21 Gorgeous Dollar Store Decorations for Spring That Are Budget-Friendly

The birds are singing and new leaves are starting to appear; spring is finally here!

A new season calls for new decorations that bring life to your space. Are you on a budget?

No problem — if you know where to look, you can get gorgeous supplies without breaking the bank.

Best Dollar Store Spring Decor Ideas. Brighten up your home for less with these Dollar Store DIY Spring Decor ideas. From wreaths to centerpieces, there are plenty of decorations to choose from #decorhomeideas

Break out of the winter rut on the cheap with these beautiful dollar store decorations for spring.

1. Golden Lantern Spring Terrariums

Adding Elegance With Golden Lanterns #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Looking for a sophisticated take on spring decor?

Replace your vases with gold-framed glass lanterns.

Fill them with small spring-themed trinkets from the dollar store: eggs, tiny nests, and artificial flowers all look lovely. For a more minimalist look, stick with an elegant bouquet of fresh flowers.

via Homemade Lovely

2. Paint A Bright Serving Tray

Beautifully Appointed Springtime Colorful Tray #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Spring is the perfect time to serve tea or coffee on the front porch.

Make your daily treat more joyful by serving it on a colorful tray. Pick up an inexpensive wooden tray and coat it in a bright, fresh color.

A craft-paper lining adds an extra-lively look.

via DIY Inspired

3. Colorful Candy Heart Vase Filler

Candy Heart Centerpiece #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

After Valentine’s Day, hit up the sale section at your local store to find a few bags of discounted candy hearts.

Add them to a clear glass vase from the dollar store, and you have a beautiful and unique way to display your favorite spring blooms.

via A Day In My Life

4. Cute Spring Hat Floral Door Hanger

DIY Dollar Tree Sun Hat Wreath #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Give your front door a sweet spring makeover with an adorable DIY wreath. The secret?

Swap out the wreath for a cheap dollar-store sun hat. With the addition of a ribbon and a few faux flowers, you have a decoration that will delight all of your Easter visitors.

via We Three Shanes

5. Stunning Pink Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flowers Tutorial #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

If you’re feeling crafty, take a few hours to make these stunning paper flowers.

When you attach them to branches you pick up outside, they look like an expensive piece from a high-end home-decor boutique — no one will ever guess you made them with paper from the dollar store!

via Happy Happy Nester

6. Ivy Covered Flower Basket

DIY Spring Flower Basket #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Flowers are a beautiful way to dress up your front entry for spring. Instead of splashing out on a real potted plant, make your own for a few dollars.

All you need is a basket, an artificial ivy vine, and some beautiful faux flowers.

The end result looks gorgeous and, as a bonus, requires zero maintenance.

via The Honeycomb Home

7. Repurposed Frame Succulent Tray

DIY Vertical Succulents Garden Wall Hanging #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Turn any wall into a spring succulent garden with the help of an old picture frame.

Paint it with a fresh, vibrant color and fill the center with plastic succulents from the dollar store.

The entire assembly adds depth and texture to your wall, and you don’t need to worry about watering or pruning.

via The Homespun Hydrangea

8. Paint A Spring Gradient Vase

Dollar Store Ombre Vases #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Spring is all about flowers, but why use plain vases?

With a few shades of paint and some cheap containers from the dollar store, you can make designer-quality vases.

They’re a breeze to paint, and the ombre coloring is right on-trend.

via Living Well Spending Less

9. Reimagined Wire Wastebasket As Cloche

Dollar Store Wire Cloche #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

To look at this Cloche, would you guess that it’s made from a dollar-store garbage can?

This clever project is a fun way to decorate your home for Easter. It’s affordable, quick, and beginner-friendly.

via The Gathering Place Design

10. DIY Easter Display Jars

Easter Apothecary Jars #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Create a vintage spring vignette with a few DIY apothecary jars.

These pieces look high-end, but you can pick up all of the supplies at a thrift store, dollar store, and outdoors.

Let your creativity flow — fill the interior with candy, choose a variety of paint colors, or go wild with the ribbon accents.

via Huckleberry Life

11. Fabric Scrap Spring Garland

Easy DIY Floral Spring Banner Decor #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

A gorgeous bunting banner is a lovely way to highlight a mantel or a doorway for spring.

This version uses tiny flags paired with simple fabric tassels. It’s the perfect fabric stash-buster; you can use up all of the small scraps in your sewing room.

via Southern Crush at Home

12. Budget Friendly Wreath From Bright Tulips

Easy Dollar Tree DIY Spring Tulip Wreath #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Celebrate the iconic spring tulip by creating a DIY wreath. It’s an explosion of color and texture that brightens any room in the house.

Plus, you can get all of the faux flowers you need at the local dollar store. Go with a single color or mix it up for an ultra-cheerful design.

via Follow The Yellow Brick Home

13. Whimsical Floral Bird Cage

Elegant Floral Bird Cage Design #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Are you looking for a DIY spring centerpiece?

A sweet floral birdcage is timely and unexpected.

This project is fast and easy to make — bonus points if you can find an adorable bird figurine to sit in the nest of flowers.

via Kristen’s Creations Online

14. Wooden Sphere Greenery Showcase

Encased Ball of Springtime Greenery #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Have you ever seen thick wooden embroidery hoops at the dollar store?

Pick up a few to create this clever sphere. The open center is the perfect spot for artificial greenery, moss, or flowers.

via Nine Red

15. Go Green With Decorative Moss Balls

How to Make Kokedama (Japanese Moss Ball) #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Fresh and natural, these DIY Japanese moss balls fill your home with the color of spring.

Whip them up quickly using cheap supplies and hang them in front of a window. They also make great wall decorations.

via Tha Handyman’s Daughter

16. Fill A Spring Vase With Jelly Beans

Jelly Bean Jar DIY Easter Centerpiece #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

It doesn’t get any easier than this DIY spring centerpiece — tuck a bouquet of faux tulips into a mason jar and fill the excess space with colorful jelly beans.

The result is delightfully joyful and fun; you may want to leave it on your table long after your Easter brunch.

via Mission To Save

17. Spring Bunny Art With Moss And Burlap

Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Change up your wall art with this sophisticated Easter decoration.

By using burlap and artificial moss, it brings an elevated feeling to a playful shape.

Since it’s ultra-light, you can hang it from any type of nail or hanger.

via Domestically Creative

18. Colorful Tray Of Paper Flowers

Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Charm your family and guests with this unique flower centerpiece.

Each of the flowers is made with rows of paper petals, giving you the freedom to choose any color and pattern.

We love that it’s low-slung, so you can see your guests across the table.

via The Happy Scraps

19. DIY Mason Jar Wall Sconces

Rustic Yet Elegant Wall Sconces #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Frame a window, a doorway, or a piece of art with these spectacular wall sconces.

Though they use rustic elements, the end result is remarkably elegant.

Finish them off with a few of your favorite flowers for a spring vibe.

20. Trailing Ribbon Fairy Wand

Spring Flower Wand with Ribbons #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

If you have little ones, this spring flower wand is sure to be a hit.

With its trailing ribbons, it makes a great toy or decoration.

Place it outside, and the ribbons will blow beautifully in the breeze.

via Kenarry

21. Elegant DIY Topiaries

The Easiest DIY Topiary Trees on a Budget #springdecor #dollarstore #decorhomeideas

Topiaries are a timeless decoration. Instead of buying expensive pre-made models, make your own with supplies from the dollar store.

Add a ribbon for a pop of color, or leave them as is to showcase the lovely green leaves.

via Renovated Faith

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