42 Cute Bathroom Sign Ideas That Will Add More Personality To Your Bathroom

Bathroom signs have become a popular way to improve home decor without any actual remodeling or repair involved. Bathroom signs only spelling the name of the room are long gone.

The trend is to use the sign to bring a smile to a face or teach the bathroom manners, sometimes both.

Best Bathroom Sign Ideas. Add a touch of personality to your bathroom with these amazing bathroom sign ideas. Make it cozier and a bit funny with some unique quotes. #decorhomeideas

Today we are sharing with you a number of cute bathroom sign ideas that will make the bathroom decor homey and will add a personal touch to the interior.

There is no doubt that you will love them all so let’s move on and see the collection of bathroom sign ideas.

1. Follow The Rules Bathroom Sign

Bathroom Rules Farmhouse Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

Bathroom signs listing bathroom habits are probably one of the most popular designs. They are edifying, especially if you have little kids and send a fun message to the grown-ups.

This bathroom sign idea features a rustic frame of a small size so finding a blank wall place for it will be easy. The combination of earthy wood tones and black and white canvas let the sign fit perfectly in a modern farmhouse bathroom.

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2. Handwritten Bath Sign

Bath Wood Bathroom Wall Art #decorhomeideas

This simple bath sign will add a nautical touch to the bathroom interior. The word is shaped from wood and is coated with appealing coastal color.

The simplicity of the design combined with the noticeable color makes the wall piece very artistic. You can also add it next to a bathroom decor arrangement in case you are looking for a temporary decor addition.

3. Wooden Step Stool Brush Floss

Brush Floss Flush Wash Wooden Step Stool #decorhomeideas

If you have little ones, then you have surely equipped the bathroom with a small step stool that helps them reach the sink or the toilet.

You can give this functional item also an appealing farmhouse look by stenciling the bathroom habits on the steps. Putting the words “brush, floss, flush and wash” on the wood boards is a cute and clever idea to teach your kids easily the bathroom rules, plus you will enjoy a one-of-a-kind piece of the decoration.

4. Changing The Toilet Paper Reminder Sign

Change The Toilet Paper Restroom Sign #decorhomeideas

Okay, let’s admit it- the inscription on this sign is a constant truth all around the world! If you are tired of running for the toilet paper when you have just secluded yourself in the bathroom, then you need to “shout it out”.

Do it cleverly and even use it as part of the bathroom decor! Here is an impressive idea of a fun sign that will make all family members teach to change the toilet paper. Put the words on a black chalkboard and frame it with wooden slats.

The elegant combination of black, white and natural wood fits perfectly a contemporary, modern, industrial or farmhouse bathroom.

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5. Funny Art Toilet Paper Sign and Basket

Change The World Funny Bathroom Art #decorhomeideas

This is another bathroom sign design focused on the toilet paper change. This time, its size is smaller which makes finding an appropriate place for it easier.

What could be a better place than the wall over the toilet or next to the container with extra toilet paper 🙂

6. Rustic Wash Brush Floss Flush Wall Sign

Classic Wash Brush Floss Flush Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

Bathroom habits are ancient and so is the design of the sign. White canvas, big bold black letters and a simple wooden frame.

This big framed sign is placed on the bathroom wall shelf unit to distinguish it from the surrounding white interior and be the focal point of the room.

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7. Vintage Bathroom Door Sign

Classy Black and White Bathroom Door Sign #decorhomeideas

In the past, all doors had signs that explain the application of the room. Today this idea could be very helpful not only in offices but also in your own home.

In addition to guests easily finding the right door, you will also add a personal touch to the decor of this room. The sign idea here features a stylish vintage sign. The black handwritten script is laid on a white metal background. Its shape is oblong with black edges that give the sign a uniquely elegant look.

8. Dream Big Little Mermaid Pink Canvas Art

Dream Big Little Mermaid Canvas Art #decorhomeideas

Time spent in the bathroom can be more enjoyable for your little daughter if she is encouraged by this canvas wall art.

Making it together will be a great shared project and also a fun time spent together. Use your mermaid’s favorite colors to make the sign personalized and special.

Combine with nautical decor pieces such as figures of ocean creatures, shells in a jar and LED candles.

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9. Drop Your Drawers Wall Decal For Bathroom

Drop Your Drawers Bathroom Wall Decal #decorhomeideas

If your family likes joking, then this dun wall decal will complement your bathroom perfectly. It spells out three words only but they will make everyone using the bathroom laugh.

The decal is offered in black color and in a handwritten script. You can adjust the place of the words per the empty space on the wall.

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10. Fresh Soap Sign For Small Bathroom

Farmhouse Bathroom Fresh Soap Sign #decorhomeideas

Another bathroom sign idea bringing smiles on the face features a simple design with a retro inscription. The nostalgia of the past times when using a toilet cost five cents is used to make a contemporary bathroom decor piece.

The classic hand script enhances the authenticity of the inscription and makes the overall design unique.

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11. Flush Sign For Farmhouse Styled Bathroom

Flush Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Sign #decorhomeideas

A simple and straightforward sign! After you use the toilet, don’t forget to flush! Remind this with a farmhouse sign that can be created in our with simple materials you already have on hand. A wooden frame, board or canvas is painted white and black paint for the letters.

The best place for this sign is on the wall over the toilet. Complement it with a rustic crate or wooden box filled with decor pieces.

12. Word Search Sign Bathroom Decor

Funny Bathroom Word Search Sign #decorhomeideas

This sign inspires with its creativity and focuses on modern times. Nowadays people are used to spending time on the phone on the toilet.

Te sign thinks about those moments when the battery is dead or you have forgotten the phone in another room. It represents a word puzzle with a list of words that should be found among the numerous letters.

Word search is an old fun game and using it as a concept for the bathroom sign is just an awesome idea!

A continued retro concept with a rustic wooden frame and handwritten script enhances the sign’s appeal and unique look.

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13. Toilet Rules Sign Reclaimed Wood

Funny Personalized Toilet Rules Sign #decorhomeideas

Isn’t that one of the funniest bathroom signs ever? Eternal truths are represented in a fun way that is more delicate and easy to assimilate.

The rules are put on a large wooden board with distressed edges. The wide canvas lets adding of images and also emphasizes words by spelling them in capital letters. Add the family name at the top to give the sign a personal touch.

14. Get Naked Bathroom Wall Decal

Get Naked Bathroom Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

Laser-cut wooden signs look fantastic in a contemporary bathroom. Even when they spell out a fun saying, the shape and the sleek design make it feel right for the elegant interior.

Get naked sign is placed on the wall above the towel holder to make a unique fun decor touch and make the interior more welcoming.

15. Get Naked Farmhouse Wall Sign

Get Naked Half Bathroom Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

This is another Get naked sign which aims to make guests laugh. At first, they see an invitation in a handwritten script.

Then with a smaller script size they actually understand that this is a half bathroom where getting naked will be odd. The simple design makes the sign universal when it comes to the existing decor scheme.

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16. Vertical Wood Sign For Bathroom

Get Naked Vertical Wood Sign #decorhomeideas

This Get naked sign is great for farmhouse or rustic bathrooms where wood texture and weathered look fit just right.

The sign can be your next DIY weekend project as it needs just a little of your time. It mixes fun and country in one and makes a great focal point because of its vertical design.

The dark stain, the bold white letters and the twine finish give it a unique look.

17. Good Morning Beautiful Hello There Signs

Good Morning Beautiful Hello There Handsome Signs #decorhomeideas

This set of bathroom signs fits amazingly the modern farmhouse concept of a master bathroom of a couple. The greeting texts will make each party smile every time they visit the bathroom.

There isn’t a better way to express your love for your partner in the bathroom. Simple and appealing, the set features wooden frames and white canvases that stand out on the dark wall.

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18. Wash Your Hands Small Sign

Hand Lettered Wash Your Hands Sign #decorhomeideas

These handmade signs bring so much charm to this classic white sink and overall elegant bathroom design! The natural wood frame combined with simple hand script written words make a standout accent on the blank wall next to the bathroom vanity.

The design of the wall art makes it suitable for contemporary bathrooms that need a personal touch and rustic warmth.

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19. Have A Nice Poop Decor Sign

Have A Nice Poop Bathroom Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

This is one of the funniest bathroom signs ever! Being welcoming and polite in every room is a master skill and this sign surely proves it but in a joking manner.

The text is very simple and is written on a plain chalkboard surface. Aiming to let the inscription be the focus, the background is black and the letters white.

Placed in a vintage frame and on the glass shelf, the piece easily becomes an important part of the decor.

20. His and Hers Funny Restroom Sign Idea

His and Hers Funny Restroom Sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is perfect for offices, restaurants and homes. It is of a relatively small size. The whitewashed background and black images make it noticing it easy.

The sign can be attached to the door or added to a vintage arrangement enhancing the personalized look of the interior.

21. Humorous Wood Block Restroom Signs

Humorous Wood Block Restroom Signs #decorhomeideas

If you have a smaller bathroom where storage is solved with a unique farmhouse industrial shelf unit, add these two sign blocks on the shelves among the existing rustic decor.

The signs are simple and straightforward. One of them pictures the silhouettes of a man and a woman in need and the other one simply greets the person using the toilet politely.

When your guests notice these signs they will surely feel more comfortable with the humorous feel in the air.

22. La Toilette French Country Sign

La Toilette French Country Hanging Sign #decorhomeideas

If you want to keep the bathroom decor pieces in the elegant visual concept, this is an amazing sign option.

The wrought iron bracket adds a classy vintage touch to the clean white interior. The wooden sign painted white with black lettering and distressed edges take you to mid-century Paris.

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23. Mermaid and Pirate Bathroom Decor Signs

Mermaid and Pirate Bathroom Decor Signs #decorhomeideas

Little kids are usually terrified of having a bath and it takes a quite long time for this period to end. You can give them a little encouragement by adding personalized cute decor to their bathroom.

There are two kids using this bathroom, hence the two signs. The colors and the concept fit their gender and their favorite fairytale characters.

24. Nautical Psalm 93:4 Wall Sign

Nautical Psalm 93:4 Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

If you are not ready for a bathroom remodel but need a change in the interior, add nautical theme pieces to the decor. Candles, jars filled with seashells, and coastal colors are among the most impacting nautical elements that quickly give the bathroom a new fresher look.

Driftwood shelves and wooden signs are other elements that fit the ocean theme. Use white and blue for the inscription on the canvas and add twine or rope as an accent that enhances the coastal look.

25. Nice Butt Wood Bathroom Box

Nice Butt Wood Bathroom Box #decorhomeideas

There are ways to make the small bathrooms look appealing and personalized as well. If there isn’t much space on the walls for signs, you can go for a more practical idea that combines storage and decor effect.

Make a wooden box for the toilet tank to store extra toilet paper rolls and a vintage Mason jar vase. If you are known for your humor, add a fun inscription to the front slat, such as “Nice butt”. This greeting is quite unexpected and will surely be welcomed by your guests.

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26. Personalized Bathroom Rules Sign

Personalized Bathroom Rules Canvas Sign #decorhomeideas

The toilet rules signs are very popular because they act also as a learning tool when there are little kids in the house.

Instead of constantly reminding your kids what to do in the bathroom, let them clearly see it.

A blank chalkboard piece will let you write the rules down. You can even use images to make exceptions easier. Add the family name at the top of the canvas to give the piece a fun personal touch.

27. Rustic Farmhouse Restroom Sign Set of Two

Rustic Farmhouse Restroom Sign Set #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting set of signs with a rustic appeal. They can be placed in an alignment pattern that suits most of your bathroom. Thanks to the opposing colors of the backgrounds, each sign will be noticed and read.

What unites the signs is the wooden material they are made from, the distressed paint surface and the simplicity of the inscriptions.

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28. Rustic Wood Small Restroom Sign

Rustic Wood Farmhouse Restroom Sign #decorhomeideas

If you prefer the classic look of the vintage bathroom signs, add this cute icon sign. It has a rustic look thanks to the wooden frame. It can be nailed to the wall or positioned on a storage shelf.

It pictures two silhouette icons and the word “restroom”. Its concept is great for a master bathroom that the couple shares.

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29. Rustic Wood Named Wall Hooks

Rustic Wood Personalized Wall Hooks #decorhomeideas

Give the towel holders a decorative look by personalizing them with the names of the family members.

This is an educational method to teach kids to be more organized and strict when it comes to personal hygiene.

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30. Save Water Shower Together Wood Art

Save Water Shower Together Wood Block Art #decorhomeideas

Another idea for a cheeky message on a bathroom sign! This small piece can be placed on the master bath ledge or on the vanity to encourage the couple to shower together.

Match the colors of the sign with the interior to create an impacting farmhouse decor piece.

31. Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Sign

Scrub-A-Dub-Dub Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom Sign #decorhomeideas

This is a charming bathroom sign idea that is suitable for every bathroom decor. Made from a natural wood frame and whiteboard canvas, the inscription adds a fun touch to the interior.

The modern farmhouse look of the sign matches well tiles, blank walls, shiplap and elegant counter space.

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32. Shabby Chic Powder Room Sign

Shabby Chic Powder Room Sign #decorhomeideas

This sign idea is perfect for a teenage girl’s bathroom. It is rustic but also delicate. The distressed wooden surface is embellished with handwritten letters naming the room per its usage.

This sign will look good when placed on a shelf, on counter space, or over the bathroom faucet.

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33. So Fresh & So Clean Clean Sign

So Fresh & So Clean Clean Sign #decorhomeideas

Can you recognize this lyric? It perfectly matches the bathroom concept. Put the quote on a white canvas and frame it with natural wood.

The fun rustic sign can be part of the decor over the bath ledge or on the wall over the sink.

34. Splish Splash Take A Bath Hanging Sign

Splish Splash Take A Bath Hanging Sign #decorhomeideas

This charming farmhouse set of signs is perfect for both a kids’ bathroom and a parent’s master bathroom. It consists of three pieces in identical designs showing cute popular rhyme that fits in the bathroom theme.

Twine keeps the signs attached together but in case you are limited in blank vertical space, it can be removed so that each piece is attached to the wall in a horizontal direction.

35. Splish Splash Take a Bath Sign Set

Splish Splash Take a Bath Sign Set #decorhomeideas

This is a horizontal alignment of the famous trio of signs suitable for bathroom decor. This time, they are given a more elegant look by combining trendy grey with laser-cut words from birch wood.

Added above the rustic towel rack, the set of signs makes a charming modern farmhouse accent.

36. Toilet Rules Funny Restroom Sign

Toilet Rules Funny Restroom Sign #decorhomeideas

These toilet rules sign can be funny but it aims to do more than that. It makes sure that everyone knows what to do in the bathroom to keep it clean and tidy.

This sign could be especially helpful for families with kids that are in the process of learning how to keep personal hygiene and maintain the rooms clean.

37. Wash Brush Floss Flush Sign Set

Wash Brush Floss Flush Sign Set #decorhomeideas

This set of wooden slats acting as signs are an easy way to make the bathroom homier. It also has an informative application reminding us of the basic rules in the bathroom.

It is an easy DIY bathroom sign idea that will surely give the bathroom a refreshed casual look. The greatest thing about this idea is that the slats are narrow so you can easily find a blank wall space to put them on.

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38. Wash Your Hands Chalkboard Sign

Wash Your Hands Chalkboard Sign #decorhomeideas

Give your elegant bathroom a charming shabby chic touch with this classy-looking sign. It consists of a wide white painted wooden frame and black chalk-painted canvas. The white letters stand out and draw attention.

The sign is small and can be placed above the bathroom sink to remind everyone to wash their hands.

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39. Wash Your Worries Away Wall Sign

Wash Your Worries Away Wall Sign #decorhomeideas

Having a bath is a free retreat we can enjoy every day. This is how most of us relax and take off our worries. This is what has inspired the making of the modern sign placed above the bath faucet.

When you enter the tub you will be quickly reminded to wash the worries away and leave them behind. The combination of black frame and white canvas is created to suit the industrial farmhouse interior of the bathroom which defines it as a casual welcoming place.

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40. Wear A Smile Vinyl Wall Decal

Wear A Smile Vinyl Wall Decal #decorhomeideas

Start your day with a smile, this is a saying that should be leading us all the time. It has inspired the bathroom decal in this bathroom decor idea.

Its place is important as it needs to be easily seen to inspire people. The decal can be sealed on tiles, wood and drywall in just a minute.

41. Wood Block Wash Brush Floss Flush Signs

Wood Block Wash Brush Floss Flush Signs #decorhomeideas

The authentic look of this set of signs is so appealing! Thanks to using natural wood and stain that lets the wood texture be visible, the signs add so much warmth and charm.

Each sign shows a word related to the bathroom rules. They are written in a cursive script with white chalk paint.

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