32 Smart Over the Toilet Storage Ideas To Help You Keep Everything In Place

Opposite its look, the small bathroom can accommodate a lot of stuff and be as convenient and comfortable as a large one.

Focusing on the correct storage solutions and thinking mostly vertically, the bathroom can turn into a stylish place with a strong design connection to the rest of the home and with an appealing interior that will confirm the good taste of the homeowners.

We want to help you make your bathroom more comfortable and welcoming and this is why we have collected the best 32 ideas for storage over the toilet which is most of the time an underestimated space zone.

Best Over The Toilet Storage Ideas. Running short of storage space in bathroom? These 30+ over the toilet storage ideas are simply amazing and will help you add more storage no matter the size of your bathroom. Perfect for organizing a bathroom, these are the best over the toilet storage solutions. #decorhomeideas

By adding an extra storage place over the toilet you will be able to arrange some of the detergents, cosmetics or most used items in that space. The design of the storage unit can become even more functional by hiding piping or other communications.

Last but not least, you are given the opportunity to add a decorative touch to the otherwise limited decorating space. Isn’t that great? See it yourself!

1. Toilet Paper O’s

Tic Tac Toe Toilet Paper Holder

This item can either be used to store toilet paper, used to play a real game of Tic-Tac-Toe, or both.

Each pine rack is unique in that there are sometimes knots, dents and imperfections which is characteristic of pinewood, therefore making this a rustic piece. It’s the perfect toilet paper holder for your bathroom.

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2. Floating White Shelves For Storage

Above The Toilet Bathroom Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

The design of the entire bedroom is farmhouse-inspired and very bright.

The shelves above the toilet follow the same concept- pure white open shelves are mounted right above the toilet, however, their depth is calculated to not be an obstacle for the people using the bathroom.

Keep all storage items compact and well organized with wicker baskets that complement the rustic charming accents.

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3. Hanging Basket Storage Solution

Above The Toilet Bathroom Storage Baskets #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for an interesting and yet functional storage solution over the toilet? The towel bars are what you need- bright, straight and with a contemporary design. Attach fabric or wicker baskets to each bar with hooks or fabric ties.

Leave them inclined in order to ensure easier access to the stored items.

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4. Broad Wood Plank Shelving

Above The Toilet Wood Bathroom Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

These massive wood shelves are graduating and adding depth to the wall because of the rustic contrast the stained wood makes.

The cover of the cistern has been decorated with the same wood material to let the shelves flawlessly match the existing interior.

5. Towel Hanging Rack Shelf

Bathroom Shelf and Towel Rack #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

This upcycled shelf adds a pop of color in the most unexpected manner. Placed high above the toilet, it provides storage places not only on the open shelf but also on the hooks screwed at the bottom.

This storage unit can easily accommodate toilet paper rolls, brush and daily used towels.

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6. Match Your Wood Shelves To The Mirror

Charming Wood Bathroom Storage Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If you are in love with the massive shelves but you don’t feel they will fit into the existing interior, add a wicker basket on the toilet cistern to blend the shelves with the white ceramic.

Plus, the basket will be another storage place!

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7. Unique Toilet Paper Storage Unit

Wall Mounted Wooden Toilet Paper Holder

Give your toilet paper storage the light touch with this toilet paper rack.

Impress your friends and family with your sense of style. It is a very nice toilet paper holder with smart thinking about how to store it in one place.

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8. Hanging Shelves With Wood Paneling

Chic Hanging Bathroom Storage Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

The hanging shelves are a more casual concept of open shelving. Placed above the toilet, they ensure three levels for storage of commonly used items like towels, toilet paper, cotton buds, etc.

This unit can easily be handmade and attached to the ceiling of the bathroom with the help of suitable tools and hardware.

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9. Slim Line Decorative Shelves

Chic Over The Toilet Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

These shelves match the sink cabinet. You will notice that every detail has been well considered, even the design of the accessories.

Made of wood, the surface of the open storage unit is wide enough to store towels just at a one-hand distance from the sink.

10. Industrial Farmhouse Mounted Shelves

Country Chic Metal And Wood Bathroom Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Another great DIY project lets you bring rustic shelves with an industrial twist into the bathroom.

To recreate this design, use metal dowels or pegs as supports and distressed wooden boards.

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11. High Shelves Hold Bath Linens

DIY Above The Toilet Storage Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Even the narrowest wall can be turned into extra storage with an attractive design. Just add boxed shelves imitating the look of the floating ones.

They are only two but placing them higher on the wall gives the option for a bigger depth and increased bearing capacity.

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12. Boho Macrame Hanging Toilet Paper Roll

Macrame Toilet Roll Holder

Normal toilet paper holders are too boring.

Give your bathroom that little extra boho vibe and hang your toilet paper on this handmade macrame hanger.

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13. DIY Hanging Bucket Storage

DIY Flower Pot Bathroom Organizers #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

There are over-the-toilet storage solutions that allow access to bath and toilet accessories even of the youngest ones.

For example, the not expensive towel rod could be screwed right above the toilet tank top. Using hooks, a towel rod is a simple and cheap support for galvanized flower pots repurposed into storage buckets.

The number of pots will also ensure sorting of items stored in each and a good circumstance to teach your kids to organize items at the right spot.

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14. Easy Floating Wood Shelf Project

DIY Pipe And Wood Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If you prefer the look of the rough wood, you can twist just a little bit the design of the rustic shelves supported on pipes.

Any scrapped but massive material will do a great job as long as it is well secured to the metal dowels.

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15. Farmhouse Wire Baskets

Easy DIY Bathroom Storage Baskets #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Going for a farmhouse-inspired storage unit over the toilet will add charm to the place. Additionally, most of the time this design requires upcycling or repurposing of items which is a very cost-efficient solution.

Wrought iron or mesh containers reflect exactly this concept. Attached to the wall above the toilet, they can accommodate towels, cosmetics, paper rolls. Combine with a handmade wooden framed box put on the cover of the toilet tank.

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16. Cottage Industrial Hanging Shelves

Farmhouse Bathroom Hanging Over-Toilet Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

This hanging shelf unit combines industrial and farmhouse styles in a very contemporary manner. The hooks are very rigid and suspended to the wall and the ceiling which ensures the bearing of more levels and heavier items.

The white color of the wood makes a warm contrast with the wood textured tiles and at the same time matches the rest of the bathroom accessories.

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17. Vertical Hanging Towel Basket

Hanging Basket Above The Toilet Storage #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Any container can be repurposed into an extra storage place. This aged laundry basket is tightly attached to the wall in a vertical position to allow storage right above the toilet without taking any of the floor space.

Suspended on a wrought iron corbel, the repurposed storage container instantly makes the bathroom more welcoming and charming.

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18. Wall Mounted Basket Towel Storage

Hanging Shelf And Basket Organizers #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

The baskets and a shelf above the toilet are right next to the bathtub to provide easy access to towels and essentials.

Made of natural materials, this storage solution is an easy DIY project everyone can afford.

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19. Personal Family Storage Baskets

Individual Family Bathroom Storage Baskets #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If you want to turn the bathroom storage into a more personalized feature, use containers dedicated to each one of the family members.

Wicker baskets are affordable and charming organizers. Add a label with a number or a chalkboard piece with the name of the basket owner on it.

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20. Varying Over Toilet Storage Solutions

Over The Toilet Bathroom Storage System #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Use the maximum of the wall above the toilet with storage features of different designs. This will ensure the storage of different sizes and types of items. Place a wide shelf supported on corbels at the highest level- it can hold decorative accents or bathroom essentials.

The middle level is represented by a towel rod on which the hand towel can be placed and let dry well.

The bottom level is actually placed on the toilet tank lid. It can be a small box, crate or basket, depending on the style of the bathroom. Store toilet paper rolls or smaller towels.

21. Add Ladder Organization Over The Toilet

Over The Toilet Ladder Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Using an old ladder as a storage place is a very rational and attractive idea. All you need to do is to take off the bottom steps so that it fits tightly above the toilet.

Leaning it against the wall instead of fixing it straight to it, gives graduating levels for storage. Use wicker baskets, galvanized containers, mesh and wood boxes to arrange the toilet and bathroom essentials neatly.

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22. Hang Items From Narrow Ladder

Over The Toilet Ladder Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If the ladder you have is not with wide steps but dowels instead, it can still be used as a storage feature.

Take off the bottom steps to let it fit right above the toilet. Depending on its height, there will be three or more dowels left. Use baskets with hooks to attach to the round rods. Those that are left as they are could be used for towels.

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23. Classic White Storage Cabinet

Over The Toilet Storage Cabinet #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Being traditionalist, attach a small cupboard to the wall above the toilet that matches the sink cabinet.

Its closed design is preferred for storage of items that won’t look well or shouldn’t be exposed- bulky or fragile things, medicines.

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24. Repurposed Wine Rack Towel Hanger

Over The Toilet Towel Rack #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Another great idea repurposes a vintage wine rack into a towel organizer. Fixed on the wall above the toilet gives an elegant and charming touch to the space.

Another advantage such a rack gives is the number of levels for storage and the open concept which ensures air access to the towels.

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25. Heavy Rustic Wood Block Shelves

Over The Toilet Wood Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

In case the toilet is placed into a niche, you must utilize the top part of it. Built-in cupboards or floating shelves both suit the depth of the dead space.

Choosing a dark color for the storage unit will add depth and texture to the wall.

26. Shadow Box Stylish Storage Space

Repurposed Shadow Box Bathroom Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

A shadow box with an ornamented wood frame will add elegance to the toilet zone.

The design of these boxes provides compartments for storage of various bathroom items like cosmetics, toilet paper rolls, decorative accents.

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27. Hanging Chicken Wire Crates

Repurposed Wood Crate Bathroom Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Wood crates create two leveled storage over the toilet that matches the farmhouse sink cabinet.

Their color has been changed to distressed white to match the existing furniture and to additionally open up the otherwise small toilet area.

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28. Crates With Added Shelves

Repurposed Wood Crate Storage Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Larger crates can be used in an interesting alignment pattern to give wide and tiered shelves for storage of decorative accents and bathroom accessories.

Placed right above the toilet is not an issue because their depth is equal or smaller than the toilet tank.

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29. Plank Mounted Décor Shelves

Rustic Barn Board Bathroom Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If you like the farmhouse beauty of this shelf unit, you can easily make it fit your wall space over the toilet.

Get some barn wood boards and screws. Make the background adjoining three long slats. Measure the width and cut shelves accordingly. The triangular corbels enhance the aged look of the shelving unit although made of the same material.

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30. Hanging Wood Shelving Unit

Rustic Wood Bathroom Organization Shelves #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

This ladder-like over the toilet storage unit adds a rustic look to the bathroom area.

The dark stain and the rope suspension additionally enhance the old-fashioned design. Add a chalkboard sign with a fun statement and other rustic or vintage accents to give the storage place a decorative value.

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31. Stylish Shelving Simplicity

Simple Shadow Box Bathroom Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

If you want a storage unit that matches the furniture in the bathroom, you can ask a carpenter to build it or make it yourself.

This open-design shadow box is actually a simple DIY project, including a wood frame and two additional shelves inserted in it. Paint in a color that matches the interior.

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32. Repurposed Apothecary Cabinet

Upcycled Cabinet Bathroom Storage Idea #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Upcycling an old cabinet with glass doors and placing it on the wall above the toilet will give a unique storage place.

All bathroom accessories and cosmetics can be accommodated there protecting them from humidity, dust and damage.

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33. Glass Fronted Storage Cabinet

Upcycled Over-Toilet Bathroom Storage Cabinet #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Upcycle an old window and create a storage cabinet for accessories.

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34. Reclaimed Pallet Wood Over Toilet Organizer

Upcycled Wood Pallet Bathroom Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

Even an upcycled item like the pallet can add a whimsical touch to the bathroom when combined with the matching colors, textures and accents.

Using a pallet or a crate as they are will not give you many levels for storage – a maximum of two. However, the intermediate part can be used as well to add interest to the place. Use cords, clothespins, thumbtacks to attach hand drawings, nice pictures, cards, etc.

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35. Shadow Box Cabinet Storage

Wood Shadow Box Bathroom Organizer #overtoiletstorage #storage #toilet #decorhomeideas

This interesting shelf unit features different openings suitable for the storage of bath accessories and decorative accents.

There are two larger compartments on each side that are made to store rolled towels and toilet paper rolls. Painted in dark stain, the unit impresses with its unique rustic design.

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