39 Best DIY Bathroom Ideas And Decor Projects That Are Cheap and Easy

Are you looking for décor ideas to make your bathroom more appealing and homier?

After you go through our collection of adorable DIY bathroom ideas and decorations, you will quickly get convinced that the décor of the bathroom is as important as the décor of any other room.

Best DIY Bathroom Ideas. Need some ideas to update your bathroom decor without spending a fortune? These cheap and easy DIY bathroom ideas will help you remodel and renovate. #decorhomeideas

From boho shower curtains and rustic floating shelves to elegant trays for decluttering the vanity counter, our collection will inspire you for your next DIY weekend project that is on a budget and will give character to the room.

1. Shelf And Toilet Paper Holder In One

Shelf And Toilet Paper Holder In One

The space in the bathroom is very essential, hence adding multifunctional furniture is always a good choice.

This shelf idea is cool and functional ensuring a rod for the toilet paper and also a shelf for an air freshener and a small decoration. The shelf can be also helpful for storing the phone for a short time.

The combination of metal hardware and stained reclaimed wood makes a wonderfully rustic piece for a classic or farmhouse-style bathroom.

via DIY Showoff

2. Barnwood Cabinet Door For Improved Farmhouse Appeal

Barnwood Cabinet Door For Improved Farmhouse Appeal

Sliding barn doors are practical for small spaces and also brilliant when it comes to adding a unique farmhouse touch to the décor.

This DIY bathroom décor idea can be implemented on an existing shelf cabinet, covering only half of it or all of its front. For an improved farmhouse touch match the metal hardware with a wire basket for storage of towels.

via Shanti 2 Chic

3. Storage Over The Toilet

Storage Over The Toilet

Experiment with this easy extra storage idea! It is perfect for storing and drying towels. The wooden ladder doesn’t take up any of the floor space and brings in more dimension compared to the traditional shelf.

It is leaned against the wall of the toilet which is usually left blank. Wire baskets can be added for more organized storage of smaller bath essentials.

via Jenna Sue Design

4. Bathroom Organization With Mason Jars

Bathroom Organization With Mason Jars

A set of different Mason jars is given farmhouse charm with white chalk paint and distressing at different areas.

Probably you have never thought that they can be helpful with the storage in all rooms, not only the kitchen. The taller ones can store toothbrushes and liquid soap. The shorter ones are great for cotton buds, cleaning pads and smaller items.

 White is a color that matches every interior but if you want to make a specific accent, you can use the jars to set a bolder statement with them.

via Mason Jar Crafts Love

5. “FLUSH” The Industrial Way

"FLUSH" The Industrial Way

This is a unique sign that will make the bathroom more interesting and fun. The DIY Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom Sign is easy to make with a wooden plaque and metal letters from the craft store.

Added below a farmhouse open shelving, the sign is the perfect reminder to flush after usage of the toilet.

via Cherished Bliss

6. Antique Cabinet For Storage Over The Toilet

Antique Cabinet For Storage Over The Toilet

The blank wall above the toilet is great for the storage of bathroom essentials. To give the storage unit also the function to make that space more appealing, use a unique piece that will add character.

The farmhouse cabinet featured here is made from reclaimed wood and a repurposed window. Distressing the fresh coat of paint gives the cabinet an antique look which gives the space a magical character.

via Liz Marie Blog

7. A Mirror To Match The Bathroom Tiles

A Mirror To Match The Bathroom Tiles

The plain mirror is the best mirror! Because it is a blank canvas to experiment with. You can trace the edges with a rope if you are looking for a nautical touch. You can place it into a wooden frame if your bathroom is lacking a farmhouse charm or you can create a frame with tiles that match the bathroom tiles.

With this simple idea, you can make the bathroom an appealing and coherent part of the bathroom.

via The Stonybrok House

8. Mug Rack For Storage And Decorations

Mug Rack For Storage And Decorations

This rack is not that practical when it comes to providing storage space but it is surely one of the most charming ones.

To make this you need three metal mugs and a piece of reclaimed wood. Positioning of the mugs is important. Screwing two of them horizontally lets the handles be also utilized. The top one is screwed vertically to be used for holding natural decoration.

via Homeroad

9. Functional Rustic Shelf Idea

Functional Rustic Shelf Idea

This is an adorable shelf idea. The look of the reclaimed wood and the visible functionality of the piece make it a unique piece of furniture that will take only a little part of the wall next to the toilet.

Not much embellishment is needed for this shelf. Only a couple of rusty hinges or vintage door knobs will cohere with the aged look of the wood.

via Funky Junk Interiors

10. Floating Shelves To Expand The Storage Space

Floating Shelves To Expand The Storage Space

These floating shelves create an expensive look in the contemporary bathroom with very little investment.

The combination of hardware parts and stained wood creates a unique design that will make all of your guests wonder where you get the shelves from.

Another great advantage this storage unit offers is that it can be made to fit the size of an empty part of the wall in order to maximize the storage space without overwhelming the overall décor.

11. Farmhouse Style Waste Bin

Farmhouse Style Waste Bin

This is an easy way to upgrade the look of the most inexpensive plastic waste bins.  Weave jute rope around the outer surface of the bin fixing the thread with hot glue.

The finished item makes a wonderful nautical statement that can be enhanced with additional coastal-inspired decorations. That can be a mirror whose rim is traced with rope; a tray holding candles and a jar with seashells, a small round jute rug in front of the toilet, etc.

via Two It Yourself

12. A Trash-To-Treasure Farmhouse Towel Rack

A Trash-To-Treasure Farmhouse Towel Rack

The bathroom is not a big room so when choosing decorations, you should be aiming at one or two bolder items, otherwise, the space will look too overwhelming and closed.

This DIY idea aims to create one focal point which offers also functionality. An old window is upgraded by adding a wrought iron hook to the bottom part of the frame.

No need to repair the surface or apply a new thick coat of paint. The weather the paint is, the bolder statement the window rack will make.

via House By Hoff

13. Faux Floating Shelves To Add A Modern Farmhouse Flair

Faux Floating Shelves To Add A Modern Farmhouse Flair

This is a great DIY idea for maximizing the bathroom storage space utilizing the wall above the toilet. The set of two floating shelves is made to fit the size of the wall and is also within a small budget.

The stain of the wood and the metal brackets that keep the boards rigidly fixed to the wall create a lovely farmhouse charm. Added wicker basket to the toilet tank complements the wooden boards to make the toilet part of the bathroom appealing.

via Mommy Suite

14. DIY Rope Towel Holder

DIY Rope Towel Holder

This easy DIY bathroom idea is perfect for a beach house or for a bathroom with summer-themed decoration.

It will take less than 10 minutes and will do a great job turning the bathroom into a coastal oasis.

via Greco Design Company

15. A Bathroom Vanity With A Farmhouse Look

A Bathroom Vanity With A Farmhouse Look

Another easy idea for a bathroom makeover without a big investment or drastic renovation! Simply paint the vanity a bold color! Pastel colors like the featured one are great even for a small bathroom because they maintain an airy feel.

Add more touches of the chosen color to create a finished overall look. That can be a rug, small décor pieces, floral arrangements, a curtain shower, etc.

via Sister’s Suitcase

16. Bathtub Easy Upgrade

Bathtub Easy Upgrade

If you want to give your bathroom a farmhouse look, try this idea. Get a pack of faux stone veneer and glue it with the recommended adhesive to the outer side of the bathtub.

The stone finish instantly changes the overall interior and creates a lovely rustic texture. Match the new lining with a jute rug and a wooden shelf unit above the toilet.

via Lovely Crafty Home

17. Reclaimed Wood Rack To Store Bathroom Towels

Reclaimed Wood Rack To Store Bathroom Towels

The towel rack is a helpful piece of furniture that you can also use as part of the bathroom décor. The inspiring workpiece here proves that the towel rack can be inexpensive, functional and unique.

Two long reclaimed beams, 6 wooden pieces and 6 vintage hooks are assembled into this rustic art rack that will store neatly all family towels.

One of the hooks can be used to hold a green wreath to improve the farmhouse charm.

via Liz Marie Blog

18. Upgrade A Plain Mirror With Clips

Upgrade A Plain Mirror With Clips

Another easy idea for giving the plain mirror a unique look is to decorate it with a frame. No need for special tools or skills. You only need wood slats cut to size and at a 45-degree angle, nice paint color and glue.

The new frame totally transforms the old mirror and makes an elegant relation to the faucet.

via Create and Babble

19. A Nautical Rug From Upcycled Materials

A Nautical Rug From Upcycled Materials

Make your own design of a bathroom rug to give the space a coastal flair. The material used is braided polypropylene rope in a two-color pattern. The coils of the rope are kept tightly together with duct tape placed on the underside of the rug.

It is recommended that you place a non-slip pad underneath which will prevent the rug from sliding.

via BHG

20. Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain From Fabric

Ombre Ruffled Shower Curtain From Fabric

This ombre ruffled curtain can be used as a curtain, as wall décor or as a shower curtain.
The vivid colors used in an ombre pattern add a cheerful vibe to the bathroom.

The design and the color combination of this curtain are very bold so they won’t match all bathroom decors. It will make a cute statement in a neutral and airy bathroom.

21. A Functional Shelf For Essentials And Towels

A Functional Shelf For Essentials And Towels

Why buy a standard towel rack when you can make one of your unique design?

This DIY bathroom craft has been dedicated to improving the comfort in the children’s bathroom but it can be included in the master bathroom as well.

Would you believe that the chalkboard is actually a print-off mimicking this finish? That’s an amazing and very clever idea because the printed image will stay unchanged for as long as you wish! You can also use this section to put nice messages related to special occasions, holidays or simply positive inspirations.

via Makely

22. Simple Change Of The Faucet Look

Simple Change Of The Faucet Look

Black matte-finished faucets have become very popular for bathroom décor recently. Probably because they add a charming industrial touch and because they act also as part of the decorations.

If you like their texture and color but you are not ready to make such a bathroom remodel, you can still make your decor dream come true.

Buy a can of spray paint. Then protect the walls well with tape and tarps. You will be amazed by the authentic final look of the bathroom fixtures achieved in the most inexpensive way ever!

via Bless’er House

23. DIY Wooden Valance

DIY Wooden Valance

Adding weathered barn wood to the bathroom décor instantly creates a casual and relaxing vibe. Among all possible ways to introduce barnwood in the bathroom, here you can find inspirations for barnwood sliding door, a caddy over the tub and a shower valance.

The texture of the wood and its interesting application give the bathroom a more rustic charm. The wood valance is also functional hiding the cold metal shower bar. Not seeing it, the bathroom looks homier and warmer.

via Jenna Sue Design

24. Bathroom Accent Wall With Wood

Bathroom Accent Wall With Wood

A statement wall in the bathroom? Why not! This room is as special as all other spaces in your home.

Lining the tub wall with reclaimed wood will create a special private nook that will let you easily relax. Added wreath and weathered window help the rustic look be improved and the nook feel homier.

via Bless’er House

25. An Easy DIY Rack For Magazines

An Easy DIY Rack For Magazines

Men love spending time in the toilet scrolling on their phones. Well, women usually use this time to think over and over again about their daily plans. Let’s make this private time more pleasant with an organizer for magazines.

You can still plan the day but with a good read such as a culinary magazine, a fashion guide, etc.

The idea here features a magazine shelf from wood but even a simpler organizer from the Dollar Store can do a fantastic job.

via Jessica Bruno

26. Make A Statement With A Rustic Vanity

Make A Statement With A Rustic Vanity

This is another great inspiration for adding the authentic farmhouse look to the bathroom décor. This time, the style is implemented on the bathroom vanity.

The DIY bathroom idea features a vanity made from old furniture pieces and a butcher’s block counter.

The bathroom vanity is equipped with a lower level for storage. Instead of placing them directly on the wood, get a wicker basket or a wooden crate to create a decluttered overall look.

via Beneath My Heart

27. Cute Storage Idea With Upcycled Candle Jars

Cute Storage Idea With Upcycled Candle Jars

Mason jars are great for bathroom storage of small essentials, and so are the candle jars. The repurposed candle jars look a bit more elegant and feminine because of the lids.

You can add some embellishments like pearls, faux flowers, twine or only a vinyl label.

via Mommy Suite

28. Functional Bathroom Wall Art

Functional Bathroom Wall Art

This towel rack holder idea is amazing. Introducing an outdoor element inside the bathroom creates so much rustic character!

Reclaimed materials are used in this towel rack idea- a window frame in a good condition and scrap wood. The contrast the elements create distinguishes the rack from the overall décor.

29. A Rustic Caddy For More Comfort

A Rustic Caddy For More Comfort

The tub caddy can be the piece adding a charming rustic vibe to your bathroom. The darker the stain of the wood is, the better contrast the caddy will make with the existing décor.

When the tub is not used, don’t take the caddy away. Use it to display beautiful décor pieces such as a small vase with a flower, and candles.

via My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia

30. Unique Rustic Lanterns With Mason Jars

Unique Rustic Lanterns With Mason Jars

Another great bathroom idea with Mason jars shows how to transform them into vintage lanterns.

For that, you don’t need to buy a new light fixture. Use an existing one as a basis. Spray paint it a lovely dark metallic color. Remove its original shades and put canning jars in their places.

The lanterns will make the bathroom décor more welcoming and inviting.

via Bless’er House

31. Helpful Tissue Holder From A Mason Jar

Helpful Tissue Holder From A Mason Jar

Tissues are an important part of the bathroom essentials, especially when you have kids. Usually, we place them on the counter in their original cardstock package. Well, paper packages are not that stylish, aren’t they?

Transferring the tissues into three identical in size Mason jars is far more pleasant for the eye solution. IF you are looking for a rustic piece of décor, use the set of canning jars to include it in the décor. Some paint and distressing will give the jars a lovely weathered look.

via Landeelu

32. Add A Vintage Detail With A Metal Basket

Add A Vintage Detail With A Metal Basket

The interior style of this bathroom is a farmhouse in each of its inches- from the white shiplap, burlap shower curtain and fantastic authentic wall décor.

Of course, extra storage is also decided in this style with a big metal basket attached to the wall.
Although the wire looks rusty, this finish is faux. Actually, the wire is clean and ready to store pure white towels.

33. Easy Beach Inspired Rope Mirror

Easy Beach Inspired Rope Mirror

One easy addition to the plain round mirror and it becomes your coastal inspiration in the bathroom!

Three coils of silky rope are woven on the plastic frame of the mirror with hot glue.

Complement the nautical finish of the mirror with a beach-themed arrangement on a surface reflected by the mirror. Include simple elements like candles, seashells, glass containers, etc.

via The Lilypad Cottage

34. Rustic Dispenser For Soap

Rustic Dispenser For Soap

Are you a person paying attention to the details in the decor? Then you will love this DIY soap dispenser idea!

Make your own rustic dispenser for soap with a piece of reclaimed wood. Thus, the bathroom accessory will blend easily with the vintage decoration.

35. Charming Wicker Baskets For Bathroom Storage

Charming Wicker Baskets For Bathroom Storage

If you are looking for a more interesting vertical storage solution than the floating shelf type, try this one. It features a set of wicker baskets attached to the wall with antique hooks. Thanks to the two loops at the ends of the baskets you can attach the baskets or take them down when they need cleaning.

The labeling of each basket enhances the rustic charm of the wicker storage solution.

via Our Fifth House

36. A Tray To Declutter The Vanity Counter

A Tray To Declutter The Vanity Counter

Irrespective of the room, decluttering flat surfaces is easy to be maintained if small items are grouped together in a container.

Depending on the interior style, storage may be done in farmhouse crates, baskets, weathered trays or if the décor is modern- in metal, glass or stylish trays.
This vanity tray is of a sleek design combining an appealing shape and a neutral color to easily fit in the interior.

This try has been made by repurposing a lid of a hinged wooden box. Added wooden blocks have given it height and interest.

via Home Oh My Home

37. Upgraded Cabinet Doors For Sorted Storage

Upgraded Cabinet Doors For Sorted Storage

Another place that hides the possibility for extra storage in the bathroom is the internal side of the cabinet doors.

You can add plastic organizers, wire shelf units or wooden shelves to store smaller items related to the bathroom.

The additional shelves are perfect for decluttering the bathroom vanity counter or for storage of additional toilet paper rolls.

via Remodelaholic

38. A Shower Curtain To Bring Boho Style In

A Shower Curtain To Bring Boho Style In

Isn’t that an appealing bathroom? The combination of modern hexagonal floor tiles and rustic shower curtain makes the ambiance airy, welcoming and filled with a relaxing feel.

Initially, the shower nook has been decorated with a plain fabric white curtain. Thanks to the simplicity of the design and fabric, there has been a unique opportunity to decorate it and give the boring curtain a custom boho look with added macrame trims

via A Beautiful Mess

39. Nautical Style Shelf Unit

Nautical Style Shelf Unit

Adding a bathroom shelf is one of the most important décor elements of a bathroom interior. They succeed in expanding the storage places and defining the style of the décor.

This coastal-themed shelf unit complies with these two requirements- it accommodates small bathroom essentials to declutter the counter and adds a unique nautical element to the neutral white bathroom.

This DIY shelf unit requires stained wooden boards, rope, nautical hooks and heavy-duty adhesive. The result is a lovely set of floating shelves bringing the ocean closer to you.

via Edea Smith

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