27 Awesome Recycled Jars Ideas For Every Home!

Glass jars or mason jars are one of the most easily acquired items at home. With so much grocery related shopping you do for your family, you get quite a large number of empty glass jars free at your disposal.

27 Awesome Recycled Jars Ideas For Every Home

Many use them to store items in the kitchen, craft room or even tools room! But there are some creative minds who use these unattractive glass jars to create a stunning work of art! Some even use these jars to display their garden flowers.

If you are one of those people who would love to decorate your house with your handmade items and give a touch of your imagination to every nook and corner of your lovely home, then you must try a project on recycling jars.

Recycling mason jars is an easy and quick craft. But, deciding on how to do it may be a bit time consuming job. This is because the internet is full of mason jar art and crafts. Choosing the best one will be difficult for any DIY lover. So, we here at “decorhomeideas” have selected the best of DIY mason jar craft which will be worth the effort and will make you feel proud of your work.  Come, let us dig in to see the colorful art of jars.


1. Clay Decoupage

apple tree decor jar idea

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Use kids air hardening clay to create this lovely colorful jar for your kids’ table to hold their pens and pencils. This is a lovely way to encourage your child’s creativity.


2. Air Dry Clay Decoupage

awesome hut like jar idea

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This is another example of using air hardening clay to decorate the dull glass jar and bringing a colorful life to it. Having whatever design you want on the jar makes it ideal for using it the way you need it.


3. Painted Glass Jars

beautiful mason jar idea

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An easy way to create a stunning candle holder is by painting/ doodling on the glass jars with glass paint. The jars shown above create a rich look and will be a great candle votive.


4. Net it!

beautiful sea decor jar idea

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Have a lot of colored jars lying around? Use this kind of nets and make beautiful candle votives. The usage of jute thread to tie this net adds to the style.


5. Doodling on jars

blue and white painted decor jar idea

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Use those unused colored mason jars for any creative purpose like pen stand etc. This can be done by doodling on the jar using glass paint. Here the blue color of the glass jar and the white color of the paint complement each other in a lovely way.


6. Cute Vase

blue mason jar decor idea

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Having the jar tied with a teeny tiny jute cloth and a matching thread makes this colored jar a great alternative to traditional vases.


7. Colored Vase

flowers decorated jar idea

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Another way to use these glass jars is to paint them from inside! Yes, having painted dark purple this jar looks stunning and beautiful for any flower arrangement.


8. Clay Embellished Gift Jars

flowers decoration jar idea

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A beautiful way to decorate your unused glass jar is by making air drying clay floral designs. This makes a cute DIY gift jars for any occasion!


9. Crystal Jars

glitter silver decor jar idea

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An amazing way to decorate your dining table centerpiece would be by coating an old jar with a layer of glitter powder. This is a great way for any easy DIY wedding decor.


10. Word Jars

hand painted jar idea

                                                                                                                 Photo: Credit 

Want to keep a slogan encouraging you all the time? Try this easy DIY using glass jars. This is a tiny amazing way to motivate yourself every day!


11. Vase In The Wall

key chains decor jar idea

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This beautiful design is a way to decorate your key holder. Made with palette as the base with an attached mason jar as a vase, this key holder is a conversation starter.


12. Jute Dress-up

lovely jar decor idea

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A simple jar dressed up using a jute cloth will lead you to have a cute container which can be used for various purposes like pen stand, gift jar etc.


13. Terrariums

mason jar terrarium idea

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With the  beach or  the desert in mind, you can build a terrarium of your choice to decorate your table top and add a little lovely scene.


14. Musical Note Jar

musical mason jar decor idea

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This is another way of decorating your mason jar by just inserting a printed sheet of musical note inside it. This is a great decor idea for any music lover.


15. Sea Themed Jars

nautical summer jar decor idea

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This is a great way to make a beautiful marine themed candle holder. Paint the jar sea blue and embellish it with the dust of sand and shells and starfish to create a stunning beach-themed votive.


16. Painted Jars

painted mason daisy jar idea

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A simple floral themed paint makes these glass jars adorable. The color used for the jars is gorgeous and is complementing the flowers in white color.


17. Laced Jars

pearl flower lace jar decor idea

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Another simple way to decorate old jars is by decorating it with lace cloths that can go well with your overall decor theme. This floral lace jar is an absolute must for summer decoration.


18. Felted Jars

pineapple decor jar idea

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Want a green thing in your room year round. Then this project is perfect for you. The vibrant yellow and green combination keeps your room alive with their lovely pop of color.


19. Lace Jars

rustic decor jar idea

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Another way to have a mason jar upcycled is by using colorful lace which creates the richness and sophistication appeal to the jar vase.


20. Painted And Glittered

soft pink mason jar idea

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This jar is a winner! With beautiful pink color painted on the inside of the jar, and stunningly decorated with the shimmery golden glitter polka dots, this vase is a conversation starter.


21. Painted And Laced

spray painted decor jar idea

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This is an absolutely great addition to any patio table. With its half painted and half-laced work, this candle holder looks even more appealing at night when the candle glows inside it.


22. Geometrical shaped paints

stained glass mason jar

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Painting one color all over the jar is one thing, but having it painted in geometrical shapes in different colors like a Mondrian painting makes it an eye-catching decor element.


23. Simply Roped

star fish decor jar idea

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This jar is simply decorated with a rope of jute on its neck and filled with salt to hold the candle. The starfish adds a marine essence to the jar here.


24. Terrariums

succulent glass jar decor idea

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This is another way of creating a little terrarium in a glass jar. With succulents planted properly, this will act as a great green addition to any indoors.


25. Photo Jars

vintage photo decor jar idea

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An easy way to display photos of you and your loved ones is to put them in glass jars. They act as great frames and create a new look to your display area.

26. Gold painted jar

gold glitter decor jar idea

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If you love glitters and metal gold, then this will be the perfect choice for you. The jar is painted from inside and is glued with glitter on the outside.

27. Pots For Succulents

succulent mason jar decor idea

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This will be an ideal way to grow succulents in your garden. With white paint inside, the glass jar will keep the plant cool and also make it look vibrant in sunlight.