24 Dollar Tree Farmhouse Decor DIY Projects to Transform Your Home

In our fast-paced world, we often need simplicity and tradition.

The classic farmhouse look is the perfect showcase for this desire. Such design uses vintage furniture or familiar patterns like plaid.

Discover 24 ingenious Dollar Tree farmhouse decor DIY projects that will transform your home on a budget. From rustic wall art to charming table centerpieces, these simple and affordable crafts add a cozy, farmhouse touch to any room. Get inspired to elevate your home decor with these creative ideas!

Here are 25 simple ways to unleash your inner designer on a budget with DIY decor.

1. Rustic Accents

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 1


Items connected to the farmhouse aesthetic should be wooden and rustic.

A mixture of modern minimalist accents, typical of our image of modernity nowadays, and farmhouse accents give the living space unique qualities. It is an excellent solution for old souls living today.

2. A Vintage Tin

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 2


A vintage tin integrated as decoration is an amazing way of bringing some tradition and history into one’s home. A vintage tin could add texture and an antique feel.

Furthermore, it is affordable and has an edgy tone to it.

3. Vintage Goblets

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 3


Vintage goblets add a historical charm to one’s modern space. Ceramic goblets could be self-painted introducing even higher forms of aestheticism and personal touch.

Such goblets are timeless and can enhance any decor, especially one inspired by farmhouse style.

4. Decorative Truck

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 4


What is a farmhouse without its truck? A toy truck could easily be found at a low price and you would enjoy decorating it yourself.

It makes for an innovative decor element and enhances the idea of a farmhouse aesthetic.

5. Rope elements

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 6


Incorporating rope elements in the farmhouse decor enhances its rustic and authentic charm.

You could decorate picture frames with rope for a cohesive farmhouse look, you can also add it as a decoration to any souvenir.

6. Vintage Candleholders

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 7


Vintage candleholders are not only extremely beautiful but they also add an inviting touch to one’s space. Such candleholders could enhance the welcoming atmosphere of a farmhouse.

Therefore, they are a necessary addition to this aesthetic.

7. Decorative Jars

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 8


With such a jar you could not only reuse a jar with environmental awareness but also make a stunning decoration for your home.

These decorative jars would unleash your inner artist and also give a vintage charm to the place by making it shine.

8. Plaid

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 9


Plaid patterns are a must for a farmhouse aesthetic. Plaid adds warmth, texture, and a cozy feeling to one’s modern home.

Plaid details give the object a finished look and add to the inviting atmosphere of a farmhouse decor.

9. Flowerpots

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 10


What is a farmhouse without its flowers?

A rough and ready flowerpot filled with beautiful flowers adds a touch of natural beauty and brings you a step closer to the farmhouse experience.

10. Old Tableware

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 11


Old-fashioned tableware still holds its charm. Moreover, it is a bearer of family traditions. You could easily reuse such tableware, even if it’s broken.

It would make it a beautiful and unique decoration for your home and will keep the memory of previous generations alive.

11. Metal Structures

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 12


Such creative metal structures are an amazing addition to your home decor and could store other artistic elements inside of them, connected to the farmhouse aesthetic.

Let your creativity wander and design something that is uniquely your own.

12. Chandelier

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 13


A chandelier is a must if you want to incorporate a farmhouse aesthetic into your home space. The chandelier must be wooden for maximum impact.

Elegant lighting and rustic glamour create the needed ambiance for such a space.

13. A Nest

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 14


A nest theme is highly appropriate for a farmhouse aesthetic and is worth incorporating into your modern home, as it creates a cozy atmosphere that emphasizes warmth, family, and nature.

Use twigs, branches, and twine to create your unique nest.

14. Beaded Chains

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 15


Beaded chains are considered a popular element in farmhouse decor due to their rustic charm and variable use.

They tend to add texture to the space and are often the needed small detail that the decor might be missing

15. Repurposed Window

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 16


You can add a whole element from a typical farmhouse and incorporate it as a decor piece. Small windows are the perfect choice for such an endeavor.

They are also highly symbolic and could remind you of the farmhouse’s routine and rustic charm.

16. Knitted Decorations

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 17

Knitted decorations are not only eye-pleasing, but they also incorporate the lifestyle of a farmhouse household. Knitting is a very soothing hobby and it could spark creativity in you.

It can enhance both your decor and your inner world.


17. Wood Banners

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 18


Wood accents in the bathroom make it feel close to a farmhouse aesthetic. It brings character to the room and makes it look unique and intriguing.

By incorporating such wooden elements, one could feel closer to the real atmosphere of a farmhouse.

18. Glass Bottles

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 19


Glass bottles are a must for the farmhouse aesthetic and they are also easily accessible and affordable.

By painting them you could unleash your creative side and feel joy from breathing new life into these bottles. Therefore, they add a personalized touch to your home decor.

19. A Vintage Shelf

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 20


Vintage shelves are an absolute must for a living space inspired by the farmhouse aesthetic.

These timeless pieces of furniture could bring the needed warm and inviting look of the farmhouse integrated into the modern home.

20. Lanterns

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 21


Lanterns are a reminder of warm endless nights on the porch of a farmhouse and are an integral part of this design. They’re affordable and add charm to one’s living space.

Lanterns are also highly symbolic and eye-pleasing.

21. Vintage Dessert Plate

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 22


Vintage dessert plates are extremely intriguing and serve the purpose of both stunning decor pieces and nostalgic elements of a time long gone.

By keeping such items in your modern home, you ensure that you never forget bygone days and keep them close to your heart.

22. A Vintage Decorative Candle Holder

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 23


Such vintage candle holders are an absolute gem and an integral part of the farmhouse decor you desire. They stand out for their simplicity and magnificence at the same time.

Once you incorporate such vintage elements into your decor, you will not find charm in modern candle holders again.

23. Wooden Wall Signs

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 24


Nothing is better than some beautiful wooden wall signs that make you feel even more at home.

These signs could be made from reclaimed wood and frames, which you can whitewash for a more authentic look to the farmhouse aesthetic.

24. Farmhouse Kitchenware

25 dollar tree farmhouse decor diy 25


Vintage cutting boards, rolling pins, and egg holders could bring you closer to the farmhouse experience and enhance your life through their functionality and nostalgic undertones.

Incorporating farmhouse kitchenware into your decor could add to the cozy atmosphere you’re looking for.

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