36 Beautiful Powder Room Ideas That Will Add More Style and Charm

Are you looking for a quick home decor improvement? The downstairs powder room is usually the tiniest room of all so starting with it will be encouraging for your self-esteem.

Althought the space is small, it can embrace bold textures, dark colors, modern accents and personilized embellishment.

Best Powder Room Ideas. Whether you're looking to do a full makeover or add a few personal touches, any powder room can almost certainly benefit from a refresh. These are the best powder room ideas we selected for you. #decorhomeideas

Powder rooms are the perfect place to try out your creativity and interior design acumen.

If you need a little help for the latter, just check these 36 Beautiful Powder Room Ideas That Will Add More Style And Charm.

1. Dark Grey Powder Room Makeover

Adding Drama to a Small Half-bath #decorhomeideas

A dark grey statement wall in a tiny powder room gives the space visual interest and depth.

Added shelves display metal accessories that stand out and give the powder room a chic look.

via Bang On Style

2. Textured Powder Room

Add Some Fun Surprises to Add Interest to Your Bathroom #decorhomeideas

A cute portrait of a giraffe welcomes you into this small but elegant powder room. Various materials create layers of textures that make this space unique.

White and grey set a contemporary color combination that is balanced with nature-inspired accents giving the modern style a character.

via Ang and Joey

3. Molding Fauxing Designer’s Touch

A Designer Look Does Not Have to Be Expensive #decorhomeideas

Molding is the most affordable supply to give a flat surface texture and expensive look. Another great thing molding offers is that it can be easily painted.

Align it in a symmetrical pattern and coat the walls in the desired color. Be brave and experiment with darker and bold colors that can actually give this room a character.

via Pink Little Notebook

4. Patterned Wallpaper For An Inexpensive Makeover

A Few Changes Can Make a Big Difference #decorhomeideas

Changing the wall texture in the powder room is an inexpensive way for a makeover. You don’t need to touch any other part of the room, just make sure that the chosen wallpaper matches the existing elements.

Nowadays, wallpapers come in various patterns and colors and applying them is easy and dirt-free.

via KM Decor

5. Stylish Corner Powder Room

Bigger Doesn't Mean Better #decorhomeideas

The bathroom vanity can be small, covering only a small corner next to the toilet. Although of compact size, it is functional and very intriguing when it comes to decor impact.

The vanity comes in a set with a vintage mirror and a light fixture featuring an identical wooden texture. The golden hue of the marble veins coheres with the brass vintage faucet to tie together in a classy and evergreen vanity design.

via Sarah Sherman Samuel

6. Diverse Styles Create Character

Contemporary Eclectic Neutral Colored Bathroom Design #decorhomeideas

Don’t get misled by the small size of the powder room when you define its interior. Modern textures of the basic elements combine beautifully with retro accents to create an inviting atmosphere.

When you mix styles, mind the number of colors involved as to create balance and symmetry.

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7. Make A Collage From Vintage Frames

Create a Gallery #decorhomeideas

The mix of frames positioned on one wall only is one of the designer’s tricks to make a room look more spacious and expensive. The powder room is no exception for applying this method.

Create a collage of identical style frames but different in size and shape for improved interest.

via Crystal Sinclair Designs

8. Dark Patterned Tiles For A Statement Wall

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark #decorhomeideas

Dark colors are another trick of the professionalists to make a small space look spacious. Black or dark grey can make it feel larger and airier when in combination with light-colored accents.

Shiny and metallic surfaces for the mirror, the light fixture and the faucets, are perfect to create contrast and open up the space.

via Mary Patton Design

9. Nature-Inspired Wallpaper

Easy DIY Wallpaper for Stylish Water Closet #decorhomeideas

This wallpaper is perfect for the small size of the powder room. The birch wood pattern is vertical to visually enlarge the space.

The tones of the wallpaper are bright and trendy, matching the geometrical patterns of the floor tiles.

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10. Nautical Touches For Small Powder Room

Eclectic Coastal Motif with Geometric Wallpaper #decorhomeideas

Any room can easily become more welcoming and eye-pleasing by adding coastal accents. The blue patterned wallpaper sets the nautical tone.

The decoration is the easiest and funniest part of this powder room makeover- you can include framed images of ocean landscapes, seashells in jars, and candles.

The coastal motif can be part of a major decor element such as the mirror. The frame pattern mimics a rope that stands out against the blue wall with its golden color.

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11. Aristocratic Powder Room

Embrace the Finest Things #decorhomeideas

This is another great powder room decor idea with molding and paint. The color is bold and dark despite the size of the room.

The silver finish of the piping and the faucets and the golden texture of the mirror and the light fixture support make a lovely contrast with the ink blue color of the walls. They also play an important part in creating the illusion of airier space.

via Ganz Interiors

12. Use Inclined Ceiling As A Unique Accent

Emphasizing Existing Features to Create a Unique Look #decorhomeideas

If the small bathroom is built in the attic, you can use the typically inclined surfaces as the focal point of the decor.

Cover the ceiling and the adjacent walls with interesting wallpaper. Match the color of the wallpaper with the existing elements to create a stylish overall look.

via My Old Country House

13. Establish Neutral Ground

Establish Neutral Ground #decorhomeideas

The mix of textures here creates a stylish modern farmhouse interior that works perfectly for a powder room.

The space is small but feels quite airy thanks to the white walls. Industrial accents collaborate nicely with the homely wall decor.

via Leclair Decor

14. Favor Open Concept

Favor Open Concept #decorhomeideas

Even the tiniest powder room can show off your elegant taste. A pedestal sink instead of a vanity with drawers takes up less space and visually enlarge the space.

The lack of furniture will give the floor a more spacious look and that lets you be bolder with the rest of the decor.

via Katie Hodges Design

15. Modern Feminine

Find Your Angles #decorhomeideas

This attic powder room can be challenging when it comes to the awkward angles of the spots where the ceiling meets the walls. Well, with wallpaper, this disadvantage could be turned into a decor advantage.

Apply a bold wallpaper patterned with gentle feminine colors. Use accents with modern geometrical shapes to cohere with the odd shape of the area.

via Sarah Sherman Samuel

16. Geometry Is Stylish

Get In Shape #decorhomeideas

This is another interesting powder room decor with wallpaper. This time, perfect geometric shapes are used throughout the pattern of the wallpaper. They coordinate with the square shape of the vanity.

Their colors also cohere with each other and set a neutral backdrop for the brass metal accents.

via Room Secret

17. Modern Minimalist Powder Room

Go for Maximalist Minimalism #decorhomeideas

The pattern of this wallpaper quickly distracts you from the small size of the powder room. The brass finish of the metal parts lets you focus on the details and appreciate the special design combination.

The achromatic color palette of the wallpaper allows the special metallic touches to stand out without being too overwhelming.

via Anne Sage

18. Brass Accents For Neutral Powder Room

Go Team Texture #decorhomeideas

The size of this powder room invites a variety of textures. The farmhouse wooden floor coordinates with the grasscloth wallpaper and the wicker lampshade.

The brass hardware combined with the minimalist decor accents which give the room a character. The light color palette, the rug and the towel give the washroom a homey feel.

via Mindy Gayer

19. Remove The Door For An Airier Feel

Keeping the Original Character of Your Home #decorhomeideas

Sometimes big makeover is not possible. In those cases, you can make little changes that will make a big impact. Such as dismantling the door of the toilet and leaving this space open to the vanity.

The decoration is also very helpful for giving the interior a fresh look. A tray with jar vases or Mason jars placed directly on the water tank can make a big difference.

via DIY Showoff

20. Compact With Plenty Of Storage

Keep It Sleek #decorhomeideas

When you decorate your powder room, try to be practical. Use furniture pieces that are functional but also impacting for the overall look.

This vanity impresses with its height and square shape. The lack of a drawer at the bottom is also intriguing, especially when it is replaced by a wicker basket.

via Desiree Burns

21. Visually Large Powder Room

Keep Things Looking Up #decorhomeideas

A trick from the professionals about making a small space look larger- use pieces that draw the eye up. That can be a textured wallpaper with a vertical pattern, a tall mirror, pointing upward wall sconces.

They help with the visual illusion of a taller ceiling.

via Charlie Coull Design

22. Sleek Shelf Unit For Additional Storage

Maintain Shelf Esteem #decorhomeideas

Storage in the powder room is very important. For a clutter-free look, maximize the storage space with a shelf unit on the wall above the toilet.

Let the shelves be part of the decoration by matching them with the existing accents.

via Cathie Hong Interiors

23. Chevron Accent Wall

Minimalist Nature-Inspired Neutrals and Chevron Tile #decorhomeideas

The tiles of this accent wall reflect light and create an illusion of a larger space. The glossy grey tiles prepare a neutral backdrop for the accent shelf unit positioned above the toilet.

The attractive color of the floating shelves complements the existing copper hardware.

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24. Place To Expose Antiques

Minimalist Southwestern Bathroom Design with Antiques #decorhomeideas

The powder room can be the place where special antiques are exposed. A vintage basin sink and an authentic rug give this space a personal touch.

The interior is simple and airy thanks to the combination of white walls and wood beam lining of the attic ceiling. Altogether, this powder room evokes a minimalist southwestern vibe.

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25. Classy Lux Powder Room

Modern Design with Rich Metallics and Luminous Accents #decorhomeideas

All elements of this powder room speak about the taste for the evergreen lux of the homeowner. Although the colors of the walls are dark, the textures of the rest of the elements help the powder room feel airy and inviting.

The mirror is an important part of this decor. It is very tall and without any frame which visually elongates the wall.

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26. Deep Green With White Elegant Touches

Monochrome Montage #decorhomeideas

Choosing one tone for the entire powder room is an amazing way to create visual interest. The unusual choice of area of application creates a monochromatic touch. The color is also very important- aim at a hue that creates depth and is rich like this forest green shade.

Even the plainest bathroom essentials look more special and match perfectly the uniform backdrop.

via Anne Sage

27. Gold Accents Make The Powder Room Elegant

Pin the Pendant On the Powder Room #decorhomeideas

For a visual elongation of the powder room, match the light fixture with an element from the lower part of the room. The identical accent on the ceiling and on the floor makes the area spacious.

Metal finishes are shiny which additionally improves this effect so when choosing your vanity and lamp use this designer’s hint.

via Grey Hunt Interiors

28. Bold Red Patterned Wallpaper

Red Patterned Wallpaper, White and Silver Accessories #decorhomeideas

The red and white color combination of the patterned wallpaper gives this powder room a contemporary look. The implementation of white and silver accessories helps the ambiance feel balanced and appealing.

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29. Artistic Vanity For A Powder Room Makeover

Remember Quality Over Quantity #decorhomeideas

Use the design of the vanity to give the powder room a focal point! This room can overgo a total transformation if only the vanity is changed.

Try a design that is minimalist and modern. Choose material that has a unique texture and contrasts with the existing wall patterns.

via Leclair Decor

30. Make It Homey

Restyling a Powder Room in a Brand New Home #decorhomeideas

The interior and vibe of the powder room can be easily improved by adding a few particular decor items. A rug will give the room a homey feel as any other room does. Shiplap is a wall lining that usually covers the kitchens or the living rooms.

Bringing this lining into the powder room will unite it with the rest of the home. Small decorations are also helpful for turning the room into a belonging part of the house.

via Christene Holder

31. Farmhouse Nautical Powder Room

Start with a Plan but Adapt as You Proceed #decorhomeideas

This powder room combines farmhouse and nautical in one place. The coordinated overall look is possible thanks to moderate usage of either of them.

The rustic accessories create the texture of the interior, while the nautical accents give it this special character.

via The Learner Observer

32. Keep The Powder Room Decluttered

Stay On the Hook #decorhomeideas

The number one rule for keeping the small space appealing in look and feel is to maintain it clean and organized.

Try to include more storage solutions that will declutter the vanity countertop and the floor. Hooks, racks, and floating shelves are perfect for towel and essential storage and also act as a decor interest.

via Pure Salt Interiors

33. Make A Statement Floor

Take The Floor #decorhomeideas

The floor of the powder room is small so why not invest in gorgeous tiles to make it a statement point? Considering its size, that won’t cost much compared to special wall lining.

The pattern and the color are the aspects you can play with to create an impressive decor piece.

via Goldalamode

34. Add A Piece Of Your Heart

Traditional Eclectic Bathroom Design with Personal Touches #decorhomeideas

The neutral decor of the powder room can easily embrace personalized accents. This is great for people preferring experimenting with different vibes and decor.

The neutral tones set a universal canvas where you can mix art pieces, personal images, statues and bold accents.

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35. Mosaic Powder Room

Traditional European Design with Warm Colors #decorhomeideas

This is a representation of a classic powder room. The vanity is usually made of wood and complemented by a marble top. Usually, there is one major color that appears in the color palette of all elements.

The vanity stays in a corner to take up minimum floor space and let the rest of the room create a visual illusion of airier space.

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36. Makeover On A Budget

Updating Even a Small Powder Room Can Be Done in Stages #decorhomeideas

Looking for a powder room makeover on a budget? Luckily, the space is usually small and that respectively means a smaller investment.

Look for ways to update some of the existing elements- paint, stencils, and change the hardware can be done easily with your own hands. Apply an interesting wallpaper that will create a focal point. Continue with the small accents- use one texture to unite them and anchor a specific style in the overall look.

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