30 Best Molding Ideas To Create a Stylish and Polished Look In Each Room

Molding is one of those classy architectural elements of the indoors that give spaces a finished and elegant look.

The original molding is made from wood or gypsum and usually requires a specialist to be installed.

Luckily, technologies and material compositions improve and today we can find molding types that offer easier installation and affordable prices.

Best Molding Ideas. Best Molding Ideas. Add some texture and style to your home with these molding ideas and designs. Create an easy transition between different surfaces and materials with molding. #decorhomeideas

And if you still wonder if you need molding in your own home decor, we have created a collection of molding ideas that will easily convince you that this has been the missing puzzle piece to giving the interior character, style and added value.

1. Give The Plain Storage Unites A Customized Look

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Any plain design of a storage unit can be given a chic and elegant look with crown molding design ideas.

This molding idea features decoration of the top surfaces of a cubby bookshelf. The crown molding lifts up the height of the bookshelf and creates a ledge that adds additional storage space.

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2. DIY Wall Molding Idea

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Are you looking for an easy-to-do and affordable interior makeover? The wood panels are a great idea because they can be installed with plain tools, they can be easily adapted to the existing décor and their price is budget-friendly.

The options for wood panels are many- from size to ornaments and color. They are also a very practical solution for people with kids and pets because cleaning splashes on the wood surface is far easier than cleaning a bare painted wall.

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3. Staircase Wall Molding Accent

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If you are looking for a way to create a statement on the wall of the staircase, do it with wall molding panels. You can choose an interesting molding pattern to create an eye-catching element.

Molding can also help with uniting the adjacent spaces. Simply paint it the same color as the doors, the door frames or the windows.

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4. Closet Door Makeover

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Square molding does miracles with flat surfaces! This DIY idea inspires with easy installation, cost-effectiveness and style! The ugly closet doors get a drastic transformation with frame molding and grey paint.

The base wood and the molding frames are painted the same color to adhere to the shade of the walls that frame the closet niche.

Knobs with a golden finish highlight the ornaments and enhance the elegant design of the closet doors.

5. Faux Wall Molding With Molding Squares

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This tutorial explains how to create a faux wall panel look with square wood molding. The pieces are cut in the desired shape and then nailed to the wall.

After painting the framed wall part the color of the molding, the updated part of the wall mimics raised panel wainscoting.

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6. Window Molding Idea

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Give a fresh look to any room with this window upgrade idea. Wood trims are assembled in a frame shape that adds so much character to the otherwise plain window.

Paint the wood trims a color that matches the existing décor. White is always a good choice because it doesn’t affect the airiness of the space and yet succeeds in differentiating the interior element.

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7. Give The Kitchen Cabinets A Classy Look

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This décor idea is a simple way to upgrade the look of the plain kitchen or bathroom cabinets by giving them an elegant rustic ornament.

To make this yourself, you need a couple of final wood accents that can be bought from almost any store.

Choose among various styles and sizes the pieces that suit your cabinets.
Before screwing them to the cabinets, make sure that their look coheres with the surface finish of the cabinet wood.

This is a simple décor hint that makes such a big difference, and that only for $5!

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8. DIY Wainscoting Idea

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Wainscoting is one of the best décor solutions capable to add value and elegance to the home décor. Most people think it is too expensive but not if you make it yourself by following the hints in the tutorial below.

Wainscoting panels can cover transitional walls that are missing interest and a feature to blend with the rest of the interior. They are also a good option for turning a bare wall into a statement piece.

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9. Dress The Staircase Post With Molding

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The smallest molding panels can be used to cover an old post. This idea can inspire a staircase makeover or a DIY mailbox feature.

This particular idea shows how easy it is to assemble molding pieces around a staircase railing post in a box shape. The final look adds character and style that matches the staircase wall finish.

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10. Modern Upgrade Of The Kitchen Cabinets

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The X-sections of furniture are a very popular means to give old or rustic furniture a modern twist.

No need for a carpenter, only some time and a mitter saw. Prepare plain wooden slats and cut them to size to mount on an existing cabinet side.

If you are looking for a subtle modern touch, paint the molding the same color as the cabinet. For an improved point of interest, match the wood trim color with the countertop or another accent in the room.

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11. Elegant Doorway With A Plinth Block

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This idea can be implemented when the original door frame is damaged or when the match between the baseboard and the door frame is not smooth.

The plinth blocks that are used for the finish of vertical molding are great for this door frame upgrade. When added to the base of the frame, they add a structural dimension and elegance. Once the piece is nailed to the base, caulk the holes and paint over.

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12. Frame Molding For Sockets

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Have you ever thought that a small and simple interior element like the switch cover can have such a great décor impact? This DIY idea proves that any boring plastic surface can be upgraded to have an elegant design with molding pieces.

The molding here actually pictures frame molding that fits the size of the switch covers. You can get good-looking frames from any Dollar Store and even a thrift shop if you are looking for a more vintage look.

13. Decorative Molding For Staircase

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These molding pieces are originally designed to close at the sides of a crown molding. Their shape has inspired a new application- decoration of the stair steps.

The patterns of this molding piece are various, all revealing beautiful shapes mimicking gypsum castings.

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14. Upgrade A Plain Door With Square Molding

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For this door upgrade idea, you can use wood trim or Styrofoam molding trims. In both cases, you can choose the pattern of ornament alignment and also apply the color of your choice.

Adding to the door surface is easy with a suitable adhesive that will keep the trims in place. This simple modification makes any boring flat door stylish and appealing.

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15. Panels Above The Mantel For An Elegant Finish

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Add height to the fireplace to enhance its home décor impact and differentiate it from the rest of the interior.

While covering the wall with tiles, wooden boards or drywall can be time and money-consuming, the molding panels are a budget-friendly alternative to extend the heart in height.

Paint the molding the same color as the fireplace frame to blend the elements and create a final united look.

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16. Faux Baseboard To Upgrade The Wall

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If you want to have a higher wall baseboard there is a way to do it without changing the existing one.

Once you have figured out the desired height of the “new” baseboard, use square molding to mark its top point which will give a visual illusion of a higher baseboard.

Nail the pieces to the wall using a leveler or a flat wood piece as a spacer.

In the end, simply paint the gap formed between the existing baseboard and the added molding white.

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17. Chic Door Upgrade With Round Moldings

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These round molding pieces used to be a trend for ceiling décor in the past. Nowadays, they inspire easy DIY projects for flat surface updates.

You can add them to a wall or to a door to create an elegant touch to the bare surface. The material the round moldings are made from offers easy installation and also the possibility to be painted with acrylic paints.

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18. Give The Cabinets An Elegant Vintage Look

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Another great molding décor idea that can give a brand new look to the old square cabinets at home!

You can update the bathroom cabinets, the vanity, the kitchen island and the cabinets.
Get curvy wood legs and cut them to the size of the gap between the cabinet and the floor.

These legs won’t be functional so you can fix them with an adhesive only. Fill the gaps between the newly added legs with curved wood trims to complete the storage furniture revamp.

19. Easy DIY Paneled Door Idea

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You can change your door look from plain and flat into paneled and elegant with the thinnest modling sections offered at the stores. They are cheap, appr. $Door DIY are some of the easiest, to make 5 square sections and easy to install.

Use a nail gun to fix the pieces on the door surface and then paint them the color you like. The final look mimics a customized structured door.

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20. Molding And Paint For A Front Door Transformation

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What a marvelous change to the front door with a simple addition- a molding piece atop the door and a new paint coat!

The molding piece costs only $13 and is made from foam so installation is surely not on the problem list.

Once it is fixed to the top of the front door frame, start painting. Choose a color that will give the design a contemporary look and then apply it to all elements evenly.

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21. How To Install Molding With No Tools

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This post comes to help when you need a more affordable solution for a décor improvement imitating wood molding.

There is a cheap alternative to the wood material which offers easy installation and the same final look.

Molding pieces are made from foam and are fixed to the surfaces with a suitable adhesive.

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22. Unite Your Windows With Wood Trims

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This inspiring idea is helpful for all of you that are looking for a way to unite small separate windows into one complete and impacting source of light.

Once the wood trims are in place and are painted the desired color, you would be amazed by the significant interior change that simple DIY has made.

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23. Ceiling Decoration With Square Molding

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Decorating the ceiling with square moldings is an easy DIY idea that can give a transitional part of your home a character.

You can use foam or wood square moldings in the pattern you like to create an ornamented layer of the flat bare ceiling.

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24. DIY Modern Baseboards

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Whether you use foam or wood molding pieces, there is always a possibility that they do not match perfectly together. This problem can be easily solved with caulk.

Fill the gaps with the calking adhesive, let it dry, and then coat it with paint.

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25. Arrange Molding In Interesting Patterns

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The square molding is perfect for creating an interesting pattern on plain walls or doors. You can use wood or foam squares for this idea.

First, choose a pattern and then start cutting the parts to resemble the final pattern.

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26. Panels For Bathroom Wall Molding

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The panel molding works perfectly in any indoor space. Here, we can admire the beautiful transformation of a bathroom.

After the panels have been added to the bottom part of the wall, the area gets a brand new look that fascinates with elegance and character.

27. Increase Visual Height With Molding

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Crown molding design ideas can transform the boring plain surfaces into impacting structural elements!

Use the crown molding to visually lift up the height of doors, windows and fireplaces. Added pieces create a visual illusion for taller walls and improve the airy feel.

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28. Frame Your Doorways Without Special Tools

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Framing the doorways with molding makes such a huge interior impact! See how the added crown molding gives the door opening a finished look!

Its white color lets the special décor element stand out and at the same time acts as a feature uniting all spaces.

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29. Paneling On The Top Of The Wall

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Wonder why this paneling has been mounted atop the doors? This has been a clever solution for homeowners to visually level all existing doors.

They have used the services of a carpenter but you can perform the idea your way with cheaper materials and small modifications.

Use square molding pieces, foam boards and paint to create the panels and create this lovely architectural detail.

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30. Easy DIY Window Trim

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Adding wood trims to a window creates character and depth that matches traditional and farmhouse interiors. Depending on the visual impact you want to achieve, the molding can be left in its original brown color, or be painted or stained.

The added framing differentiates the windows from the rest of the décor and gives them a finished look.

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