30 Easy To Do Dollar Store Halloween Crafts and Decorations

Halloween is packed with exciting decorating opportunities — whether you’re going for cute and kitsch or blood and gore, the possibilities are endless.

Are you looking for easy ways to spruce up the house for the holidays without breaking the bank?

The dollar store is a fantastic place to shop.

Best Dollar Store Halloween Crafts And Decorations. Trying to spruce up your home with some Halloween fright, but don't want to spend a lot? Well, there are many awesome spooky crafts you can make yourself with just a few simple, cheap supplies from the dollar store. #decorhomeideas
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These 30+ clever crafts are the perfect way to celebrate the spooky season.

1. Bleeding Candles

Bleeding Candles #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Creepy bleeding candles are a fun and unexpected way to decorate for Halloween.

Stick a few nails into cheap dollar store candles, add some red wax, and you have a creative accent for a haunted house or an evening meal.

via Family Chic

2. Candle Holders with Eyes

Candle Holders with Eyes #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Want to dress up your glass candle holders?

Buy some self-stick plastic eyes and apply them to the outside of the glass.

After Halloween, just pull off the eyes for easy cleanup.

One tip: use battery-operated tea lights to prevent the heat from releasing the adhesive.

via Bargain Brianna

3. Candy Corn Frame

Candy Corn Frame #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Get your kids in the mood for Halloween with a fun and festive frame.

All you need to do is glue candy corn to the outside of a cheap frame.

Insert a photo of the little ones in a favorite costume, or use a fun graphic from a magazine.

via Bargain Brianna

4. Concrete Pumpkin Project

Concrete Pumpkin Project #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do your front porch pumpkins start to look tired before Halloween?

These creative concrete pumpkins are the ideal solution.

You can make them using inexpensive supplies and break them out year after year. It’s a craft that keeps on giving.

via Hometalk

5. Creepy Halloween Votive Candles

Creepy Halloween Votive Candles #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Delight your fall visitors with these super-creepy votive candles.

They look old and ghostly, but they’re remarkably easy to make.

The trick is to cut the eyes out neatly to create a truly otherworldly effect. Make one or a whole collection.

via Cheltenham Road

6. Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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There’s nothing like a wreath to dress your home for Halloween.

This fun project uses any garland and small decorations you can find at the dollar store. It comes together quickly, and requires no special skills.

We love the crow topper.

via Organized Island

7. Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Makeover #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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If you’re going for chic Halloween decorations, try this lovely pumpkin project.

You’d never guess from looking at it, but it uses foam pumpkins and an inexpensive serving tray from the dollar store.

A few embellishments and you have a gorgeous decoration that elevates your home.

via Fox Hollow Cottage

8. Easy $3 Ghost Candles

Easy $3 Ghost Candles #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These adorable ghost candles are the perfect way to update your lighting scheme for the holidays.

The best part? Any white candle will do — just add a spooky face to complete the look.

Mix and match sizes for an eclectic effect, or go with identical candles to highlight the different faces.

via Thoughtfully Simple

9. Easy Halloween Craft Candles

Easy Halloween Craft Candles #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Here’s another fun Halloween candle craft to jazz up your space.

To start, pick up a few cheap candles at the dollar store. Then, wrap them in ribbon, Halloween paper, or even plastic spiders.

Scatter them around the house and watch the compliments roll in.

via Dollar Store Crafts

10. Eyeball Wreath

Eyeball Wreath #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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A little bit fun and a little bit creepy, this eyeball wreath is a completely surprising way to decorate.

The eyeballs are printed, so there’s no artistic skill required. Just hot-glue them onto a cheap wreath form and hang it on your door.

via See Vanessa Craft

11. Ghostly Mirror

Ghostly Mirror #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Your guests will definitely look twice at this funky ghost mirror.

It looks complicated and antique, but you can make it with a thrift-store picture frame and a few cheap Dollar Tree supplies.

Leave a bit of time for this project, but don’t worry about perfection — it looks even better with a few rough edges.

via DIY Projects

12. Ghostly Tablecloth

Ghostly Tablecloth #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Turn a table setting into a decoration with a tablecloth with a ghostly face.

Watch as your dinner guests realize that the lovely cloth is actually hiding a “ghost”.

This project uses a face form, which you can find at most craft stores. You can also use an old doll for an extra dose of creepy fun.

via The House That Lars Built

13. Halloween Frames

Halloween Frames #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Cute and crafty, these Halloween frames are a charming way to get in the mood for the holiday.

Start with thrift store or Dollar Tree frames, and add your own words. There’s plenty of freedom to try out different options.

14. Halloween Hoot Plate

Halloween Hoot Plate #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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What’s spookier than a dark owl silhouette?

Here, you can create one on a large serving platter. Just grab a cheap plastic or glass version from Dollar Tree.

Use it as a server or simply set it on a shelf to bring a bit of color to the season.

via Bargain Brianna

15. Halloween Village on a Budget

Halloween Village on a Budget #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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You’ve seen Christmas villages — but have you ever thought of creating a Halloween version?

A coat of paint turns Dollar Tree Christmas figurines into a spooky, charming village that your family will look forward to every year.

via The 36th Avenue

16. Halloween Wreath with Creepy Crows

Halloween Wreath with Creepy Crows #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Have you ever seen the faux crows at the Dollar Tree?

This hilarious DIY wreath puts them to good use.

Stock up on a whole collection of pitch-black birds to create a horror-inspired door decoration.

via Celebrate and Decorate

17. Homemade Crashed Witch Prop

Homemade Crashed Witch Prop #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Turn your front porch into a fun and festive area with this fun DIY witch prop.

The “legs” sticking out of a pot make it look like a witch has crashed into the cauldron on her broom.

Get creative with striped stockings, and add thrift-store heels to complete the look.

via Halloween Forum

18. Metallic Skull Door Knocker

Metallic Skull Door Knocker #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Are you getting ready for trick-or-treaters?

Welcome them with a metallic skull knocker.

This project is fast, inexpensive, and effective — you might find that kids return again and again just to try it out.

19. Milk Jug Luminaria

Milk Jug Luminaria #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Help Halloween visitors see your home with a row of glowing luminaries.

These sweet ghosts are so adorable, no one will imagine that they’re made from milk jugs.

Start saving your milk containers now, and you’ll be ready for a cheap, easy craft at Halloween.

via Third Stop On The Right

20. Printable Halloween Luminaria

Printable Halloween Luminaria #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Achieve professional-looking luminarias in no time with these super-cute printables.

Just pick up a pack of lunch bags and battery-operated candles from the dollar store, and you have everything you need.

via Everyday Dishes

21. Pumpkin Lights

Pumpkin Lights #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do you have some old Christmas lights in a bin or drawer?

With the tiny pumpkins off of a pack of Halloween straws, you can turn them into a beautiful, glowing decoration.

Best of all, there’s no need for gluing or sewing.

via Bargain Brianna

22. Skeleton Fairies

Skeleton Fairies #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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You’ll smile every time you walk past these skeleton fairies, which appear to float on butterfly wings.

This is a super-fast craft project that’s fun to do as an adult or with kids.

After the glue dries, stick the fairies to the window or hang them as a garland.

via Halloween Forum

23. Skeleton Hand Necklace

Skeleton Hand Necklace #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Planning to attend a Halloween party?

This skeleton-hand necklace ensures that you’re the star of the show.

It looks gorgeous with a variety of necklines, so you can wear it with a typical shirt or a Halloween costume.

via True Blue Me and You

24. Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath

Skeleton Hands Halloween Wreath #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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How beautiful is this skeleton hands wreath?

The bony fingers face out, creating a stunning starburst effect.

It’s only when your visitors look closely that they’ll realize that each ray is a creepy finger.

via Tried and True Creative

25. Skull Candlesticks

Skull Candlesticks #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Bring a bit of sparkle to your Halloween with these skull candle holders.

Each one shimmers beautifully in the light, adding a glamorous touch to a mantle or table.

via Cap Creations

26. Spider Vase

Spider Vase #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Host a Halloween buffet with the help of this DIY spider vase.

At first glance, it looks like a lovely, spooky vase of purple flowers — and when you get closer, you’ll see the spiders hanging out among the blooms.

27. Spooky Bush Eyes Outdoor Craft

Spooky Bush Eyes Outdoor Craft #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Do you ever feel like someone’s watching you?

This adorable craft will delight your neighbors at Halloween.

It’s made with affordable Dollar Tree pumpkins; the bloodshot vein lines complete the effect.

via Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

28. Spooky Skeleton Vase

Spooky Skeleton Vase #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Display a bouquet of flowers in style with this skeleton face.

A string of tiny skeletons march around the exterior, peering out at your guests.

Leave the skeletons as is, or spray paint them for extra impact.

via Dollar Store Crafts

29. Whimsical Trick or Treat Pumpkins

Whimsical Trick or Treat Pumpkins #Halloween #Dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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This pumpkin stack is so chic, you’d never know it started with inexpensive Dollar Tree foam pumpkins.

A bit of paint, moss, and stenciling turns three pumpkins into a cute porch accent.

via The Kim Six Fix

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