14 Brick Flower Bed Design Ideas You Can Replicate Instantly

If you’re wondering what to do with old bricks, here are some ideas for Brick Flower Bed Designs that you can easily recreate in no time.

Generally, no special skills are required except how to arrange the bricks themselves.

14 Brick Flower Bed Designs Easy #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas

With the help of bricks can be done great Raised bed gardens in which to place colorful plants. Here are 14 fresh ideas to start.  😉

1. Create an Idyllic Outdoor Setting with Easy Brick Borders 

Raised brick flower bed around house #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


To begin, this is one of the easiest and best-looking brick ideas for flower beds. It would be great both in the front and the backyard and gives a finished look of your garden.

Just make a short border with the brings and plant Azaleas or other higher flowers.

It’s important to keep in mind that around the façade of the house it is usually shady so the plants you pick need to deal well with the lack of sunlight.

2.  Make a Statement with a Stunning Raised Brick Flower Bed 

Brick Flower Bed Edging Idea #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


If you are asking yourself how to build a brick flower bed, there is something creative that may guide you how to set your garden apart. It is very cheap, edgy and stylish in a simple way.

All you need is some old bricks and some colorful flowers that will not grow too high such as Petunias, Lavender etc.

The good thing of this design is that you can play with the shape, with the way you lay the bricks and the height of the flower bed. Enjoy!

3. Get an Elegant Look with Rustic Brick Arrangement

Inclined Bricks Flower Bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


Perfectly adapted to be integrated into the Mediterranean gardens, rustic or modern, the brick border invites itself to the outdoor space to give it a personalized and very original aspect.

Reunited in a single row or double row, the bricks enhance the edge of the walkway and the flowerbed.

Bet on the brick and you will succeed in bringing a touch of warmth and conviviality in your garden.

4. Increase Curb Appeal with Brick Flower Bed

Brick Flower Bed Around House #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


This brick raised garden bed so simply made only by using old bricks, will perfectly fit the front yard… and trust me – will make your neighbors envy you! 😎

It creates beautiful layers with the windows. Plus, it adds texture to the whole façade.

Tip: Pick up plants that make a contrast between themselves (as shown in the picture).

5. Embrace Minimalism with a Brick Planter Design

Raised garden brick flower bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


While building a raised flower bed with bricks in your garden, think of how much free time do you have and don’t start a project you won’t be able to finish by yourself.

It is better to enjoy the whole process of designing rather than suffer, right?

For those of you who consider themselves as crazy DIYers, here is a real pearl – a minimalistic oasis in the center of the landscaping. It brings the rustic vintage look and makes the whole space shine.

6. Enjoy Nature with a Bench on a Brick Flower Bed

Brick flower bed with seat #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


After a crazy day at the office, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting in the garden surrounded by greenery.

Here is a thought – make a raised flower bed with bricks and add some space for sitting (as shown on the picture). You can make the tiny bench of wood.

Tip: Do not forget to polish the wood as it will last longer outdoors.

7. Bring Classic Vintage Charm with a Brick Flower Bed

Brick flower bed lawn edging #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


While I was searching for pictures of brick flower bed borders, I found this one with traditional formal style. To make it visually more attractive, you can select bricks in few different colors. Simply stunning, isn’t it?

8. Transform Your Yard with a Brick Spiral Herb Garden

Spiral brick flower bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


One of my favorite brick built raised flower beds is this spiral herb garden. Why?

Firstly, it offers an edge; it also saves lots of space (incredibly suitable for small green spaces!).

Last but not least, it gives you the chance to be creative to the foolest and to mix materials.

9. Add Texture with Old Bricks and a Rustic Pot Planter

Garden decor brick flower bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


If you want to make a simple garden centerpiece (without spending a fortune), then build a tiny platform from old bricks. Then, place an old rustic pot with flowers.

This will give a new fresh look to the garden instantly. One of my best-loved brick flower bed designs for sure!

10. Upgrade Your Flower Bed with Building Bricks

Brick border flower bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


This simple building brick border flower garden is a great way to create an edge around the house façade.

Consider using two types of materials – flagstone pavers for the courtyard surface and old bricks for the edging.

The best of this design is that it creates a stylish finish touch to both the building and the garden.

11. Build a Unique Border with Low Maintenance Bricks

Colorful flowers brick flower bed #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


Here is one of the simplest brick designs for flower beds.

However, it saves time to be built and it doesn’t require much maintenance. It also creates a beautiful and not too “screaming” border in the whole landscaping.

12. Create a Contemporary Look with Circular Brick Edging

Round brick flower bed design #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


You can really strengthen the look of a flower bed or border with garden edging.

Which actually has many other advantages – it doesn’t just make the landscaping look beautiful, but It also keeps the lawn and rambling plants from invading each other’s territory.

Bricks are considered as the best material to create a permanent premium edging in your garden – they can be installed different ways for different effects.

13. Build a Rustic Raised Flower Bed with Brown Bricks

Brick built flower bed around tree #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


While I was surfing the internet, desperately looking for cool brick raised flower bed ideas, I found this simple plant bed that could easily fit my patio.

In fact, these are stones used in the picture, I am now making my own using old brick and it looks even more vintage and more stylish.

14. Border Your Facade Flowers with Chic Bricks
Simple flower bed with brick border #flowerbed #brick #garden #gardenideas #landscaping #gardening #decorhomeideas


The last idea I will share is especially for those of you who are focusing on brick flower bed border ideas.

At first sign, It looks too simple maybe but If you look deeper – It creates a nice delicate border between the lawn and the plants. It also makes the whole landscaping more dynamic and definitely not boring!

Last but not least, you can make this brick border for less than few hours.

Hope I was able to help! Enjoy! x

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