29 Inspiring Built-in Bathroom Shelf and Storage Ideas To Maximize Your Space

These built-in bathroom shelf ideas will keep your stuff neatly stored while adding loads of style to the space! Whether big or small bathroom, these bathroom storage ideas will inspire you with shelf ideas that are vertical and compact and won’t take up any of the valuable floor space.

Built In Bathroom Shelf And Storage Ideas and Designs. Are you looking for some smart and creative ways to maximize the space in your bathroom? These built-in storage ideas and designs will not only help you to store your accessories but also add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.
  • How to build built-in bathroom shelves?

As with all other built-in shelves, you need a structure in a box shape that will get into the wall and will create the illusion of a built-in design and shelves for the actual storage. This is suitable for already existing niches and alcoves. If your bathroom is renovating, you can add a built-in shelving unit from drywall, wood, etc.

  • How to decorate built-in shelves in the bathroom?

Built-in shelves can be helpful for the improvement of the organization by ensuring extra storage space for towels, toilet paper rolls, and bathroom essentials. If the room is decluttered, the shelves can display decorations like pots with plants that can be grown in such environment, candles, aroma diffusers, vases, signs, and accessories.

1. Tiered Corner Shelf Idea

Tiered Corner Shelf Idea

The corner spaces are usually neglected but in this bathroom, the tiny corner space has become a useful storage area with a lovely rustic design.

Despite its size in width, the vertical surface allows extra storage on wooden shelves.

via High Camp Home

2. Utilized Alcove

Utilized Alcove

Some bathrooms have built-in alcoves that are perfect for extra storage.

If the bathroom is decluttered and all items are well stored, the alcove can be used for decorative purposes or small accessories that need to be on hand.


3. Recessed Bathroom Shelf

Recessed Bathroom Shelf

The next idea from the collection of built-in bathroom shelves and storage ideas shows a recessed design. Bathroom walls are perfect for recessed built-in shelves.

Depending on the space on the wall and your needs, you can customize the recessed unit in the size and the number of shelves.

via Kircher Design & Build

4. Door Shelves

Door Shelves

These built-in bathroom shelf units are on both sides of the bathroom wall. This is an intelligent storage solution because the walls next to the doors are usually too narrow to be used functionally.

The shelf units are slim but tall to accommodate towels, bathroom essentials and some beautiful décor pieces that will give the bathroom a cozy look.

via Sanders Pace Architecture

5. Bathroom Divider With Built-in Shelves

Bathroom Divider With Built-in Shelves

Need more bathroom storage space? If the room is large enough, you can make a solid divider between the wet and dry parts of the bathroom.

It will help to differentiate the space visually and increase the storage space with the functional built-in shelves in the partition.

via Period Architecture

6. Built-in Shelves In The Partition

Built-in Shelves In The Partition

This small wall acts as a visual partition and as a storage unit. It is made from drywall in the shape of a column and only the side facing the bathtub is equipped with built-in shelves. In there, accessories related to baths are neatly stored.

via Carpenter & MacNeille

7. Bathroom Wall Closet

Bathroom Wall Closet

If you don’t like the open concept for storage but prefer hidden organization, this is your built-in shelf inspiration.

Here, the built-in shelves are closed with doors. The color of the doors in this bathroom built-in shelf idea is white to match the existing décor and to blend with it.

via Williams Kitchen and Bath

8. Alcove Above The Toilet

Alcove Above The Toilet

Another space in the bathroom that can be functionally utilized is the wall above the toilet.

The built-in shelf unit is of small size but perfect for storing towels that are easily accessible.

9. Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

Another way to use the alcove above the toilet is to store paper rolls.

The bathroom will look far more decluttered with dedicated space for every item.

10. Pull Out Shelving Unit

Pull Out Shelving Unit

Pull-out shelves are just great. You can’t see them with the naked eye, they look like part of the décor but when you open them, you know what many items are stored in them.

This pull-out built-in shelf gets out of a column next to the bathroom vanity and keeps all the daily bathroom essentials.

11. Alcove With Tiles

Alcove With Tiles

If you want a minimalist and clean look in the bathroom, dress the alcove as you have lined the rest of the walls.

This bathroom built-in shelf idea shows the alcove as a stylish storage place on the wall.

via Niki Papadopoulos

12. Bathroom Wall Niches

Bathroom Wall Niches

The alcove can be small in size but in the right place. This set of two built-in shelves was planned before the bathroom renovation to look like part of the wall.

The niches are lined with the same tiles as the rest of the adjacent zone and store the daily vanity essentials.

via Andrea Leigh Interiors

13. Extension Of Bathroom Cabinets

Extension Of Bathroom Cabinets

This bathroom is one of the spacious ones; everything is well organized in it. The bathroom cabinets help a lot with the decluttered look of the space.

An essential part is the alcove built into the wall right above a section of the bathroom cabinetry. There only towels are stored openly to access them quickly.

via Sarah Barnard Design

14. Recessed Drywall Shelving Unit

Recessed Drywall Shelving Unit

The tiny spaces need more clever ways to store items.

This is one of the most extraordinary built-in bathroom shelf ideas because it shows how to declutter a small space and at the same time make it functional.

via Sequined Asphault Studio Photography

15. Two Shelf Units Framing The Vanity

Two Shelf Units Framing The Vanity

This is an inspiring bathroom idea with vertical shelves on both sides of the vanity.

The symmetrical positioning and the addition of lining above the mirror from the same material as the vertical shelves create the illusion of built-in storage.

via City Homes

16. Glass Built-in Shelves

Glass Built-in Shelves

The traditional bathroom décor doesn’t stop you from having an extra built-in shelving unit.

Instead of wood which brings rustic to the decor, the unit can be made from molding with glass shelves.

17. Medicine Cabinet Repurposed Into Useful Bathroom Storage

Medicine Cabinet Repurposed Into Useful Bathroom Storage

This is another interesting idea of ensuring extra storage in a small bathroom.

The alcove is actually an old medicine cabinet. It has been transformed from rustic to contemporary by removing the door and painting the oak pure white.

via Julie Nay

18. DIY Built-in Shelves

DIY Built-in Shelves

Are you planning a bathroom renovation? Then you should check the posts below to ensure that you have allowed for enough storage places to keep everything in the perfect order, including this easy modern rustic built-in shelf.

Among all shelf ideas here, you can find DIY inspirations where existing closets become bathroom storage units. The built-in shelf has replaced a closet doorway, turning the hollowness into a gorgeous modern rustic accent with functionality.

via Love Create Celebrate

19. Wooden Bathroom Storage Unit

Wooden Bathroom Storage Unit

The vaulted ceiling has inspired the non-traditional storage units in this elegant bathroom. An open shelf storage unit and a bathroom cabinet in milky grey ensure the storage.

The same wooden material lines the bathtub.

via Decorpad

20. Built-in Shelves In The Mirror

Built-in Shelves In The Mirror

Not all bathroom storage ideas require dedicated space from the wall. Storage can be ensured in essential elements from the decor like the mirror, for example.

This customized mirror hides a pullout shelf that stores everyday accessories and essentials.

21. Drywall Built-in Shelf With Wooden Accents

Drywall Built-in Shelf With Wooden Accents

The built-in shelf unit can easily blend with the existing décor.

The drywall structure next to the bathroom vanity has been given the modern rustic charm of the interior style by adding wooden boards over the drywall shelves. This creates a modern rustic flair.

22. Marble Built-in Bathroom Shelf

Marble Built-in Bathroom Shelf

You can clad the entire built-in shelf unit with the wall material and thus make it almost invisible.

This décor method is suitable for small bathrooms where extra textures or colors could make the overall look overwhelming.

via KNOF design

23. Pull-out Shelf From The Wall

Pull-out Shelf From The Wall

This is another inspiring idea for hidden storage in a tiny and otherwise useless bathroom space. The built-in shelf is incorporated in a narrow niche between the vanity and room walls.

By pulling it out with a hollow handle, a shelf with the room’s height goes out to provide plenty of space for storage. The unit also offers adjustable shelves that will match the size of the stored items.

24. Built-in Wooden Shelves

Built-in Wooden Shelves

The bathroom alcove can easily be upgraded to your style by changing the shelves’ material.

You can add wooden boards for a rustic chic if they are made from drywall. Or you can replace them entirely with solid wood boards that will add a farmhouse charm.

25. Alcoves On Both Sides Of The Tub

Alcoves On Both Sides Of The Tub

Another one from our clever bathroom storage ideas shows how to utilize the space on the walls of the built-in bathtub.

Two symmetrical niches are carved into the walls to provide space for bathroom essentials.

via Ryan Street Architects

26. Shelf Unit From Molding

Shelf Unit From Molding

You can use molding elements to give the built-in bathroom shelf an elegant rustic look.

The white shiplap lining is beautifully complemented by the ornamented molding of the niche, which adds a subtle dimensional accent.

via Onekind Design

27. Built-in Shelves On The Entire Wall

Built-in Shelves On The Entire Wall

Another bathroom shelf idea that doesn’t take any of the floor space is inspired by the practical designs of the storage units in a small kitchen.

The open shelves in this bathroom cover the entire wall. The shelves are narrow but long which helps the bathroom feel airy despite the open storage.

28. A Set Of Built-in Shelves

A Set Of Built-in Shelves

This is another inspiring visualization from the small bathroom storage ideas. The décor fascinates with its elegant modern design. The clean lines with a metallic finish stand out against the pastel color palette.

Two niches are made on the wall opposite the mirror to display decorations and store bathroom accessories. The niches are in two different shapes to continue the minimalist line of the decor.

via Bigfoot Northwest

29. Utilize The Entire Wall Above The Toilet

Utilize The Entire Wall Above The Toilet

The space above the toilet is often neglected but in a small bathroom, it can solve the issue of clutter. This idea is dedicated to the built-in bathroom shelf and storage ideas and adding character to the decor.

Line up the wall between the built-in shelves with mirrors to make the bathroom feel airier. They will reflect the light and will create an illusion of more expansive space. In addition, you will enjoy the modern flair the reflective surface adds.

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