100+ Best Painted Rocks (Photos, Tips & Tricks )

It was only until recently I have discovered painted rocks as a fun and creative way for me and my daughter to spend time together and learn how to paint cute and funny creatures on the rocks.

Believe me, it’s so addictive that you will be searching for rocks around you to paint them all day long.

There is also a big community built around painting rocks and hiding them in the real world. Those could be inspirational quotes, cute animals or whatever you like.

Best Painted Rocks. Get inspired with these DIY painted rocks. From super cute animals to easy-painted rock crafts for kids, there are plenty of ideas for inspiration. Step-by-step instructions on how to make the best painted rocks. #decorhomeideas

The project also known as The Kindness Rock Project is encouraging people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the path of life.

Another similar project is the one in Humboldt State University where students on the campus are hiding rocks and when they find them they can join a special Facebook group – called Rock’n HSU where they can connect with each other and share the location of the painted rocks, the sayings written on to them, etc.

As this is one of the biggest collections of painted rock ideas on the Internet we have created different sections to make it easier for you to access those that you like the most.

How To Make Painted Rocks

Even though the process of painting rocks may look very easy and straightforward there are some specifics that you should be aware of. Follow these 7 easy steps to learn how to paint rocks that look awesome.

  1. Choose your rock. It’s best to have a smooth and flat rock with appropriate shape for your project. Well, you can paint any rock, but those that are more porous tend to absorb paint unevenly and could eventually ruin your masterpiece. You can find a suitable rock outdoors or get one from the local home improvement store.
  2. Prepare the rock by washing it with soap as it may have some dirt on it and then let it dry.
  3. Seal the rock with spray or brush. It will help you with stones that are more porous. If you want to achieve more contrast and vibrant colors you can prime the rock with white paint.
  4. Start painting your rock. Use acrylic paint – it’s the best option as it lasts longer. You might need several coats of paint to get evenly colored surface. Don’t forget to let each coat to dry off before the next one.
  5. Use very small brushes for the outlines and details. You must be extra careful as this step requires a lot of attention to each detail.
  6. To write on the rock you can use permanent markers or sharpies. They are waterproof and are very easy to use.
  7. Seal off the rock with a waterbase sealer that will protect it from damage.

Pro tip: Try your skills on some sample rocks so that you can get familiar with the process. The best thing is that even if you mess up things, you could always wash the paint while still wet and start over.

Here is an infographic with 7 Easy Steps To Paint a Rock:

How To Make Painted Rocks In 7 Easy Steps

Best Inspirational Quotes To Write On Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks Inspirational Quotes

Painted Rocks Ideas

Rock Painting Quotes

Quote rocks are perfect to hide and share as kindness rocks, or for giving to friends and loved ones in place of greeting and condolence cards.

Below, you’ll find several examples of painted rocks with quotes for every occasion, from famous words of wisdom to heartfelt sentiments to sassy and strong motivators.

Pastel Affirmations

Quotes Painted Rocks

via instagram.com

Beautiful Ocean Waves

Life Is Beautiful Quote Painted Rock

Be The Good Rock

Believe There Is Good Quote Painted Rock

Positive Outlook Rock

DIY Ideas of Painted Rocks with Inspirational Quotes

Smile Rock

Smile More Worry Less Painted Rock Quote

Courageous Reminder Rock

Courage Painted Rock

Bright Colors Add Personality To Your Rock Art

Colorful Painted Rock Quotes

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You Rock Pun Art

You Rock Painted Stone

Embrace Your Different

Be Different Painted Rock

Mountain Mover Rock Art

You Can Move Mountains Painted Rock

Rock Gift For Friend

Top Painted Rock Art Ideas with Quotes

Love Moon Rock

To The Moon and Back Painted Rock

Clever Love Word Play Rock

Olive You Painted Rock

Wishing On Stars Rock

Make a wish Painted Rock

Smiley Flowers

Smile Painted Rock

Stress Less Quote

Don't Stress Do Your Best Quote Painted Rock

Positivity Art Collection

Colorful Quotes Painted Rocks

Happy Is A Choice Rock

I Choose To Be Happy Painted Rock

Encouragement Rock

Be Kind Painted Rock

Cactus Painted Rock Ideas

For all of you who are in love with the cactus – here are some fabulous painted rocks for inspiration. The best part is: This type of cactus won’t prick you.

If you live in the desert, you know that cacti are some of the most delightfully odd and vibrant sorts of plants.

Bright pops of color catch the eye while their arm-like protrusions make it easy to imagine little green men among the sand.

With cactus-painted rocks, you can let your imagination run wild – without the risk of pricks!

Cactus Rock Garden

Pot Full Of Cactus Painted Rocks

Painted Cacti

Cactus Painted Rocks

Cactus Art Rocks

Cactus Cartoon Painted Rocks

via instagram.com

Colorful Cacti

Painted Rocks Cactus Garden

via instagram.com

Smiling Faces Cacti

Happy Painted Rocks Cacti

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Fairy Garden Painted Rocks

Fairy garden houses and accessories are all the rage in craft aisles, but a unique way to create a fairy garden with your kids is by painting the houses, flowers, creatures, and mushrooms onto small and medium flat, wide rocks.

Gardens can be styled in earthy tones, brilliant florals, or mixed-and-matched, so they’re fun to make with groups of any size.

Fairy Cottage Rock

Fairy Garden House Painted Rocks

Fairy Village

Fairy Garden House Rock Painting

via plaidonline.com

Blooming Garden Rock

My Fairy Garden Painted Rock

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Fairy Home Shaped Rocks

Painted Stones Fairy Houses

via kezbanmyself.blogspot.com

Whimsical Purple House

Purple Fairy House Painted Rock

Painted Rock Paperweights

Paperweights are great for displaying short, inspirational quotes and those simple but necessary reminders we need throughout the day.

You can take some to work, keep a handful in the reading nook, and incorporate them with homework supplies to brighten each family member’s day.

They also make great place settings or party activities that be taken home as favors.

Daily Reminder Quotes

Rocks Painted With Quotes

Pastel Palette Rocks

Word Rocks Painting Ideas

via dabblesandbabbles.com

Famous Quotes

Painted Rock Paperweights

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Positive Vibes Rocks

DIY Feel Good Painted Rocks

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Embellished Rocks

You can buy decoupage glue in stores or make it at home by mixing one cup of glue and one-third of a cup of water.

It can be used to make cute Valentine’s Day gifts or art-deco designs that look neat anywhere. Patterned card paper, printed-out photos, ribbons, and lace give texture and contrast you can’t get any other way.

Decorative Decoupage Painted Rocks

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Fairy Doors Painted Stones

Fairy doors are portals to a land of magic and mythical creatures.

Some natural features, like rock formations or the roots of ancient trees, are supposedly real fairy doors, but you can create your own with some stencils and a fine-tip brush or paint pen – and perhaps a sprinkle of fairy dust.

Fairy Tale Door

Fairy Door Painted Rock

Ornate Rock Door

Blur Fairy Door Painted Rock

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Halloween Painted Rocks

Ah, Halloween – the unofficial beginning of the holiday season and a time when the young and young-at-heart are naturally inclined to be crafty, creative, and mischievous.

It’s cool enough to take the paint party outdoors and get truly spooky with ghosts, goblins, gravestones, and more.

Hand Painted Jack-O-Lantern Rocks

Halloween Painted Rocks
Helen Emmence

Spooky Halloween Rocks

Halloween Painted Rocks

No-Carve Halloween Pumpkins

Fall Decor Pumpkins Painted Rocks

Hatching Bird Rock

Halloween Bird Witch Painted Rock

Happy Pumpkin Painted Rock

Halloween Pumpkin Painted Rock

Ghostly Boos

Ghost Halloween Painted Rocks

Easter Rock Painting Ideas

Everybody decorates eggs for Easter, but how about instead of food coloring that dyes your fingers purple and boiling all those real eggs, you try painting egg-shaped stones instead?

Hide them for the scavenger hunt and exchange the retrieved “eggs” for the usual prizes, or just send them home as keepsakes.

Hatching Chicks

Chicks Painted Rocks

Mandala Painted Rocks

Mandalas were traditionally used in India and Japan to represent specific deities, but have spread and evolved in use all over the world to relieve anxiety or stress and help people feel grounded and centered.

Make beaded designs with a stylus or toothpick; more complex rock painting patterns can be created with concentric circles of paint and stenciled designs.

Intricate Mandala Designs

Mandala Painted Rocks

Chakra Colors Rock

Mandala Painted Rock Design

Symmetrical Flower Rock

Mandala Flower Painted Rock

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Colorful Dot Painted Rock

Stone Painted Mandala

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Creative Painted Rocks

Show off your own talent with freestyle paintings, or have some extra fun with stenciled designs by using specialty craft paint to create cool features and textures.

Acrylic paints come in color-shifting, metallic, marbling and even watercolor varieties for the abstract and otherworldly; finishes and dyes can be used for color blocking, ombre effects, and surreal landscapes.

Stunning Dot Landscape Rocks

Creative Design Painted Rocks

Playful Bird Painting

Nature Inspired Painted Rocks

Beachy Sunset Rock

Palms Painted Rock

Under The Sea Rocks

Sea Themed Painted Rocks

Cute Animals Painted Rocks

You can paint rocks to look like farm and zoo animals by applying a primer and appropriate-color base coat with a wide brush.

Once dry, add faces and other details with a stylus, paint pen, or toothpick.

These are great for decorating a child’s bedroom or playroom, or teaching little ones animal sounds and names, with sight words painted on the bottom.

Cat Companion Rocks

KItty Painted Rocks

Purrfect Painted Cat

Fluffy Cat Painted Rock

Painted Piggy

Cute Pig Painted Rock

Brightly Colored Fish

Yellow Fish Painted Rock

Owl Painted Rocks

Owls almost universally symbolize wisdom, and are therefore a favorite among bookworms and academics.

They’re also nocturnal and frequently cast as witches’ familiars or cryptic guides in fairytales.

Still others are quirky or just downright cute! Painted owl rocks are perfect for celebrating Fall and back-to-school – or, you know, just for a hoot.

Wise Owl Rock

Owl Painted Rock

Parliament of Painted Owls

Cute Owls Painted Rocks

Painted Owl Pair

Mini Owls Painted Rocks

Fruits Painted Rocks

Rocks-fruits may not be as juicy or flavorful as real ones, but they sure are bursting with color!

Painting them might even help encourage healthy eating habits by creating a fun experience around nutrition.

Round and half-moon-shaped rocks make perfect lemons, limes, apple wedges, and watermelon slices. Use bright colors and varnish for a glossy sheen.

Rock Fruit Salad

Fruits Painted Rocks

Easy Painted Strawberries

Strawberries Painted Rocks #paintedrocks #diy #decorhomeideas

Love Inspiration Painted Rocks

Love love? The world certainly needs more of it.

Make the message loud and clear by placing high-contrast hearts – the unmistakable symbol of love no matter where it goes or who receives it – on clean, dry rocks.

Use special effects to draw the eye, or pastels (on primer) for a sweeter effect.

Dot Art Hearts

Heart Painted Rocks

Rainbow Love Art

Rainbow Love Painted Rock

Emoji Painted Rocks

Fun, funny, and educational, too, emojis are pretty simple to make in bulk as long as you have plenty of round rocks with relatively flat surfaces.

You only need yellow, black, and red paint, with a few accent colors. As a bonus, name the emotion on the bottom to help kids explore emotions and describe how they’re feeling.

Rock Art Emojis

Emoji Painted Rocks

Poke Rock Art

Smiley Painted Rock

Fun and Easy Painted Rocks

If you have some odd-balls in your rock collection or are just looking for some simple rock-painting ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

From burgers and ice cream to unicorns and superheroes, these make great creative alternatives to coloring books.

Cartoon characters are also an inexpensive addition to themed parties.

Love Couple Art

Cute Painted Rocks

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Favorite Characters Rocks

Funny Painted Rocks


Bruger Painted Rock

Summer Fun Rocks

Summer Themed Painted Rocks

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Pretty Pastel Bird

Small Bird Painted Rock

Mythical Painted Unicorn

Unicorn Painted Rock

Man Of Steel Rock

Superman Painted Rock

Delicious Rock Cones

Ice Cream Painted Rocks

Your Favorite Heroes Rock Art

Superhero Painted Rocks

Birds and Pigs Rock Paintings

Angry Birds Painted Rocks

Flowers Painted Rocks

Flowers are a natural subject for painted rocks, especially since they’re both found outdoors and often placed in gardens!

You can also give them to your sweetheart or an ailing loved one; they brighten up any room, and best of all, they’ll never wilt or fail to bloom.

Flower Bouquet Art

Painted Rock With Flowers

Lily Of The Valley

Flower Painted Rock

Bright Painted Zinnias

Painted Flower Rocks

via sustainmycrafthabit.com

Rock Flower Garden

Flower Rock Painting Ideas

Flowering Love Art

DIY Painted Rocks With Flowers

Christmas Painted Rocks

If you love painting rocks, you won’t be able to resist your brush at Christmastime.

Snowmen, snowflakes, Santa hats, Christmas trees and more can line your shelves, be given as gifts, grace the dinner table, and ornament every nook and cranny for a festive holiday season you won’t forget.

Sparkling Painted Snowman

Glitter Snowman Painted Rock

via Art’s Stone

Snow Family Rocks

Snow Man Christmas Painted Rock

Frosty Rock Art

Snowman Christmas Painted Rock

Painted Holiday Rocks

Christmas Painted Rocks

Stunning Painted Snowflakes

DIY Christmas Painted Rocks Design

Let It Snow Holiday Rocks

Christmas Snowman Painted Rocks

Glittery Snowman

Happy Snowman Rock With Glitter

Turquoise Painted Rocks

Turquoise is traditionally thought to have heavenly healing properties in cultures from Native Americans to Tibetans to ancient Persians.

This spiritual significance makes the color turquoise particularly appropriate for creating Zen gardens or evoking feelings of tranquility, connection, and peace.

Mystical Tree Painting

Turquoise Tree Painted Rock

Nautical Rock Art

Beach Themed Painted Rocks

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Turquoise Affirmation Rock

Now Is The Time Turquoise Painted Rock

Blue-Hued Dot Art Rocks

Turquoise Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks For Outdoors

Painting rocks to be displayed outside your home or hidden for fun is easy: just paint as usual, then brush on a clear, water- and weather-proof sealant to keep them safe from the elements.

Remember to let all layers dry before applying the next. Add a hashtag to the bottom of hiding-rocks so you can follow their journey online.

Painted Rock Snails

Snail Outdoor Garden Painted Rock

Colorful Garden Ladybugs

Ladybug painted rocks garden decpration

via craftsbyamanda.com

Buzzing Bee Painted Rocks

Bee Painted Rocks

via easypeasyandfun.com

Beautiful Leaf With Dragonfly

Dragonfly Painted Rock

Turtle Made From Painted Rocks

Turtle Painted Rocks

A Garden Made From Painted Rocks

Painted Rocks Flower Garden. Painted Rocks Flower Garden. Cute idea to make flowers from painted rocks and decorate your garden or backyard. Perfect craft for you and your kids. #paintedrocks #garden #diy #crafts

A painted rock flower garden is a great idea to spruce up your garden and create a fun activity for your family. Kids would love to help you paint all these colorful flowers and arrange them in your backyard or garden.

Painted Rocks With Cars

Create novelty cars, classic replicas, or a fleet of race cars without any small pieces or a touch of model glue by painting them on rocks, preferably flat on the bottom and rounded on top (although how round will depend on the kind of car).

Cars can be anything – cute, tough, sophisticated, death-defying – and they also represent freedom, so a project painting cars is a great way for everyone to express their individuality.

Psychedelic 60s Van Rock

VW Painted Rock

Two Sided Sayings

Flip rocks are pretty much what they sound like – rocks that invite the finder to flip them over.

The top often sets up a joke or asks a question, but sometimes it’s just the first half of a sentence.

While often funny, they can also be inspirational or reassuring, making them great to hide for strangers, share with friends, or use as icebreakers.

DIY Flip Painted Rocks

via plaidonline.com

VW Bus Painted Rocks

VW Bus Painted Rocks

via Natasha Dienes

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