25+ Amazing Lawn-Edging Ideas For Your Garden

Have you seen those nicely arranged and decorated gardens in which every detail is polished and well designed?

If you like to create the perfect garden you need to think about all the small details and arrangements that you need to do to make it look gorgeous.

These attractive borders of the garden are installed for a beautiful reason. Once you circle your garden with lovely wooden or metal materials, it will never be the same. A garden is a place for sweet, loving presence, for kindness and gentleness. All of that needs to be formed, circled and lined so that the flowers have the freedom to grow.

Don’t be afraid to create your own design with whatever materials you have. You will see that in the next 25+ Amazing Lawn-Edging ideas some are created out of nothing. You just need some motivation to start building your own pieces of art, that’s why we selected these gorgeous garden ideas to give you some inspiration.

25 Amazing Lawn Edging Ideas Pinterest

Let’s start our journey in the fabulous world of gardens and yards.

1.Natural wood beams

Wooden Garden Edging Ideas

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In this endeavor, you can see there are used stones and flowers in an optimal ratio. This wonderful garden would be a beaming light inside any house or living are. A small corner where you can admire the miracles of life!

You can arrange some pebbles and rock together with the plants and flowers to make it look more natural. Succulents and small flowers are the best for such small areas. You can also use some bush or low trees inside. The soil should be enough to support all the flowers and plants.

2. Beech flower bed

Beech flower bed

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Another idea I have for you is to use wooden sticks of any kind of tree that you fancy. You can simply gather them around the garden spot and they would look lovely. Beech is my favorite tree.

You can pick sticks of the same height or their height can vary.

3. Big rocks and river pebbles lawn edging

Lawn edging idea with pebbles

Photo: Credit

Pebbles and rocks, plants of all corners of this round world – there is so much to see. Take a second, a minute or two and envision a wonderful garden. It will surely be the home of grace, charm, and delicacy.

Look at these stones, these darling yellow flowers. They are all surprisingly awesome. Adding cheer to our day is not a hard thing to do when you have a blissful garden.

4. Old bicycle flower bed

Art bicycle flower bed

Photo: Credit

Creativity combined with unused items.

5. Random shaped rock and pebbles edging idea

Lawn edging with many pebbles

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What could possibly be said about a place that is that beautiful?

Could you really miss anything here! Spring flowers bursting with colors, it is all about the fragrant joy of life! Consider rooting plants like Tulips, Magnolia trees, Hyacinths, Trilliums, Primroses. They are all worth it!

You can also make a central area with coffee table and some chairs.

6. Create a centerpiece with pebbles

Circle with pebbles

Photo: Credit

Palm trees have been said to clear off negative energies and keep the positivity in. It is no coincidence they are so widely spread.

Farms that sell palm trees know there are so many specifics when it comes to keeping them, nurturing them and having the perfect balance between light, water, and soil.

7. Fenced raised bed garden

River stone garden bed edging

Photo: Credit

Seek knowledge and you will have the best decorative power for your home. The outside space is not to be overlooked.

You can be sure of that by looking at this garden. They have been taking pretty good care of it and the result is wonderful!

8. Separate bush and grass

Lawn edging path idea

Photo: Credit

he Earth is green and blue, and our yards and gardens have the perfect green shades as well! What I adore about this space is that is so gentle, so wonderful and lovely.

You could write a novel in here, it is that inspiring and precious. Go, go green!

9. Bushes and Flowers with Natural Rock Edges

Bushes and Flowers with Natural Rock Edges

Photo: Credit

You could use big rocks like these, only if you can lift them and arrange them nicely.

10. Carved and Curved Flower Garden Edge

Carved and Curved Flower Garden Edge


Well, this one is much more complex and hard to create. You need to have the cement formed with these ornaments. If you can buy cheap mold from the hardware store you can try it. If you really like it and you are not sure if you can do it, better hire a professional. Buy from Amazon -> Here

11. Clever Paver Stone Flower Bed Edge

Clever Paver Stone Flower Bed Edge

Photo: Credit

This one looks nice and very tidy. Unfortunately, you need to have the same blocks and place them to create a corner. It is very important to align them properly in order to achieve beautiful lawn edging.

12. Creative Upside down Colorful Wine Bottle Edge

Creative Upside down Colorful Wine Bottle Edge

Photo: Credit

Before running for empty bottles and starting your lawn edging, please consider that bottles are made of glass and could be easily broken. You can choose bottles of the same color or like in the picture, a variety of colors for more colorful experience.

13. Garden Edge with Large and Small River Stones

Garden Edge with Large and Small River Stones

Photo: Credit

I really like this one – looks to me like a river flowing through the garden. Even though the “river” is made of gray pebbles. It creates a nice border between the flower and plants and the rest of the garden which is mainly grass.

14. Modern deck edge with river stones

Modern deck edge with river stones

Photo: Credit

This one looks modern and very beautiful. The curves are not symmetrical and look natural. What I think is a downside to this project is the problem with cleaning all those pebbles. Especially when in fall there are some leaves which will get stuck between the small pebbles.

15. Outdoor Garden Edged with White Rocks

Outdoor Garden Edged with White Rocks

Photo: Credit

Simple, but nice. Just get some large stones and create a curve around the flowers.

16. Painted PVC Stakes Around Flower GardenPainted PVC Stakes Around Flower Garden

Photo: Credit

This one can’t be done without buying these stakes. I guess you can use some PVC pipe , paint them and cover them on the top side.

17. Pretty Polished Multicolored Stone Edge

Pretty Polished Multicolored Stone Edge

Photo: Credit

I think these pebbles are special and could be very expensive, because they are glossy and polished. This lawn edging idea does look very pretty, but may be the budget will be a problem.

18. Railroad Tie Raised Garden Edge

Railroad Tie Raised Garden Edge

Photo: Credit

This one could be very easy if you have some railroad beams and nail them to each other so they create a nice natural raised bed garden edging.

19. Raised Flower Beds with Stone Walls

Raised Flower Beds with Stone Walls

Photo: Credit

The most tricky part here is to bend the wire mesh that holds the stones the way you like. In this case, creating a nearly perfect circle around the plants and flowers.

20. Rough Stone Tetris Style Garden Wall

Rough Stone Tetris Style Garden Wall

Photo: Credit

Multi level raised garden bed using cemented stones. On the lower level there are succulents and small flowers and on the second level you can put some  bushes and trees.

21. Short Scalloped Copper Edge Along Brick Path

Short Scalloped Copper Edge Along Brick Path

Photo: Credit

22. Simple flower bed with brick border

Simple flower bed with brick border

Photo: Credit

You can buy these cement blocks in any Home & Garden store and create an edging in a day. Nothing complex here, just put them in whatever line you want.

23. Simple Square Brick Corner Edge

Simple Square Brick Corner Edge

Photo: Credit

24. Triple edged Garden with Stones Pebbles and Brick

Triple edged Garden with Stones Pebbles and Brick

Photo: Credit

Countryside project.

25. Unique Edge with Nested Flower Pots

Unique Edge with Nested Flower Pots

Photo: Credit

26. Wooden garden bed edging

Wooden garden bed edging

Photo: Credit

The edging has been made out of wood and it has a special rustic feeling to it.

It’s natural, the wood blends in with the rest of the garden design and combines really well with any type of plant.

27. Wood Framed Low Water Garden in Stone

Wood Framed Low Water Garden in Stone

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