26 Amazing Fireplace Tile Ideas

The fireplace is supposed to be an eye-catching centerpiece. But if yours is grabbing attention for all the wrong reasons, consider giving it a beautification with stylish tile.

There are tons of great options available that will convert a sad fire surround into a feature you will simply love. Are you in?

Amazing Fireplace Tile Ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

These 26 Amazing fireplace tile ideas will inspire you to design a hearthside worthy of cozying up to year round.

1. Ceramic Accent

Fireplace tile ideas design #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


If you want to give your fireplace a simple and stylish look, a great choice would be ceramic tiles. They are one of the most common modern fireplace tile ideas.

The ceramic tiles are usually offered in a wide range of colors and patterns as well as shapes (such as a subway tile fireplace).

2. Marble for a Timeless Look

Fireplace tile ideas textured design #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Why don’t you give the fireplace at home a timeless, chic, and luxurious look by using a marble tile fireplace surround?

People usually love the tile fireplace ideas with marble as it makes a strong statement and adds some additional glamour and versatility to the living room.

3. Cement Means Style

Fireplace cement tiles ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Cement tiles have been embellishing upscale floors for centuries mainly because they are very durable, and come in a broad range of colorful patterns.

Along with the other tile fireplace surround ideas I’ve prepared for you, consider using cement tiles for your fireplace to create a stylish centerpiece in the house.

4. Moroccan Inspiration

Wood grain finish fireplace tile ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


I know that even though, the internet is full of tile around fireplace ideas, sometimes is quite hard to find something you really love and that makes you feel warm and cozy.

Take a look at this pretty Moroccan inspired print – the colors, the pattern, and the natural feel of the wood grain finish is just fantastic!

5. Mixing Styles

Glass mosaic fireplace tile ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

If the matchy-matchy décoration is not your thing, spice the things up a little by combining two different types of tile, for instance, Carrara marble with a glass mosaic.

6. Farmhouse Charm

Fireplace tile ideas with wood surrounds #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


…and here is something for the fans of the rustic tile ideas for a fireplace!

This farmhouse inspired, features a black tile back panel and a white tile front panel in a charming herringbone pattern. We love how the wood mantel jumps out against the crumbly, white brick.

7. Mediterranean Vibe

Morrocan fireplace tile ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Transform the fireplace at home into a beautiful Mediterranean centerpiece. This design would fit great a beach style living room. Great example of fireplace with doors on each

Definitely one of my favorite fireplace tiles surrounds ideas!

8. Porcelain Fireplace

Modern fireplace tile ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

Porcelain tile is now the go-to product for fireplaces. First of all, it is very versatile, and then, the tiles from porcelain are available in a wide range of colors and shapes and a variety of coatings to be incorporated such as metal, linen, and leather.

If your home has contemporary look, consider covering the entire wall behind the fireplace with porcelain fire tiles in large format, executing one of the timeless fireplace tile surrounds ideas.

9. Stained Glass Tiles For The Fireplace

Tiled fireplace makeover #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


When I decided to refresh my fireplace, I first spoke to a friend of mine who’s an interior designer.

He suggested me to find and select some contemporary fireplace tile surround ideas as it would help me to modernize the entire living room.

So I finally covered the fire surround with some stained glass tiles, similar to those ones on the picture. Now, I’ve got an eye-catching centerpiece that makes all my friends envious.  😉

10. Vibrant Modern Tiles

Fireplace tile pattern ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


The avant-garde gas fireplaces are welcomed in any home thanks to their easy operation and most importantly the warmth they bring. Great example of fireplace with windows on each side.

Keep in mind that If you are creating a floor covering in the room where is the planned fitting of the fireplace, you need to beware of the strength of the relevant supporting substrate fireplace.

11. Choose Stone

Corner Fireplace Tile Ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want like the ceramic and the cement, why don’t you look for some stone tile fireplace ideas?

It can also create a contemporary unpretentious look, without needing a lot of maintenance. This one is built-in corner fireplace.

12. Serene and Sculpted

Fireplace Tile Ideas Seaside Design #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


The fireplace reflects the strong beachy vibe of the living room with Cobalt blue tile.

In order to keep the main focus on the decorated surround, the mantel decor is minimalistic.

13. Make a Strong Statement

Plain Tiled Fireplace Ideas #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

One of the easiest fireplace design ideas with tile is to make a strong contrast between the fireplace surround and the mantel. You can do it with the colors, the shapes, or the materials used.

14. Marble…Again

Fireplace Beige Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Continuing with the marble tile fireplace ideas…

These stylish 1×3 inch marbles tile with a herringbone pattern transform the boring classic fireplace into a wonderful focal point that makes the entire space warm and cozy.

15. Inspired By Nature

Beautiful Fireplace With Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


The Mediterranean style tiles in natural colors stylishly frame this fireplace.

The mantel plays as an extension of a wooden ledge that hugs the wall and provides space to display greenery in a beautiful pottery, and a basic rustic candle holder.

16. Beach House Theme

Small tiles fireplace makeover #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Here is another gorgeous fireplace transformation with tiles from Lowes and some planked wood painted in snow white.

The additional elements give a strong breezy feel of the entire space.

17. Colorful Tiles

Colorful Tiled Fireplace #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Since there are tons of various options to choose from when looking for some contemporary fireplace tile ideas, you can give a full freedom to your creativity.

You can choose tiles that fit the colors of the walls, the floor or elements in the interior design of the room such as the window treatments, the furniture, or the lighting equipment.

Consider the fireplace tiles a different kind of wall decorations.

18. Cutting-Edge Fireplace Design

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" The heart of our home❤ This fireplace needed quite a facelift when we first moved in. Originally I wanted bricks treated with German smear, but buying a house has quite an impact on your design budget. Am I right? Friends, I am a firm believer in the power of patience and pinching pennies and of course, PAINT. With a little chalk paint and a great stencil, this has become my favorite spot in our home. And of course, a great place to display some work from my talented friends. " ~ @heathernicoledesigns #cuttingedgestencils #ihavethisthingwithtile #tiles #lovewhereyoudwell #bhg #howyouhome #chalkpaint #homegoods #homeinspo #wayfair #homeinspiration #loveyourhabitat #diy #designinterior #interiorinspo #interiorinspiration #interiordecor #interiordecorating #accentwall #pretty #upcycle #upcycled #repurpose #homeandgarden #interiores #interior2you #anthropologie

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Can you believe this stylish fireplace is being made by a bit of chalk paint, a great stencil (pattern), and… a lot of patience, of course?

This design surely goes to my list of fireplace tile surround ideas!

19. Hand-Painted Tiles

Cement Tile Fireplace Design #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Hand-painted tiles surely add a strong artisanal appeal to your fireplace surround, but they are quite costly (their price can go up to $50 per square foot?!!).

To save some cash, you can just paint affordable plain white tiles before installing them.

To do so, you will need a stencil for the pattern and craft paint that is both waterproof and scuff resistant.

20. Funky Accent

Framed Fireplace With Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Searching for some fireplace tile design ideas? Take a look at this one in the picture above then!

I just love how the wallop of the buttery color of the back panel jumps out against the patterned grey tiles.  😕

21. Countryside Chic

Country Decorated Fireplace Wtih Green Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


The texture is often neglected when decorating tinier spaces but getting a lovely combination of tactile accessories is just as essential as in a more spacious area – particularly compelling if you have smooth, glossy tiles.

The rustic materials, such as timber and rattan, create a strong visual and physical contrast and look amazing when layered up.

Finish the look by adding a few cracks of color with spring flowers in an oversized vase.

22. Rustic Patterned Tiles

Fireplace Tiles Ideas In Blue #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

Choosing patterned tiles for reviving your old boring fireplace can create a striking contrast in the entire living room.

You can quietly enjoy the result while staying in the sitting area.

23. Contemporary Looking Fireplace

Super Modern Fireplace With Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

You don’t need to overemphasize with the decoration of the fireplace in order to bring a contemporary and sophisticated look. Simplicity is timeless.

Pick some simple decorative tiles for the mantle and the entire fireplace décor, that will certainly bring your fireplace in focus.

24. Tin Tile Fireplace Makeover

Tin Tile Fireplace Makeover #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas


Here is a proof that one of your most favorite tile around fireplace ideas could be easily made for $135 dollars and some free time.

This tin tile fireplace makeover will surely be the new centerpiece in the living room.

25. (Almost) All-White Fireplace

Fireplace Tile Pattern Ideas and Design #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

When deciding on tile fireplace ideas, it is essential to choose the right color to either match your existing vibe or make a statement that attracts attention.

The white color, for instance, makes an elegant statement and give a stylish look at the entire living room. Add some cool pattern so it won’t turn into a boring fireplace.

26. Mosaic Tiles

Vintage Styled Fireplace With Tiles #fireplace #fireplacedesign #tile #fireplacetile #decorhomeideas

Mosaic tiles will bring your old, boring fireplace at the focal point.

When using mosaic tiles on the surround, dare to mix in some different colors and create a vintage-inspired look.


The cozy and romantic vibe spread around the fireplace will surely make everyone enjoy in its magic. It gives a strong character to the living space in which it is placed and creates a warm feeling to the person sitting in front of it.

I hope you enjoyed reading my list of 26 one-of-a-kind fireplace tile ideas! Cheers x

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