24 Lovely Mason Jar Wall Decor Ideas To Add More Rustic Feel

Mason jars are a mainstay of farmhouse and country design, and it’s easy to see why — the materials are simple but beautiful, and the classic shape evokes imagery of relaxed kitchens and time-honored canning traditions.

Bring a touch of this homey, rustic feeling to your house by integrating Mason jars into your decor; these wonderful projects are sure to spark plenty of DIY ideas.

Best Mason Jar Wall Decor Ideas. Bring a touch of this homey, rustic feeling to your house by integrating Mason jars into your decor; these wonderful projects are sure to spark plenty of DIY ideas. #decorhomeideas

1. Rustic Barnwood Mason Jar Light Fixtures

Creative Chandelier Mason Jar Wall Decor Ideas #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Light fixtures are some of the most high-visibility pieces in your home; they also happen to be the perfect way to use Mason jars.

The clear glass allows light to escape in all directions, and the pale metal tops add a hint of sparkle.

Pair them with a rustic wood base plate for good measure.

2. Mason Jar Kitchen Herb Planters

DIY Mason Jar Spice Garden Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

How cute is this herb garden? Making it is simple — cheap metal brackets are all you need to fasten the jars to the wood backboards.

Plant your favorite herbs, and you’ll have a piece that’s decorative and delicious.

3. Boho Hanging Jar Wall Art

Eclectic Natural Mason Jar Hanging Vases #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Refresh your wall art with a few jars and a collection of inexpensive supplies.

The rough twine rope adds a beautiful texture that complements the organic lines and colors of the stick.

Finish off your display by adding fresh greenery or flowers.

via Clem Around The Corner

4. Mason Jar Flower Vase Art Piece

Flower Spray Weathered Mason Jar Wall Art #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

In centuries past, dried flowers were a popular decorative item.

Here, they combine with a variety of vintage elements: a Mason jar, a weathered frame, and a distressed chalkboard.

The result is rustic, eye-catching, and beautiful.

via Knick Of Time

5. Barn Door Mounted Mason Jar Vase

Gorgeous Painted Mason Jar Flower Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Give your jars a coat of milk paint to create this gorgeous, rustic vase.

It’s mounted on a repurposed wood cabinet door, creating a high-impact way to display a beautiful bouquet, silk blooms, or a collection of wildflowers from the yard.

via Katie and Mark Law

6. Chicken Wire Hanging Flower Jars

Hardwood Picture Frame Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Do you have an old door or window tucked away in the garage?

Grab some scrap wood, a few jars, and some chicken wire to make this creative project.

The different textures add a decidedly rustic look, and the Mason jars add three-dimensional flair.

7. Valentine Love Jar Wall Décor

Lovely Mason Jar Wall Decor With Key #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Spruce up your house for Valentine’s Day with this fun DIY project.

You probably have most of the supplies you need around the house, and everything else can come from a craft store.

Our favorite part is the red yarn holding the vintage key in place; it adds the perfect pop of rustic color.

via The Wood Connection Blog

8. Add A Cute Jar Vase To Key Hooks

Mason Jar Flower Vase and Key Hook #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Do you ever struggle to find your keys?

They’ll always be easy to locate when you make this clever wall art.

The Mason jar holds a pair of brightly colored faux flowers, and the row of hooks along the bottom keeps your keys in order.

9. Cute Purple Flower Mason Jar Planters

Mason Jar Six-Planter Earthy Wall Set #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Refresh your indoor planting space with a clever Mason jar planter.

The clear glass allows the rich soil to shine through, enhancing the gorgeous natural colors of the flowers.

Plus, since you can mount it on the wall, it saves space in your home.

via Kasey Trenum

10. Colorful Painted Mason Jar Hanging Vases

Painted Planters Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Here’s another fun take on Mason-jar planters.

The milk paint keeps the focus on the greenery, and the adorable hanging mounts add depth to a wall.

This project works well with vines and creeper plants.

via Etsy

11. Upcycled Pallet Mason Jar Planters

Pallet Planter Earthy Mason Jar Wall Art #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Do you have a large empty wall in the house?

Turn it into an art installation with this simple project. All you need to do is hang a palette on the wall and attach a collection of jars.

Put candles in some jars and plants in others for a fun blend of light and color.

via Style Me Pretty

12. Farmhouse Chic Hydrangea Vase

Purple Flower Whitewashed Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Fresh and fabulous, this gorgeous Mason jar decor is the perfect way to accent a small wall in your hallway or front entry.

The trick is to fill the jar with brightly-colored silk flowers; they look even more vibrant against the white jar and backboard.

13. Antique Window Frame Floral Wall Hanging

Quaint Mason Jar Window Frame Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Upcycle an old window frame by turning it into a piece of wall art.

There’s no need to paint the frame — the distressed finish and chipping paint adds to the rustic charm.

Place a Mason jar filled with flowers in the center of each pane for a fresh, country-inspired look.

via Hometalk

14. Natural Wood Square Mason Jar Vases

Rustic Flower Vase Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Bring a subtle touch of rustic style to a modern home with this project, which takes traditional designs and adds a contemporary twist.

The smooth backboards, diamond shapes, leather straps, and bright flowers are fun, lively, and irresistible.

via Shelterness

15. Reclaimed Wood Simple Mason Jar Sconce

Rustic Mason Jar Lantern Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Don’t buy a new wall sconce — make your own with a few pieces of scrap wood and a Mason jar.

You’ll need to drill a few holes to run the wiring to the light bulb, so you might want to enlist the help of an electrician.

16. Rustic Wood Plank Flower Vase Wall Décor

Rustic Vertical Vase Mason Jar Wall Art #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Narrow wall sections often sit unused; with this vertical project, you can add style and color to any small area.

The mounting plate is a simple panel made from two repurposed wood planks, and Mason jars act as versatile vases.

via Christina Maria Blog

17. Vintage Repurposed Farm Tools Vase

Rustic Weathered Wood Mason Jar Vase Idea #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Go all in on rustic style with this beautiful project.

It’s a great way to use up some of the vintage pieces in your barn or garage, including tools, chains, and boards.

We love the contrast between the rusty metal and the fresh flowers.

via Prodigal Pieces

18. Easy DIY Hanging Flower Vase

Simple Flower Vase Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Brighten any spot in our house with this sweet Mason jar vase.

Slap some hanging hardware on the back and you’re ready to go — you can even switch out the flowers each season.

via The Hamby Home

19. Vintage Drawer Shelf Mason Jar Display

Upcycled Drawer Mason Jar Flower Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Here’s another fun way to transform old furniture and supplies.

Simple antique drawers become shelves and display areas for large glass jar vases.

Use them with or without water to suit real and faux flowers.

via My Home Matters

20. Antique Mason Jar Holds Vibrant Florals

Vintage Atlas Mason Jar Flower Holder #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

The next time you see an antique glass jar at a thrift store, pick it up.

When you mount it onto an old cabinet door, it becomes a gorgeous vase and a piece of rustic art.

via DIY Crafts Guru

21. Easy DIY Hanging Mason Jar Candleholders

Vintage Mason Jar Pebble Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

If you prefer candles to flowers, fill a Mason jar with pebbles and tuck a pillar inside.

Hang the jars from coat hooks mounted on wood planks to create one-of-a-kind wall art that doubles as extra illumination.

via A Southern Fairytale

22. Shabby Chic Chalk Paint Window Vases

Vintage Window Whitewashed Mason Jar Wall Decor #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Don’t have hanging hardware on hand? No problem — add a shelf to the bottom of an old window and set whitewashed Mason jars on top.

The glass panes add a hint of sparkle, serving as the perfect backdrop for colorful flowers.

23. Add Bright Color With Blue Mason Jars

Weathered Wood Blue Mason Jar Flower Holder #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Joyful and full of life, this gorgeous flower holder is the perfect way to display blue Mason jars. The trick?

Fill each jar with bright flowers to create a thrilling pop of color on your wall.

24. Indoor Mason Jar Herb Planters

Wooden Mounted Mason Jar Spice Garden #masonjarlights #masonjar #decorhomeideas

Take your home cooking to the next level with this creative herb garden.

The angled jars make cutting a breeze, and the sweet painted labels add a touch of country flair.

via Camille Styles

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