood. Add a layer of grey paint and then do some touches with patina paste to give the wood final refined touch.

Add vintage mirrors with signs of rust and weathered wood frames to enhance the authentic vibe.


23. Transform Your Farmhouse Vanity with Modern Flair

Marble Elegance Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The farmhouse vanity is given a modern twist with this remodel idea. Adding a marble countertop with a built-in sink makes it more sophisticated and easy to be maintained.

The steel hardware, light fixtures and accessories enhance the contemporary design of this bathroom.

via Housetrends

24. Add Lasting Charm with Marble Mosaic Tiles

Marble Mosaic Tile Shower #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Can farmhouses work with modern style? Well, they do more than that! The farmhouse vanity creates the needed welcoming vibe while the modern touches ensure the comfort of the contemporary needs.

The design of the shower zone creates a point of interest with its marble mosaic tiles that continue the blending between the two styles.

via Tru Design

25. Experience Luxury and Minimalism in a Small Bathroom

Mid-sized Trendy Master Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Although this bathroom is not of a big size, it has everything you may need- a shower, a bathtub and a vanity.

Its design screams sleek and united- the stone tiles, the granite countertop, the modern glass screen of the shower. This master bathroom idea could be the inspiration for people keen on minimal style.

via Anette Jaffe Interiors

26. Make Artistic Statement with Beautiful Wall Paintings 

Modern Artist Inspired Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

When you want to add personality to your home, you are not limited to the living room only. You can make every room inspiring with accents that describe your personality and soul.

For example, in the bathroom, a painting of your own or loved artist, placed on the wall above the vanity will give the room a homely look and will blend it with the design of the adjacent spaces.

via Heather Bullard

27. Transform Your Bathroom into a Country Oasis 

Old-Fashioned Relaxation Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

One of the keys to having an appealing bathroom is the tile choice. Whether for the floor or for the walls, tiles could create a point of interest since the conditions in this room do not allow using much decoration.

See how the chevron floor tiles lay the basis of the country style without making the space too old-fashioned.

via Artistic Tile and Stone

28. Refresh Your Bathroom with Timeless Metal Accents 

Retro Elegance Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Subway tiles on the wall, stenciled floor tiles, wrought iron hardware and accents give this bathroom warmth and visual interest.

Metal finishes never go out of style so you can incorporate them in your bathroom makeover plan.

29. Elevate Privacy and Comfort With Dual Vanities

Romantic Getaway Inspired Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This is an inspiring master bathroom idea that takes care of both people in the couple giving them private vanities and uniting them at the end of the room in a stylish integrated marble bathtub.

The design of the bathroom is very refined with the neutral walls and the exposed wooden beams on the ceiling. The crystal chandelier and the marble countertops create the feeling for a luxury bathroom.

30. Rustic Appeal with Cabin-Style Bathroom

Rustic and Luxurious Cabin-Feel Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The designer’s look for this bathroom was to create a cabin feel to match the rustic style of the home. The walls are in a creamy color which gives so much warmth.

It matches perfectly the dark stained wood of the floor, the vanity and the ceiling. The best thing in this master bathroom idea is the door connecting the rooms. The beautiful barn door slides to not take up any of the bathroom space.

via Highline Partners

31. Add Intrigue to Your Bathroom with Vintage Hardware

Rustic Simplicity Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Can rustic and industrial look well together? They do and they create a unique interior together! Subway tiles back up the rustic furniture of this bathroom. Black ceiling with built-in steel light fixtures opposes slate tiles in dark grey to anchor the masculine industrial style.

Metal black accents and hardware stand out with their antique design and bold color to prove that these two styles work perfectly together.

via Flight of Spice

32. Add Glamour to Your Bathroom with Silver Accents

Silver Accents Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The sleek silver finish of the metal accents in this master bathroom gives the space a contemporary look.

Metallic handles for the cabinets, taps and light fixtures create the perfect details to change and remodel your bathroom in a glam way.

via Oliver Burns

33. Create a Cozy Cabin Retreat in Your Master Bathroom

Simple Clean and Rustic Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Isn’t that the coziest cabin-like bathroom you have ever seen? The colors, the furniture and the layout create a comfortable master bathroom with retro touches.

The storage is ensured by the large vanity sections. There is a shelf unit above the toilet with adorable pipe hardware fixtures. The galvanized bucket with a plant and the jar accessory holders make this place so charming.

via Cherished Bliss

34. Add a Touch of Elegance with Reflecting Grey Glass Tiles

Small Transitional Master Gray Tile Shower #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Reflecting grey glass tiles have an excellent quality working as a means to reflect the natural light. This is very important for small master bathrooms that need a visual means for enlarging the bathroom space.

The matte metallic finish of the faucets and the copper frame of the mirror balance the gleamy texture of the tiles and the glass wall of the shower with their earthy touch.

via Carl Mattison Design

35. Create a Roomy Feel with a Gray Bathroom

Soothing Gray Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Grey gives this bathroom a classy and chic look. Actually, if you take a closer look, the details do it- mosaic wall tiles and marble countertop provide a subtle contrast with the matte grey of the cabinets.

The sleek metal finish of the vintage faucets and hardware add to the elegance and make this bathroom amazing.

via The Creek Line House

36. Turn Your Bathroom into a Zen Oasis

Spa-Inspired Peaceful and Chic Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Your bathroom remodel could give the room a Zen feel with simple touches. Stone tiles as a backsplash of the vanity and the shower, some wood as a visual element in the window frames and decoration that reminds spa zone.

Glass vases with flowers, stone planters with faux greenery will enhance the welcoming vibe and will let you easily relieve the stress.

via House of Rumours

37. Transform Your Bathroom into a Stylish Haven

Spa Oasis Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This master bathroom idea also reminds the experience of a spa with a relaxing atmosphere and balanced decor.

Wood in light grey combines with marble in earthy tones and white exposed sinks. The accents here are golden to add to the shiny vision and feel.

The mirror reflects the shower where the floor tiles are used to cover the walls- a perfect way to unite the zones.

via Zillow

38. A Master Bathroom Designed to Impress

Spacious Contemporary Master Bath #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Creamy color defines the walls of the vanity and the shower tiles of this large master bathroom. A faux wooden tiled floor meets an elevated shower floor with a textured stone finish.

The play between natural tones and materials creates a compelling atmosphere.

via CRx

39. Transform Your Bathroom with a Royal Look

The Royal Flush Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The design of the vanity in this master bathroom is very intriguing. It is of pale creamy color which balances the size and the shape of the vanity.

Elegance could be easily felt here with the neat and clean look and the luxury accents- a plush ottoman, gold faucets and hardware and crystal light sources.

40. Maximize Your Bathroom Space with an Open Layout

Transitional Master Bath #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

The open bathroom layout lets two people stand on both sized of the room. The light colors of the tiles create an airy feel and make the bathroom space look bigger.

The deep oval bathtub and the curved shower head give the place a point of interest.

via Epique Homes

41. Add Depth to Your Bathroom with Timeless Style

Trendy Master Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

You should be very courageous if you have decided to set a tub in front of such large windows. We understand why, because of the beautiful landscape and the gentle touches of the sunlight.

This minimalist master bathroom idea features a stylish and warm design. The zones are perfectly differentiated with textured floor tiles.

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The brick wall above the vanity gives depth to the space. The glass walk-in shower zone adds to the feel of airiness.

via Hufft

42. Illuminate Separate Retreat with a Globe Chandelier 

Ultra Chic Up-Town Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Opposite the inspiring bathroom layout above, you can have a tub in privacy. There are short walls acting as screens to keep this activity private and comfortable. They are covered with brown subway tiles that continue on the shower zone.

A large globe chandelier ensures generous light over a wooden vanity with a marble countertop with earthy tone accents that match the floor tiles.

via HGTV

43. Achieve the Perfect Contrast for Your Vanity 

Updated Country Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

Another prove that the tiles of the bathroom are of great importance is this master bathroom design example. A statement wall is created next to the free-standing tub to act also as a backsplash. The finish of the tiles mimics stained wood boards.

The same natural element continues on the floor. The floor tiles are arranged in a chevron pattern revealing a combination of grey, white and brown hues. The floor becomes the perfect contrast for the grey farmhouse cabinet turned into a vanity with a marble countertop.

via HGTV

44. Unparalleled Experience with Natural and Earthy Tones

Villa Inspired Bathroom #masterbathroom #design #decorhomeideas

This boutique master bathroom is a real spa retreat! The colors, the textures, the layout ensure comfort, relaxation and privacy so that all senses recover.

Although the bathroom is not of a big size, there is a walk-in shower and a built-in tub. Next to them, there is a small vanity to handle the daily morning activities and the bath essentials.

The color scheme of this bathroom is decided to be natural to enhance the spa feel.

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