26 Warming Candle Decorations To Embrace The Fall Season

As fall is one of the best seasons, because of the harvest, colors and warm weather it’s also a great time to make some fall decoration projects.

Whether it’s a fall centerpiece, mantel decoration or fall craft idea, they are all beautiful and in most cases very easy to do.

Best Fall Candle Decorations. One of the easiest ways to decorate your home for the fall season is by using candles. We have collected the best Fall Candle Decorations - check it out! #decorhomeideas

Today, we would like to share with you some fall candle decorations to make your home warm, cozy and romantic.

1. Bring Autumnal Magic with Squash Candle Luminaries

Pumpkin fall candle decorations #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


These fancy little candles speak of the season like nothing else.

Celebrate the most special of days by adding these simple, darling accessories for your home. They look great on a table, a tall drawer or next to the kitchen stash of items.

Tiny squashes that hold a simple light candle are enough to embrace the beauty of the season. Before you take a look at the full 26+ collection, remember what you have lying around for years and it’s calling for a new usage.

We often keep candles on high shelves, gift them to someone or simply keep the best ones for a good holiday. Then when the holiday comes, we have already forgotten about them.

We are about to fix this!

2. Spread Love with Rustic Wood Heart-Shaped Candles

Heart shaped fall candle decorations #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

The heart is one of the most famous symbols that are unrelated to times changing, to seasons changing, to any change for that matter.

The heart is a symbol of love, warmth, easing into the special role of radiating light and goodness around.

Truly, we are what we radiate.

3. Create an Enchanting Display with DIY Twig Votives

Wood sticks fall candle decorations #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

Going easy on ourselves is especially important around seasonal holidays.

We tend to get overwhelmed with additional tasks, with too much preparation, making things more complicated than what they need to be.

No hustle and bustle, these candles will help you relax, meditate and unwind your mind from mapping all the tasks and ideas.

DIY Project Details: www.freutcake.com

4. Adorn Your Candle with a Colorful Fall Berries Wreath

Candle wreath fall decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


One of the most common seasonal gifts are the candle wreaths and I have received plenty of them during the course of time.

A tall, gentle candle and a lavishly decorated wreath are a good masterpiece, a summary of the season’s beauty.

Try different types of material for the wreath and see what works.

5. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Corn Candle Decoration

Corn candle fall decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


To some of us, candles are corny and to others corns are friends of candles.

It’s not a corny gift to give someone a candle if the candle is unique and speaks of their character and style.

The corn here plays a special role – it’s a formidable player in the game of décor!

6. Impress Guests with Rustic Fall Floating Candles

Floating fall candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


These sweet, little pieces are a typical example of how unique a candle can be.

Don’t buy the regular candle pieces in the stores, take a couple of unique products that will look and smell amazingly.

Three candles of different height, all lit and full of wooden sticks that definitely state that the autumn has arrived.

7. Light Up Your Home with Fall Lantern Motives

Fall candle decorations with lanterns #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Lanterns, squashes and branches, all nicely set up in a cozy corner of the room.

Lanterns are truly great for high places, for little unused spaces and wherever your imagination goes.

They are an indoor and an outdoor motive; they kind of polish the look of the room and add special character to it.

8. Decorate Your Mason Jar Luminaries with Fall Leaves

Leaf candle decor #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


These leaves are everything, right?

Bright yellow and flaming red colors that entice our eyes, bring us up closer to the nature of things.

Celebrating life isn’t all that hard.

These remind us how gracefully the leaves fall and how they return next season, vibrant and green.

9. Add Character and Style with Elegant Fall Candle Luminaries

Fall candles in glasses #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


A gesture often speaks louder than words. There is certain intimacy in candles like these.

You don’t just give them to anyone; they have to find their rightful owner who has the style and taste to appreciate them well.

Such a marvelous design and a hit of curiosity here!

10. Create a Magical Fall Atmosphere with Cinnamon Candles

Cinnamon fall decor candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


While we circle around the topic of candles and we strain from their religious symbolism, we see how candles have adapted well to our own lives.

There is another version:

a cinnamon-wrapped candle with a lovely white flame and a thick body that will last for a long time.

11. Update Your Jar Luminaries with Rustic Brown Fall Flowers

Fall candle decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Three candles, brown book covers, three squashes – such a harmony here!

The beauty of the brown flowers speaks of the Earth. The tiny squashes lying around speak of the Fall.

The candle lights speak of the innate warmth of a supreme home that embodies the harmony of living.

12. Illuminate Holiday Dinner with a Glass Candle Bowl Display

Fall candle decoration in glass bowl #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Journey off to a far off land and discover that they too use candles.

These candles are snuggling in the glass bowl and they have mastered the beauty of the season.

Nothing speaks of domesticity like a portion of the best well-designed candles, gather together in a pot.

13. Make a Rustic Table Runner with Pinecones and Candles

Fall candle decoration in a branch #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Well, pinecones are probably the cheapest and most sublime resources of  fall decoration.

Combine them with wood, small candles and a pinch of elegance and all is right with the world.

Or, at least with the living room! Generous, special and lively, that’s required from a times décor.

14. Immerse Yourself in the Beauty of a Wood Candleholder

Wood stand candle decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Four tall white candles all lit and inviting, sitting on a piece of wood – it’s unexpected, tender and loving way of saying Hello, Season of Fall!

Embrace the season, fast-forward to the winter and you have a long-lasting decoration.

Tables have turned and now the wooden stand is in the center.

15. Add Splendour to Your Home with Pinecone Candles

Pinecone fall candles decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Well, these two can send us straight ahead into the bliss zone.

Pinecones cannot be dismissed no matter how many examples we use to illustrate their decorative powers.

Add a tiny flower on the side and you are good to go.

16. Get Creative with a Wood Art Candle Centerpiece

Wood art fall candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


For the most part of this collection, we show tiny, festive pieces of beauty.

Now we have a whole masterpiece and it’s all wooden, artistic and unforgettable.

Let’s face it! This wood will leave us speechless no matter where we find it.

It could be in a cabin in the forest, our living room or in our garden.

17. Enchant Your Home Decor with Elegant Candle Bottles

Candle bottles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

We know milk is for the kids. Candles are for the grown up kids like us.

Tall candle bottles, of all shapes and sized are pretty astounding.

The dark wreaths around them enhance the beauty of the white candles.

Contrast is the key to a lovely spread, alchemy of décors.

18. Create a Charming Atmosphere with Birch Candle Holders

DIY fall candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

Very easy DIY project to make beautiful fall candles. Just cut some tree branch and drill into it to make space for the candles. Arrange as per your taste.

DIY Project Details: livedan330.com

19. Give Your Candle Displays a Rustic Look with Corn

Glass container corn candle decor #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


If you can get some transparent glass containers for the corn, you can add some candles at the top and decorate with rope and fall leaves.

20. Bring a Touch of Luxury with Candle Lanterns

Candles in lanterns #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


What’s more beautiful than candles in lanterns? These lanterns are already fall season themed so they are perfect for decoration. Add some acorns and leaves for ultimate result.

21. Fall Centerpiece with Rope-Wrapped Candles and Flowers

Easy DIY Fall Candle Decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


If you want a fall decoration as easy as possible, this one is just for you. Get 3 candles and decorate them with rope and leaves. Put them on a tray and arrange them. Mission accomplished.

22. Make a Table Runner with Baguette Board and Candle Accents

Pumpkin fall candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas


Get some mini pumpkins and put them on the baguette board add the candles and you have a beautiful fall candle decoration for your table.

23. Create a Fall Candle Centerpiece with a Wooden Tray

Wood tray and candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

What you need is a wood tray, candle vases, berry picks and garland. Simple, but very creative and easy to recreate.

DIY Project Details: apumpkinandaprincess.com

24. Accentuate Candle Luminary with Pinecones for a Rustic Look

Pinecone glass bowl fall candle #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

Another very easy to do project is putting all the pinecones in a wooden bowl and then a candle glass vase.

DIY Project Details: ritamay-days.blogspot.com

25. Bring Timeless Charm with a Wire Basket Candle Display

Wire basket with candles #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

Your wire basket could be used for a stunning candle fall decoration. Arrange with fall leaves. Be careful not to start a fire though.

26. Upcycle Rustic Springs into Stunning Candle Accents

Candle fall decor with rusty springs #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

I’ve never seen a candle decoration like this before? Using some old rusty springs to put around the candles.

DIY Project Details: audreyzumwalt.blogspot.com

27. Create an Eye-Catching Display with an Indian Corn Candle

Indian Corn Candle Decoration #falldecor #fallideas #candles #candlesdecor #decorhomeideas

DIY Project Details: confessionsofaplateaddict.blogspot.com

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