68 Spooktacular Halloween Porch Decor Ideas For A Scary Welcoming

If you want to pull off the best Halloween ambiance then you should decorate every part of your home.

And the beginning of it is the most important part as it will set your guests and your neighbors in a spooky mood.

Best Halloween Porch Decor Ideas. Decorate your front porch for Halloween with these super creative  Halloween porch decor ideas, that include ghosts, spiders, crows, skeletons, witches & pumpkins. #decorhomeideas

Give your porch a festive makeover with the greatest spooktacular Halloween porch decor ideas that will show how creative you are!

1. Scare Your Guests this Halloween with Haunted Porch Decor 

1. 100-Year-Old House Untouched for Years #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The decor of this porch aims to anchor the feeling of a very old house that has been once haunted. There is a zombie in the chair waiting to greet you and a skeleton on the floor, looking at the door.

The tattered drapes made from burlap enhance the aged look of this place. There is a scary black creature on the floor that has opened its mouth to threaten you.

The large sign between the drapes warns you to think twice before you enter this place. Looking at the overall arrangement, this is a classic and spooky Halloween decor.

via Fine Craft Guild

2. Give Your Porch the Ultimate Halloween Look

2. An Almost Peaceful Halloween Setting #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The candles of this Halloween porch decor make you feel so cozy. But they are not there to welcome you. They are a means to give only a weak illumination so that you don’t see the creatures waiting for you.

A zombie is waiting by the door and a large spider is hanging from the door to scare you. A spooky bow embellished by a skull jewelry stands right to the number of the spookiest house ever.

Then you see nets of spiders thickly spreading over the window shutters. This Halloween porch decoration is a masterpiece.

3. Spook Up Your Porch with Handmade Bats

3. Bats, Bats and More Bats #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These handmade bats look so realistic because of their curved wings and the way they are aligned on the porch.

Some of them are sealed on the porch vertical surfaces and others hang down the ceiling to get in a flock haunting the front porch.

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4. Get Crafty with Paper Bats Decor

4. Beautiful Bats As Long as They Are Paper #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This simple Halloween porch decor looks very elegant. The white mumms are part of the fall porch decor and they perfectly match the black bat cutouts. Dozens of them are glued to the flat surfaces of the wall and the door.

They are made of black poster board. Folding them in the middle and at the wing ends, they get a dimensional look as if they are flying.

via It All Started With Paint

5. Light Up Your Porch with Pumpkin Topiaries

5. Beauty of Pumpkins #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These pumpkin topiaries are so impressive and artistic. The surfaces of the stacked pumpkins are used as canvases for a tree image lit by stars.

Little holes are drilled in the rind which recreates the tree at night when the candle inside the pumpkin is lit. The urns where the topiaries sit are surrounded by various sizes and colors of pumpkins to balance the art with tradition. The haunted houses act as signs anchoring the atmosphere of the house behind them.

More Halloween flavor could be seen on the front door where a wreath made of black branches is covered with pieces of a spider web.

via Good Housekeeping

6. Enchant Your Porch with Black and White Halloween Decor

6. A Black and White Halloween #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The typical colors for Halloween are orange and black but for a couple of years, we see that white has succeeded in honoring itself as a spooky color.

If you like the classic look of white and black, use it for your Halloween porch decor. These two exist in the majority of spooky motifs like the skeletons, the ghosts, the spider webs.

via Life Love Larson

7. Create an Eerie Atmosphere with Ravens and Pumpkins

7. Black Ravens and White Pumpkins #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This porch decor combines natural elements that create a gloomy and scary atmosphere. The black branches are leaned against the wall to hold ravens perched on them.

The pumpkins on the floor are not carved, only painted black or white to enhance the scare.

via Create Craft Love

8. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Halloween Curtains

8. Curtains Lead the Way to My Halloween Porch #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This inviting porch uses curtains in black and white stripes to emphasize that a secret place has been revealed. And that is the place where Halloween creatures live. Added pumpkins and black cat masks add the scary symbols of the holiday in a soft and cute way.

The wreath on the porch is replaced by a large black cat image and together with the banner on the porch arch they welcome children for a trick or treat.

via Crazy Wonderful

9. Transform Tomato Cages into Cute Ghosts

9. Cute Ghosts This Halloween #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These ghosts have been made by covering tomato cages with white sheets. Around the wires, a string of lights is woven to let the scary creatures be seen at night.

To make the eyes, you can use paper cutouts or draw them directly on the fabric.

10. Bring Rustic Charm with Pumpkin Plaid Halloween Porch

10. Cute, Spooky and Pumpkin Plaid Halloween Porch #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you like the traditional pumpkin decor, place as many as you wish in two rows so that they lead to the front door. Place a skeleton to greet the ones looking for “Trick or Treat”.

A gold hammered jack-o’- lantern held by the bones friend enhances the spooky atmosphere. All that is tied up by buffalo plaid pillows repeating the colors of the Halloween decor reminding in their own way that the porch can be cozy although the creepiest holiday comes.

via The Crafting Chicks

11. Make Your House Glow with Glittering Bats and Pumpkins 

11. Enter Here for Halloween Fun #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Where there is a party, there must be some glitter, even when that is a Halloween party! The sparkling pumpkins floating from the ceiling add a cheerful vibe to the dark porch decor.

The creepy part of the decor is represented by black spiders and bats. All these are hung to the ceiling with a clear fish line.

To make the garland tracing the front door, drape a string of fairy lights first. Then use black decorative mesh and thread pieces to attach it to the fairy lights and give them a creepier look.

via Honeybear Lane

12. Create Unforgettable Memories with Fun Halloween Project

12. Fall Fun for the Family #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This colorful Halloween porch decor is perfect for a family DIY decor project. A scarecrow is dressed in the old clothes of the dad. It stays next to bundles of dry corn leaves.

A figure of dog stands next to the scarecrow holding a jack-o’ lantern. The typical Halloween pumpkins are also included in this non-traditional porch decor.

The autumn wreath for the front door is replaced by a scary welcome banner spread by a skeleton.

13. Elevate Your Porch with Fancy Witch Decor

13. Fancy Witches Only Please #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This arrangement is an elegant way to welcome everyone to your Halloween party. Two brooms are leaned in the corner presenting who the first guests are. Three plastic pumpkins are painted black to be transformed into a customized house number art.

A pine tree faux garland is repurposed into a spooky piece of decor simply by embellishing it with skull figures. c

14. Transform Your Porch into a Scary Wonderland

14. Fun Fear #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of how to make your porch fun and scary with your own hands. The ghosts with googly eyes are actually plants wrapped with pieces of cheesecloth.

The popping boo sign on the front door acts as a focal point of the porch. On both sides of the door, there are pumpkins with different faces that succeed in making the ambiance more celebratory than scary.

15. Experience Unrivaled Style with a Critters Garland

15. A Garland of Critters #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Even the tiniest porch can become Halloween festive! You need a wreath and a dozen of Halloween symbols spread well in the space.

The garland with skeletons is perfect to frame the door. Add larger motifs in each corner. That can be corn leaves, black branches in pots, brooms, skeletons.

16. Create a Spine-Chilling Graveyard on Your Porch

16. Ghosts in a Graveyard #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

A simple and easy way to make your porch spooky is to recreate a graveyard scene. Tombstones in different designs and materials could be found at craft stores.

Place it on the porch and add a raven on its top. As a backdrop that enhances the scary feel, we see a dark willow tree. The ceiling is decorated with black cheesecloth imitating a spider web.

The smiling ghosts floating in the air, the smily jars on the stair and the bright orange pumpkins give the tuned and dark setting a cheerful vibe.

17. Showcase Your Style with Ghoulish Porch Decor

17. Ghoulish on the Menu #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Give your porch Halloween decor a spooky vibe with a sign. Instead of writing a greeting, write a statement that will scare the guests.

To balance the ambiance, use pumpkins, pots with greenery and seasonal flowers to display the autumn gifts of nature. A few bats, spiders and witch hats in small sizes would add an interesting point and will complete the Halloween picture.

18. Get a Whimsical Look with Spilling Goulash

18. Goulash Gone Crazy on the Menu #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you need an additional witch symbol to add to the thematic porch decor, try this easy DIY idea. The pot with foam boiling over the rim represents an object from the witch craft.

How to make it? Just grab a flower pot, paint it black and fill the inside with foam. You can add plastic spiders and other scary creatures to make it look more repulsive.

via Laughing Abi

19. Adorn Your Porch with Kid-Friendly Monster Decor

19. Halloween for Little Ones #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If your kids are small, you may not want to create too scary Halloween decor. The monster door is a good idea to decorate the front porch and make it holiday-friendly.

All you need for this DIY craft is a cloth and large googly eyes. Place them strategically and imitate the monster evil smile with a banner.

Use black tape to make the eyebrows and the scratches on the face.

20. Create a Spooky Scene with a Trick-or-Treat Banner

20. Halloween Party Banner that Says Trick or Treat #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have time to prepare handmade decor for Halloween, you can always take advantage of the creative embellishments at Etsy. This front door decor consists of three pieces that will clearly ask the question “Trick or Treat”!

The two roll banners have thread hooks to be easily attached to nails. The middle one is a skeleton vinyl that is happily greeting at the front door.

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21. Elevate Your Halloween Decor with a Boo Wreath

21. Halloween Swag/Wreath BOO Extravaganza #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This unique Halloween wreath is of a long vertical shape to accommodate many ribbons and the inscription “Boo”. The ribbons are of different patterns but they are all united by the colors used- black, white and orange.

The thick ribbon wreath is embellished with spiders and balls peeking out that give it an additional Halloween festive look. M

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22. Awe Your Guests with a Hauntingly Unique Halloween Tree

22. A Halloween Tree #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Inspired by the traditional Christmas tree, this idea adds it to Halloween but the embellishments are spookier. You can use a tree with lights, a dry branch or a dry small tree for this idea.

The decorations on the branches are ribbons, black and orange balls and of course, creepy small skeletons.

Instead of a wrapped gift on the base of the tree, place a witch hat to enhance the theme.

via Pink Polka Dot Creations

23. Boost Your Curb Appeal with a Scary Halloween Yard Sign

23. Halloween Yard Sign with 8 Scary Destinations #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Some reclaimed wood and you can make this fantastic rustic sign emphasizing Halloween scary destinations.

Use the typical Halloween colors for the background of the boards and then inscribe the names with white paint or another color that will be able to stand out.

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24. Indulge in the Lavish Look of Hanging Cauldron Bats

24. Hanging Cauldron of Bats on Your Porch #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The 3-dimensional cutouts are very impacting. Tie a clear fish cord on every bat cutout and suspend it from the porch ceiling. You can try arranging the bats at different heights to give the flock a more realistic look.

This porch decor could be inspiring for those of you who don’t like overwhelming the atmosphere.

via Happy Happy Nester

25. Bring Halloween Alive with a Witch and Apple Decor

25. Have an Apple - It's Not Poisonous #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

With only one impacting figure you can make your porch an example of the creepiest Halloween decor. This witch waits by the front door to treat you with an apple. Do you want to try it?

Because of the strong effect of this decor piece, the rest of the arrangement is simply aiming to add color and balance the mood.

26. Transform Your Porch with Spooky Hocus Pocus Decorations 

26. Hocus Pocus, Movie Theme, Halloween Front Porch #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The focal point of this spooky porch decor is the Hocus Pocus of the well-known flick. Black roll banners are spread down each side of the front door to anchor the gloomy black color with silhouettes of cats and phrases from the Sanderson Sisters.

The doormat complements the witch theme and anchors the spooky mood on the porch. Black and orange pumpkins, a black cat and small items like a spellbook and spider webs act as accents of the hocus pocus theme.

via For The Love of Food

27. Add a Creepy Factor to Your Porch with a Giant Spider Web

27. Hugely Scary Halloween Porch Spider Web #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Be creative and surprise your guests with a huge spider web. You can make it as big as you want. It can even cover the entire porch front.

Clothesline is used for this DIY Halloween porch decor but you can also use white thick yarn. Connect the pieces in a web pattern and then attach a spooky big spider to the center.

via My Untangled Life

28. Welcome Guests with a Spooky Distressed Wooden Sign

28. It's a Spooky Halloween Entryway Sign #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for one statement piece that can anchor the spooky atmosphere of Halloween, you can do it with such a sign. You can get it from Etsy where it will come in the size you wish. Another way to have this rustic sign is to craft it yourself.

The distressed finish is achieved by layering black and orange coats of paint. Use stencils to draw the letters and the cute spider O’s.

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29. Light Up Your Porch with Pumpkin Jack O’ Lanterns

29. A Jack-O-Lantern Festival #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

A row of evil jack-o lanterns is leading the way up to the front door where a skeleton is waving its hand to say hello.

Two large corn stalks frame the door and enhance the spooky ambiance at the entrance. This Halloween porch decor idea proves that you can give your home a festive look in the traditional way.

30. Make a Statement with Fairy Lights Halloween Decor

30. Lights for Halloween Too #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Use the fairy lights for Christmas to give your front porch Halloween decor a spookier vibe. Although it may look difficult to recreate, this idea actually requires a good arrangement of the parts.

Drape lights from the ceiling and then add black cheesecloth pieces onto them as if they are covered by thick spider webs. The cheesecloth will be also used to suspend bat cutouts.

Place a few plastic jack-o’ lanterns, spiders and similar Halloween motifs to spread Halloween everywhere on the porch.

31. Create a Lavish Monsters Inc. Inspired Halloween Decor

31. Monsters Inc. Take Off #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This one-eyed monster is a favorite character for the kids. To make the Halloween decor appealing and exciting for your kids, prepare an exercise ball, foam and acrylic paints, old bedsheets and fluorescent paint.

Sew the bedsheets into thin but long triangular shapes. Fill them with cotton and decorate with foam spray and fluorescent paint. These would be the legs of the monster. Then decorate the ball by surrounding the large painted eye with waves as if they are getting out of the eye. You can get fluorescent plastic eyes to stick on the wall and make the adjacent decor scary.

via The Year of Living Fabulously

32. Upgrade Your Porch with Paper Lanterns and Ribbons

32. Multi-Layered Halloween Decoration #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The paper lanterns and decorations are used as a means to decorate the porch on the highest level. They are tied to a string of lights where the paper crafts alternate with black mesh ribbons.

Below them, we see a topiary from plastic pumpkins attacked by two large spiders. Going further down, we see how the traditional fall decor is given a spooky look. This is possible by painting evil jack-o’ faces on the pots holding the seasonal flowers.

via Our Southern Nest

33. Delight Guests with a Hilarious Accident Scene 

33. Nothing Like Humor to Attract Visitors #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This fun porch decor is so thoughtful and unique! Everyone passing by your home will start laughing at the witch figure that has bumped into the porch column because she has texted instead of looking ahead.

The broom and the cellphone are present in this scenery, hanging from the ceiling with a clear cord that achieves the floating effect.

34. Get Ready for Halloween with a Rustic October Sign

34. October is Halloween Month Reminder Sign #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This farmhouse sign celebrates Halloween in a fun way. Being quite oversized, it will easily drag attention and set your porch for the holiday.

Add pumpkins, lanterns and figures of craws and owls to tie up the Halloween decor.

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35. Discover Timeless Beauty with Front Porch Mummies

35. Please Stop and Play With Us #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Mummies can be cute, look at these ones! Their eyes are peeping out the sheets wrapping wooden boards creating the feeling of creatures begging for something.

This decor idea is a very easy DIY and your kids would have a lot of fun making it. They need reclaimed boards, paints and an old bedsheet.

36. Add Texture and Definition with DIY Pumpkin Patch Sign

36. Pumpkin Patch Do-it-Yourself Sign #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Celebrate Halloween on the porch with a cute DIY sign.

Made of wood scraps and some paint, it is large enough to be noticed. Place a pumpkin in front of the sign or another Halloween typical symbol and turn the arrangement into a focal point.

via Blessings By Me

37. Bring Halloween Cheer with a Pumpkin Snowman

37. A Pumpkin Snowman? #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These pumpkins are stacked in such a way that they remind the shape of a snowman. Don’t worry winter is yet to come. However, this is an interesting way to make your porch decor more attractive. In addition to that, three pumpkins are needed for the backdrop of initials forming “Boo”.

The easiest way to give the pumpkins a glitter finish is to use a spray with this effect. And if you are wondering how to stack them, drill holes at the bottom and top of the pumpkins and insert them on a post standing in the center of the urn.

38. Add Splendour with Pumpkin Topiary and Crow Accent

38. Pumpkin Topiary Stack in an Urn #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The plastic pumpkins are used in a very creative arrangement. Instead of being placed on the floor of the porch, they are elevated in a topiary. Each pumpkin is nicely colored with black, orange or white and then stacked in descending alignment.

The topiary is placed in an urn that is usually planted with flowers. A black crow stands next to the pumpkin topiary in a cowing position. Placed on a bale, the crow adds the creepy feeling to this otherwise very welcoming porch decor. Y

via Grandin Road

39. Create Unique Pumpkins for Halloween Porch Decor

39. Pumpkins Have Character Too #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you want to embellish the pumpkins, you should better use plastic ones. Paints, dots, glitter, fabric- are the simple materials you can give the typical pumpkins a new unique look.

via Grandin Road

40. Celebrate Autumn with a Breathtaking Pumpkin Wreath

40. A Refined Halloween Decoration #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

A pale yellow pumpkin stays over layers of burlap, golden leaves and black feathers elevated on a black urn. The same arrangement could be seen in a vertical alignment represented by a wreath celebrating autumn.

The mixture of fabrics and details is embellished by a polka dot and stripes ribbons that give the arrangement a point of interest and a connection with Halloween.

41. Create a Lasting Impression with Ghost Drapes

41. Reserved for Ghosts #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Like this Halloween porch decor idea? The ghostly drapes are made from cheesecloth cut in strips to form different lengths.

The worn look is achieved by dipping them in black tea for a while and then ripping them up. You can use a curtain rod to hang these or a clothes line. When you are done with the flowing curtains add cages with scary figures to set the spookiest Halloween atmosphere.

via HGTV

42. Get Rustic Elegance with Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

42. Rustic Halloween Porch Decorations #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This pumpkin artistic set is made from reclaimed wood. Each pumpkin is given a different texture. The largest one is whitewashed and then distressed. The second one is stained and the smallest one- sanded.

You can make your own alternative of the pumpkin decor with wood scraps and a jigsaw. Because of the rustic style of these, they will look best when combined with vintage decor.

via Adventures of a DIY Mom

43. Showcase Your Skills with Rustic Wooden Jack O’Lanterns

43. Rustic Wooden Rectangular Jack O'Lantern #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These Jack-o’-lanterns are spooktacular! Their rectangular shape and weathered look enhance the scary feeling created by the creepy smiles.

Placed on the porch stairs in a set, the evil faces will greet everyone at Halloween.

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44. Light Up the Night with Skull-Themed Halloween Decor

44. Scary Eyes in Skulls #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Spread a string of lights on the wall of the porch. Then drape over a shiny cloth with sparkling elements. The gentle light from the string of bulbs will protrude through the thin fabric.

The idea here features three cutout skulls in two sizes that are hung on the fabric. However, you can use other Halloween motifs as long as they have openings to let the light go through. Once the sun goes down, the silhouettes of the skulls will look very scary.

via The Year of Living Fabulously

45. Bring Up some Good Vibes with Polka Dot Pumpkins

45. Simple and Sweet #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Use the bench on the porch as a place to form the Halloween nook. Find craw figures to put on both sides of it. Place two or three pumpkins on the seat. Since the decor will be more subtle, you can embellish the pumpkin surface with polka dots.

Above the bench, we see a chalkboard sign which celebrates the holiday. Added pillows with spooky fabric patterns will help to enhance the scary vibe.

via The Happy Housie

46. Bring a Contemporary Vibe with Pumpkin Topiary

46. A Simple Halloween Statement #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you don’t have time to make a pumpkin topiary, you can use only one to make an elevated spooky statement for the porch.

You need a plastic urn and dry moss to fill it with. Then place the pumpkin on top and decorate it with a witch hat. You can upgrade this idea by placing spiders and crawls on the moss.

47. Invite Guests with Simple Halloween Porch Decor

47. A Simple Halloween Welcome #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This front porch decor is not that creepy but showcases a very creative idea for Halloween decoration you may want to try out. Pumpkins in various sizes are carved so that each pumpkin reveals a different emotion. Some are smiling, others are creepy or sad.

The wreath celebrating autumn has not been taken down. Instead, the sides adjacent to the door are decorated in the Halloween topic with two large farmhouse signs.

via Bless’er House

48. Spook Your Neighbors with Skeleton Porch Decor

48. Skeletons on the Roof #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The skeletons are not scary at all despite their bare bones. You can use them as the focus of your Halloween porch decor by placing them on the roof, on the railing and on the stairs as if they are trying to get inside your home.

This idea is a good investment as you can use them many times and in a different arrangement so that your porch decor is different every year.

49. Create a Spider and Bat Invasion on Your Porch

49. Spider and Bat Invasion #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Want to make your own unique porch decor for Halloween? This idea is easy and fun to make. Spiders are made from styrofoam balls painted black. Their crawling legs are twisted pipe cleaners. The bats are cut from black poster boards and then glued on the front door surface.

spread the spiders on the stairs, add some pumpkins to fill the gaps and watch the insect invasion for Halloween.

via One Good Thing By Jillee

50. Transform Your Porch Swing with Rustic Spider Decor

50. Spider on the Swing #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Another place from the porch you can use the idea for a large spider web is the swing. This idea would be loved by all of you that are looking for alternatives to the pumpkin decorations.

Use any heavy-duty thread to knot the web. Finding a big spider like this one could be difficult so in case you are not lucky, you can try making it yourself. The paper mache technique is good for recreating any shapes you like.

Styrofoam balls are another alternative. The curved legs can be made out of plastic pipe pieces.

via Lalymom

51. Make a Scary Welcome Sign with Spider Art

51. A Spidery Welcome #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Looking for a sign that welcomes your guests for Halloween? Well, this is what you need- this framed wall art combines the scary and inviting vibes together to make a unique addition to the Halloween theme.

Use yarn to imitate the web pattern and tiny plastic spiders to decorate it. When you glue the letters on the yarn, don’t put them in a straight line. Instead, create a messy alignment as if the spiders are trying to move the message.

52. Redesign Your Porch with Spooky Floating Hats

52. Spooky Floating Hats #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

If you want to give your porch decor a layered look, you can try this idea and decorate the ceiling. You need witch hats, led candles and a fishline.

The invisibility of the cord will do a great job creating the floating effect of the hats.

via Polkadot Chair

53. Bring Comfort and Style with Porch Mummies

53. A Spooky Welcome #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Okay, the ghost greeting you at the front door is so cute! Wait, who are these by the door? Two mummies and a large skull! Do you still want to enter this house?

They do succeed in making a scary scene of a haunted house. The tree without leaves, the leafy garland and the pumpkins balance the atmosphere bringing back the Halloween fun.

via Opinionated Gamers

54. Illuminate Your Entryway with a Pumpkin Topiary

54. Stacked Evil Pumpkins #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The pumpkin topiary idea can be given a scarier look if the pumpkins are carved with spooky smiley faces. The black and white pumpkins are inserted on a metal dowel held in a large flower pot.

As you can see, light is protruding through the openings. You can achieve that by weaving a string of lights in each pumpkin or by placing a LED candle in the bottom of the evil lantern.

via Tatertots and Jello

55. Bring Farmhouse Charm with Natural Porch Decor

55. The Advantages of Nature's Beauty #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is an idea for a spooky farmhouse porch decor. Using nature’s gifts in autumn, the porch looks unique and exciting for Halloween.

Branches, trees, nests and small pumpkins are transformed into Halloween motifs. We see a unique drapery from grapevine and branches decorating the front door. Nests and ghosts hand from there to greet you for the holiday.

The front wall is embellished by a wreath in deep dark color made from twigs, the perfect final touch for this rustic decor.

56. Add Personality to Your Home with Crawling Spiders

56. The Creepy-Crawly Home #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Use the plastic spiders sold at the Dollar Store to create a creepy porch decor for your kids and those that will visit your home for the holiday.

Use cheesecloth or a white sheet to mimic a thick spider web from which holes the spiders crawl out. Reduce the lighting on the porch or turn it down to increase the spookiness of the setting.

57. Countdown to Halloween with a Rustic Porch Sign

57. The Great Halloween Countdown #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

The countdown signs are very exciting. We usually have such for Christmas and why not make Halloween expectations more fun?

For that interesting idea, you need old crates or pallets. Stack them up and start writing your message. This idea could be done also with cardboard boxes.

Use different colors for the message, fun signs logically leading to a word and of course a chalkboard piece to write the days on.

Don’t forget to place pumpkins next to the countdown board and other Halloween motifs.

58. Create an Iconic Halloween Mummy Display

58. The Mummy Returns Bearing Halloween Gifts #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

You can get this cute mummy from Etsy or you can try making it yourself. Wooden slats are first tightly assembled together onto a plywood board to create a large wooden surface. Next, the silhouette of the mummy is cut from the wood.

Paint the whole surface white first and let it dry. Tear out or cut a triangle piece from the top wooden layer to mimic the cutout for the mummy’s eyes. Paint the section black and then draw the spooky eyes.

Orange Etsy Button

59. Set the Right Tone with a Wicked Witch Porch

59. The Wicked Witch Is Home #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Yes, the witch is actually living in this home and she has just placed her pair of shoes and a magical broom on the front porch.

The arrangement focused on witchcraft and spells is a great option to celebrate Halloween. Added sign with a thematic inscription enhances the magical and creepy atmosphere.

60. Create an Elegant and Airy Halloween Porch

60. A Themed Welcome #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This stylish and airy porch showcases elegant Halloween decor. The urns on both sides of the door hold dry branches. The same texture repeats on the wreaths.

The orange color exists on the wreath hooks and on the floor level, presented by many and various in size pumpkins.

The spider with its long and sticking legs is very cute and yet aims to add a spooky vibe to the ambiance. The black and white rug on the floor ties up the arrangement in a classic way and straight to the holiday topic.

61. Upcycle Tin Cans into Rustic Halloween Lanterns

61. Tin-Can Alley on Halloween #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is a genius idea how to upcycle baby food tins into Halloween decor. Use a sharp instrument to drill holes in lines that form the well-known jack-o-face. Then fill the parts of this face with black paint.

Two other tins are painted black and then with the same dot technique the words trick and treat are inscribed. Place candles inside the tins to let the light illuminate the hole traces. Since the tins are small, you can use them to embellish the railing or the windowsills.

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62. Embrace Minimalism with Halloween Porch Bats

62. Uncomplicated Bat Decorations #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Print out a bat stencil and transfer it onto school craft paper in black. Fold the bat cutout in the middle and then in the middle of each wing. These folds will give the flat paper dimension.

Then just tie a length of clear fishcord to every bat to be able to hand it from the ceiling. For the lower part of the porch, you can go with the typical pumpkin decoration. Add one or two brooms to give the standard decor a creepy vibe.

63. Add a Touch of Elegance with White Pumpkin Decor

63. White Pumpkins, Uncanny or Creative? #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

These white plastic pumpkins are so pale that you instantly feel a spooky thrill through your body. The neutral color of the largest one is used as a canvas for dotted initial embellishment.

It is placed in the front of the nook to greet everyone with a “Boo”. A crate is holding a painting of a silhouette of a black cat, a symbol related to Halloween.

The rustic vibe is complemented by a bale acting as a stand for a handmade festive sign and a milk cane holding another white pumpkin. The backdrop for this elegant Halloween nook is a window frame repurposed into wall decor.

All pieces are tied up by ribbons in the black-and-white combo.

via Craft Critters

64. Enhance Halloween Ambiance with Porch Railing Skeleton 

64. Why Don't You Join Us? #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

Here is another idea where to place the skeleton figures to create the spookiest ambiance ever! Lean one of them over the railing as if it is a real person that has once taken this position and never moved from there.

When you take a look down, you can see the skeleton of a cat. Well, that has been the cat the skeleton was looking for, obviously.

The railings are covered with webs from fabric that enhance the feeling for an aged scene.

65. Uplift Your Porch Windows with Web and Spider Decor

65. Window Spider Web and Dangling Spider #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

You can put Halloween decorations on every window on the porch. To not overwhelm the atmosphere, we suggest trying this spider web idea.

The web is made with black yarn tied in knots that form the web pattern. You can attach a plastic spider to the center or leave it hanging from the end of the yarn to make the faux web more realistic.

via Stuido Xtine

66. Make Your Guests Smile with a Witch in an Urn

66. Witch in the Urn #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This is such an incredible and fun idea. Leg parts from a mannequin are dressed in socks and then turned upside down to peek out from a large urn on the porch.

A pair of witch-type shoes cover the feet to give the faux legs a more realistic look. A craw stands in front of them and is peculiarly looking aside.

The simple but very impressive Halloween decor is anchored by a round sign that clearly states where the witch is.

via Birshykat

67. Add Unique Artistry to Your Porch with Witch Feet Bowl

67. Witches Feet Happy Halloween Decorative Cauldron #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This unique porch decor combines two Halloween symbols in the cutest way possible. Witch’s feet hold a candy bowl ready to treat children with candies.

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68. Reimagine Your Porch with a Rustic Grateful Sign

68. You Can Never be Too Grateful Sign Post #frontporch #halloween #decorhomeideas

This porch Halloween decor is not that spooky but it deserves its place in the collection because it is very elegant and thoughtful.

The column wrapped in autumn leaves and berries makes a stylish statement for autumn. The handmade sign praises Thanksgiving day.

The pumpkin sign on the front door emphasizes both fall and Halloween. This porch decor idea can be recreated with simple materials that you can find at the Dollar Store.

via Under a Texas Sky

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