25 Beautiful Outdoor Spring Decoration Ideas That Celebrate Season’s Beauty

Spring has sprung — the plants are blooming and days are getting longer.

This is the perfect time to think about outdoor decorations. With a few colorful elements, you can brighten your home and garden and get ready for warmer weather.

Best Outdoor Spring Decoration Ideas. Celebrate the new life and refresh your space with these beautiful outdoor spring decoration ideas. #decorhomeideas

Celebrate the new life and refresh your space with these beautiful outdoor spring decoration ideas.

1. Potters Bench Holds Eclectic Planters

A Charming and Great Idea for Reclaimed Wood and Potted Flowers #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Do you have a selection of mismatched pots and gardening supplies?

Bring them together to create a gorgeous spring decoration.

Simply arrange them on a wooden potting table and use a reclaimed-wood sign to add a rustic twist.

The different pieces complement each other, creating a shabby-chic symphony of color and texture.

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2. Bright Wood DIY Flowers

A Delightfully Perfect Infusion of Color for Nature #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Before your flowers bloom, your spring garden can look a bit drab.

Infuse the space with a bright, cheerful vibe using these adorable wooden flowers.

The brilliant shades refresh the yard in the early days of spring — you can even leave them up throughout the summer.

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3. Whimsical Spring Sign For Living Wall

A Fabulous and Unique Idea for A Flower Wall of Memories #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Draw attention to a wall filled with vines and flowers with a sweet spring sign.

With its distressed edges and hand-painted words, this sign blends into the natural surroundings.

Painted flowers help tie the sign to the rest of your garden.

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4. Vibrant Floral Birdhouse Display

A Lovely Spring Garden Decor Birdhouse with Floral Delights #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

A birdhouse is a classic way to decorate for spring — it’s a reminder of the new life the season brings.

This stunning birdhouse gets a fresh makeover, thanks to a garland of faux flowers.

A few artificial birds add an extra touch of life to the display.

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5. Vintage Look Porch Sign

A Simple and Unique Way to Say Spring #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Whether you’re decorating a porch or a small front entry, a leaning sign is a perfect solution.

Just lean it against any wall; the slim frame won’t get in the way of foot traffic, and the cheerful design adds a pop of color.

Pair your sign with a potted plant for a sweet vignette.

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6. Repurpose A Springy Umbrella

April Showers Door Umbrellas #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Does spring bring rain to your part of the world?

You can still enjoy bright spring colors with this cute umbrella decoration.

Fill it with your favorite faux flowers, add a pretty ribbon, and hang it on your front door like a wreath.

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7. Contrast Bright Blooms With Galvanized Buckets

Delightfully Perfect Charms of Spring To Welcome Your Loved Ones #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

When your guests come over for spring get-togethers, set a welcoming tone with this rustic front-porch display.

Making it is a breeze — just use rustic wooden crates as plant stands, and top them off with potted plants.

A flower-covered spring wreath completes the effect.

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8. Bright And Quirky Painted Birdhouse Row

Colorful Tiny Birdhouses #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Brilliant colors are a surefire way to lift your spirits.

These tiny birdhouses are proof positive; each one dances with vibrant shades, bringing life and happiness to any outdoor space.

Set them on your front porch, place them around the yard, or hang them from trees to welcome spring birds.

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9. Upcycled Wine Box Flower Planter

Adorably Cute Country Box Filled with Love For Your Enjoyment #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Tired of traditional planters?

Make your own with a vintage wooden box. The stamped design adds a touch of old-world charm that contrasts beautifully with the fresh green leaves and colorful flowers.

Set your box on a vintage plant stand for a one-of-a-kind spring decoration.

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10. Sunny Yellow Reflects Spring

Calm, Cute and Country Style To Grace Your Porch #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

If you love the simplicity of country style, bring the aesthetic to your front porch this spring.

All you need to start is an old wooden chair; top it with rustic-chic elements such as a wooden sign, a twine wreath, or a potted plant.

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11. Trailing Spring Flower Garland

Deconstructed Flower Banner #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as this deconstructed banner?

It features a cascade of spring flowers, each in a different variety and color.

You can make your own using artificial blooms from the dollar store — just hang them from a sturdy piece of string and suspend them from the top of a door for an instant burst of color and life.

via Country Design Style

12. Repurpose A Vintage Door And Window

DIY Outdoor Spring Decor Old Window #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

The next time you’re at a thrift store, check for old windows — they make the perfect outdoor decoration.

Personalize your window with a painted wooden letter.

Then, hang it from a fence, an exterior wall, or even your front door to create an unexpected custom decoration.

via Craft Cuts

13. Perpetual Blooms Rock Garden

DIY Painted Rock Flowers Garden #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Don’t want to wait for flowers to bloom this spring?

Turn any part of your yard into a fun garden with these clever rock flowers.

They’re a breeze to make, and you can set them up in any small or large space. If you have little ones, get them in on the fun for a family craft.

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14. DIY Painted Egg Stakes

Easter Egg Yard Stakes #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

How cute are these little Easter-egg yard stakes?

Made from simple wooden planks and covered in a custom-painted pattern, they’re a lovely balance between modern style and rustic charm.

The pointed stakes push easily into the ground for lightning-fast installation.

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15. Bright Blooms Pop In A Painted Crate

Elegant and Perfect Colors of Rustic Charms #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

There’s something beautiful about rustic wooden crates — especially when they’re filled with fresh flowers.

Whether you use potted plants or durable artificial blooms, this simple arrangement is the perfect way to decorate your porch for spring.

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16. Multicolor Spring Garden Planter

First Sign Of Spring #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

You’ll smile every time you catch a glimpse of this adorable spring decoration.

It’s all about the color — fresh flowers, spray-painted twigs, and bright greenery combine to create a piece that embodies the feeling of the new season.

Add a sweet hand-painted sign and a lattice for extra height.

via Sow and Dippity

17. Wood Cutout Easter Door Display

Hopeful and Awesome Ideas to Keep Easter Hopping #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Easter brings plenty of spring-themed decorating possibilities.

If you have little ones, this oversized flower and bunny are a delightful way to brighten your front porch.

Make them yourself and lean them next to a bunch of potted flowers to create a fun, whimsical setup.

via Jane

18. Colorful Cushions With Retro Milk Can

Milk Can Table #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Are you wondering what to do with a vintage milk can?

Turn it into a table to refresh your porch for spring. Just add a wood or metal top and a coat of paint to create a unique and functional table.

Top it with a few potted plants for extra spring fun.

via Fussy Monkey Business

19. Reimagine An Old Drawer As A Planter

Old Drawer Flower Box #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Flower boxes are a convenient way to plant flowers — but what happens when you want a custom look?

If you have an old drawer, you can create a one-of-a-kind box using simple wooden legs.

Don’t worry about sanding and painting; the weathered look contributes to the charm.

via The Scrap Shoppe Blog

20. Fairy Toadstool Garden Decoration

Pretty Home Decoration Strawberries for a Quaint Garden #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Turn your garden into a whimsical fairyland with these oversized toadstools.

Modeled after real mushrooms, they feature bright red tops studded with white polka dots.

Tuck a single toadstool into your plants or use a large arrangement to make a sweet spring statement.

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21. Decorate A Plain Candle For Spring

Spring Birch Bark Candles #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for a quick craft project for spring?

Turn a cheap pillar candle into a work of art with a length of birch bark and a bouquet of wildflowers.

A tiny butterfly and a spring sign bring extra color and texture to this clever candle, which you can display indoors or outdoors.

via Flour On My Face

22. Integrate Spring Hues With Painted Items

Spring Front Door Decoration #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Don’t let a small front entry stop you from decorating — all you need are the right items.

A colorful chair tucked into a corner serves as a plant stand, and a brilliantly colored floral wreath brings life to a simple door.

The trick is to use a variety of bright colors to make a big impact in a tiny space.

via Love Erika Danielle

23. Add Vertical Décor With A Garden Ladder

Lovable Spring Garden Decor To Enhance Springtime Joy #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

An old ladder becomes part of your garden decor when you use it as a plant stand.

Set planter boxes and birdhouses on each rung; they’ll attract birds and insects for a true outdoor paradise.

via Our Adventures In Home Improvement

24. Add An Elegant Painted Pattern

The Beautiful and Cool Reflections of The Season #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Put your painting skills to work with this project, which starts with an old mirror.

Grab a few stencils from the craft store and use them to create a pattern that repeats across the mirror.

Set it outside to reflect the spring sunlight and add color to your porch or patio.

via Shabby Chic Addiction

25. Kids Project Thumbprint Butterfly Pots

Thumbprint Flower Pot #outdoor #springdecor #decorhomeideas

Do you have little ones?

Get them in on the spring decorating fun with these super-cute thumbprint pots.

Your kids can use their thumbs to create completely unique flowers — paint the top rim of the pot in a contrasting color for a lively effect.

via Upstate Ramblings

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