35 Amazing DIY Water Fountain Ideas You Can Make On The Cheap

The calming sound of a murmuring stream instantly relaxes the atmosphere and respectively our minds and bodies. Nature proves one more time how important and special it is for our well-being.

While it may be difficult or rare to go to the forest and visit a brook to enjoy the peaceful sounds, it is not difficult to mimic the look and the effect on your own property.

Best DIY Water Fountain Ideas. Make your garden even more inviting and appealing with one of these DIY water fountain ideas. They are inexpensive and easy to make. #decorhomeideas

The list of the best DIY water fountain features that can be added to any backyard or balcony is ready to inspire you to create an oasis that you can enjoy every day and that will enhance the curb appeal of your home.

1. Stacked Planter Water Fountain

Award-Winning DIY Container Water Fountain Project #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

If there is not much space in the garden or you have only a balcony to enjoy, you can still have your water oasis.

With two stacked clay pots and some marble stones, you can create a magnificent waterfall that takes a little space and changes the atmosphere drastically.

via BLJ Graves Studio

2. Relaxing Bamboo River Rock Fountain

Bamboo Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Influenced by the Zen vibe and the amazing effect it has on the aura, this fountain aims to bring the relaxing atmosphere of Asia to every corner of the world.

A large bamboo pipe is supported on three smaller bamboo pipes to drain water and create murmuring sounds over river rocks.

The water goes into a ceramic basin placed near the sitting area where friends and family can enjoy the water entertainment and the calming sounds.

via Saf Affect

3. Bubbling Ceramic Pot Fountain

Beautiful Container Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

To create this amazing water feature you need only a large ceramic pot and a fountain set. Inserted in the pot, the fountain set protrudes through a pile of rocks creating a pond that pours outside the rim of the pot.

The breath-taking glazed look is achieved thanks to the outer finish of the pot itself. Two colors create its texture- the green one is the basic color and dripped brown makes the effect of spilled out the liquid.

via Lowe’s

4. DIY Stone Globe Fountain

Bubbling Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This fountain has been inspired by the Asian guidance for calming and relaxing living fortunately made with supplies you already have on hand.

A package of Quikrete, a sphere (yes, that one you got for your kid for the classes), other oval molds, PVC pipes and a solar fountain kit are all you need to transfer the Zen teaching inside your own property.

via At Charlotte’s House

5. Garden Pond Water Feature

Charming Water Feature #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This water feature is small but adds a lot of curb appeal to the outdoors. The dug in the ground pond basin is well hidden with flagstones so that the finished fountain has a natural design.

Waterlilies and grass grow inside the fake pond to match with the green carpet adjacent to the water feature.

via Birds of a Feather

6. Wall of Water Fountain

Circular Water Wall #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Wondering how this amazing idea ever emerged? A glass table was repurposed into a round wall poured over by streams of water.

Piles of stones cover a built-in ground cement basin where the water is collected. There is a maintenance hatch that facilitates the cleaning of the whimsical waterfall wall as needed.

via Central Texas Gardener

7. DIY Stone Geyser

Disappearing Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

The amazing effect of this fountain is that it appears from the ground as a gazer. The water pump is buried in the soil of the garden and the water sprinkles above river stones.

This landscape can be enhanced with flowers or ornamental grass that enhance the natural spot in your own backyard.

via Instructables

8. Gravel Plant Pot Mini Fountain

DIY 2-Tier Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

The design of these pots reminds me so much of water falling that they must be used in a DIY water feature project! When the fountain set is installed in the glazed stacked pots, the real water starts sprouting from the smaller ceramic pot to overflow in the bigger one.

Each pot is filled with gravel that helps the drainage and creates a lovely natural touch.

via Lowe’s

9. Two-Tiered Bubbling Fountain

DIY Bubble Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

The soothing sound of water flowing is incomparable. This simple bubbler would add the rumoring sound to your garden in a budget-friendly way. You need only two pots in different sizes and a fountain set.

If you are also looking in creating a unique outdoor embellishment, try using identical texture pots.

via Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

10. Tranquil Blue Tiered Fountain

DIY Bubble Fountain Garden Water Feature #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

The same tiered pot fountain idea can be created with any type of ceramic pots that are descending in size. Fill the larger one with stones or gravel to create a solid base for the smaller pot.

If the color of the pots is brighter, you can place the water feature among thick greenery. In case the colors are earthy and neutral, make sure that the landscape is clear so that you can please your senses with the relaxing look and sound.

via Frugal Family Times

11. Ceramic Pot Waterfall Feature

DIY Container Fountain Tutorial #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This is one of the simplest DIY fountain ideas. If you have a large ceramic pot left from your garden upgrade, you can use it. Otherwise, just go to the nearest garden store and find a pot that suits the outdoor decor where you plan to place your DIY waterfall.

The video tutorial showcases how easy it is to make a water feature with simple tools and in only a few steps.

via Pond Boss

12. Gentle Porch Fountain From Plant Pots

DIY Outdoor Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This tiered pot fountain is impacted by the Zen teaching for balance and connection with nature.

The neutral colors of the stripes create a point of interest that leads up to glazed black stones poured over with water.

via HGTV

13. Galvanized Steel Bucket Solar Fountain

DIY Planter with Solar Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This multifunctional addition to the garden will please you with its colorfulness, fresh flower scents and murmuring water sounds.

The galvanized fire ring holds soil to create a small petunia garden. On top of it, a galvanized tub sits to accommodate a solar fountain. This recycling project costs not more than $55 and adds tons of farmhouse beauty to the garden.

via Flower Patch Farmhouse

14. Multi-Height Terracotta Water Feature

DIY Terracotta Pot Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This DIY fountain fascinates with its cascading design that adds to the attraction of the water falling. A water stream pours down to three descending levels to finally accumulate in a large clay tub.

To increase the point of interest and add color to the earthy tones,

via Menards

15. Hidden Garden Water Feature

Easy Container Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Looking for a simple water fountain to add to your garden landscape? Only in a couple of hours you can enjoy the sounds of water bubbling.

The effect of this hidden in greenery and flowers pot makes a surprise for the guests’ entertainment vibe because they will hear the water before they could see the fountain.

via BHG

16. Stacked Terracotta Fountain

Easy Terracotta Pots Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This fountain is assembled from terra cotta containers in various sizes that eventually create a stacked design that adds to the curb appeal of the front garden.

The pump set goes through all pieces up to sprinkle water over the smallest dish and fall down clay pots.

via Instructables

17. Trickling Rock Water Feature

Flower Pot Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This is another interesting DIY water fountain from flower pots. The stacked design is changed a little bit and that makes the water feature more appealing. The smaller clay pot is flipped on its side to imitate the water spilling out of it.

Added river rocks fill the pots to hide the pump set and to enhance the natural landscape.

via Plan It DIY

18. Flower Bucket Solar Fountain

Galvanized Bucket Solar Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Create your small pond with water plants in a galvanized tub. Get the largest one you find, install the fountain set and then place the chosen flora inside.

The plants will barely let the sprinkled water be seen but you would be able to enjoy the bubbling sounds.

via A Piece of Rainbow

19. In-Ground Geyser Water Feature

How to Build a Stone Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Enjoy the relaxing sounds of water spilling over rough-hewn stones built around and over a reservoir.

The created ground waterfall creates a bold point of interest so you can use it as a center point for an interesting flower arrangement.

via Family Handyman

20. Symmetrical Tiered Planter Fountain

Inexpensive Tiered Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

A two-tiered fountain is great but the three-tiered one is even better. The resin pots are a jackpot for a budget-friendly water fountain. Despite their material, they behave well in the sun.

All pots are filled with stones leaving a clearance of 1 inch below the rim to see the collected water.

via Addicted 2 DIY

21. Colorful Laminar Pipe Fountain

Laminar Flow Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This DIY fountain aims to add a pop of color to a clear area in the garden. The water springs out of a red pipe that hides the pump nozzle.

This intriguing water flow is called a laminar flow created thanks to the inexpensive idea to make a nozzle from a big plastic peanut butter jar, scrub pads, drinking straws, and standard PVC pipe and hose fittings.

via Makezine

22. Metal Faucet Waterfall Feature

Mixed Metal Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This interesting outdoor fixture features a dual function as a flower bed and a fountain. Made of upcycled vintage items, the water goes out of a pipe elbow to drain through a rusty pot that leads the water to a galvanized watering can.

The water also spills out from the so-called faucet to moisturize the planted flowers. The support of the faucet is a corrugated piece of steel that acts also as a trellis of climbing vines on either of the fountain sides.

via Rustic and Refined

23. Rock Base Container Fountain

Outdoor Container Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This fountain has been made over a neatly cleared ground area in the backyard which needed a point of interest.

The large glazed pot is surrounded by a wreath of river stones which enhances the natural element from a wild landscape.

via How To Lou

24. Water Wall Patio Fountain

Patio Water Wall #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Make the relaxing area outdoors a little bit cooler with this unique water feature. Made of a windowpane and a perforated tube, the water flows through like a waterfall creating murmuring sounds and a gorgeous relaxing landscape.

If additional illumination is put at the bottom, this water feature can be enjoyed also in the nighttime.

via Interior Frugalista

25. Bright Ceramic Pot Spring

Plant Pot Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

A tiered clay pot fountain finds an empty spot in the flower garden. Although the green foliage is tall and thick, guests can still enjoy the rustic charm of the handmade water feature.

The chosen pots are quite big so when stacked on top of the other the sprinkled drops of water catch the sun rays.

via Interior Frugalista

26. DIY Recirculating Water Feature

Recirculating Ceramic Pot Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This water feature is so bold and yet simple. Only with a simple pot, the garden becomes the most appealing spot from the property, inviting you to stop and listen to the sounds of water.

The glazed ceramic pot embraces the flowing water creating a relaxing oasis that enhances the welcoming atmosphere right before the front door.

via Tatertots and Jello

27. Calming Stacked Rock Trickling Fountain

Rock Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Isn’t that an amazing waterfall? Each piece of it adds nature closer to your backyard! To complete this project, you need to find flat stones so that stacking is possible.

Related: 25 Super Fun Garden Ideas With Rocks & Stones

A tube goes all the way up through the pile of stones and pours over a big stone to imitate the magical creation of nature.

via Instructables

28. Tabletop Water Feature

Seating Area Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

If you are looking for a ready fountain solution, you can get this set on a deal and add it to the patio table. Although of a smaller size, it still brings all the joy a normal-sized fountain does.

via Today’s Creative Life

29. Showerhead Drip Fountain

Showering Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This fountain idea is gorgeous as it makes a great focal point in the backyard. A perforated pipe holds a dozen of nozzles from which water drops out and falls down in a basin on the ground.

The whole setup with the planked with wood wall aims to make the waterfall stand out. Added signs and statues add a pop of color and make the relaxing nook very attractive. You can also add flower pots around the basin or on the wooden rim to enhance the natural element.

via The Creative Me and My McG

30. Garden Stand Fountain

Small Garden Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This stool-like fountain peeks out of a rock garden. Reminding also of a mushroom, the cement structure has a hole from which the water streams out.

Small river stones in earthy colors surround the water nozzle and take up part of the wall to eventually split it into streams that fall down to the ground.

via Family Handyman

31. Tiered Tea Kettle Pouring Fountain

Tea Pot Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Looking for a farmhouse water feature in the garden? This is one of the most impressive ones. Stacked containers create an elevated waterfall with upcycled rustic pieces.

A whiskey barrel, a metal bowl and a teapot are assembled together to add a vertical focal point in a flower carpet of impatiens.

via Hometalk

32. Repurposed Tiered Tray Fountain

Three-Tier Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This fountain aims to make a bold statement. Being built from large trays and wrought iron supports, its height is significant.

Its place is in the center of a garden so that it becomes the center of a beautiful natural landscape that welcomes you to calm down and relax under the sound of water drops gently hitting the metal.

via Instructables

33. Neutral Stone Planter Water Feature

Unused Plant Pots Water Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

And if you have ever wondered what to do with the ceramic pots that are no longer needed in the garden, you can always turn them into your personalized water feature.

Get a fountain set from the garden store or a solar-powered fountain and get started with the easy DIY that will instantly transform your backyard into a more welcoming space.

via Interior Frugalista

34. Wooden Planter Water Feature

Water Garden #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

This pond is so enchanting! Lined with wood, you would never recognize that it is actually made of metal or plastic material that is suitable for this type of project. One of the sections acts as a rock garden, the other one is a pond with water plants.

Because of the closed design of this pond, it can be added to the porch with no risk to spill water on the decking.

via Apartment Therapy

35. Cascading Waterfall From Watering Cans

Watering Can Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

Need a whimsical focal point in the garden? This arrangement of galvanized watering cans pours water in a cascading alignment which is so interesting and charming. Every watering can is attached to wooden support with a hook so that it is inclined to let the water go easily out.

The fountain finishes with a large metal bucket half dug in the ground of a rock garden. The planted ornamental grass and leafy plants add a pop of color to this vintage water feature to enhance the authentic design of this variation of the standard water fountain.

via Sophisticated Junkie

36. Stacked Blue Garden Fountain

Whata Wata Fountain #diywaterfountain #decorhomeideas

The babbling sound of this three-tiered fountain is refreshing and calming. The sea blue marble finish of the pots enhances the beauty of the water feature.

The reservoir is hidden inside the larger pot and a drain pipe goes down the ground to be almost invisible among the greenery of the garden.

via J Paris Designs

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