54 Amazing Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

If someone asks you which room of your home is your favorite, we doubt that you will give the bathroom as an answer.

And that could be surprising because if you take a deeper thought, you will realize that this is the place you get the maximum of privacy and actually have the opportunity to relax.

Although we spent less amount of time in there, bathrooms should be designed to provide maximum comfort and style that will enjoy your senses.

Best Bathroom Decor Ideas. We're spotlighting 50+ cheap and chic bathroom styling tips and hacks to make stylish, fresh interiors a little more accessible. Keep reading for tons of bathroom decorating ideas on a budget.  #decorhomeideas

With the ideas we have found for you you will find inspirations with different styles and designs- all of them unique, capable of making the bathroom feel and look like a meaningful part of your home and last but not least- on a budget.

1. Add A Bright Pop Of Pink And Gold

Black, White, and Gold Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Add copper canning jars on the wall next to the bathroom mirror. They will smoothen the sterile atmosphere, adding warmth and farmhouse charm.

These jars can be used as organization tools for make-up accessories or as a means to lift up the interior by holding flowers.

via A Beautiful Mess

2. Standout Curtain Brightens A White Bathroom

Bold Black Ceiling and Pop of Color Shower Curtain Modern Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

The color and texture combinations in this bathroom speak for elegance and fine taste. The atmosphere reflects the influence of the modern style.

A particular interest in this setting is created with the cheerful shower curtain. It breaks the black and white combo in a very exquisite way, giving the bathroom a personal statement.

via Sunny Side Design

3. Mason Jar Painted Bath Set

Chalk Peach Makeover for Mason Jars #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

An affordable idea for lifting up the bathroom interior is to arrange Mason jars in a set with an identical design. In this case, their color has been changed to the juicy peach shade.

The chalkboard effect makes them look very attractive and unique.

These jars can be used as an additional storage place for small bathroom essentials and accessories.

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4. Tranquil Blue With Neutrals

Chic and Calming Blue Design Theme #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

White is surely the most preferred color when it comes to bathrooms. You must know, that there are other colors that recreate the same effect for clean, airy and calming space- these are blue, peach, creamy colors.

This bathroom shows an idea of how to use the blue color. It covers the walls, creating a gorgeous canvas for the white and dark brown furniture and accessories to pop out.

5. DIY TP Hanger With Attached Shelf

Classy Toilet Paper Holder and Shelf #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This clever idea will solve the issue of where to store your phone safely while in the bathroom.

The greatest about this DIY project is that it is suitable even for the tiniest bathrooms and making the holder is an easy peasy process.

Plus, its functionality features another possibility- to attach the toilet paper roll underneath the storage shelf.

via DIY Showoff

6. Classic White Neutral Bath

Clean and Cozy Gender Neutral Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Are you already living with your partner? Make the bathroom welcoming for both of you by decorating it in a gender universal way.

White and creamy colors are fancied by both sexes. To make space more homely and twist the sterile line of the tiles, add a shower curtain with an interesting design that yet follows the same concept.

Some hooks on the wall will provide dedicated space for the individual towels. Add shelves above the hooks to arrange the essentials or to create a focal point with a decorative value in the bathroom.

via My Creative Happy

7. White Floating Shelf With Clean Accent Pieces

Clean Lines White Shelf for Modern Bathroom Update #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If your bathroom is small, you must be careful about the size and colors of the storage furniture. It will never be a mistake to use open shelves instead of cabinets for storage.

Choosing them in white will also create the illusion of an airier space.

The white open shelves are also very trendy so if you are looking for a way to add style and function to your bathroom, they are your solution.

via Kristina Lynne

8. Vibrant Pops Of Cohesive Color

Color Accent Ideas for a Small Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This bathroom design is an example of the classical match between white porcelain and dark wood. They let each item be important and easily seen and yet complement each other to create an appealing space.

A great idea to add a personal touch to this type of elegant atmosphere is to include a contrasting color in the accents. That can be towels, decorations like flowers, candles, etc.

Place these accents at different spots to create a continuous look.

9. Use Eclectic Letters For Your Message

Colorful Letters to Create a Fun Look #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This is a gorgeous idea for making the bathroom more interesting and personalized. However, it will be loved by the bolder ones who love to experiment.

The letter art with a fun nuance has been chosen to create interest by the varying design of each letter. Patterns, colors and sizes change. However, being arranged next to each other they create a unique sign with an integral look.

10. Elegant Decorative Spa Tray

Counter Decor to Create a Spa Atmosphere #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Adding a tray as this one will instantly change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Furthermore, it will offer you a convenient and accessible area for the storage of various items.

Because of its silver finish, the tray creates a feeling of luxe. The candles and the vase with flowers make the space calmer and increase privacy.

via Liz Marie

11. Humorous Get Naked Sign

Don’t Make It Weird Giddy Bathroom Sign #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Adding a sign with a fun statement like this one will make your guests smile and appreciate your sense of humor and style.

Its design is affected by the farmhouse style. The industrial presence expressed by the pipes turned to towel hooks, add a modern twist to the atmosphere and makes the space unique.

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12. Farmhouse Décor Floating Wood Shelves

Earth Tone Re-purposed Wood Shelves #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If you prefer having all the bath essentials at a one-hand distance, you can choose between a side table and shelves. This idea shows where to mount the second type of storage. On the wall, right above the tub, there are two floating shelves.

Their trendy nature is given a unique finish by the reclaimed wood material. In addition to that, wood has the ability to make space warm and inviting.

The shelving is complemented by wicker picnic baskets turned into towel holders. This idea could be an inspiration for all of you that are looking for a bathroom makeover with little investment and effort.

via Thrifty and Chic

13. Wood Mounted Mason Jars Add Storage

Easy Storage with Mason Jars and Pallets #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Whether your bathroom is tiny or you are just missing a dedicated space for your make-up accessories, you will love this idea for vertical storage.

A pallet slat is turned into a rack for mason jars. Each jar is securely attached to the wood support with brackets that give the organizer a pinch of industrial charm.

The jars are left transparent to let the items stored be easily seen.

14. Add A Candle To Your Beachy Bath

Finishing Touches Beach Candle Decor #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Add a pinch of the coastal calmness to your bathroom with a sea treasure arrangement closed into a glass. This idea can be recreated in any glass container which is big enough to accommodate the shells and the candle.

First fill the bottom with sand, insert the candle in the middle and then start embellishing with the shells around the candle.

If you don’t want to maintain the coastal accent, you can replace the candle with a LED one.

15. Add Décor Space Over The Toilet

Floating Pallet Shelves for Storage and Design #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Even the smallest space needs to provide comfort and style. The numerous over-the-toilet storage ideas will let you utilize the wall right above the tank for shelves or cabinets where the most needed accessories can be neatly stored.

In a small space like this, it is very important to create a clutter-free and appealing look so make sure that you have picked up the right design.

These shelves have been customized to fit the narrow space. Being made of wood, they give the bathroom a homely look. Along with the essentials, the homeowner has decided to display a positive sign to spread inspiration and motivation.

16.  Utilize Small Spaces For Stylish Design

Full of Love and Character Wooden Bath Shelves Nook #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Even the strangest and oddest corner of your bathroom can be given a practical feature if it is well utilized. This small niche is an example that everything is possible when creativeness gets involved.

The reclaimed wood slabs are full of individualism and history. And instead of throwing them away, they are placed on supports to serve as storage shelves with a unique design.

via Gathered Living

17. Decorate Your Luxe Bath With Gold Accents

Golden Accents to Complete a Classy Look #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If you want to create the feeling of luxe in your bathroom, you can do it quickly and affordably by adding accents with a sleek look and design.

They don’t have to cost a fortune. Instead, you can transform cheap ones in such a way that you will never recognize their original state.

For example, this transparent container is turned into a fashionable brush stand as if in the dressing room of a star by filling it with small glass beads. The plain Mason jar looks amazingly next to the holder thanks to a spray paint coat that matches the finish of the brushes.

18. Public Restroom Character Decorations

His and Hers Wooden Cut Out Restroom Identification Display #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Seeing these icon symbols in a home bathroom will surely be fun. We are used to seeing them in public bathrooms. When transferred into our homes, they create a meaningful point of interest.

Firstly, they make an unambiguous statement that the bathroom is shared. These cute signs deserve a special place where they will be easily seen and appreciated by the guests of the home.

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19. Bright Boho Shower Curtain

Just Peachy Keen Shower Curtain #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Another easy and affordable way to uplift the bathroom decor is to change the shower curtain. Choosing one with bright and happy motifs will give it a fresh look.

This peachy shower curtain gives this farmhouse bathroom a point of interest that corresponds with the existing design concept seen in the farmhouse textures and design.

via Urban Outfitters

20. Simple Flowers Accent A Stylish Farmhouse Bath

Mixed Motifs in this Modern Farmhouse Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Although the bathroom can be the smallest room of your home, this doesn’t mean that it has to be the one with less style. On the contrary, you should give it the same amount of style and care as you do with all other spaces.

This bathroom is an example of how to mix styles and make the space appealing and welcoming, the perfect continuation of the living spaces. There are many rustic elements that contribute to achieving the effect.

The wooden framed mirrors, the wooden floor, the glass vase with twigs make the sterile atmosphere more casual and homely.

via House Of Rumours

21. Shiplap And Classic Farmhouse Elements

Modern Farmhouse Metal and Wood Bathroom with Shiplap #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

A way to make the bathroom welcoming is to plank one of the walls with shiplap. Of course, that will mean adding farmhouse elements like wrought iron shelves, wooden frames, wicker baskets, etc.

But you shouldn’t mind inviting the farmhouse style into this space because they will turn it into a cozy private oasis with an individual charm.

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22. White Accents Brighten Classic Gray

Modern Gray Comes to Life #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

You like the geometric lines of the cabinets but your bathroom is small to take up a closed type of storage furniture? There is a way to get the maximum of this design without overcrowding the space.

A storage section closed by sides but containing open shelves for storage will lift up the organization level in the bathroom in a stylish way.

Its color has been chosen as a nuance of the wall to make sure that it looks more like part of it than an addition which will otherwise create a feeling for a narrower space.

23. Well Chosen Textured Accessories

Modern Industrial Black and White Wash Room #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Give your bathroom a fresh look with the help of new accents. A vintage sign with a clear statement will attract attention instantly. The glass vase with greenery will continue the rustic presence and will bring nature indoors.

The hand towel of an old-fashioned design will add warmth to space even when hung onto an industrial hook.

via Ingrid Design Blog

24. Dark Accent Wall Adds Drama

Navy, White, and Gold Greetings #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Looking for a dramatic change in your bathroom? That can be done without demolishing it- simply change the color of one of the walls- preferably not the tiled one.

This bathroom design is an example of how a bolder wall can add personality and uniqueness to the ambiance. Add framed art or other personalized accessories to emphasize its decor value.

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25. Thoughtful Details Add Eclectic Style

Old World Meets Modern in this Masterpiece Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

White is the classic color choice for bathrooms and it is the best canvas when it comes to uplift or total makeover of the space.

It has the ability to brighten up the room and create a feeling of cleanness and tidiness. The elements that are chosen to give the bathroom a pop of color or a personal touch exist on all levels.

On the floor, we see a tribal print rug. The tub is supplied with a shelf to increase comfort while bathing. Brass light fixtures add a sleek effect to the ceiling and complement the metal drawer knobs.

The bigger mirror is framed with black metal that matches the bottom part of the ladder. The ladder adds a farmhouse charm to the room but it also becomes a practical part of it providing a few levels for the storage of towels.

via Becki Owens

26. Rustic Wooden Shelves Add Cottage Charm

Pallet Shelves that Incorporate Beauty and Utility #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

By making a customized piece of furniture, you can utilize every inch of your bathroom and make it organized and comfortable regardless of its size.

This pallet storage unit provides three levels. The top of it serves as a table for beautiful accents that will give space a homely feeling.

The bottom shelves are of perfect size to accommodate towels and small accessories. To enhance the farmhouse decor of your bathroom, give the pallet chest a coat of white paint using the whitewash technique or by additional distressing of edges.

27. Shelves Allow Storage And Décor Options

Personalized Shelf Design to Complete Any Theme #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of what type of decoration to include on your shelves to make the atmosphere more personal. A large letter with the initial of the family and a sign hello contribute to the homely feeling.

The accents from nature seen in the glass vase, on the framed art and in the pot on the shelf invite nature in. In addition to the decoration, there is practical usage of the shelves holding the toilet paper rolls and the towels.

via Mommy Suite

28. Hanging Baskets Add Textured Art

Picture this Textile Wall in your New Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Repurposing items and changing their application always make a gorgeous interior impact. Here, the author has decided to give baskets and placemats a new purpose becoming bathroom wall art.

The Black and white color combination outline the classic design of the bathroom. The individual look is achieved with the repurposed textiles and the vintage rug on the floor.

via Much Most Darling

29. Earthy Boho Plant Packed Bath

Plant Lady’s Potty Paradise Palace #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Lift the comfort and coziness level of your bathroom by the addition of affordable items. First, ensure to use a shelving unit that suits the size of the bathroom. Use it to store bathroom essentials and the spaces left for accessories.

Pots with flowers and greenery will create a continuous connection with the living space and will make the room more welcoming.

Using a bath caddy is also a great way to make the time spent there more pleasant. While not in use, it can hold accents that fit into the style of the room.

via Dove Cottage

30. Natural Elements Rock Towel Hangers

Quirky Stone and Wood Unique Bath Hooks #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Storing your towels properly is not only a matter of hygiene but also a matter of appealing and organized atmosphere. A rack with hooks is an affordable piece to do, especially if it also has an interesting design.

This stone hook rack is inspired by the typical zen elements. Using them creates a point of interest impacted by nature and also makes the atmosphere more relaxing as if in a spa.

via Viva Terra

31. Wood Paneled Classic Farmhouse Bath

Relaxing Theme to Blend New and Old #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Depending on the architecture of the bathroom, you may be able to use the wall opposite the toilet for storage and decor accents rather than the wall above it.

This idea can give you an inspiration of what type and design of furniture you can use to ensure maximum functionality and effect on the interior.

The rustic influence can be easily seen and sensed in this bathroom. The wall next to the toilet is covered with wooden planks. The same motif continues on the floor.

Three open shelves cover the wall opposite the toilet. Since this will be the wall a person will focus on, the shelves accommodate decorative accents in rustic style to complete the interior of this small but cute bathroom.

via Design Dazzle

32. Make Your Own Reclaimed Bath Tray

Repurposed and Reclaimed Barn Wood Bath Tub Relaxation Tray #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This bath shelf has been made out of reclaimed wood to make the experience in the tub more private and enjoyable. The spa-feeling is already achievable at home because of the candles and the book accommodated on the shelf.

Want to make this caddy and enjoy the relaxing time in your bathroom? Follow the instructions below.

via Top Shelf DIY

33. Coastal Style In Hanging Crate Shelves

Rustic Beach Crate Wall Shelves #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Since the bathroom is a private space, it is very important that its atmosphere contributes to this feeling. The coastal style is one of those that create a relaxing ambiance so following it for your bathroom design will surely turn the place into an appealing oasis.

And if we have to do it on a budget, then the elements of the beach style should be combined with the supplies typical for the farmhouse style. Crates are the perfect material to make shelves that can fill the wall above the toilet.

You can use them as they are or add a slat across to increase the number of shelves. Whitewash them to give them a fresh and neat look and then arrange your seashell collection. You can use the shelves to store towels and toilet paper rolls.

via Soulstyle CA

34. Beachy Seashell Bathroom Décor

Serene Beach Bathroom Décor #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Incorporating sea elements in the bathroom is firstly logical, then very practical because they make the atmosphere more relaxing.

In this example, the bathroom walls are painted in light blue to impress this idea. The stars and the seashells clearly set the beach topic. They are placed on the top of a towel rack which is embellished with coastal elements.

35. Clear Your Counters With Mason Jar Storage

Shabby Chic Repurposed Modern Mason Jar Storage Rack #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

As you can see, you don’t need much to make your bathroom more appealing. With a reclaimed piece of wood and four Mason jars, you can make an incredible rack that will help you organize the makeup stuff.

The best place for this rack will be next to the mirror but if there is;t space, have you considered the wall above the toilet? It is usually underestimated and most of the time empty.

Place a glass vase with flowers on the top of the toilet tank to enhance the rustic presence and give the bathroom a personal touch.

via Knot and Nest Design

36. Simple Bath Sign Décor

Simple and To the Point Bathroom Signs #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If you are lacking a charming and fun vibe in the bathroom, go for this cute set of signs. Inspired by the simple activities related to the bathroom, it says clearly what should be done in there and what is the purpose of being in there.

You can get these ready from Etsy or you can try making them yourself. It won’t cost you much time or money as you only need three identical wooden slats, paints and stencils.

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37. Vintage Spigot Wash Sign

Simple Meets Classy With This Frame #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This sign has an important function- to remind that washing hands is a must. Placed right above the towel holder, its message becomes stronger and its presence more logical.

Although the image looks very simple, the fact that it is framed gives it a decorative character. If you like this minimalist idea with a fun nuance, you can always find a free printable to insert it in an existing frame.

via Yellow Bliss Road

38. Charming Farmhouse Sign With Shiplap

Simple Shiplap Love Your Face Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Do you need motivation? If you do, you must have such even in the bathroom. In fact, it will be the most efficient one because it will reach you in the most private times.

Adding this sign to your bathroom will also give the room a modern farmhouse touch. Lean it against the tub wall or next to the sink to remind yourself that you are beautiful.

via Jaxn Blvd

39. Cheeky Bath Sign Décor

Simply Spunky and Fresh Bathroom Decor #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This framed art is the most humorous ever! The play with words will be appreciated by your guests and will surely be a topic to discuss.

The design is very simple to let the meaning be of importance. There is no doubt that the right place for this framed art should be somewhere close to the toilet 🙂

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40. Natural Wood Slice Candle Holder

Sleek and Simple Natural Wood Slab Candle Tray #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Warm up space with a sleek and simple candle tray. This slice of wood looks like a piece from nature that actually belongs to the bathroom thanks to the set of coastal accents placed on it.

This type of decor can be placed in the sink corner, on top of a cabinet or on the toilet tank.

via Tag and Tibby

41. Relaxing Natural Bath With Plants

Slip into Serenity with Natural Light and Perfect Plants #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Dig into a world of serenity that meets your deepest dreams for relaxation. This seems like a mission possible with a shelf holding essential, aroma candles and other tub extras.

Placed right above you will limit the moves and will let your body unwind. The cozy atmosphere is enhanced by the surrounding elements. The green plants create the picture of an oasis where serenity rules.

via A Considered Life

42. Natural Texture Storage Baskets

Storage Galore with Woven Baskets and Fun Bathroom Sign #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Increase the storage places in the bathroom getting inspired by this idea. The wall above the toilet is utilized with wicker baskets that accommodate the towels. Instead of placing the toilet paper rolls in there, they are put at a one-hand distance on the toilet tank.

Add chalkboard tags on the baskets to make the compartments dedicated and the baskets more attractive.

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43. Easy DIY Mismatched Letters

Stylish and Easily Customized Letters #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Looking for a DIY project that will uplift your bathroom? This is a sign that even a beginner can do. Just grab letters from the craft store and paper patterns that will transform the wood into a focal point.

These letters can be also covered with napkins using the decoupage method but for that, you need to find images that match.

via My Fabuless Life

44. Clean And Classic

The Classic Black and White Theme #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If the walls of your bathroom are covered with white tiles, you can use dark wood to create an attractive and elegant contrast. The size of the sink outlines the limits for the accents on the wall above it.

A square mirror with a dark stained frame continues the lines of the sink. On either side of it, there are black scones to add a retro industrial touch and to ensure that illumination is sufficient. The black color occurs on the drawer knobs and on the faucet. It can be seen also on the floor tiles which twist the colors in the bathroom in one pattern.

45. Classic Meets Farmhouse

The Golden Blend of Modern and Rustic #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If you want to make your bathroom more casual and appealing, like a cozy continuance of the rest of your home, use rustic elements. For example, you can replace the cabinets with a ladder.

Leaned against the wall of the toilet, it will create a point of interest and will ensure organized and proper storage of towels. Use wicker and wire baskets to organize the items on the shelves and ensure a clutter-free atmosphere.

46. Add Texture With Stylish Textiles

Triangles and Tassels Taking Center Stage in the Bathroom #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

If you want to create a stylish atmosphere in the bathroom, then tie all of the pieces together by choosing them in the same theme.

This image shows how the triangle motif and tassel theme can be incorporated into the bathroom. It is set in the black and white combo to create the impression of a modern influence despite the textures.

via Walmart

47. Stylish Staggered Shelf Display

Vintage meets Modern Design Theme #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

The best way to utilize the wall above the toilet of a small bathroom is to do it with open shelves. This example shows us how to do it in a more interesting way- by changing the standard pattern for alignment with a zig-zag pattern.

The empty space left uncovered has been used to attach a vintage sign which clearly states what the mantra when in the bathroom should be.

The shelves are decorated with other vintage elements which vary in size and height. The added slat on the top of the toilet tank is made of the same wooden material to tie the entire look together.

48. Crossword Bath Clues

Wall Scrabble Letters as Bathroom Decorations #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This bathroom decor idea creates a statement wall and causes wide smiles. The design has been inspired by the scrabble game. The crossword puzzle combines three words that outline the bathroom rules- flush, brush and wash.

While for grown-ups this art will be accepted as fun art, it can be very helpful for kids that need to create their habits.

49. Relaxing Reminder Sign

Wash Your Worries Down the Drain Bathroom Decor #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Remind yourself how to relax with a simple and very influential sign. Set the sign next to the bathtub or on the sink top to make sure that you can easily see it and obey it.

While you can find the vintage sign ready sold, you can also make it yourself on a piece of wood coated with black chalk paint.

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50. Traditional Elegance

Well-Polished Finishing Touches and Shelf #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

In case the toilet and the bathtub are close to each other, you ca try this idea to divide the zones and create an airier feeling.

Use decorative elements on each space to give it importance as a stand-alone piece but make sure that the accessories match in order to tie up the entire look. You can use plants, farmhouse containers, an accent color, candles to achieve this goal.

via Mama Bee

51. Cottage Charm Whitewashed Accessories

White Washed and Worn Mason Jar and Toilet Topper Box #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

This rectangular box has been created to ensure an additional storage space of the size of the toilet tank. To make it look suitable for the bathroom, it has been whitewashed and also designed to carry a fun statement.

It is large enough to accommodate a few toilet paper rolls and a vase with flowers. Just the right amount of accents for that part of the bathroom to look more attractive and blend with the rest of the interior.

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52. Decorative Tray In Underutilized Space

Wooden Toilet Topper Catchall for Your Bathroom Extras #bathroom #decor #decorhomeideas

Small bathroom? That’s not a problem at all- we have an idea that will increase the storage places and will give the place a warm decorative touch in a very affordable way.

All you need is a wooden tray of a size that fits the size of the toilet tank. Resting there, it can set the toilet paper rolls in one place or place aroma candles to keep the odors away.

via Decor Hint

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