74 Best DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations [Complete List]

Overcoming fears is a big theme in our lives sometimes, so why don’t we use some reverse psychology and see our fears for what they are. Why not face it with some DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations?

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Some say that fear is false evidence appearing real and the statement couldn’t be truer. When our consciousness is high enough, we see how illusory fears are.

These pumpkins are also here to help us see the fun side of our fears. Trick or treat, a successful attempt or feeling destined to repeat the same patterns again and again?

Let’s celebrate Halloween for what it is – overcoming the fear of being afraid. Let us scare you off with some of the best décor ideas.

Table of Contents

 1.Painted Halloween Pumpkins
DIY Halloween decorations Spooky style Pumpkins #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Let your children participate in decorating for Halloween. Try together this easy, budget-friendly yet awesome project!

All you need is some black paint, pumpkins, and a vintage container to arrange the pumpkins.

Create polka dots on your pumpkins by drilling holes. It’s easier to make black-and-white dotted pumpkin by sticking black paper circles to a white pumpkin. Your kids will definitely be proud with the result!

2. Zombie Planters

DIY Zombie PLanters Halloween outdoor decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Take a look at this showstopper. It’s not a coincidence that it has been placed right outside the front porch.

Fears normally are right there hidden, sometimes appearing on the surface like zombies, scary characters and creepy hands coming out of these perfectly beautiful flower pots.

Relax!  These vintage garden tools are amazing! Just beware of walking around them at night, for they may appear quite realistic. One of the best fall craft ideas.

Before goblins, spirits and ghosts, try to be a perfect host with some creepy hands outside!

Position fake hands holding vintage gardening tools in pots with ivy, arrange the pots  on a plant stand, and voilà – you will have a zombie planter, which definitely steals the show.

Add pumpkins to complete the look of this outdoor arrangement. Creative, isn’t it?

DIY Project Details: Here

3. Not a Good Sign

Faux Ravens Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Black birds have been a bad omen for centuries, right?

They are not the perfect welcoming sign for everyday life, but seem to be appropriate as a Halloween decoration.

This is a great personal take on what feels right for the holiday of the season.

We need something more than pumpkins, right?

Create an arrangement of faux ravens in different poses on your fence, porch banister, or deck railing.

Add pumpkins to complete the look. Such a bird-theme display can definitely add visual interest and tons of personality to your outdoor space.

4. Lantern Magic

Carved Pumpkins Statement Halloween front porch decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Well, I find these to be pretty amusing! They are the perfect balanced decoration for the holiday.

Not too scary and not too innocent. After all, there should be some effect to children, youngsters and older ones. Your fall front door decoration could be spooky?

This classic item won’t give you nightmares but you will remember it well. Dramatic, isn’t it?

DIY Project Details: tatertotsandjello.com

5. Don’t Creep Me Out

Flowers and Pumpkins Halloween Decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Do you want to go lighter on the decoration and your psyche?

Then simply add a bunch of flower buckets, a beautiful wreath and let’s call it a Halloween.

Some people will deeply appreciate your beautiful front door when most of the neighborhood has gone overboard with the creepy items.

Beautiful fall décor with a Halloween touch!

6. Bats Attack

Flying Bats Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Fly like an eagle or fly like a seagull or like a black creepy flock of birds! Up to you but I bet that this decoration is pre-destined for success.

No compassion just put the whole flock outside and let passersby be as scared as they can. Halloween birds are a great decoration!

Definitely creative Halloween décor!

7. A Poet, A Poe

Giant Raven Halloween fence decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This raven definitely reminds me of the shadowy side of poetry that some authors express.

If you have any inclination towards the poetic art, then this might be the perfect holiday solution for your place.

This white fence won’t fool anyone…and you are about to send a warning signal.

Spooky, isn’t it?

8. Decoratively Bewitched

Hand painted Sign Halloween decor for front porch #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Grab you dark tall hat, a broom or whatever you have at your side.

This is the time when we will battle the witchcraft and satisfy our hunger for adventures with a pretty black sign.

Let’s see if it’s enough to scare the neighbors off. So cute!

9. Classic Show

DIY Hanging Bats front porch #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

We have another theme for Halloween that embarks on a creepy front porch journey.

Bats, pumpkins, creepy feelings – all that is required has been settled for a pretty astounding show.

What more can we hope for except for a performing Bart and a number of specialists on the creepy science of Halloween?

Timeless appeal!

DIY Project Details: Here

10. Skeleton Party

Halloween outdoor decorations with skeletons #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Beware, because the skeletons come out of your closet and hunt you like never before.

This Halloween they may just come up the stairs, the fence, climb through the window, sneak behind your back.

Santa may be sweet, but the skeletons this Halloween won’t follow in his footsteps. What a way to welcome your guests!

11. Witch House

Spooky Sign Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Well, nothing speaks of the holiday of the season like a good batch of professional set of
brooms parked in front of the house.

We can only guess what’s behind the door. This is impressive without the impulse to impress.
Hence, we find the decoration pretty tasteful and successful.

DIY Project Details: Here

12. Doorway to the Abyss

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations Front Porch #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


You can create a collection of decorative elements easily. Just place them in the scariest, darkest, and creepiest of pots.

If you can’t find any, there are probably a couple of those around a dumpster. Ask the neighbors and go hunt in their basements if you can’t solve the equation by yourself.

13. Say a Prayer

Front porch Halloween decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


If you can’t convince them of something…then you can surely spook them out till they forget what they arrived for.

Who loves guest coming over when there’s been a week of hard work and you are craving silence, relaxation and a pot of cappuccino?

Say a prayer, the guests may reconsider their intent to visit.

14. Haunted House

Halloween decorations Window Silhoettes #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


What kid hasn’t heard in his childhood about the house of the neighbor, the house of a ghost, a wicked doom placed…?

I have my own fair share of stories, so why don’t we try and replicate those by turning the glass windows into mirrors of the ghosts that live inside.

Stunning Halloween décor!

15. Halloween Decorated Jars

Halloween decorated jars #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

You should definitely add these Mason jars transformed into original luminaries into your list of simple homemade outdoor Halloween decorations. Use some candles to lit them.

The good thing is that you can display them indoors and outdoors.

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com

16. Farmhouse Steps

Halloween front porch decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

There are tons of outdoor Halloween decorations on the internet.

For instance, this one is a nice combination of orange pumpkins from the nearest farm, some autumnal flowers, and a DIY lantern from a propane tank.

This outdoor decor gives the front door of this farmhouse a fall-ready vibe.

DIY Project Details: lizmarieblog.com

17. Halloween Black Cats

Halloween black cat pumpkins outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Are you a fan of the scary outdoor Halloween decorations?

Here is a cute twist of the traditional jack-o’-lantern for a purrrrrrfectly creepy look of your front door space.  😉

DIY Project Details: sunset.com

18. Front Door Monster

Front door Halloween monster DIY decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

I know that many of you want to find out how to make outdoor Halloween decorations for cheap.

This is another easy (and very cheap) front door decor idea so your house will be ready for the night of trick-or-treating.

DIY Project Details: moderndaymoms.com

19. Ghost Leaf Bags

DIY outdoor Halloween decorations ghost leaf bags #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

The outdoor Halloween decorations do not need to be complicated to be cool.

These ghosts, for instance, are actually bin bags full of leaves.

DIY Project Details: our-everyday-art.com

20. Trick or Treat Signs

DIY Halloween Sign Trick or Treat #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Spell it out with cute welcoming outdoor “trick or treat” signs.

You can also add some easy outdoor Halloween decorations around the front door.

DIY Project Details: blesserhouse.com

21. DIY Potion Jars

Halloween potion jars decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Transform your house into a witch den for a night with these realistic DIY potion jars.

DIY Project Details: magiamia.com

22. Countdown to Halloween

DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations Sign #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

If you are a fan of the homemade outdoor Halloween decorations, let’s count down the days until the 31st of October with this smart clever DIY idea!

DIY Project Details: iheartnaptime.com

23. Sacks Of Spiders

Sacks of spiders Halloween decor #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

DIY Project Details: Unknown

These spooky DIY sacks of spiders give me goosebumps every time I look at this picture!

24. Front Porch Decoration

Front porch Halloween decorations with pumpkins in urns and cats #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

When you’re looking for ideas to decorate for Halloween outdoors, keep in mind that the simpler – the better.

Display some lanterns and a couple of pumpkins… see, you already have a great decoration for the front porch!

DIY Project Details: drivenbydecor.com

25. LED Lights Blue Ghost

Led lights DIY Halloween ghost #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Here is some glow in the dark outdoor Halloween decoration.

Do you find this handless ghost, made of plastic and LED lights, scary? I do.

26. Mummy Front Door Decor

Mummy front door Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Trust me, you are going to the mummy of the year with this creative DIY front door Halloween decoration.

DIY Project Details: eastcoastcreativeblog.com

27. Black Spooky Pumpkins

Black Spooky Pumpkins DIY #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

The pumpkin decoration has always been one of the best outdoor Halloween decorations ever.

Add a little twist and paint the pumpkins in black colors so they are even scarier.

DIY Project Details: bhg.com

28. Not Scary Decoration

Not scary Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Thanks to the bright color palette and cheerful DIY accents, this Halloween porch is lively, not spooky.

DIY Project Details: thehappyhousie.com

29. Coffin Front Porch Decoration

Coffin Halloween DIY outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


If you want to make some smashing outdoor Halloween decoration ideas that would make your neighbor envy you, think about re-creating this coffin front porch decoration.

30. Witch Hats Luminaries

Witch hats luminaries #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

These DIY light up hats are the perfect addition to some long and narrow space such as the front porch or the indoors corridors.

DIY Project Details: polkadotchair.com

31. Raven Decorated Porch

Raven Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Create this very eerie setup with long branches and perched ravens.

Though fake, they are almost like real to scare the neighbors!

DIY Project Details: createcraftlove.com

32. Orange Paper Balls

Orange paper balls Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Have you thought that simple orange tissue-paper balls could be easily turned into Halloween pumpkins that can line your front porch?

Just cut the facial traits and stems from construction paper and apply to the paper balls with strong glue.

This definitely should go to your list of DIY  outdoor Halloween decorations!  🙂

33. Witch & Cat

Witch and cat Halloween decor #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

I’ve always loved all kind of outdoor witch decorations! That one, for instance, is a great arrangement for the lawn.

DIY Project Details: marthastewart.com

34. Pumpkin Crowd

Trick or treat pumpkins #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Fresh pumpkin outdoor Halloween decorations idea! Spell out your welcoming note in mini pumpkins gathered on the porch door.

35. Ghost Dance

Ghost DIY outdoor Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

If you have some high bar stools at home – take them out, cover them with whte sheets, and transform them into scary dancing ghosts! Spooky…

36. Cute and Spooky

Cute and spooky Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This lovely porch makes use of its high archway with a DIY web of bats that will please any trick-or-treater.

DIY Project Details: thecraftingchicks.com

37. Barbie Zombies

Barbie zombie Halloween outdoor decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

If you and your family are big fans of the creepy outdoor Halloween decorations, these extremely terrifying Barbie zombies may be the right fit for your front yard.

DIY Project Details: craftsbyamanda.com

38. Cottage Style

Wooden pumpkins front porch Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Why don’t you frame your door with remodeled wood pumpkins for a unique welcome?

DIY Project Details: infarrantlycreative.net

39. Pumpkin Arch

Halloween pumpkin arch #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This is the perfect idea for those who are looking for some lighted outdoor Halloween decorations (…and aren’t satisfied with carving just one pumpkin 😉 ).

Framing the front door with a broad variety of jack o’ lanterns (made of foam as the real ones are too heavy) will make your friends envy you!

DIY Project Details: crazicarlos.com

40.  EEK Spider

Halloween spider front porch decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Guard your front door with this spooky DIY black spider. This idea definitely goes into my list of cute outdoor Halloween decorations!

41. Tombstone Decoration

Tombstone Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Display this demonic warning close to the entry to your home to head off the visitors.

You can easily create this spooky figure with some chicken wire, burlap, skeleton hands, and an authentic styrofoam “stone” warning.

Creative painting and crafty shading are the key accents of this scary outdoor Halloween decoration.

42. Picket Fence Sign

Picket fence Halloween outdoor decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Just another cool DIY Countdown-to-Halloween outdoor decor idea!  💡

DIY Project Details: priscillas2000.blogspot.com

43. Glowing Pumpkins

Glowing pumpkins Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Show off your artistic side with these glowing pumpkins that can be easily created with some imagination and 3 or 4 colors of glow-in-the-dark paints.

Great addition to your Halloween outdoor home decor!

DIY Project Details: ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

44. Crime Scene

Crime scene Halloween front porch decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

I guess most of you are looking for some showy but cheap outdoor Halloween decorations.

If so, re-creating a crime scene on the front porch could be the right answer for you!

DIY Project Details: whatsurhomestory.com

45. Glow In The Dark Pumpkins

Glow in the Dark Vinyl Pumpkins #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Here is some cool decor idea for the night of Halloween.

The materials used for this project are white foam pumpkins, glow-in-the-dark paint, and your choice of vinyl stick-on appliqués.

DIY Project Details: anniebwills.com

46. Tomato Cage Ghost

Tomato cage ghost Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

For a spooky front porch, make this angry ghost of a tomato cage and an old white sheet.

DIY Project Details: mycottoncreations.blogspot.com

47. Halloween Balloons

Halloween balloon outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This Halloween outdoor home decor is great for themed kids parties on a limited budget. All you need is a bunch of orange pear-shaped balloons and a magic marker.

DIY Project Details: thegunnysack.com

48. Save Yourself

Halloween front door decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This creepy scary inscription, written with a simple red lipstick, could scare the hell out of every visitor.

49. Happy Halloween Sign

Happy Halloween welcome sign #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This outdoor Halloween decoration is far away from being terrifying and spooky. In fact, it is very welcoming and fun!

DIY Project Details: lisafrost.com

50. Mummy Jars

Mummy jar decoration for Halloween #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

I think that some of the best DIY spooky outdoor Halloween decorations are those ones that are the easiest to make with just a few materials.

Check out these vivid ghost luminaries and you’ll get my point!  😉

DIY Project Details: craftsredesigned.blogspot.com

51. Creativity Mode On

DIY Halloween outdoor decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

The front porch is the right spot to show off your artistic abilities! Creativity mode ➡ ON

DIY Project Details: lookiewhatidid.blogspot.com

52. Halloween Window Sign

Halloween window sign #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Demonstrate your skills in DIY outdoor Halloween decorations with this hanging sign for the upcoming Halloween.

You can easily create it sign with some lengths of wood, black spray paint, a pattern for the stencils, some lettering paint, and a few hardware pieces.

DIY Project Details: chickenscratchny.com

53. Floating Head Hanging Ghosts

Floating head hanging ghosts Halloween #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

These eerie floating (foam) head hanging ghosts are perfect for decorating the garden for Halloween! I’m scared of even looking at them!

DIY Project Details: simplydesigning.porch.com

54. Scary Decoration

Halloween outdoor decorations #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


This addition to your scary outdoor Halloween decorations will make all the trick-or-treaters to be watchful. Use some rope, an old wooden frame, and some orange foam pumpkins.

55. Easy Front Porch

Halloween front porch #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Here is a spooky Halloween installation that would make every visitor feel shaken.

DIY Project Details: creativelysouthern.com

56. Ghoulish Ghosts

Halloween Gourd Ghosts Outdoor Decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Another way to make Halloween ghosts is by using simple gourds. Super quick and easy DIY idea for a terrifying fall front porch!

DIY Project Details: houseofhawthornes.com

57. Halloween Luminary Bags

Halloween luminary bags #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Try to escape the ordinary and create these cool original works of DIY scary outdoor Halloween decorations for only a few dollars.

The materials used are black cardstock, gold paint, gold iridescent poster board, pumpkin faces, and battery operated tea lights.

DIY Project Details: thecountrychiccottage.ne

58. Halloween Tree

Halloween tree decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Dressing up a Halloween tree in your yard is one of the always-up-to-date outside Halloween decorations.

59. DIY Halloween Ghost

DIY Halloween Ghost #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

31st October is knocking on the door and you haven’t decorated the house yet? Are you looking for easy Halloween outdoor decorating ideas?

Then, welcome your visitors with this spooky cheesecloth ghost.

DIY Project Details: diyshowoff.com

60. Drop Clothes Decor

Drop clothes Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Add these ominous looking ghouls in your yard. This image will give a horror to every trick-or-treater who enter your DIY outdoor Halloween decorations.

You can re-create these gruesome ghouls with some black material for the body, a foam head, led lights for eyes, and old cheesecloth draped over the body.

DIY Project Details: grimhollowhaunt.blogspot.com

61. Witch Outpost

Witch brewing post #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


If you like the Halloween pumpkin yard decorations, why don’t you re-create this witch dan in your backyard? Use some LED lights to make it more impressive during the night.

62. Wheelbarrow Skeleton

Wheelbarrow Skeleton Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

What a Halloween outdoor yard would be without a wheelbarrow full of bones!? Spooky!  😐

Materials needed: An old rusty wheelbarrow, some dirt or mulch, a few old skeleton bones, and a few fake carnivorous birds.

DIY Project Details: countryfair-joanne.blogspot.com

63. Halloween Jugs

Halloween jugs #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Clean gallon milk jugs come alive as spooky Halloween ghost. Easy and vibrant!

DIY Project Details: eighteen25.com

64. Halloween Yard Sign

Halloween yard sign outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Add these vivid yard signs to your list of easy homemade outdoor Halloween decorations ideas! 🙂

DIY Project Details: birdsandsoap.com

65. Backyard Glowing Pumpkins

Halloween glowing pumpkin backyard decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This lighted pumpkin path creates a magical (but also spooky) effect. Great Halloween lawn ornaments, don’t you think?

DIY Project Details: peachpizzazz.blogspot.com

66. Corn Husk Brooms

Corn husk brooms Halloween outdoor decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

The outdoor witch decorations have always been my favorite!

DIY Project Details: kleinworthco.com

67. Halloween Dinner

Colorful plastic pumpkins Halloween dinner party #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


In case you will host a Halloween dinner this year, it could be fun to serve it inside these colorful pumpkin buckets.

68. Halloween Archway

DIY Halloween outdoor archway decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for an outdoor Halloween party decorating ideas?

Are you tired of buying dumb spider webs and last minute skeletons the weekend before Halloween?

This eye-catching archway is a project for every enthusiastic DIYer!

DIY Project Details: triedandtrueblog.com

69. Giant Spider in Spiderweb

DIY Halloween Decor Giant Spider in Spiderweb #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

This scary DIY giant black spider could be the guard of your Halloween outdoor yard.

DIY Project Details: momendeavors.com

70. Illuminated Ghost Garland

Iluminated ghost garland Halloween decor #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Looking for lighted outdoor Halloween decorations? Try to find some spare time and re-create this cute lighted ghost garland for the backyard.

The materials needed:

–  White lantern lights

– 2 yards-white cotton fabric

– Some white string

– Scissors

– Black marker

DIY Project Details: tarynwhiteaker.com

71. Ghost & Goblins Sign

Ghost and goblins welcome #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


Here is a cool themed welcoming sign every DIYer can do at the weekend.

72. Wood Beam DIY Ghosts

Halloween ghosts made of wooden beams #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas


These ghosts, made of wood blocks, are a cheap way to bring the October 31st vibe to your home. This is one of the best decorating ideas for an outdoor Halloween party.

73. Spooky Skull Ghost

DIY Halloween Skull Ghost #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideasIf someone makes a list of creepy outdoor Halloween decorations, this eerie skull ghost would go there for sure!

It depends on what kind of decoration fit your style and personal taste.

DIY Project Details: housefulofhandmade.com

74. Easy Yard Monsters

Halloween decor yard monsters #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

These yard monsters are probably not the scariest thing for Halloween, however, they will really make you smile!

DIY Project Details: agirlandagluegun.com

75. Repurposed Glass

Repurposed glass Halloween decoration #halloweendecorations #halloween #diyhalloween #halloweendecor #decorhomeideas

Do you like the DIY scary outdoor Halloween decorations? If yes, these glass light covers (that you can find in every thrift store) remodeled into ghosts could be the right answer for you!

DIY Project Details: sadieseasongoods.com

Hope you’ve managed to find your dream Halloween decor idea thanks to my collection!  😉

Don’t forget to PIN IT for later, so you can always get quickly to this complete list of DIY Outdoor Halloween Decorations!

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