33 Best Shower Storage Ideas To Free Up More Space In The Bathroom

What is the first thing you do after a long day at work? You go directly to the shower to take off all of the stress.

Now imagine how you are under the calming water jet and you need to get out of the shower area to take the shampoo bottle standing on the counter.

And that won’t be the single case to disrupt the shower ritual because you need to also get the conditioner, the safety razor, the towel…

That scenario can be completely different if there is a shower storage unit.

Best Shower Storage Ideas. Is your bathroom cluttered and unorganized? Take a look at these shower storage ideas to free up more space and keep everything in perfect order. @decorhomeideas

There won’t be any tripping bathroom essential bottles or wet footsteps in the dry bathroom area. Storage is the key to your comfort and also to a neat bathroom interior.

Our collection of 33 Best Shower Storage Ideas will help you find the right shower storage solution for you.

1. Nature-Inspired Over-The-Shower Shelf Unit

Nature-Inspired Over-The-Shower Shelf Unit

If storage needs to be combined with a stylish look, this shower storage idea shouldn’t be missed. It features three-tiered white shelves positioned on a curved rod mimicking a tree.

The bird silhouettes decorating the fronts of the shelves complement the natural design.
The best advantage this unit offers is installation over the shower head with its hook.

2. Simple Bag Does Miracles

Simple Bag Does Miracles

This bathroom storage idea is great for limited spaces. A simple hook and a mesh bag make sure that the storage of bathroom essentials is neat and accessible.

You can get the bag in various colors and use the contrast to add interest to the existing décor.

3. Shower Curtain With Extra Storage

Shower Curtain With Extra Storage

This shower storage idea is very clever because it combines dual functionality- as a shower curtain and as a storage unit.

The design offers a continuous look thanks to the identical material both elements are made of.

The pocket sizes are different and coherent with the standard bathroom essentials sizes.

4. Over-The-Wall Wire Rack

Over-The-Wall Wire Rack

This storage unit is designed for an over-door or over-wall mounting with hooks. It is a great shower storage solution to add more displays for bathroom accessories in an already furnished bathroom.

It consists of 4 wire basket compartments at different heights and a rack for hand towel hanging. The gaps between the wires ensure good drainage and easy drying in case there is water spillage or humidity.

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5. Copper-Finished Wire Tiered Unit

Copper-Finished Wire Tiered Unit

This storage unit offers mounting directly to a wall with screws. It comes as a compact two-tiered unit in a sleek copper finish.

The compartments are big enough to hold the most used shower products. There are two hooks at the bottom that can be used for towel or loofah hanging.

6. Minimalist Industrial Shower Storage Unit

Minimalist Industrial Shower Storage Unit

This elegant shower organizer comes in a set with the shower head and the shower control unit.

The three of them are made from matte black metal and simple clean shapes that make a modern industrial statement in the bathroom.

The caddy offers two levels for storage which is sufficient for a couple’s household.

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7. Corner Shelves For A Tiny Bathroom

Corner Shelves For A Tiny Bathroom

This type of corner shelves storage unit is usually considered when the space is small or storage places are not sufficient.

The triangular shelves are mounted to an empty wall space and they can be as many as you need.

Choose the material of the shelves per their location and conditions. Since this unit is very close to the shower area, the material should be durable against water.

via Wit and Delight

8. Simply Wire Baskets

Simply Wire Baskets

This is one of the simplest and most popular storage racks. The inox finish offers a timeless look that pairs perfectly with the shower hardware.

The storage baskets can be found in different sizes to fit your free space and storage needs.

9. Dollar Store Shower Organizer

Dollar Store Shower Organizer

This mesh shower organizer is one of the easiest and cheapest bathroom storage ideas. You can get it from any Dollar Store and mount it to the curtain hooks yourself.

The mesh material ensures good drainage and easy drying of the artificial fabric so you can hang the shower organizer on the wet side of the shower area.

via Camping World

10. Close-To-Shower Shelf

Close-To-Shower Shelf

This rack is compact, simple and so stylish. It complements the shower hardware and can be placed at the preferred height.

The space is enough for two bottles- a shower gel and a shampoo bottle for example.

via Design Stuff

11. Over-The-Shower Wooden Rack

Over-The-Shower Wooden Rack

Most people think that wood is prone to rot when exposed to water. Well, that’s not the case if the wood is treated properly.

This compact shower rack is able to bring the warmth of rustic wood to the hygienic interior and double up the storage for shower essentials.

12. Ladder Rack

Ladder Rack

Vertical storage is the best storage when it comes to small bathroom storage ideas.

While there is a number of shelf designs for mounting to the wall, this idea features a free-standing vertical storage unit that doesn’t need securing to the wall.

The shape is inspired by the painter’s ladder design. The steps are turned into shelves for open storage. For a neater look, rattan baskets are added to ensure a decluttered look and organized storage.

via Pottery Barn

13. Over-The-Door Bathroom Rack

Over-The-Door Bathroom Rack

The design of this rack offers a modern farmhouse look that will easily blend with any existing décor.

No need to prepare tools or free any of the wall space. The rack is intended for hanging over a shower wall or the bathroom door and can accommodate all of your frequently used essentials.

via Urban Outfitters

14. Tall Metal Stand

Tall Metal Stand

In case your bathroom is spacious, you can always add a tall stand like this one to declutter the interior and organize the bathroom stuff.

The 5 shelves are spaced leaving a sufficient distance between them that helps with the organization of any kind of essentials- from bottles to toilet paper rolls.

via A Fresh Space

15. Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Shelves

The slotted section support of this vertical rack offers adjusting the shelves at the height you desire.

This feature is very helpful for big families who possess a big number of bathroom items that have to be neatly separated in individual storage baskets and at an accessible height.

via NEAT Method NYC

16. Open Shelf Storage Idea

Open Shelf Storage Idea

Those floating shelves that you would normally use as decoration display in the living room can be repurposed into an extra storage facility in the bathroom.

Added tags or inscriptions defining the type of essentials stored or the person they belong to is a cute and also practical idea for keeping more items organized.

via Neat by Meg

17. Metal Shelves Next To The Shower

Metal Shelves Next To The Shower

This bright farmhouse bathroom is given a modern flair with black matte hardware. This could be an inspiring bathroom upgrade that doesn’t require severe overhauls.

The statement that the black color does to this light interior is eye-catching. The two shelves positioned on the wall above the toilet have an important role in the overall décor.

They are certainly very helpful for increasing the storage space but they are also the element that unites the industrial shower set with the adjacent toilet zone.

via Cathie Hong Interiors

18. Wooden Shower Caddy

Wooden Shower Caddy

This wooden shower caddy is made from bamboo which prevents warp and decay. If you want to get out of the standard plastic or metal caddy designs, you can go for this specially treated wood option that will give a casual exotic touch to the interior.

The tiered version with straight lines is great for small bathrooms because it will highlight the height of the shower and distract from the space limits.

via Walmart

19. Wood And Metal Shower Caddy

Wood And Metal Shower Caddy

The combination of inox wire and bamboo linings gives this rack a modern farmhouse look that suits a contemporary and also rustic bathroom décor.

The shower rack is ready for installation directly over the shower with its hook and can store all of your bathroom essentials.

There are 4 containers and additional hooks at the bottom for smaller items such as loofahs and safety razors.

20. Multifunctional Corner Shelf

Multifunctional Corner Shelf

Sometimes all you need is only one shelf to organize the shampoo bottle and the conditioner. This plastic corner shelf is neutral to match any existing interior, easy to install thanks to suction cups, and very cheap.

The hooks at the bottom can be added afterward in case you want space for a hand towel or loofah storage.

21. Wire Shelf With Hooks

Wire Shelf With Hooks

This metal caddy fascinates with its simple industrial look and maximum functionality. The two open shelves can accommodate the cosmetics and the added hooks for all other shower accessories.

The design of this caddy is intended to ensure extra storage to an already finished bathroom interior, hence mounting is with a hook- no screws, no tools.

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22. Tiered Plastic Storage Unit

Tiered Plastic Storage Unit

No special installation is required for this storage unit. It consists of a metal bead chain that supports three deep plastic baskets.

The colors of this unit are chosen to match a traditional bathroom with the silver finish of the shower hardware.

23. Glass Divider Tray

Glass Divider Tray

This metal white tray is so beautiful with its minimalist modern design. It features two storage places- one in the shape of a container, and the other one in the shape of a rack.

Installation is with suction cups that stick very well on glass and tile surfaces. You can get as many of these and stick them directly to the shower divider or to a tiled wall.

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24. Elegant Metal Shelf Unit

Elegant Metal Shelf Unit

The mirror-polished surface of this metal shower rack adds a lux touch to the ambiance. There are two shelves and a towel rack that will declutter the counter space and let you access the essentials easily while taking a shower.

Installation happens with screws so you can mount it to any kind of wall surface.

25. Metal Rod With Shelves

Metal Rod With Shelves

If you are looking for the most compact bathroom storage unit which also offers plenty of space, this is the best design ever!

A metal rod with triangle shelves that can be adjusted in height. Added hooks to the bottom of each shelf increase the storage options for hanging items such as loofhas and towels.

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26. Shower Bottle Holders

Shower Bottle Holders

The shelves of this storage unit are designed to match the shape of the most common shower products. There are six bottle holders spread equally at both sides of the shower and two flat shelves for soap, creams, and gels.

The hooks at the bottom are intended for easy drainage of luffas and safety razors.

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27. Simple And Affordable Plastic Shelf Unit

Simple And Affordable Plastic Shelf Unit

There are many people preferring this type of storage unit. They are cheap, tiered and made of plastic which is easy to clean and durable against water.

You can find them in various sizes and shapes. This one is intended for positioning in a corner, hence the triangular shape of the shelves. The rectangle ones offer more space but they also take up more of the floor space.

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28. Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Idea

Farmhouse Bathroom Storage Idea

This shower caddy is so charmingly farmhouse. It is made entirely from wood and the cute wood burnt label at the top adds a fun vibe to the overall design.

Mounting is ensured with suction caps so you can position it directly on the glass shower wall. Do you think this is not a good idea because of the wood material? Don’t worry, a protective layer is applied on the wood to keep it safe from water for a long time.

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29. Hooks For Easy Access

Hooks For Easy Access

This hook is one of those genius ideas that have occurred when there were too many restrictions- small bathrooms, no tools, no budget, etc.

The hook is plastic and available in many sizes so that all of your cosmetics can fit into it. When you insert the bottles in the hook, turn them upside down to use the entire liquid content.

30. Elevated Wire Basket

Elevated Wire Basket

This is a cascading shower storage unit that can satisfy bathroom storage needs. The three compartments provide room for all of the essentials.

Although mounting to the wall is made with sealing stickers, they ensure rigid attachment that can withstand the load from the bottles.
The shape is pretty cool, and so is the metallic finish of the wire. If you decide to get this kind of storage unit, it will surely spruce up the overall interior.

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31. Dollar Store Organizer

Dollar Store Organizer

Another inexpensive and easy-to-install storage unit is featured here. It is a hanging organizer that can store any kind of stuff- from shoes to jewelry or shower supplies.

The pockets of this particular design are six and spread on three levels. The hook at the top makes attaching directly to the shower head easy.

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32. Industrial Farmhouse Shelf

Industrial Farmhouse Shelf

If you don’t trust the suction cups but you have loved the farmhouse caddy, here is another option that features safer installation.

The hooks at the top of the caddy provide mounting over a door or a glass partition.

Shelves are two and there is an additional rod at the bottom that can accommodate as many hooks as you may need for bathroom accessories.

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33. Transparent Shower Curtain With Pockets For Storage

Transparent Shower Curtain With Pockets For Storage

The traditional transparent shower curtain is upgraded to offer extra functionality thanks to built-in pockets. They are spread in three rows which are differentiated by the size of the pocket.

The top row of pockets is great for bottles, the middle one for brushes, safety razors, and loofahs, and the bottom one for towels.

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