52 Best Nautical Bathroom Ideas To Add Ocean Charm To Your Home

The nautical decor in the bathroom is the style that has gained much popularity these days. Whether because this is the room where there is plenty of water used or because there the associations with the ocean emerge, the coastal design makes this space fresh and relaxing.

There are many ways to add a nautical theme to the bathroom interior. Choosing the blue color in its various shades, from sky blue to almost pure white or petrol blue and the juicy violet, is the easiest way to impose the nautical style indoors.

The bluish background is the first association with the waves of the coast. At second thought, shells, corals, driftwood and other natural gifts related to the coast appear.

Best Nautical Bathroom Ideas. Nautical bathroom decorations would bring the charm of the ocean into your home. Create a relaxation paradise with these nautical bathroom ideas. #decorhomeideas

They can be used as an inspiration for the appearance of the accessories or as an embellishment to give them a coast-inspired look.

The motifs of the fabrics and the furniture in the bathroom are other fields where the coastal presence can be felt.

So if you have for а long time yearned for a nautical bathroom, here is your source of decor ideas that will offer you the needed inspiration to materialize your dream!

1. Make A Towel Rack Out Of An Oar

A Clever Way to Decorate with Paddles #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Hang a sailing paddle on an empty wall to anchor your love for the ocean.

Give it practical usage by adding hooks for hanging towels or other bathroom accessories. To enhance the nautical style, combine signs or pictures with sea motifs.

via Everything Coastal

2. 3D Seashell Framed Artwork

A Mini Gallery Wall for the Bathroom #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Create a nautical focal point in your bathroom. The nook with sea treasures can be accommodated in a niche or on a wall that is lacking a point of interest.

The coastal display can be formed by handmade canvases embellished with shells, starfish, rocks. Framed into wooden lathes with a weathered effect, they will also represent another motif of the coast- the driftwood.

3. Incorporate Coastal Themed Prints

Anchors Away Nautical Blue and White Rug #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Including fabric with nautical motifs or pattern is the easiest way to add to the bathroom a nautical feel. That can be a blue rug with imprinted white anchors.

To enhance the relaxing feeling of this nook, add large seashells in a glass bowl or just place them freely on the rug for a more casual look.

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4. DIY Repurposed Beach Bottle Project

Beach in a Bottle #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This glass bottle has closed a small piece of the coast inside it. That can be sand and seashells collected during the last holiday, to remind yourself of the great time spent there.

Weave blue yarn around half of the glass to imitate the typical texture of fabric items seen in a beach house and add a small anchor to declare what the content in the bottle is.

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5. Bleached Look Wood And Ocean Colors

Beautiful Wooden Beach Bum Bathroom Box #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This idea for nautical decor in the bathroom features a wooden box that has been turned into a practical storage container on the toilet tank.

Wooden surfaces that are whitewashed or thickly painted with white acrylic fit into the coastal style concept because they create an association with the ship’s hold.

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6. Seashell Monogram Collage

Beige and Blue Seashell Decorated Initial #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Bathrooms should be as welcoming and cozy as any other part of the home. An affordable decor accent in the seaside theme offers a large initial decorated with seashells and rocks.

Navy blue-painted shells are added to create a charming accent among the neutral natural colors of the coastal treasure.

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7. Nautical Shower Curtain Adds Strong Statement

Blue and Gray Sea Shower Curtain #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The shower curtain with ocean motifs is an inexpensive way to give your bathroom a beach vibe.

Usually, the colors of the fabrics are white and blue which suit a more neutral existing decor like white or blue tiles, creamy walls, pale wood surfaces.

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8. Starfish Motif Floating Shelf Gallery

Can't Get Enough of Starfish #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Do you love the starfish?

Then bring them to the front of your bathroom decoration! For that purpose, we suggest that you spread many of them around the chosen beach nook.

Hang them on the wall, insert them in glass bowls accommodated on shelves above the toilet. If you have a mirror, give it also a nautical look by gluing shells and starfish on its frame.

9. Blue And White Shower Curtain With Nautical Prints

Cool Nautical Bathroom Decor on a Budget #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Add the typical navy fabric pattern to your bathroom to drastically change its interior!

Plus, stripes always add a touch of elegance. The curtain shower color combo is continued by the elements hung on the adjacent wall.

Four identical frames close handmade symbols of the nautical style- a boat, a helm, a lighthouse and an anchor.

10. Sailor’s Rope Knot Area Rug

Cream Colored Interwoven Intricate Nautical Knot Rug #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

If you are not willing to do a drastic bathroom makeover, you can make your wet room look more nautical inspired by adding various types for the style accessories.

Such is the rope rug which weaving pattern is based on the traditional sailor’s knot.

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11. Add Beach Elements To A Hanging Lantern

Cute Nautical Bathroom Decor #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Other nautical accessories that can be added to the existing bathroom decor to give it a coastal look are the lanterns. They are connected to the seaside theme being a typical light fixture used at the beach where no electricity is available.

Fill 1/3 of it with sand. Insert a standard white candle or a LED-lighted one and surround it with seashells. Hung on a hook of a rustic corbel design, this arrangement will give the bathroom a relaxing warm vibe.

via Boxers, Cleats and Me

12. Relax You’re At The Beach

A Daily Reminder to Relax #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

All aspects of this sign remind of the coast. The wood surface is given a white-washed coat to let the rough burlap ribbon pop out.

A simple inscription is written on the earthy colored canvas- the feeling that the calming sound of the ocean creates in us from the moment we step on the sand.

Two starfish take the remaining space on the burlap to outline the inscription.

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13. That Lake Life Storage Container

Decorative Lake Bum Bathroom Box #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This small bathroom organizer adds a fun nautical vibe to the space. Its sizes don’t promise to contain bulkier items.

It has been made to fit a small shelf or the toilet tank and store the toilet paper rolls.

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14. Upgrade Your Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Deep Sea Blue Anchor Toilet Roll Holder #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Paying attention to the finest details, your beach-themed bathroom will embrace a toilet paper holder fabricated in the shape of an anchor.

Its petrol blue color contrasts with the white planked walls that have been missing interest.

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15. Driftwood Colored Crates Add Decorative Shelving

Display your Nautical Decorations with Wood Crates #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Farmhouse and nautical style create a magical combination that inspires with the relaxing and fresh mode it sets. The easiest way to twist these two is by placing sea treasures onto farmhouse containers.

The displays in this example are created by hanging white-washed wooden crates. The alignment pattern on the wall above the toilet additionally increases the interest.

via Soulstyle CA

16. Fresh White And Grey Beachy Bath

Dreamlike Nautical Bathroom Design #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The shower zone is divided from the dry area with a striped curtain reminding the nautical uniforms of sailors. The pale grey color replaces the typical black stripe to let the small bathroom feel airier despite the zoning.

The light palette continues on the walls, the ceiling and the furniture. What instantly attracts attention are the handmade floating shelves that hold seaside-themed accents.

via Southern Revivals

17. Dock Cleat Rope Shelves

Gnarly Nautical Shelf with Knots and Whales #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This towel holder is very practical because of its space-saving design. You are given three levels for storage, just enough to arrange the weekly towels and spare toilet paper rolls at a convenient distance from the toilet and the sink.

Ocean impact is seen in the color, the materials and the cute embellishment of the towel rack.

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18. Beach House Bathroom Sign

Humorous Bathroom Wash Your Palms Sign #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Give hygiene awareness a fun vibe with this cute nautical wall decor. Its garish blue color will attract attention to make sure that the advice is seen and followed.

Such a cute sign makes a great addition to a bathroom decor of a beach house.

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19. Rustic Wood Look Beach Rules Wall Décor

Humorous Decorative Beach Rules Wall Sign #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This rustic sign pleases with its message and finish inspired by beach living.

If you are not living at the coast but you want to bring it closer to your home, this sign is the perfect and easiest way to do it.

Being more or less a seasonal decoration, it will remind you of simple but essential rules of life.

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20. Bring The Coast Inside With A Painted Dresser

Lighthouse and Crashing Waves Seascape Dresser #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This vintage dresser has been given a total nautical makeover with paint and wallpaper with an ocean landscape. The same effect can be achieved by drawing onto the wooden surface with acrylic paints but that is a more difficult task, especially if painting is not your skill.

If your bathroom is large enough, this dresser can be placed next to an empty wall to accommodate towels, toilet paper rolls or other essentials and accessories.

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21. Sisal Rope And Starfish Add Coastal Charm To Hurricanes

Make your Bathroom Unique with Candles #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The link below gives you a supply list and instructions on how to make yourself candle holders with a nautical effect.

The coastal vibe is transferred via an organic-looking rope woven from the bottom to 1/3 of a glass cylinder.

Any embellishment related to the beach can be used but the starfish fit just perfects to make the dream nautical bathroom possible.

via Stone Gable Blog

22. Painted Wooden Buoys To Match Your Décor

Mint Green and White Wooden Buoys #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This set of two painted wooden buoys is a charming decoration to every room with an atmosphere inspired by the sea. The white and mint-green colors give a modern twist to the typical striped combo of the ocean admirer.

These two can be placed on a seaside-themed shelving unit or on the floor next to a rug in the same style.

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23. Nautical Inspired Rope Towel Holder

Natural and Nautical Rope Towel Ring #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This simple towel holder uses a thick rope to form a ring for it the towel to be placed. The rope is attached to a wrought iron ring bolt reminding of those used at the port.

Because of its natural design, this nautical accent will fit perfectly into classic bathroom decor.

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24. Distressed Ocean Hued Bathroom Tray

Nautical Bath Tray #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This small wooden tray keeps things simple and authentic. Its distressed turquoise color stands out against the porcelain furniture of the bathroom to store bath essentials.

A starfish peeks out from the inside to give the organizer a pinch of natural charm.

via The Speckled Dog

25. Rope Drawer Pulls Upgrade A Wicker Dresser

Nautical Beach Dresser #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The rattan is related both to rustic and nautical styles. The source of the material is the palm stems which allow weaving after drying.

Adding furniture or small containers made of rattan or mimicking its texture will create a decor of a beach house.

via 4 the Love of Wood

26. Create A Beach Themed Candle Terrarium

Nautical Candle #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

A glass on a stool from the Dollar Store is transformed into a coastal candle in one easy step.

Cover its bottom with sand, insert a candle and surround it with seashells. Add it to a bathroom caddy, to the sink top or to a shelf.

27. Classic Blue And Rope Bathroom Shelf

Nautical Floating Shelf for Storage and Decor #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This small shelf can be hung above the toilet to give you space to store toilet paper rolls or simply to make the interior more appealing.

The navy blue color of the beam looks great on the white wall creating a typical nautical pattern.

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28. Varied Rope Textures Make Stunning Wrapped Candleholders

Nautical Rope Wrapped Candle Jars #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Do you know how to tie sailing knots? Then use this skill to give the plain glass candle holders a seaside-inspired look.

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29. Cleats And Rope Add Nautical Style To A Simple Frame

Old-School Photo Frame Gives Charm to your Bathroom #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The memory from a sailing will be given a greater significance if it is held by a frame with a nautical effect.

That can be a DIY project for your bathroom makeover if you are looking for suitable wall decor.

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30. Pallet Wood Coastal Painted Wall Art

Painted Palm Tree Reclaimed Wood Wall Art #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Upcycle the damaged pallet slats to create a canvas for an amazing handpainted palm tree.

This wall decor will add the nautical vibe in a modern way and will remind you of the ocean breeze with its blending sunset colors.

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31. Charming Starfish Bathroom Towel Holders

Painted Starfish Towel Rings #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

These unique towel holders are in the shape of starfish and painted in the typical nautical style colors.

Added to a beach bathroom decor, they will give it a character.

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32. Easy Rope And Dock Cleat Towel Rack

Rope Towel Holder #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

A sailing accessory is repurposed into a domestic piece for the organization in the bathroom to give it an authentic nautical look.

The dock cleats are mounted on a mosaic tile wall to stretch a thick rope where a towel can be stored properly.

via H2O Bungalow

33. Coastal Village Jewelry Holder

Rough Coastline with Lighthouse Shelf and Hooks #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Take a transverse piece of wood and turn it into a magnificent 3-D coast-like landscape.

The bottom of it is painted to remind the nuances of the coast.

Small wooden houses and a lighthouse decorate its top surface. Three vintage hooks complement the nautical art which gives this unique decor functionality.

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34. Seahorse Tail Towel Hooks

Rustic and Vintage Seahorse Hooks Strip #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Hang the towels in the bathroom with a nautical style. The hooks of this rack are formed by the twisted tails of dragonflies.

The rack support is a straight line from which other beach treasures peek out starfish, a seashell, a fish and cactuses.

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35. Coastal Colors Paint Project

Rustic Meets Nautical #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The same design of a nautical rack has been given a fresh look by changing the vintage distressed finish with thick paint coats.

The dragonflies are painted turquoise to stand out against the white strip and to be easily found when the towels need to be hung.

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36. Blue Hued Candle Holders

Sea Blue Dyed Wooden Tea Light Holders #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

A set of log candle holders of different heights is a gorgeous addition to the nautical bathroom design. Light them at night when you are needing maximum comfort in the bathroom to relax your body.

During the day, these candle holders look amazing because of the cool blue color of the wood.

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37. Sea Grass Display In Painted Mason Jars

Sea Star Decorative Box and Jar Set #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Mason jars can be transformed into a charming addition to the nautical decor by painting them in thematic colors and by adding typical ocean-style embellishments.

The transformed look of this example is achieved by applying a coat of chalk paint and distressing the protruding edges.

The glued starfish at their front clearly put them in the coastal theme and make them the perfect vase for beach weed.

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38. Rolling Waves Shark Fin Décor

Shark Attack Waves and Shark Fin Decoration #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This cool decoration shows the scenery of developing waves in a wooden form.

The peeking shark fin gives this decor a fun vibe and also supports putting an image against it.

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39. Mount Ocean Elements On Rough Burlap

Shell, Sand Dollar, and Starfish Art Trio #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The nautical theme can remind of the wildlife living under the surface and the blue color of the water.

This set of wall art does that in a simple and authentic way using actual treasures drifted out by the waves.

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40. Add Nautical Flair To Basic Shelves

Simple but Cute Nautical Bathroom Decoration #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

These nautical stands can accommodate candle glass holders or pictures from an ocean holiday to make the bathroom atmosphere more welcoming.

The chosen embellishment of the plain wooden beams is simple to enhance their rustic look. Rope forms stripes on the bottom and top of the beams.

The top stripe is decorated with a large starfish which should remain visible after placing the chosen decoration on the shelf.

41. Layer Photo Mats For Cohesive Color

Simple but Stylish #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The idea for showing the ocean wildlife in the bathroom is represented in another way. Instead of seeing the actual fossils, we see images of them.

This seaside-themed decor can have a personal touch and meaning if the photos have been taken by the owner of this home.

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42. Soothing Coastal Colors And Coral

Starfish and Corals #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This coastal-inspired arrangement possesses in itself also a religious message. Everything in this world obeys God, even the disobedient waves.

The added starfish clay sculptures and fossils bring a piece of the ocean indoors to create decor that relaxes all senses.

43. Make A Statement With Ocean Creatures

Starfish Gallery #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Turn your bathroom into a gallery for creatures from under the sea! That will be a bold and undoubted nautical decor statement that will turn the bathroom into a unique place.

All seashells and starfish are placed onto lathes serving as shelves. The number of shelves made creates an L-shaped wall gallery, probably the most unique nautical bathroom decor idea.

44. Easy Beach Hut Stencil Art Project

Stenciled Row of Beach Huts Wall Accent #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for a nautical bathroom decor idea that doesn’t require any modification of the interior? Do it with stencils of beach huts creating a coastal background of a shelf.

This cute vinyl setting can accommodate small representations of typical for coastal living objects.

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45. Iconic Nautical Striped Mason Jars

Striped Mason Jar Bathroom Organization #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

These Mason jars could become the most comfortable bathroom organizers. To fit them in a beach-themed bathroom, paint deep blue and white stripes on the glass. Even the smallest jars can be included in the storage system for make-up clean pads or cotton buds.

Twist a piece of twine around their necks to enhance the seaside impact.

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46. Wall Décor Life Preserver Compass

Stylish Wall Decor #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

The life preserver ring hung on the wall accentuates the ocean theme in the bathroom.

The white section on the top and on the bottom can be inscribed to give it more personal value.

47. Directional Beach Sign

The Beach is Over There #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Add a small beach sign above the mirror to point the exit of the room in a fun and cute way. The sign itself is very simple because its purpose is to let the statement stand out.

Add starfish fossils on a shelf or on the mirror frame to put a piece from the beach and create a lovely transition between the indoors and outdoors.

48. Twine Fish Net Candle Holder Jars

Twine Webbed Nautical Mason Jar Decorations #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Plain jars can be turned into a charming accent in the nautical design of your bathroom by wrapping them in a twine net reminding the fishnet pattern.

Fill them with sand and seashells and place them together to create a quick and affordable ocean decor.

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49. Round Ship’s Wheel Mirror Frame

White Ship's Wheel Decorative Mirror #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Designers recommend that the mirror in the nautical bathroom should be round. Combine this advice with the original shape of a ship’s helm to create a unique mirror feature.

Depending on the wall color, the helm can be left in its original color for enhancing the rustic presence or to be given a fresh look with white paint.

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50. Display Beach Treasures In Hanging Crates

White Washed Crates of Seashells Galore #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

Use crates instead of fabricated mass shelves to show your favorite pieces with a coastal impact. That can be candles, seashells, stones or small pieces of driftwood.

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51. Anchors Aweigh Wall Decoration

You Can't Get More Nautical than This #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a straight and bold nautical bathroom design, you may consider a drastic change in the interior design which will incorporate it.

The color palette must include white, blue, black and grey. Red accents can be involved but very moderately.

Add ratan storage furniture, rope and twine textures and don’t forget clear statements like an anchor-shaped sign, seashells embellishments, etc.

via Beach Wood Place

52. Beach House Towel Hook Sign

Your Very Own Beach House #nauticalbathroom #bathdecor #decorhomeideas

This nautical bathroom idea features a sign with a clear message of the house’s atmosphere and a piece turned into a practical piece of furniture.

Adding hooks with a seashell design to its bottom lets the sign become a functional towel rack that can store the personal towels of all family members.

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I hope you really enjoyed all these nautical bathrooms and will get inspired to add the charm of the ocean to your home!

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