16 Fresh and Inspiring Ideas for Spring Mantel Decorating

Cheer up and uplift your mantel with a lighter, brighter decor, and welcome spring!

Your mantel is a natural focal point of a room, so transform your space with a unique charm and give it a homely and inviting vibe.

With the change of season, set out to turn this into a fun and creative activity and use colors and decor items that will remind you of spring.

Welcome the freshness of spring into your home with these 16 inspiring ideas for mantel decorating. Explore creative ways to infuse your space with the vibrant energy and beauty of the season.

Whether you want to make small changes or refresh your mantel design, use these ideas to find something that will inspire you to get creative.

1. Spring Signs

spring mantel decorating ideas 1


Cheerful and playful signs can welcome spring, brighten your mantel setting, and become part of your décor.

There are some creative DIY ideas about making your signs.

If you want to add a touch of color, you can use colorful painted wooden letter signs. Signs add a fresh touch to your mantel.

2. Layering

spring mantel decorating ideas 2


This is a beautiful place to add much texture and character with architectural salvage, vintage mirrors, and artwork. 

Create meaningful layers of your favorite items and you can play around with symmetrical and asymmetrical designs, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Accessories such as greenery, candlesticks, wreaths and vintage books are always my go-to.

3. Mirror Chic

spring mantel decorating ideas 3


Nothing else sits better on your mantel than a gorgeous mirror! It is simply the best accent piece to add character and dimension to any mantel design.

Hanging a round mirror above a fireplace works well stylistically. Visually, the round shape helps to break up the straight lines of the mantle, hearth, and chimney breast.

It is essential to choose the right size, carefully consider its shape, and hang it correctly to enjoy a timeless look. 

4. Cottage Style

spring mantel decorating ideas 4


Elevate a natural stone fireplace with cottage-style decor and accessories. Your mantel with vintage windows, flower wreaths, candlesticks, printed signs, and baskets. Soft shades of flowers, like whites and pinks, look good for this look.

Add a cozy feel to the room with a basket next to the fireplace, blanket, or extra cushion inside.

Weathered vintage windows have become a popular decor item and as a mantel centerpiece, the window will complement any decor you place around it.

It can work with any color scheme and showcase any of your favorite items!

5. Country vs Farm Style

spring mantel decorating ideas 5


Combine two styles that complement each other very well. Try out a country-style mantel design with a farm-style fireplace!

Use things like a beautiful fresh spring bouquet next to a vintage window layered with a Tobacco basket for your country-style mantel. Add some extra greenery with small potted plants. To naturally connect and draw the eye to the rest.

Alongside your fireplace, create a farm-style setting with a crate or two, some clay pots of different sizes, and some potted indoor plants.

Crates are great to use and you can place things inside them and on top of them, depending on the look you want.

6. Compliments Of The Grey

spring mantel decorating ideas 6


Elevate your grey and white mantel with rustic touches and natural elements. Silver foliage goes well with this look, especially the pleasantly smelling eucalyptus, along with pretty white flowers placed in different vessels.

Accessorizing a mirror can make a huge impact just by hanging a wreath over the mirror. It becomes like an artwork piece on your mantel.

You can never go wrong with some weathered candlesticks on the sides. They are simply a classic touch.

7. Sanctuary

spring mantel decorating ideas 7


Use your mantel as an open shelf to display some of your favorite things that remind you of spring. Layer items and use mantel must-haves like a mirror, painting, and candle sticks.

For charming characters, use vintage books to separate items of the same height and also stack some for height and place other items.

A marvelous flower arrangement can beautifully drape to one side, even better if it’s closer to a window.

8. Farmhouse

spring mantel decorating ideas 8


A nice modern farmhouse touch with varying-sized pitchers, faux foliage, and a Tobacco basket layered with a eucalyptus wreath.

Creatively vary the heights of your mantel decor. If some of your items are the same height, add a small architectural salvage fragment or a stack of old, vintage books.

The items will vary in height and add even more character and dimension to your spring mantel decor.

9. Rustic Cottage

spring mantel decorating ideas 9


With a salvaged wooden beam installed as a fireplace mantel, you can’t go wrong with a rustic look. Decorated with simple natural and country-inspired accessories that will look like they were always there.

Make the heart of your mantel decoration a luscious and leafy eucalyptus wreath layered over a mirror.

The accessorizing part can get as random as you like, add antique-looking old items like an old clock, put a stack of old books atop the mantel, add some vases or small jars at some spots so that you can display your choice of rustic plants or branches on the mantel.

10. Flower Market

spring mantel decorating ideas 10


If you love your flowers, well, a flower market mantel is just for you! The main idea of the design is to display as many flowers as possible, so maybe your best choice of flowers would be to use faux ones for a brighter look.

To create the market look use a big and small sign, the big one can become your centerpiece. You can DIY your own ones using stencils.

Arrange flowers in different-sized galvanized pots and stack crates, and pop in some greenery in them, which will look really gorgeous.

11. Touch Up

spring mantel decorating ideas 11


Lets say you already have some of your favorite items upon your mantel, well then add in simple and small additional decor like another potted plant or little vase and elegantly compliment your design.

If you are color-conscious, you don’t have to burst out of your bubble; simply opt for a pastel tone and pop it in with an item or two. Since tulips are gorgeous spring flowers and vary in colors, add some fresh ones and brighten up and set the mood.

12. Bunny Themed

spring mantel decorating ideas 12


Elegant, yet charming! Bring on your bunny charm and create a lovely mantel!

This is your chance to display your bunny-themed decoration pieces like figurines, pillows, hanging signs, and all. Bunny-themed doesn’t necessarily mean bright, especially with a neutral setting.

Pink and gold tones go well together, so you can dress up your mantel elegantly to go along with your bunny items. Use LED candlesticks and lanterns, green foliage, and pretty pink roses, and be delighted by the result.

13. Vintage Charm

spring mantel decorating ideas 13


Key to the rustic style are natural materials and roughened textures. If you already have elements of the rustic style in your interior decor, get inspired by your accent color and extend the look to your mantel.

Wooden tones are complimented gorgeously with greens. Place little green glass bottles in front of a vintage mirror, to accent your mantel with a green hue.

Since spring brings warmth, hide your unused fireplace with a stunning painting or a lush green potted plant.

14. Rustic Bunny

spring mantel decorating ideas 14


Anchor your mantel with an arched vintage window mirror and top it with a wreath.

For a symmetrical outline of your mantel, you can place faux boxwood topiaries for a green touch. In between your topiaries, you can layer some rustic bunny decor items that will look really gorgeous with the weathered mirror.

A fun and finishing touch to your mantel are some carrot and egg bunting garlands, which look really cute and you can even DIY your own ones.

15. Pretty In Spring

spring mantel decorating ideas 15


A touch of spring with pops of color will brighten up a neutral setting. Yellow is a bright color that reminds of spring and sunshine, which adds a warm feel to any design.

Create an easy backdrop piece with framed reclaimed wood. Paint the wood a light color so that a beautiful blooming branch wreath will stand out and become the centerpiece of your mantel.

With a show-stopping center like a spring wreath, you can keep the rest of the mantel decor simple and light.

16. Spring Sprung

spring mantel decorating ideas 16


Have your mantel bursting with spring blooms to gorgeously dress up a soft and muted backdrop. Garlands can make a space look extra cozy and inviting.

A luscious spring garland with florals and greens added along a mantel is stunning, it adds color and liveliness to a space.

Because garlands are so beautiful on their own, they are enough to transform and add volume to your mantel. Get creative and make your own one with many faux flowers and green foliage.

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