30 Charming Spring and Easter Sign Ideas To Celebrate The Season

Are you ready to celebrate spring?

If you are, then you must have already decorated your home with bright and fresh accents that create a magical glory!

If you are not, don’t worry, we are right here for you. The collection of sign ideas we have gathered for you is the perfect way to welcome spring and the so long expected Easter.

Spring and Easter sign ideas offer creative ways to decorate your home and add a touch of seasonal charm to your space. From rustic wooden signs to colorful banners, these ideas are a fun and easy way to celebrate the arrival of spring and the Easter holiday with family and friends.

See which signs will instantly spruce up your interior by showing a lovely mix between spring and Easter symbols.

Cute accents like rabbits, chickens and eggs collaborate with floral embellishments to create gorgeous signs that are the easiest solution for making your home festive for the coming holiday.

1. Celebrate Flowers In Bloom

Best Spring Sign Ideas in Bloom #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Do you have a tiered stand? If you do, then you must have realized that it is the most universal decor ever. Simply by changing the accents in it, you can create a focal point in a particular theme.

For spring, that can be a bright sign with a simple message that marks the nature revival in spring.Surround it with terra cotta pots stacked to create an elevated background for the sign.

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2. Springy Bunny Door Sign

Bright and Cheerful “Be Hoppy” Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Playing with words, this sign creates interest and also causes smiles. If you would like to do it yourself, rather than buy it, prepare a wide wooden board and stencils.

Don’t forget to replace the “O” with a cute image of a rabbit.

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3. DIY Cottontail Sign And Matching Carrots

Buffalo Check Bunny Sign and 3-D Carrots #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

If your decor is inspired by the farmhouse sign, then you have plenty of sign ideas to add to it depending on the theme. An idea for a sign that is Easter-themed features a combination of a sign and carrots with an identical motif.

The plaid fabric has been used to outline the silhouette of the framed rabbit art and for creating the soft carrots. The green leaves are recreated with green crepe strips tied around their tops.

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4. Easter Sign With Spring Wreath

Bunny Kisses and Easter Wishes Wooden Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Add a sign with a fun message to your farmhouse decor. Placing it at a vivid spot like this repurposed window will create an interesting focal point that will attract attention and will provoke positive thoughts and smiles.

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5. Easter Bunny Spring Sign

Bunny-Shaped “Hello Spring” Easter Sign Decoration #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

If you prefer clear lines, then you may love the simple and elegant sign featured here. The silhouette of a bunny has been made by laser cutting of wood.

Added to the interior, it will add cute charm in a moderate amount.

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6. Spring Greens Wood Sign Wreath

Colorful “Hello Spring” Rustic Wooden Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

The design of this sign is very simple. What makes it interesting and attractive is the way the letters are inscribed, as well as their colors. The word “hello” is painted over a large and brightly colored “spring” word.

The color choice is typical for spring. Placed in the center of a wreath, it turns the universal decor into season-themed.

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7. Bright Cheerful Spring Printable Sign

Colorful Welcome Spring Digital Download #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

The message on this sign is a standard sentence for accents intended to mark a season. What makes it unique is its design which incorporates the colors and symbols of spring.

Red, green, yellow and purple can be seen in nature during spring. To let them pop out, they are painted on a wide black canvas.

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8. Cottontail Easter Porch Décor

Cottontail Station Delivery Service Wooden Easter Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This is one of the most unique signs in our collection. Its round shape is the first thing that instantly grabs the attention.

Words inspired by the farmhouse living are painted on the periphery of the circle leaving wide space in the center for a contrasting image of a bunny.

The rabbit hops over the words “Happy Easter” to greet everyone visiting this home.

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9. Rustic Country Rabbit Sign

Country Style Decor Welcome Bunny Pattern Packet #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This is an idea for a sign that has a practical outdoor function. Having support on its bottom, you can place a vase, a pot or another container with flowers.

The top part of it holds a welcome sign with a bow. The same bow can be seen on the bunnies that decorate the vertical post. Their design is rustic which enhances the welcoming effect of the decoration.

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10. Colorful Spring Mantle Topper

Decorated Wooden Letter Cutouts to Spell “Spring” #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

The effect of this cheerful sign comes from its design. The word spring is created out of separate letters. Each is decorated with different craft papers in a floral theme.

Such a large sign deserves a special place like the mantel, the side table or arranged as a centerpiece for the dining table.

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11. Springy Bunny Décor Items

Easter Tag Shaped Wooden Signs #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

These small tags are the perfect way to finish your spring decor. Choosing from a range of five designs, you can add them to different parts of your home or use them in a set.

Being handmade, they look very authentic. Each sign comes with twine that makes it easy to hang the sign.

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12. Rustic Animal Signs

Farmhouse Style Framed Bunny and Chick Signs #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

A set of signs like this one will make a cute Easter-festive decor in your home. Being small, they can be added to the mantel or to the window sill.

The images of a bunny and a chick are painted on a black chalkboard background. The activities these two are connected with are spelled below them to make the signs funnier.

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13. Butterfly Spring Colorful Sign

Framed “Hello Spring” Wooden Art #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This decoration is one of the most stylish ones. The letters and the accents surrounding them are perfectly matching to create a unique sign with a rustic effect.

The wooden background is painted white to let the vines, the butterflies and the letters pop put and let this sign stand out among the existing interior.

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14. Laser Cut Easter Egg Wall Décor

Hand-Scrolled Wooden Easter Egg Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is a framed art with a unique design. The hand-scrolled work has created the shape of an egg that embraces the words “Happy Easter”.

The egg is placed onto white canvas which lets the piece stand out. The stained frame complements the scrolled egg and ensures the finished look of this gorgeous sign.

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15. Colorful Peep Bunny Welcome Sign

Handmade “Welcome Peeps” Wooden Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Using the cutest Easter symbol, the bunny, makes this sign one of the best handmade ones.

Three bunnies in different colors accentuate the white distressed background. As this sign is intended to be placed in the entryway or at the porch, the word “welcome” is obligatory.

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16. Printable Floral Spring Sign

“Hello Spring” Sign Decor Digital Download #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

The typical sentence “Hello spring” has been given a unique look thanks to the font of the letters. This is a digital design that can be downloaded and used for your own DIY sign.

Before printing it out, make sure to find a piece of craft paper with a floral pattern. Then just put it in a frame you already have or quickly make one out of reclaimed lathes.

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17. Hello Spring Wood Cutout

Laser-Cut Birch Wood Spring Wreath #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign could be a great addition to a home where the decor is clean, simple and stylish. Its elegant look is achieved by the method for cutting of wood- laser cut.

Its shape reminds of a wreath that holds two roses and the message “hello spring”.

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18. Springy Birdhouse Welcome Sign

Metal Sign with Flowers and Bird House #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

The material of this sign makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor exposure. The sign recreates an outdoor scene of a birdhouse under the sky.

It is embellished with flowers in different colors to create interest and celebrate spring. The “welcome” inscription over the birdhouse turns the art into a greeting piece that will look perfect on the front door.

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19. Cottage Cute Mixed Media Spring Sign

Mixed Media Farmhouse Spring Decor Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is a unique representation of creativity. It mixes paper, paints, fabric, poem quotations and wood to create adorable mixed media art.

The cute symbols of spring and Easter are made on a wooden board that can be added to the existing spring decor thanks to its size and shape.

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20. Simple Spring Printable Art Print

“Oh Hello Spring” Digital Download #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

If you like this sign, you can download and print it out. Finding the perfect frame for it is also an easy task.

Go to the local Dollar store and get one of the picture frames sold there. If you are not happy with its color, just spray paint it to transform it into this rustic stand for a spring-themed sign.

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21. Custom Spring Greetings Welcome Sign

Personalized Primitive Spring Sign Decor #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign uses the image of a countryside bunny as a background. The inscription is chosen to be in black color in order to pop out despite its size.

The cutest thing about this sign is the painted flower. Looking like a gift from the bunny, this sign is an inspiring way to celebrate spring and Easter.

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22. Repurposed Pallet Painted Spring Sign

Reclaimed Pallet Wood “Hello Spring” Sign #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Do you have pallet slats left from an old DIY project? Then just grab them and start making your own welcome spring sign.

Once you have connected the slats using backing lathes, decide what the color of the background will be. Make sure that you leave the wood texture visible because it is what gives the sign the rustic effect.

Then, paint a bouquet of flowers leaving space enough for the inscription. This type of sign can be hung on the front door or leaned against a wall as an addition to the decor.

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23. Decorated Wood Bunny Silhouette

Reclaimed Wood Look Bunny with Buffalo Check #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign is a wooden sculpture of a bunny that can easily stand on the steps of your porch. Its design is very simple in order to let the accents pop out and at the same time enhance its rustic effect.

A black and white buffalo bow makes the outfit of the bunny special for the holiday. A wooden sign stenciled with the word “home” stays across the bottom of the bunny to welcome the guests with warmth.

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24. Vibrant Nail Art Spring Sign

Reclaimed Wood Spring Nail Art #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

Have you ever tried the technique of shaping letters with string? It is a very easy and fun way to create your own piece of decor.

And since we are speaking of spring, the letters the strings form are clear. To outline the letters, use nails, Then start weaving the string around in a web-like pattern.

This type of inscription can be laid over any piece of wood. But to enhance the farmhouse design, use barnwood or reclaimed boards from pallets.

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25. Whitewashed Tulip Garden Spring Sign

Rustic “Spring Has Sprung” Home Decoration #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

A whitewashed board has become the canvas for charming tulip art. Placed across the bottom of the board, each tulip looks as if painted by a child. The unique effect of the hand-painted spring flowers is enhanced by the saying “Spring has sprung” which will instantly create smiles thanks to the fun play with words.

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26. Simple Yet Elegant Garden Sign

Simply Stated Wooden Spring Sign Decor #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a simple and elegant way to welcome spring, then here is your type of sign- small, minimalist and unique.

The “Hello spring” inscription is laid on an evenly stained piece of wood. The color combination is perfect to let the two components creating the sign both pop out complement each other.

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27. Charming Spring Welcome Banner

Spring Sign Decor Welcome Spring Banner #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

If you want to keep your decor neutral but still celebrate spring in a proper way, try decorating your home with a banner.

The long inscription is created out of identical squares in the black and white combo. The focal point of it is a yellow flower placed between the words to separate them and to make the banner more festive.

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28. Spring Gardening Art Plaque

The Potting Shed Wooden Plaque #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This tag shows a scene from the farmhouse living. The image is transferred onto the wooden background with the decoupage technique.

The top of the plaque holds the phrase “The potting shed” to make the sign more meaningful especially for people that love practicing their green thumb.

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29. Decorative Carrot With Vibrant Ribbons

Wooden Carrot Easter Sign Decoration #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This sign idea makes the favorite food of bunnies very important. A piece of wood is cut and painted to look like a real carrot. The green top is decorated with a colorful ribbon made of various patterns of strips.

Polka dots and checkers make the carrot festive and attractive.

This sign is a great and fun way to welcome your guests from the front door during spring.

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30. Tall Vertical Door Sign

Wooden Spring Themed Sign in Dark Walnut #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

This is a large rustic sign to add to your porch in order to give it a point of interest and to make your guests feel specially invited.

The play with fonts and colors let the two words inscribed be easily distinguished. This idea can be easily handmade as long as you have got a wide wooden board and two paint colors.

Prepare the wood and then trace the letters down using stencils.

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31. Unique Lettered Easter Sign

Word Block Easter Sign Decoration #Easter #sign #decorhomeideas

It seems that the design of this sign has been inspired by “Alice in wonderland”. The six blocks are of different sizes and embellishment but together they make the perfect entity.

The rustic charm of the wood is additionally enhanced by old-fashioned decorations like ribbons and buttons. The blocks are set onto wooden support which sends blessings for Easter.

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