38 Ideas to Decorate Your Bathroom With “Zinc” That Look Cool and Practical

Corrugated sheet metal is produced out of zinc-coated sheet metal. In theory, tin is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, warehouses, special structures, and steel structures of large size.

In fact, nowadays it has found many applications in the home interior and exterior. The reasons are its high strength, rich zinc color, easy installation, relatively lightweight, and of course, its price tag.

Best Tin Bathroom Ideas. Decorate your bathroom with tin and corrugated metal sheets to add a rustic look. Use metal sheets to create walls or decorative elements.  #decorhomeideas

The zinc-coated or also known as galvanized corrugated metal is earthquake-, fire and water-proof.
At the same time, it offers long life and little maintenance.

Tin sheets may have reminded you so far only for the exterior liner of buildings but today we are going to show you what an amazing transformation tin does with the bathroom.

1. Tin Bathroom Structure With Wood Supports

Tin Bathroom Structure With Wood Supports

A lovely combination between tin sheets and wood. The corrugated metal sheets are supported by wood post structures.

The wood frames create a nice contrasting texture when added to the shiny zinc color of the metal.

2. Outdoor Bathroom Idea

Outdoor Bathroom Idea

It is great to have a pool in the backyard. And it is even greater, to have an outdoor bathroom to take a quick shower prior to getting into the house.

A quick and affordable outdoor bathroom is featured here. The wood structure is covered with tin sheet pieces only at the sides.

3. Indoor Bathroom Makeover With Tin

Indoor Bathroom Makeover With Tin

This is a great idea for a quick and budget-friendly bathroom makeover in a country style.

Instead of changing the wall tiles, you can cover them with corrugated sheets.

4. Zinc Metal With Blonde Wood Bathroom Idea

Zinc Metal With Blonde Wood Bathroom Idea

The silver finish of the zinc metal looks lovely also in combination with blonde wood.

Use accessories in light earthy tones to enhance the appealing collaboration of the contrasting textures.

5. Outdoor Toilet Idea

Outdoor Toilet Idea

You can build only in one day an outdoor toilet with corrugated sheets and lumber.

6. Cabin Loft Inspired Bathroom

Cabin Loft Inspired Bathroom

Give the cabin loft interior of your bathroom a little shine! Adding tin sheets to the walls will give the typical country bathroom decor an industrial touch.

7. Rusty Bathroom Walls

Rusty Bathroom Walls

If you are looking for a bold statement for the bathroom, you can add it with tin sheets. The brand-new sheets have a resistant zinc coating that keeps them protected from rust for a long time.

But you can mimic a weathered look by painting random sections of the sheets with metal primer.

8. Rusty Is Appealing

Rusty Is Appealing

You can upcycle rusty tin sheets for your cottage outdoor bathroom. No need to repair the damaged areas, use them as an accent!

Add other vintage elements with a weathered look to create an appealing overall interior.

9. Green Tin Bathroom Idea

Green Tin Bathroom Idea

If you want to back up the resistant characteristic of the tin sheets, you can apply an extra coat of paint.

The paint color is great to match the metal material with the existing decor in case the shiny zinc surface is not suitable for your bathroom decor.

10. Bathroom Built From Recycled Materials

Bathroom Built From Recycled Materials

Your eco-friendly bathroom design can be given a unique look if you use weathered pallet slats and tin sheets.

The wood is not that resistant to constant damping so install the best place for the slats is the vanity wall. Use corrugated metal to line up the shower nook.

11. A Bathroom Under The Sky

A Bathroom Under The Sky

This is an amazing outdoor idea in case you have some free yard space. Create a relaxing outdoor nook where you can enjoy the fresh air and the amazing sky view in the comfort of a galvanized tub.

Give the nook some privacy with tin sheets added to a wooden structure of the desired size.

12. Small Shower Nook Idea

Small Shower Nook Idea

This idea features how the small bathroom can be upgraded by differentiating nooks. No need for any overhauls! Cover the corner where the shower is installed with a corrugated sheet.

Add a retro galvanized tub on the floor which will collect the water from the shower.

The rest of the space can be remodeled with distressed wood.

13. Rusted Sheets As A Bathroom Accent

Rusted Sheets As A Bathroom Accent

The rusty finish of weathered tin sheets can be used as a statement in the bathroom decor. It can cover an entire statement wall or half of the vanity walls, for example.

Pair it with antique elements for an aesthetic farmhouse look.

14. Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Decor

The tin sheets can be used to give a farmhouse bathroom a modern industrial upgrade.

In this decor idea, the metal sheets cover the walls adjacent to the shower area because of their water-proof characteristic. The rest of the walls are planked with authentic wooden boards which warm up the atmosphere.

15. Skip Tiling With Tin Sheets

Skip Tiling With Tin Sheets

If you are short of money, you can skip the tiling of the bathroom walls in the shower area.

Another material that is suitable for this humid environment is tin metal.

16. A Shower With Partition Idea

A Shower With Partition Idea

If you have decided to cover the shower walls with corrugated metal, don’t forget to do it also on the partition between the shower and the toilet nook.

17. Corrugated Metal Is Mold-UNfriendly

Corrugated Metal Is Mold-UNfriendly

Although corrugated sheets are durable against water, you should maintain them often to keep them in their best condition. This means properly cleaning and priming every 5 years which will keep the rust away for a lifetime.

Another advantage this metal offers is that it is not a mold-friendly breeding environment.

18. Rustic Industrial Bathroom Idea

Rustic Industrial Bathroom Idea

Indoor bathrooms can benefit a lot from corrugated metal properties.

When it comes to interior look, the shiny tin sheets play nicely with wood to give the rustic decor an industrial flair.

19. Walk-in Outdoor Shower Idea

Walk-in Outdoor Shower Idea

Installation of corrugated metal is easiest with walk-in showers.

For this outdoor bathroom idea, the corrugated walls are screwed directly into the wood walls.

20. Cute Shower Nook With Wood And Tin

Cute Shower Nook With Wood And Tin

The shower nook doesn’t have to be airy to be functional. See this cute idea which showcases the rustic industrial flair of the combination between wood and corrugated metal.

21. Floating Outdoor Shower Nook

Floating Outdoor Shower Nook

An easy and quick idea for creating a functional outdoor shower area. No need to pour concrete to lay the foundation. Instead, the basis is a pallet structure that stands over the ground.

Posts are screwed securely into the sides of the pallet to form the vertical structure covered by zinc-coated sheets.

22. Summer House Outdoor Bathroom

Summer House Outdoor Bathroom

This example looks more like a dressing room placed outdoors. It is an extra feature that could be helpful and useful if you have a pool.

23. Tin Sheets With Wide Valley

Tin Sheets With Wide Valley

Corrugated sheets are offered in different sizes of the valley. This is the distance between two adjacent protruding sections from the pattern of the sheet.

The wider valley of the sheets in this bathroom example creates visual interest and also an illusion of a higher ceiling.

24. Modern Industrial Bathroom Idea

Modern Industrial Bathroom Idea

This walk-in shower design is interesting with the variety of materials involved.

It features a rustic flair created by the wood frames, an industrial look through the inclusion of tin sheets and a modern touch offered by the glass door.

25. Art Bathroom Idea

Art Bathroom Idea

Zinc-coated sheets have been used also for unique artistic bathrooms like the one shown here.

The texture of the metal offers a good backdrop for unique accents to stand out and also improves the light amount in the room by reflecting natural or artificial light sources.

26. Corrugated Sheets As Wall Panels

Corrugated Sheets As Wall Panels

Corrugated sheets can be used as cladding over existing walls or as individual walls when there are supports to keep the straight and rigidly fixed to the floor.

27. Replace Wainscoting With Zinc

Replace Wainscoting With Zinc

You can use the tin to hide pipes and electric cables in the bathroom. Simply screw the prepared sections from the sheet to the wall.

Dismantling them for review or maintenance of the items hidden beneath is quick and easy.

28. White Shiplap And Tin

White Shiplap And Tin

The metal sheets can be combined with shiplap to give a low-cost bathroom project a classy look.

29. Extend The Use Of Tin Sheets

Extend The Use Of Tin Sheets

A good idea to blend the walk-in shower cladding with the rest of the bathroom is to use corrugated sheets also on the rest of the walls.

If you don’t want to risk overwhelming the space with the industrial farmhouse flair of the corrugated metal if the entire walls are cladded, you can go for half paneling.

30. Garage Bathroom Idea

Garage Bathroom Idea

You can give the garage bathroom a good look by cladding the walls with corrugated sheets. Add wallpaper mimicking wood on the transition wall for a cozy touch.

31. Tin Tub Backsplash Idea

Tin Tub Backsplash Idea

The galvanized corrugated sheets are great for covering the walls around the tub. Metal will act as a cheap but functional backsplash.

You will also take advantage of the unique decor accent it creates with its non-traditional application.

32. Camping Shower Area

Camping Shower Area

It is not a surprise that many of the public camps are equipped with shower areas built from corrugated steel. The sheets are cheap and can last around 15 to 20 years if maintained properly.

33. Small Outdoor Shower Idea

Small Outdoor Shower Idea

Corrugated zinc works best for cladding walk-in showers and this is because they don’t have doors. It is quite difficult to install a door but not impossible.

The only way to use a corrugated sheet as a door is to insert it as a panel into a door frame.

34. Enclosed Shower Nook With Corrugated Zinc And Glass

Enclosed Shower Nook With Corrugated Zinc And Glass

The other option to install a door to the enclosed shower cladded with corrugated sheets is to choose a different material for the door.

Glass is great for this application because it reveals the metal accent of the cladding and coordinates with the rest of the space.

35. Bathroom Ceiling from Corrugated Sheets

Bathroom Ceiling from Corrugated Sheets

If your bathroom is designed in the farmhouse style, then there are many wood elements in it.

Adding a corrugated metal ceiling to the interior will give an eye-catching contrast when paired with the wood texture.

36. Authentic Materials For Industrial Bathroom Design

Authentic Materials For Industrial Bathroom Design

Leaving the construction materials authentic gives the bathroom a unique industrial look.

See this appealing example featuring a cement tub, corrugated backsplash and wood cladding!

37. A Walk-in Shower Idea With Half Tin Panel

A Walk-in Shower Idea With Half Tin Panel

If you are looking for cheap and water-resistant backsplash that won’t ruin the overall coziness of the bathroom decor, go for half paneling with corrugated sheets.

38. Sliding Bathroom Door With Tin

Sliding Bathroom Door With Tin

The tin can replace the glass panels of a sliding barn door to create an enhanced rustic flair.

39. Outdoor Bathroom Idea

Outdoor Bathroom Idea

This outdoor bathroom has been created from a tank made from corrugated steel sheets.

The interior walls are halfway covered with wood planks leaving the original corrugated metal as it is to function as a backsplash.

40. Charming Rustic Bathroom Idea

Charming Rustic Bathroom Idea

Corrugated metal can be used in all spaces decorated in the farmhouse style. The bathroom is no exception. Tin sheets are affordable and perfectly match the rustic texture of the wood.

They will give the small bathroom a unique visual interest.

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