18 Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Infuse Freshness into Your Home

Don’t regret that Christmas is already gone because spring can bring your home the same amount of cheer and coziness.

Flowers and greenery are the usual spring decor. Being natural, they perfectly fit in rustic or farmhouse decor, especially when they are arranged in the correct container.

You can combine them with antique items or expose them with Easter decorations for enhanced festiveness.

Refresh your home this spring with these 18 farmhouse decor ideas. Explore rustic and charming inspirations that bring a touch of seasonal warmth and style to your living spaces.

Decorating your farmhouse decor for spring is not difficult when you have a handful of inspiring ideas to help you get started. Check out the following 18 Spring Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home.

1. Flower Galore

18 spring farmhouse decor 1


Decorating with flowers is the easiest way to create a spring mood and upgrade your farmhouse interior with freshness and delicacy.

Add bouquets of seasonal flowers and branches to porcelain vases, pitchers and other farmhouse containers and spread them around the house.

2. Peonies To Welcome Spring

18 spring farmhouse decor 2


Another spring flower decoration features two types of arrangements – a garland and a bouquet.

Both floral decorations use the same flower varieties to create a harmonious spring touch to the existing farmhouse decor.

3. A Farmhouse Tray As A Centerpiece

18 spring farmhouse decor 3


This is a fabulous way to add a spring touch to the existing farmhouse decor. Get a wicker tray and arrange it in farmhouse containers for flowers.

A glass bottle is perfect for holding real or faux flower cuts. Complementing it with whitewashed terra cotta pots with moss enhances the rustic flair. If there is space, add a bead garland and candles.

4. Flower Market

18 spring farmhouse decor 4


This gorgeous rustic buffet is decorated with farmhouse items, making the space so welcoming and warm.

Add a wooden box with greenery and a galvanized bucket with flowers to the existing decor when spring comes. They will explicitly mark the rebirth of nature and will refresh the decor.

5. Daffodil Decor

18 spring farmhouse decor 5


Fill your living room with the sweet smell and beauty of spring flowers. Tulips and daffodils are typical spring flowers perfect for adding to a farmhouse side table.

Show them in rustic vases, farmhouse buckets, or glass bottles.

6. A Rustic Centerpiece

18 spring farmhouse decor 6


Here is a rustic centerpiece that will blend perfectly into your farmhouse decor. It features a large wooden tray with a weathered finish to place seasonal and farmhouse items.

Don’t forget to include flowers in the arrangement to give the centerpiece a spring flair.

7. Egg Terrariums

18 spring farmhouse decor 7


This spring centerpiece idea is also great for celebrating Easter. It consists of two glass lanterns filled with eggs from different materials, creating plenty of interest.

Moss nests complement them with real eggs, which are part of the special plate set decor.

8. Farmhouse Serving Tray

18 spring farmhouse decor 8


This weathered wooden serving tray is a sweet and simple way to add spring to your home.

It contains a wooden corbel, a pile of books acting as a stand for an antique bird figure, a pitcher with tulips, and coffee bean candle holders.

All items in this arrangement impact the decor by making it more homely.

9. Entryway Decor

18 spring farmhouse decor 9


The entryway is the perfect spot to make your home spring festive.

Different seasonal items such as a rabbit statue, a bucket with eggs and a flower vase add symbols of spring to the farmhouse entryway decor.

10. A Bouquet Of Faux Flowers

18 spring farmhouse decor 10


Add a subtle spring decoration to the existing farmhouse decor to prepare it for the forthcoming season.

A bouquet of faux flowers can decorate a rustic vase or be placed on its own on a flat surface next to other decorations.

11. Tulip Wreath And Basket With Spring Harvest

18 spring farmhouse decor 11


This front porch decor is so welcoming!

You can easily guess the season by the tulip wreath on the door and the garden’s crate full of spring harvest.

12. Burlap, Twine And Yarn Decorations

18 spring farmhouse decor 12


Burlap, twine, and yarn are all farmhouse materials, so using them in your DIY spring decorations will easily blend them with the existing farmhouse decor.

The author of this decor has decided to put the decorations in a metal tiered tray to reveal the beauty of each decor element.

13. Table Centerpiece

18 spring farmhouse decor 13


This table centerpiece is so simple and, at the same time, so adorable. It consists of three vintage items combined in height and texture.

The antique porcelain vase hints that spring is coming. The metal rabbit statue stands for Easter while the clock counts the days till spring.

14. Wicker Tray Centerpiece

18 spring farmhouse decor 14


This spring-themed centerpiece complements the surrounding spring decor, consisting of a tulip banner, a flower market sign, and a framed sign “Hello spring”.

The wicker tray stays in the center of a farmhouse table with a burlap runner. It holds a simple arrangement showing the keys to spring- a flower pot, a watering can, and a wish for bloom.

15. Kitchen Spring Decor

18 spring farmhouse decor 15


Your kitchen can also become spring festive by adding spring decorations to the open shelves.

A wreath from greenery or a flower wreath and two simple but delicate glass bottles with flower cuts hint that a more cheerful season has come.

16. Entryway Easter Decor

18 spring farmhouse decor 16


A great thing about spring is that when it comes, it means that Easter is also approaching. Celebrate the season and this favorite holiday with an entryway decor that gives the space much cheer and character.

Start with a vintage metal sign in the spring topic hung on the wall. Then, continue with a metal tray filled with fresh eggs, twine carrots, a bucket with greenery, and a white rabbit statue.

17. Rabbits Say Hello

18 spring farmhouse decor 17


This entryway decor is cheery and welcoming, with cute rabbits made from different materials.

Together with a wooden sign in an egg shape, they clearly say that this home is expecting Easter.

Pops of color imposed by lavender cuts and orange carrots give the decoration a bright spring touch complemented by signs in the spring theme.

18. Rustic Tier Tray

18 spring farmhouse decor 18


This tiered tray is perfect to serve sweets or to display seasonal decoration, or why not both?

The two tiers are enough to combine functionality with beauty and make the kitchen spring-friendly.

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