28 Impressive DIY Pallet Garden Ideas to Upcycle Your Wooden Pallets

Pallets are the preferred material for DIY’s and this is totally understandable! Pallets are very strong in their fabricated state and can take up large weights.

Their size is quite big and that makes them universal for numerous furniture, accessories and decoration projects. Dismantling them is easy. Last but not least they are very budget-friendly!

Best DIY Pallet Garden Ideas Need a budget-friendly garden swing or planter? Something that you can do very quickly and is really easy, but still looks good? Here are the best pallet garden ideas. #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Pallets are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Summer is coming and we are going to spend more time outdoors. That’s why we have decided to compile the best DIY pallet garden ideas that will improve your backyard experience.

1. Float Away in a Backyard Pallet Swing

A Dreamy Pallet Swing Perfect for Relaxing #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

A wide pallet suspended from two trees adds a touch of romanticism to the backyard.

Whether to enjoy a long daydream or a good book, this pallet swing gives one a stable floating sensation to get lost in. Be sure to include comfortable outdoor cushions to its base, as you’ll want to spend hours on it!

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2. Make an Inviting Outdoor Environment with Pallet Seating

An Entertainer’s Dream Oversized Pallet Sectional #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This rustic seating option builds space and height in any outdoor patio or backyard.

Similar to a traditional sectional, this pallet upcycling creates five, two-seater benches that may be arranged to accent your outdoor eating and relaxing area.

Go for a two-tone look to really amplify the open feeling!

via The Sassy Sparrow

3. Build a Unique Deck from Recycled Wooden Pallets

Build a Pallet Deck to Extend Your Space #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Create your own deck from recycled wooden pallets with this DIY-inspiring design.

It instantly elevates your after-dinner conversations. With customizable color and lines, this deck is as unique as your garden!

via Simple Easy Creative

4. Enjoy Rustic Charm with a Pallet Board Hammock Chair

Comfy, Refurbished Pallet Hammock Chair #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This comfortable and sturdy hammock chair is made from wooden pallet boards.

With a refined rustic look, this pallet upgrade will surely add wonderment to your backyard. For a pop of color, try painting the boards a bright red!

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5. Personalize Dining with Custom Table and Umbrellas

Expand Your Outdoor Dining Area with Pallets #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This chic dining area gives everyone a seat at the table.

The large bench-style outdoor dining table may be customized with matching patio umbrellas and floral centerpieces.

To make it even more special opt for gravel ground and string lights.

via Kleinworth and Co.

6. Add Nature to Your Home with a Flower Planter Swing

Gator Green Miniature Swing Planter #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This adorable planter swing is the perfect chair for your flowers.

With a garden green color, the plants will feel right at home and have the perfect backdrop to shine.

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7. Showcase American Pride with Hand-Painted Pallet Sign

Hand-Painted Americana Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Showcase your country’s pride with this hand-painted Americana pallet sign.

Made from pallet boards, the American flag is ready to add a whole-hearted vibe to your backyard.

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8. Make a Rustic Garden Sign with Pallet Boards and Stencils

Hand Painted Farmers Market Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

A trendy, chic sign that showcases your garden’s beauty can be made by you!

Using pallet boards, some stencils, and antique paint create a farmer’s market sign fit for your home. Display near an entranceway to enhance the artisanal quality.

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9. Enjoy Privacy with a Hanging Pallet Planter Box

Hanging Pallet Planter Box for Privacy #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Solve two problems at once with this hanging pallet box.

With six planter rows, vibrant plants will soon provide some much-appreciated privacy for your garden and home. Hang along a fence for the best coverage.

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10. Bring Tropical Vibes with a Pallet Upcycled Tiki Bar

Incredible Tiki Bar Custom Built from Pallets #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This beautiful tiki bar brings the island vibes to your backyard.

With a refined and smooth look, this pallet upcycle will make your garden the after-dinner destination. Pair with ambient lighting and ample seating!

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11. DIY Pallet Dominoes Set for Outdoor Fun

Large Wooden Dominoes Garden Game #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Make your own outdoor game with this DIY pallet project.

Using the wooden boards and some black paint, make a dominoes set complete with its own convenient storage box. Big enough to entertain the whole family!

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12. Personalize Garden Logo with Pallet Boards and Stencils

Monogrammed Garden Sign Outdoor Décor #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Lend your monogram to this elegantly crafted sign.

With just three pallet boards and some stencils, you can create a family logo to set your garden apart from the rest.

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13. Refined Pallet Table Set for Your Outdoor Coffee Time

Pallet Coffee Table and Bench for the Backyard #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This unique pallet-made table set provides the perfect place to sip on some coffee outdoors.

With an interesting use of shape and color, this set offers your backyard refinement and a fun spin on a classic.

via A Piece Of Rainbow

14. Street-Inspired Pallet Sign for Your Backyard Events

Personalize Your Home with a Rustic Pallet Sign #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Set the stage for your backyard events with this pallet upcycle.

Using a few wooden pallet boards, some of which have been reshaped into arrows, this fun idea is reminiscent of a street sign.

Use stencils to direct your guests to all the events.

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15. Turn Outdoor Potting Shed with a DIY Pallet Upcycle

Personalized Outdoor Potting Shed Sign #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Let this simple pallet design provide your backyard the marque it needs.

Just a single board and some cute font identify your outdoor potting shed in this DIY pallet upcycle.

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16. Rustic DIY Pallet House Number Display with Planter

Personalized Pallet Home Address Sign #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Add a bit of rustic elegance to the front of your house with this pallet project.

With three darkly stained boards as the base, display your house numbers and suspend a functional planter box.

It creates a sense of uniqueness and beauty to your house front.

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17. Upgrade a Garden with Elevated Racks and Raised Beds 

Planter Box Growing Racks for Gardening #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This project provides a serious upgrade to your garden.

With elevated racks for growing and a traditional raised bed, your garden will be a cornucopia of nature.

via The Painted Hinge

18. Make a Functional Pallet Gardening Workspace

Potting Bench Made from Upcycled Pallets #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Create a decorative and useful workspace for your gardening projects with this pallet upcycle.

It includes a high shelf, level workspace, and below storage.

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19. Craft Spooky Pallet Pumpkin Decorations

Reclaimed Wooden Halloween Yard Art #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Add some playfully spooky ambiance to your garden with this adorable project.

Using four pallet boards each, craft three differently sized pumpkins, complete with stem.

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20. Elevated Pallet Outdoor Bench for Comfort and Style

Recycle Pallets with a Garden Bench #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This comfortable and elevated outdoor bench is made from stained pallet wood.

With three pallets used to create height, this design adds a sense of ease to your patio or deck.

via Hello Creative Family

21. Transform Your Backyard with an Upcycled Pallet Table

Refurbished Rustic Wooden Pallet Table #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This simple and purposeful project turns a wooden pallet into the perfect outdoor table.

Whether for brunch or up-kicked feet, this table will suit your family and backyard well.

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22. Cozy Pallet Birdhouse Built with Aromatic Cedar Roof

Rustic Decorative Birdhouse with Aromatic Cedar Roof #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This adorable project uses pallet boards to create the perfect cozy birdhouse.

It uses an aromatic cedar roof to hold up to the elements and keep the bugs away.

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23. Elevate Your Fire Pit with a Pallet Table

Rustic Wood Pallet Fire Pit #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Let this project create the perfect elevated surface for your fire pit.

A wooden pallet is a medium in which a metal fire pit will be stored. Both functional and decorative this table will make for some great family evenings.

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24. Build a Wooden Pallet Playhouse for Your Kids

The Ultimate Outdoor Playhouse Project #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This DIY project creates the perfect stage for children’s imagination.

With a slanted roof, wooden pallet base, and a concrete walkway, this playhouse will provide hours of backyard entertainment for the whole family.

via Love & Renovations

25. Upcycle a Wooden Pallet into a Stunning Window Planter

Turn a Pallet into a Window Planter Box #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

This project turns a wooden pallet into an elegant planter box that hangs from a window sill.

Painted in white and filled with flowers, this planter box gives a sense of grace and bounty to any home.

via Katusha Henderson

26. Create Privacy and Height with Pallet Planter Box

Upcycled Pallet Planter Stand for Backyard Privacy #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

Create some height and privacy with this pallet project!

Using wooden pallets, a tall planter box is constructed with a taller backboard frame. It is a perfect focal point for any garden.

via My Thrifty Life by Cassie Fairy

27. Tall Pallet Planter Box for Cascading Floral Displays

Vertical Planter from Recycled Wood Pallets #diy #pallet #garden #decorhomeideas

A tall, vertical wooden planter box creates a cascading floral arrangement giving a stage for nature’s beauty.

Stained in a red tone, this planter box gives an added height element to your garden.

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28. Pallet Heart with Lights Garden Decor

Garden Decor From Old Pallets

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