35 Best DIY Summer Wreath Ideas

Have you ever thought about the symbolism behind the wreath? Although we are used to seeing and accepting it as a standard front door decoration, there is much more about it.

The wreath celebrates Advent and Christmas. Usually, it is made of evergreen plants which represent the eternal life brought through Jesus. The circular shape, on the other hand, represents God, with no beginning and no end.

Best Summer Wreath Ideas. Spruce up your front door and porch with these creative summer wreath ideas. #diy #wreath #summer #decorhomeideas
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Nowadays wreaths come in various shapes and materials so that they suit the taste and design of the home. Whether used as a holiday decoration or as a permanent décor, wreaths have the magical capability to brighten the space and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Being at the beginning of the summer season, it is just the right time to present to your attention a collection of the best summer wreaths that will become the focal point of your summer decoration.

Clothespin Sunflower Wreath

Sunflower Clothespin Wreath
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Make this easy summer wreath with our step by step tutorial!

via Decor Home Ideas

Banana Leaf Wreath

Banana Leaf Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Crepe paper is very flexible and its stretching capabilities allow formming of very realistic shapes when it comes to flowers. That makes it the perfect choice for a wreath that will beatify the front door or the interior all year long.

via Darice

Bright Azalea Wreath

Bright Azalea Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Faux flowers are a good choice when it comes to wreaths. They look quite realistic and will last for many years.

Cute Hydrangea Wreath

Cute Hydrangea Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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When you see a Hydrangea, the first thing that comes to your mind is summer. If you like the beauty of the rich Hydrangea blossoms, celebrate summer with a cute and gentle wreath.

DIY Lemon Wreath

DIY Lemon Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Lemons are very cheerful and the perfect summer decoration. Use faux greenery and lemon fruits, to twist in a circle. Add a contrasting ribbon and hang on the door.

DIY Magnolia Wreath

DIY Magnolia Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Magnolia is one of the most aromatic flowers that bloom in the early summer days but its blossoms fade quickly. Luckily, faux flowers come in help and can extend the delight from their beauty.

DIY Pineapple Wreath

DIY Pineapple Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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When you don’t like the wreaths sold at stores, you can release your creativity and make yourself one. Follow the instructions below to craft a fun pineapple wreath.

via Hometalk

DIY Tropical Wreath

DIY Tropical Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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This gorgeous wreath is inspired by the tropical flora. It is entirely made of faux flowers which can be arranged as you like.

via A Kailo Chic Life

DIY Wreath With Seashells

DIY Wreath With Seashells #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Most of us connect summer with the ocean. If you have a rich collection of sea shells, it is time to use it to make your own summer wreath. Cover a foam circle with cord and glue shells on.

via Miss Kopy Kat

Driftwood Wreath

Driftwood Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Depending on the materials you use, the wreath can match any type of décor. Drifted wood is perfect to complement a home, inspired by the rustic, farmhouse or vintage designs.

via Sustain My Craft Habit

Grapevine Butterfly Wreath

Grapevine Butterfly Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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The delicacy of the butterfly is combined with the shine of the sunflowers to create a magical summer wreath.

Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Grapevine is very flexible and that makes it the perfect material to form the shape of a wreath. The large white magnolias and the greenery vividly mark the summer presence.

Hanging Flower Basket

Hanging Flower Basket #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Nowadays wreaths come in various shapes. The rattan basket is one of the non-standard ways to hang a beautiful summer bouquet at your front door.

via The Inspired Room

How to Make a Summer Wreath in 30 Minutes

How to Make a Summer Wreath in 30 Minutes #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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When time is essential and yet you want to give a personal touch to your front door decoration, you can quickly make a summer wreath using materials from the dollar store.

via The No Pressure Life

Hydrangea Wreath

Hydrangea Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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This wreath combines three colors of Hydrangea. It doesn’t need any further accents because the blossoms of the hydrangea are very rich and remarkable.

via Artsy Chicks Rule

Hydrangea Wreath Swag

Hydrangea Wreath Swag #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Another popular shape for a front door wreath is the garland type. When it comes as a flower arrangement, it will make any front door more welcoming.

Ice Cream Cone Wreath

Ice Cream Cone Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Summer is the time of the year when our moods naturally brighten up. Wreaths can also reflect that tendency. The fun shape of an ice-cream cone holds a beautiful bouquet of faux flowers, layered to imitate the ice-cream balls.

Lavender Wreath

Lavender Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Lilac and green make a great color combo and nature has proven it. A wreath that combines the calming and gentle Lavender with the small but thick Boxwood sprigs will add style to the ambiance.

Ocean Themed Wreath

Ocean Themed Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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When you love ocean and summer, you will love a wreath that combines both. This unique item incorporates ocean symbols like seashells, fishing net, a small boat and burlap.

Peony Wreath

Peony Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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A peony wreath is a classical floral arrangement that will never age. If added to a stick basis, they will add rustic refinement to the décor.

via Making The World Cuter

Pine Cone Pineapple Wreath

Pine Cone Pineapple Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Pineaplle has become a traditional symbol of welcome, especially in summer. It is very bright, cheerful and sweet.

via Cottage at The Crossroads

Pineapple Sunflower Wreath

Pineapple Sunflower Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Floral pineapple wreaths bring the much-needed brightness to the boring front doors. Sunflowers are preferred for this wreath because they are a well-known summer symbol and are of the same cheerful color.

Rope Nautical Wreath

Rope Nautical Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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If you want a little piece from the beach, make yourself or get a nautical wreath. It combines symbols and materials that are seen only at the sea side.

via How To Nest For Less

Seashell Wreath

Seashell Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Another alternative of the nautical wreath is a wreath from various sea shells. Have we inspired you to start collecting sea shells this summer?

via HGTV

Straw Hat Wreath

Straw Hat Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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The circular shape of the straw hat makes it a great wreath basis. The arrangement of faux flowers in lilac combined with peeking leaves will add color to the woven surface.

Strawberry Wreath

Strawberry Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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It is the perfect time from the year to eat strawberries. Why not decorate a wreath with them? Of course, it will be cleverer to use faux strawberries which do not step back from the beauty of the real ones.

Succulent DIY Wreath

Succulent DIY Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Succulents are very popular because of their unpretentious growth and variety of shapes. If you can’t get enough of them, you can get or make a wreath with faux succulents. Use grapevine to form the basis.

via Crafts Unleashed

Summer Initial Wreath DIY

Summer Initial Wreath DIY #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Since wreaths are usually used as a front door decoration, adding your family initial will make it more personalized and welcoming.

via Stone Gable

Summer Wreath for Your Front Porch

Summer Wreath for Your Front Porch #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Give guests a cheering welcome with a wreath made by your own hands. Use grapevines to form a thick circle and glue on faux flowers you like. This is the perfect weekend project for tis summer.

via Sarah Joy

Summer Wreath Idea with Geraniums

Summer Wreath Idea with Geraniums #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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When you have window planters that contain Geraniums, you will most probably want a front door decoration that matches them. This rustic wreath comes into an untraditional form- a basket from wood sticks that hold a rich bouquet of red Geraniums.

Summer Wreath Tutorial

Summer Wreath Tutorial #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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This summer wreath looks like it has just been taken from the forest. Its shape reminds of the sun and will be the most shining welcome when placed at the front door.

via Stone Gable

Summer Wreath with Hydrangeas

Summer Wreath with Hydrangeas #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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This stunning wreath will easily distinguish from the front door because of the multicolored Hydrangea blossoms.

Wagon Wheel Wreath with Flowers

Wagon Wheel Wreath with Flowers #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Do you miss the days spent in the countryside? You can easily remind yourself of the calmness and easiness it brings with a wreath made of a wagon wheel.

Watermelon Wreath

Watermelon Wreath #diy #summer #wreath #decorhomeideas
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Watermelon always reminds us of summer. Its color combination is very cheerful and that makes it preferrable summer decoration.

via Craft Create Cook

Summer Wreath Ideas
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