35 Best DIY Plant Stand Ideas To Add More Charm In Your Home

Can I DIY plant stand on my own? Why would I want one? If these questions bother you, let’s help you out!

What makes a home full of life apart from family? Plants, of course!

So adding plants indoors and outdoors could turn your house into a calming and relaxing oasis!

…but, wait a minute! I can’t just lay around plants, right?

Best DIY Plant Stand Ideas. DIY plant stands are an easy option to add more charm and aesthetics to your home. Whether you’re looking for a cute way to display your favorite houseplants inside or you need something to get an instant curb appeal, we got you covered with all these plant stand tutorials and projects. #decorhomeideas

That’s how these cute DIY plant stand ideas will help you.

DIY Plant Stand Ideas

Whether you’re looking for a cute way to display your favorite houseplants inside or you need something to get an instant curb appeal, we got you covered with all these plant stand tutorials and projects.

  • What can I use for a plant stand?

The most popular material for a plant stand is wood, but iron and copper are also an option. You can use stools, ladders, shelves or if you are a bit more creative – books and caddy.

  • How do I make a homemade plant stand?

Check out the photos and ideas below to see different options on how to make your own plant stand.

  • Where do you put a plant stand?

Use a plant stand to elevate plants behind sofas or in the corner of the room. This is especially effective if you don’t have a huge houseplant.

  • How do you make a 3 tier plant stand?

The easiest way to do it is by using a ladder with 3 steps.

  • How tall should a plant stand be?

A general rule to follow is the taller the plant the lower the plant stand should be.

1. Modern Indoor Cactus Garden

A Vintage Planter Cacti Garden #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Be trendy even when it comes to the plant stands you have and the variety of plants you grow. This plant stand combines a vintage shallow pot raised onto industrial metal legs- so cool and contemporary execution!

Would you believe that it has been taken from the flea market? It is a real treasure where a selection of cacti and succulents can grow.

via A Beautiful Mess

2. Contemporary Concrete Plant Stand

Concrete Potted Plant Holder #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

We have shown you how to make planters out of concrete. In this case, the pots are placed onto wooden legged stands that are also an easy DIY project.

The advantage of such a stand is the stylish modern look, durability and applicability for both indoor and outdoor exposure.

via Etsy

3. Copper Accents Highlight A Wood Stand

Copper And Wood Plant Stand DIY #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Not only pots let your plants pop out against the surrounding. Plant stands do a great job when they are given accents and height.

This one is very attractive, combining wood and copper in a charming modern way affected by the Scandinavian typical motifs. The size can be customized according to the pot you are going to place on.

via Live Free Creative Co

4. Build Your Own Tiered Plant Shelf

DIY 2×4 Plant Stand with Build Plans #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This tiered elegant stand is the perfect solution when you are looking for a way to display many of your plants without taking too much from the space.

Being built with standard wood materials and hardware for assembling, the plant stand provides 5 levels for plants.

Paint with dark stain to give the stand rustic touch, white-wash it if you are looking for a farmhouse effect or paint in a bright color if you need to add a modern point of interest to the room.

via Girl, Just DIY

5. Stylish Geometric Stand

DIY Carved Hexagon Planter with Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

The tutorial below helps you build both a planter and a stand for it. Following one concept, geometrical shapes, they look great together and add a lot of style and texture to the place.

The stands themselves are built in a simple design and from wood aiming not to distract the attention from the textured hexagon planters but to highlight their uniqueness.

via Ugly Duckling House

6. Utilize Vibrant Book Covers

DIY Colorful Stacked Book Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Give your space a point of interest and a source of joy with a simple colorful plant stand.

All you need to do is to paint the covers of a few books. Mind that they must be with hard cover linen that will soak up the acrylic paint without being damaged.

This craft is not only easy but also a very ingenious idea for a temporary, movable and adjustable stand.

via A Kailo Chic Life

7. Simple Copper Pipe Plant Stands

DIY Copper Round Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Making yourself a modern plant stand isn’t a mission impossible! This one looks complex but is actually one of the easiest crafts as you only need to connect pieces of copper pipe and coil using copper tees.

You can go for another size of copper materials and another size of the round stand itself. The basic steps are all the same. As a result, you will have a unique planter that looks outstandingly modern but yet adds a lot of warmth to the interior.

via Darling Darleen

8. Easy Budget Friendly Mini Stands

DIY Dollar Tree Plant Stands #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen a stand for small pots? Usually, what we can find at the stores is suitable for medium-sized or large pots.

These cute stands will lift the smallest pots of your farmhouse nook on a pedestal and will cost you not more than $1.

Of course, the most budget-friendly DIY projects source their materials from the Dollar Store, so is this one. Get a package of mini jenga blocks and start gluing them forming several sections in the shape of “H”. Easy, isn’t it?

via Simple Made Pretty

9. Make Your Own Concrete Stands

DIY Dyed Marbled Concrete Planter Stands For Succulents #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Give your tiny succulents a sophisticated look by accentuating them onto marble stands. They are entirely handmade thanks to a vacuum mould filled with concrete.

The colorful marble effect has been achieved by adding powder pigment dye in a separated part from the stirred concrete.

Then you only have to wait for the mould to dry to get your stand out of it and create a dedicated place for these charming plants.

via Fall For DIY

10. Tiered Ladder Indoor Plant Stand

DIY Ladder Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Do you miss summer and the beautiful blooming outdoor garden? Creating a smaller version of it indoors will surely make every cold day warmer.

A tiered stand providing three wide levels for the storage of pots will surely make your home more cheerful and homely.

via The Merry Thought

11. Repurposed Lamp Shade Frame

DIY Lampshade Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This is one of the easiest and most budget-friendly DIY plant stand ideas! It involves only upcycling of an old lampshade and stripping down its fabric cover.

If you are not happy with the color of the metal structure, you can always quickly spray paint it to give it a refreshed and matching with the interior look.

via Harlow and Thistle

12. Sleek DIY Wood Base

DIY Mid Century Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Being made of two identical curved line pieces assembled crosswise thanks to preliminary cut slots, this wooden stand distinguishes from all alike with its mid-century charm.

This unique effect is gained by the curved design of the legs and the dark stain.

via Burkatron

13. Elevate Your Plants With Stylish Stools

DIY Mid Century Stand Planters #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a plant stand that will add a unique and antique vibe to your space, read how easy you can make these stool stands.

Making one of these doesn’t take much time as long as the parts are preliminarily prepared.

via Sugar and Cloth

14. Repurposed Vintage Basket Planter

DIY Plant Stand From A Tomato Cage #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

A treasure like this old vintage basket deserves a stand that will let it pop out and enhance its aged farmhouse look.

Believe it or not, a stand made of a tomato cage seems to be the perfect match. Just cut a section of the cage that will suit the diameter of the plant container.

via Chatfield Court

15. Eclectic Plant Stand Display

DIY Plant Stand Tutorial #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Bring nature indoors by using a forest motif for your indoor handmade stand.

The base of it is made of a trunk slice that has been well sanded and varnished. Next is to lift it on legs. Here you have two options, to get ready legs in the design, texture and color you like or craft your own.

via The Honeycomb Home

16. DIY Natural Wood Slice Stools

DIY Plant Stands From Wood #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Another alternative to the DIY wood slice planter stand focuses on leaving it as more natural as possible.

Instead of staining the base and legs, they are left in their original light color that reveals a beautiful texture.

The legs have been made from wood dowel cut in three.

via Lily Ardor

17. Mini Wheeled Plant Pallet

DIY Rolling Plant Caddy #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This is surely one of the most practical stands ever as it lets you move the heavies pots easily and clean the floor properly.

Plus it is very attractive, giving the space a pinch of industrial farmhouse charm.

The small pallet is made out of lumber to which casters are screwed to ensure the mobility of the handmade stand.

via By Brittany Goldwyn

18. Easy Build Your Own Tiered Stand

DIY Tiered Plant Stand Using Scrap Wood #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

If you want to have more than just a plain plant stand and give your space some interest, go for this unique tiered stand.

Made of scrap wood, it looks like an angled sculpture that differentiates an otherwise empty corner of the room making it feel more special.

via Anika’s DIY Life

19. Upcycled Plant Stand From A Trash Can

DIY Trash Can Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

With some inspiration, creative thinking and plain items you can create a unique piece for your plants.

Repurposing a trash bin into a plant stand has never been easier. All you need to do is to decorate its surface with a black-and-white fabric ribbon. Glue it all around the external part of the bin creating a spiral.

via Homey Oh My

20. DIY Wood Plant Holder Cube

Easy Outdoor Plant Stand Tutorial #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Give your patio an uplift with this handmade wooden plant stand. It combines well the warmth of the farmhouse style and the straight lines of the modern trend.

This type of stand can be placed in corners or on both sides of the front door to enhance the welcome level of the home.

via Bitterroot DIY

21. Stylish Rope And Copper Plant Stands

Hairpin Copper Leg Planter Stands #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

For all of you minimalists, there is a simple to make and very elegant plant stand.

To give it this shiny copper look, spray paint the hairpin legs of a ready stand with metallic paint.

Then wrap a thick white rope around the metal round base to create a macrame effect that will smoothen the extravagant metal structure.

via Sarah Sherman Samuel

22. Multi-Plant Pallet Ladder

How to Make an Outdoor Plant Stand for Multiple Plants #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

The organized and neat garden pleases the eye and makes the homeowners proud of themselves.

One of the ways to organize the pots outdoors is by placing them on a stand. This one could be all you need to gather the flower collection. Made entirely of wood it has two levels that are long and wide enough to bear many pots.

via Hearth and Vine

23. Elegant Matched Planters

Modern Mid Century Pot Holders #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

These planters are made of solid wood so this means that they can bear heavy pots.

Another advantage they offer is the charming mid-century design that easily fits in any type of interior style.

via Etsy

24. Farmhouse Style Ladder Stands

Nesting Plant Stands Build Plans #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

These stands look like old-fashioned stools that possess a lot of farmhouse charm.

Giving you the possibility to nest them when one of them is unused, they are one of the most practical DIY plant stand idea.

via Houseful of Handmade

25. Hanging Flower Pot Frame

Painted Wooden Hanging Plant Stand With Chalkboard #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This plant stand idea makes more than just accommodate a plant. It sends a message to all of the guests making them feel welcome.

This idea is suitable for front porches or entrances being the first places a guest sees. And how better can you make them feel at home?

via Rachel Teodoro

26. Build A Custom Painted Plant Stand

Painted Wooden Plant Holder DIY #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Do you want to have a more special stand for the heavier pots? This DIY stand is all you need- easy, affordable, customizable and a real masterpiece.

The interesting mosaic effect is achieved by painting divided areas of a round wooden board with different paint and stain colors.

It is suspended on short furniture legs that can be easily found at the stores.

via The DIY Playbook

27. Pottery Barn Planter DIY Replica

Pottery Barn Inspired DIY Planter and Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This plant stand has been made out of lumber cut in different shapes to create a legged stand.

What differentiates it from all other identical projects are the small angled accents on each leg.

via The Navage Patch

28. DIY Custom Finish Plant Stands

Simple Potted Plant Holder #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Add a farmhouse vibe to your indoor or outdoor ambiance with this set of handmade stands.

All of them follow the same assembly pattern. It is up to you whether you would like to give the wood a brighter look or a traditional rustic finish.

via Etsy

29. Easy Dowel Leg Pot Stand

Tall Mid Century Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This stand is a sold item however it can be easily crafted based on the instructions of previous ideas.

Start with getting wooden dowels and laths and cutting them into the desired length. Then make the cross section for a base and fix it to the round legs.

The final result will be very attractive giving the space both uniqueness and warmth.

via Etsy

30. Add A Shelf To A Ladder Stand

Tiny Ladder Plant Stand #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

Made of reclaimed wood, this stand is the perfect way to add farmhouse warmth to your home.

It has been made in a ladder-like design to provide tiers and so more space for pots.

via My Happy Simple Living

31. Repurposed Plant Holder Drawer

Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand DIY #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This creative stand is a combo of an upcycled drawer and a metal folding table.

Actually, this is one of the quickest projects ever because all you need to do is to paint the drawer and that’s if only it needs a touch-up.

Then place it onto the table and arrange your plant collection.

via Happy Together By Jess

32. Go Vertical With A Multi-Plant Stand

Vertical DIY Plant Stand Tutorial #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This vertical stand is a creative way to give a space some interest in height without covering much from the flor.

It can be customized to take up a bigger number of pots by increasing the length of the wood backing.

via Angela Marie Made

33. Slotted Midcentury Inspired Stands

West Elm Inspired Wooden Plant Stands #diy #plantstand #decorhomeideas

This is another representation of the DIY mid-century plant stand. The basics are the same- wood is cut in certain lengths, slots are being made to connect each section and form the stand.

Making it is easy and standard wood processing tools are needed No doubt that this design will attract attention being of an antique design and used in modern times.

via Hey There Home

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