56 Amazing Fireplace Design Ideas For Cozy Warmth All Year Long

The fireplace is often accepted as the heart of the room and therefore it deserves special attention.

Some people tend to prefer traditional fireplace designs, others look for a way to give it a more contemporary look that blends with the modern vibe of the interior.

Best Fireplace Ideas And Designs. There's nothing like snuggling up in a blanket next to a toasty fireplace in the cooler months. See these gorgeous fireplace ideas and designs and inspire yourself. #decorhomeideas

What unites them all is their aim to use the fireplace as a means to add coziness and warmth all year long.

Our collection of 56 Amazing Fireplace Design Ideas is your source of inspiration for a quick makeover or simple update of the fireplace so that it enhances the homely feel of your space.

1. Style a Fireplace Mantel for a Cozy and Inviting Living Room

Abundantly Accessorized Mantel on White Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The fireplace mantel is the perfect spot to give your living room a homely look.

Add farmhouse elements such as signs, wooden framed pictures, a rustic handmade clock in combination with vintage candlesticks to enhance the warmth of this architectural part of your home.

via Holly Grace

2. Modify Fireplace with Stacked Stone Tiles and Curved Design

Angles and Curves Makes Architectural Sense #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The fireplace can be given a point of interest by lining it up with textured stacked stone tiles.

You can use them to change the standard rectangular shape of the fireplaces by ending the top part with curves.

3. Upgrade a Fireplace with Cheap Gypsum Stacked Stone Tiles

A Simple Field Stone Fireplace and Mantle #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

A budget-friendly solution for a fireplace makeover is possible with gypsum tiles mimicking stacked stone.

They come in various natural colors that enhance the faux authentic look.

Combine with rustic accents and seasonal decors such as throw pillows, blankets and personalized elements that match the coziness the fireplace creates.

via Love Create Celebrate

4. Suave Farmhouse Fireplace with Pebble-Like Textured Tiles

Beige and Gray Pebbled Neutral Tiled Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The colors of this fireplace are neutral but the texture of its lining makes it outstanding.

The structure is covered with small tiles mimicking pebbles which has a farmhouse feel with a sophisticated touch.

via Engineer Your Space

5. Give a Fireplace an Updated Look with Black and White Tiles

Black Mantel with Black and White Tile #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The fireplace can be given an updated modern look with affordable supplies.

Contemporary black and white patterned tiles combined with a classic black mantel base. If your fireplace is already outlined with carved elements, you can simply paint them bold black.

via Jones Design Co.

6. Get a Rustic Look with a Boarded Up and Lovely Faux Fireplace

Boarded Up and Beautiful Faux Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If you are not lucky to have a real fireplace in your home, you can faux it to enhance the warm vibe of your personal coast.

Use gypsum, wooden or styrofoam supports to shape the mantel base. Close the gap formed with warm brown boards to complete the illusion.

via Roots and Wings Furniture

7. Bring Nature into Your Home with Naturalistic Faux Fireplace

Charming and Filled with Character Faux Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Another DIY idea of a faux fireplace features a naturalistic screen filling the gap formed by the mantel panels.

It is covered with slices of branches and moss filling. This idea makes an amazing connection with the outer world and lets you enjoy the coziness of the fireplace without the dirt the burning of wood makes.

via Repurpose and Upcycle

8. Modernize Your Fireplace with Marble Tiles

Classic White Paneling with Marble Surround #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Give the classic fireplace design idea a modern touch by lining the walls with marble tiles.

This is an easy and affordable idea for a fireplace makeover with clean lines and a luxurious look.

via HGTV

9. Farmhouse Minimalist Statement with Shiplap Fireplace Wall

Continuous and Classic Dramatic Tall White Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Use the fireplace as a living room statement! Line the wall up the fireplace with shiplap all way up the ceiling.

Enjoy the pureness of the white color adding the classic look of the fireplace together with the farmhouse minimalist effect the shiplap creates.

Use the tall surface to attach the TV on and let it feel belonging to the interior.

via Home and Hallow

10. Upgrade a Fireplace with Wall Elements and Rustic Paneling

Fireplace with Look of Built-In Furniture #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The elegant look of the traditional fireplace is enhanced with additional wall elements giving it more dimension and texture.

The paneling used for the wall above the mantel is of a similar rustic design as that of the fireplace surrounding storage furniture and that gives this living room an uncomparable homely feel.

11. Bring Rustic Elegance with Barn Wood Sliding Doors

Fitted Field Stone Topped with Barn Doors #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The barn wood sliding doors above the mantel are multifunctional. First, they add another natural texture to the stone-lined fireplace and smooth the cold vibe of the stone with the warmth of the farmhouse wood.

Secondly, they hide the TV unit letting it blend with the rustic decor and displacing it from the focus.

12. Enhance a Living Room Fireplace with Stone and Brick Tiles

Full-Length Mantle Floats Amidst Stone Facade #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Use the fireplace to create the living room statement wall. There is a wide variety of linings you can use to create a point of interest that matches the existing decor.

Stone and brick tiles are preferred for this application because they match the authentic value of the fireplace and give it an updated and appealing look.

via Kelly Elko

13. Maximize Your Fireplace Space with Built-In Shelves

Gas Fireplace Blends with Built-In Shelves #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Frame your fireplace with built-in shelves. This practical idea lets you give the statement fireplace wall another function. The design of the shelves is very important and should be coherent with the design of the fireplace.

This idea is universal for all types of fireplaces – traditional wood-burning fireplaces, gas fireplaces or electric fireplaces.

via House Haven

14. Add Depth and Interest to Fireplace Wall with Gray and White

Grey, White and Silver Highlights #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Use the shades of one color to give the fireplace wall a point of interest. They can be applied to the furniture adjacent to it and on the fireplace itself.

Accentuate with elements in matching colors and style to strengthen the decor impact.

via Shoot Factory

15. Fireplace Makeover with Natural Stone and Wood Panels

Horizontal Lines Top a Stone Surround #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

A combination of natural materials is the perfect choice for an updated look of the fireplace. Cover the heated zones with stone tiles.

For the mantel and the wall, you can use wood panels as they are not in direct contact with the fire. Shiplap boards are one of the best choices as they balance with the stone and add a rustic vibe.

via Our Vintage Nest

16. Modern Fireplace with Kaleidoscope Tiles and Wood Mantel

Kaleidoscope Gray and White Tiled Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Add a pop of interest with unique fireplace tiles. This kaleidoscope printed design adds warm grey and white that match the trendy interior.

The mantel is made from a solid wood beam that adds nature to the modern design. The character of this space is enhanced by the decoration with live plants dangling from the mantel stating that this is not just a place but a home.

via Jessic Welling Interiors

17. Make Your Fireplace a Bold Focal Point with Dark Gray

Magnificent Monotone Fireplace Wall in Dark Gray #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Another idea of turning the fireplace into the living room focal point us painting it a rich color contrasting the rest of the walls.

The dark grey in this example creates an elegant feel enhanced by the combination of the natural texture of brick and shiplap.

via Dans Le Lakehouse

18. Stunning White Marble Fireplace with Gray Accents 

Marble Surround and Dark Grey Anchor Space #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

White marble with grey splashes helps the traditional fireplace to stand out. Deep grey paneling frames it and at the same time anchor the warming feature in dimension.

The color combination repeats on an accent adjacent to it represented by elegant curtains.

via Beck Design Blog

19. Transform a Fireplace with Molding and Solid Wood Mantel

Molded Fireplace Frame with Rustic Wood Mantel #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Use molding parts to give the fireplace a new look. The white color of the molding brightens up the interior and creates a visually appealing relation with the rustic sitting furniture.

Mantel from solid wood beam creates a rustic point of interest leaving a dedicated place for seasonal nature-inspired decoration.

via Vintage Refined

20. Revamp Stone Fireplace with Solid Wood Mantel  

Natural Stone and a Corner Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The traditional stone fireplace is given a fresh look with an added solid wood mantel supported by rustic corbels.

Greenery adds a pop of color and frames an antique wall clock to become the focal point in the arrangement.

via Fischer Homes

21. Uniform Material Application for Outdoor Fireplace Aesthetics

Natural Stone Fireplace Warms Outside Space #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Create a continuous look of the outdoor fireplace by covering all basic and adjacent structures with identical material.

Stone or bricks are perfect for outdoor exposure.

via Simmons Estate Homes

22. Turn a Fireplace into a Lovely Family Display with Letter Art 

Neutral Theme and Dark Mantle Update Ranch Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This inspiring idea turns the fireplace into a display of family decor accents.

Letter art and signs celebrate the formation of a family and the creation of a place called home.

Farmhouse pieces tie up the arrangement and enhance the homely feel.

via Home With Lo

23. Express Your Personality with a Living Room Fireplace

No More Writer's Block Vintage Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is an attractive part of the living room and usually, it serves more than just a source of heat.

Make it the spot where you can reveal your personality by adding your hobby or work supplies or tools there.

via Holiday Co

24. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Rustic Kitchen Fireplace

Old-World Fireplace Becomes Kitchen Focal Point #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Add an inspiring sign over the mantel that relates to the function of the fireplace. We tend to gather around it to get warmed up by the relaxing flames of the burning wood.

Gather is a value every family praises and there is no doubt why the sign displaying this word finds its place there.

via The Rambling Redhead

25. Stand Out with Cabin-Style Fireplace and Vintage Lighting

Old World Wooden Fireplace Surround #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This cabin-style fireplace is built in a traditional home where style and elegance dominate. The wood beams forming the funnel-shaped wall lining let the fireplace be the focal point.

The wood structure continues up to the ceiling and is complemented by beams framing a vintage light fixture.

via HGTV

26. Get a Contemporary Vibe with a Black Brick Fireplace

Paint it Black for a Modern Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a budget-friendly fireplace makeover, do it with paint. The typical fireplace is usually made from bricks and their color can be easily changed with a suitable paint type.

In this example, the authors stake on black which adds a contemporary feel to the interior. Combined with a cement fireplace shelf and a mantel from wood, the fireplace has a modern farmhouse look.

via Bright Green Door

27. Add a Touch of Elegance with Painted White Stone Fireplace

Painted Stone Creates Simple White Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Stone can also be painted or covered with grout to give the fireplace a brand new look. This idea features transforming the typical grey stone fireplace into a white focal point which lets it stand out against the grey color of the adjacent walls.

Combined with a black metal frame of the fireplace door, it features a contemporary design achieved with affordable investment.

via Greige Design

28. Spruce Up Your Fireplace with Exotic Tiles Design

Painted Tile Creates Delicate Highlight #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The cheerful design of these tiles gives the fireplace an exotic touch that complements the decor elements in the living room.

Minimalist accents represented by a simple wood planter and metal see-through wood log stand let the vivid colors of the tiles and the carpet feel balanced.

via Studio Palomino

29. Create Cozy Ambiance with Reclaimed Barn Board Fireplace 

Recycled Farmhouse Wood Creates Unique Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The coziness of this fireplace idea is achieved by the reclaimed barn boards added up to the ceiling.

They give the fireplace a warm ad weathered appearance that makes the living room inviting and authentic.

via Atlanta Specialty Woods

30. Transform a Weathered Timber into a Cozy Fireplace Mantle

Recycled Timber Mantle and White Brick #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Your white brick fireplace needs a simple addition to become the coziest spot in your living room that will welcome the whole family to gather together for sweet talks. A solid timber that has signs of weathering will no longer be useful as a building support piece.

Upcycling it into a fireplace mantle lets it spread the warmth and uniqueness around the room. It easily becomes the best place to display rustic ornaments and family-inspired accents which enhance the personalized touch incorporated in the interior.

via Lauren Fair

31. Create a Lavish Look with Upcycled Wood Fireplace

Recycled Wood Makes Strong Horizontal Statement #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Upcycling reclaimed wood turned into fireplace lining makes the living room a cozy personalized place. No need for special treatment of the wood or changing its original texture.

The signs of age and weathering make the fireplace more charming and inviting.

Add green plants in plain clay pots to accentuate how special and important the connection with nature is.

via Joanna Gaines

32. Enhance a Protruding Fireplace with Contrast and Character

Red Brick Anchors a Tall Space #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

In case the fireplace is not built in the wall but protruding, you need to use its visual specific to give the interior some character. It is best to do it with materials that create contrast with the adjacent wall and yet include a feature to blend it with the interior.

The warm red color of the bricks combined with white grout gives this fireplace a visual point of interest without going too far away from the traditional look of the fireplace. At the same time, this natural material coordinates with the wood floor and the butcher board coffee tables and other modern farmhouse accents in this interior.

via Beth Bryan Designs

33. Fireplace with Alternating Brick Patterns and White Accents

Red Brick Texture Makes Fireplace Stand Out #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This is another design idea of how bricks can make a fireplace stand out. The designer here plays with the alignment of the bricks alternating horizontal, vertical and herringbone patterns.

White grouting coordinates with the white storage furniture next to the fireplace and the white accents decorate the sitting area to give the living room elements a uniting feature.

via Rafter House

34. Add Texture to Your Fireplace with Shades of Gray

Rich Gray with Ornate Screen Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The grey touches in this room make it elegant and appealing. The different grey shades differentiate the elements of the room.

The dark grey bricks let the fireplace stand out while the paler grey hues complement and enhance it as the focal point.

The mantel and the screen add texture and dimension to the fireplace giving the rough brick material an elegant touch.

via Shabby Paints

35. Bring Warmth to Your Home with Rough Stones Fireplace

Rough Geometric Stone and Carved Wood Mantle #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The large space of this living room lets the owners be bolder in textures and shapes. The focal point here is dedicated to the fireplace taking a central place.

The rough stones it is built from remind pavers. Each stone is of a different size and shape and uniformity is certainly not the goal here. On the contrary, the uniqueness of every stone is what makes the fireplace stand out.

via One Kind Design

36. Enhance Fireplace and TV Unit with White Shiplap Boards

Seamless Shiplap Covered Modern Farmhouse Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Give the modern look of your fireplace and TV unit a warm farmhouse look by surrounding them with white shiplap boards.

The white color and the neat alignment will relax your sight and will give the new technology a homely look.

via Micheala Diane Designs

37. Add Art to Your Walls with a White Contoured Fireplace

Slate Gray and White Contoured Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The visual interest in this fireplace idea is featured by the two-colored identical bookcases framing it.

The pink and white color combo is not a traditional choice for a living room. This color choice cheers up the traditional feel of the living room created by the classic white and grey hues incorporated in the rest of the basic room elements.

via Southern Nell

38. Bring Rustic Charm with a Fieldstones Fireplace

Stacked Field Stone and Heavy Timber Mantle #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Fieldstone is a material that is mostly used in outdoor fireplace structures. Brought inside to line up the fireplace makes an amazing visual interest.

Decorated with vintage items represented by a large lantern holding candles and a timber mantle displaying more candles lets the outdoor-style fireplace belongs to the cozy indoors.

via Normerica

39. Whitewashed Brick Fireplace with Modern Farmhouse Charm

Stately White Columns and White Washed Brick #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting material combination that gives a fireplace a modern farmhouse look. Whitewashed bricks surround the fireplace and stand out against the white mantel molding with carved ornaments.

The continuous look is kept all way up to the ceiling to displace the focus from the TV unit standing on the mantle.

via Its Anna Blog

40. Stone Fireplace with Natural Fieldstone and Metal Screen

Stone Fireplace with Above-Mantle Inset #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The natural fieldstone surrounds the fireplace to bring a piece of the landscape into the living room. The classic material is complemented by a metal screen closing the fireplace and lanterns of the same design.

The stone lining continues up to the ceiling to end in the shape of a house roof under which two topiary trees stay.

This motif represents visually the homely effect of the fireplace in the interior.

via Gabriel Builders

41. Unwind on Cozy Flagstones Fireplace with Decorative Accents

Stunning Stone Facade and Seating Warm Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Make the fireplace more appealing even with an attic-like ceiling. No need to get out of the specific architecture, on the contrary- use it to create a bolder visual interest.

Flagstones cover the fireplace and the wall above it to add warmth and texture with their earthy color. Added fireplace mantle from wood ensures space for decor pieces that enhance the farmhouse vibe in the interior complemented by a leaning ladder for blankets and pillows anchoring the fireplace as the coziest spot.

via Love Your Home Blog

42. Authentic Cabin Fireplace with Carved Mantel Ornaments

Substantial Wood Creates a Strong Statement #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If you prefer the traditional cabin-style look of the fireplace, leave the wood paneling in an authentic brown color.

The carved ornaments on the mantel bases will still be visible when combined with the stone lining of the heated fireplace compartment.

via Cobblestone Farms

43. Merge Farmhouse Textures and Modern Design

Sweeping Curves Create Warm Alcove #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The sculptural fireplaces give architectural interest and depth to the living space. A combination of fieldstone, marble, metal and wood features all varieties of farmhouse textures in one place.

The transition piece blending the farmhouse with the contemporary design is the drywall chimney structure keeping the earthy color choice continuos but yet featuring a modern finish.

44. Create a Rustic Atmosphere with a Modern Shiplap Fireplace 

Sweet and Simple Shiplap Rustic Modern Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This white airy living room doesn’t need anything more to feel more inviting. Shiplap fireplace lining in white features a rustic fireplace design idea with a modern touch.

The black metal frame of the fireplace matches with the contemporary TV unit attached to the wall above to let it feel belonging in the cozy rustic living room.

via The Coastal Oak

45. Revamp Your Fireplace with Stylish Tiles

Tiny White Hexagon Covered Modern Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Easily change the look of your fireplace with tiles. You can find a wide variety of tiles suitable for this application.

The pattern and the shape of the tiles are what will let you achieve a missing effect in the interior. The hexagonal style of the shown tiles adds modern aesthetics without overwhelming.

via Sunny Side Design

46. Turn Brick Fireplace into Modern Showcase with Whitewash 

Traditional Meets Modern in this White Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Give your traditional brick fireplace a modern touch with one simple hack. Whitewash the bricks using suitable white paint and a brush.

Add metal accents for a minimalist touch or bold black ornaments for an industrial feel.

via Love My DIY Home

47. Define Style and Elegance with a Rustic Fieldstone Fireplace

Transitional Stone and White Wood Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

The fireplace is not only giving a warm feeling to a room, but it also defines the style of the rest of the elements.

The rustic fieldstone forming the basis of the fireplace is framed by pure white wood panels with ornaments. The elegant rustic is anchored by the fireplace and sets the need for cozy retro furniture to match it.

via A Well Dressed Home

48. Colorful DIY Fireplace Makeover with Striped Tiles

Vertical Multicolored Tile and White Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Need a pop of color? Do it with colorful tiles around the fireplace. This idea is a simple DIY update that gives an instant interior effect making the room more personalized and unique.

The pattern of the tiles chosen for this fireplace makeover features stripes in alternating dark earthy tones which repeat colors already seen in the rest of the room to give the overall decor a united and unique look.

49. Accent Your Fireplace Mantel with a Vintage Window Frame

Vintage Window Frame Tops Eclectic Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Keep your room farmhouse cozy with a repurposed fireplace mantle decoration bringing a unique outdoor element inside.

The vintage arched window frame stays in the center of a simple farmhouse arrangement. The etched glass panels let you see the shiplap paneling behind popping out with its inviting milky blue color with a distressed finish.

It makes an amazing visual connection with the color of the fireplace basis to give this architecture element a stylish united look.

via The Lettered Cottage

50. Deck the Halls with White and Gray Fireplace

White and Grey Modern Farmhouse Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If your fireplace is too traditional boring, you can give it a fresh appealing look with paint. The modern grey hues of the walls adjacent to the fireplace make it easy to choose its new color.

White is pure, white is neutral, white is airy. White succeeds in transforming items dramatically. It makes a stylish contrast with the existing grey and spreads brightness in the room.

via Love of Homes

51. Transform Your Fireplace with a Fresh Coat of White Paint

White Brick Painted Corner Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

This is another good example of how a coat of white paint can do a miracle with your fireplace. The white color in this example also helps enhance the airy feel of the room.

The fireplace is nested in the corner and if remaining in dark colors, it could close the space. The white color makes it possible to create a visual illusion for a larger space and transform the traditional design of the fireplace into a modern architectural element.

via Grace Oaks Designs

52. Get a Polished Look with White Faux Fireplace with Logs

White Faux Fireplace with Lots of Logs #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have a fireplace, faux it! We have seen a number of ideas including cardboard or styrofoam structures mimicking a fireplace.

This one doesn’t require building an additional element. It uses an existing wall to faux it with simple materials. Panels in white and a screen with log slices that remind the typical look of a fireplace ready to be used.

via Junk To Gems

53. Add Splendour with Modern Gypsum Tiles Fireplace

White Modern and Elegant Focal Point #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Salvage the old fireplace with a geometric structure lined with modern gypsum tiles. This makeover pairs traditional with minimalist.

The white and grey hues of the stone help the upgrade goal of being one of the trendiest interior color combinations.

54. Add a Touch of Homely Luxury with Barn Doors Fireplace

White Washed Brick with Gray Barn Doors #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

You can give your fireplace a warm look with a simple addition- barn wood doors.

They are small, easy to be made at home with reclaimed wood. Close the fireplace when you don’t use the fireplace and yet feel its inviting vibe spread by the farmhouse charm of the barn wood.

Combine with other retro items such as lanterns, wicker baskets, throw pillows and blankets to anchor the relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

via Sweet Inspirations By JP Designs

55. Be Charmed with a Rustic Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Wall

Wonderful Wall of Wood Fireplace Design #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

Make the wall of your fireplace dramatic! Reclaimed wood laths in earthy tones create a personalized pattern that speaks for nothing but artistic rustic effect.

The shades of wood add the missing warmth in the living room that pairs with the neutral tones of the rest of the architectural elements.

via A Life Unfolding

56. Modern Farmhouse Fireplace with Shiplap Lining 

Wood and White Modern Farmhouse Fireplace #fireplace #design #decorhomeideas

If you want to escape from the traditional fireplace without ruining its warming the atmosphere function, use shiplap lining for the wall. Pure white with dark grey gaps creates a modern farmhouse statement that opens up the space.

The wooden mantel represented by a simple timber piece reveals the original wood texture that contrasts with the white paneling.

The fireplace mantle is your space to enhance the homely vibe so add a sign or family photos that will drag attention.

via Claire Lynn Home