50 Inspiring Balcony Garden Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Outdoor Space

Are you living in an apartment or a condo? You have probably dreamt about having your own outdoor oasis among greenery?

Well, this is not impossible. Who says that gardening is limited only to backyards?

You can have your own garden customized to the specifics of your balcony with these amazing balcony garden ideas and designs.

Best Balcony Garden Ideas. Get creative with these inspiring balcony ideas and give your compact space the attention it deserves while keeping its functionality and appeal. #decorhomeideas

Once you add to your balcony a piece of nature, you will quickly realize that it is the balance you need after the busy day in the chaos of the city.

1. Turn Unused Ammo Boxes into a Balcony Vertical Herb Garden

Ammo Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Repurposed ammunition boxes become a herb garden on the balcony. This creative idea inspires with style and uniqueness.

The space is valuable so the metal boxes are hung on metal chains attached to the ceiling. Before finalizing your balcony vertical garden, don’t forget to make holes on the bottom of each box so that drainage is ensured and “lazy” watering as well.

When you pour water over the pot that is highest on the chain, the redundant will drop down to the next one – so clever!

2. Create a Zen Oasis on Your Balcony

Asian Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is a balcony garden inspired by the means to find balance for the body and for the mind in the decor. The colors that predominate and form the majority of the decor are earthy. They are calming and warm.

The greenery on this balcony is typical for the Asian landscape- bamboo, orchids and small trees add the green color to every level of this space.

The only pop of color that creeps into this mostly neutral setting comes with the fabric of the furniture. But it is also inspired by the Asian national dress.

3. Transform Your Balcony with a Stylish Baker’s Rack Garden

Bakers Rack Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This baker’s rack is so beautiful that it will be a crime to throw it away. Whether this is a valuable family possession or something you found at the thrift shop, you can repurpose it in many ways so that it fits the contemporary living interior.

Placed on the balcony, it can be used as a flower stand that will add charm and unique personal touch to this space. Add vintage signs, antique figures and other relics together with the pots to enhance their value.

4. Revamp Your Balcony with Black and White Planters

Black and White Simplicity #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This cute small balcony looks so stylish and unique. Decorated in the black and white color combination, every inch and piece of it is touched to create this synchronous atmosphere.

This idea also proves that you don’t need much money to make the balcony comfortable and appealing. A rug, a few flowers pots and a pillow keep things simple and just enough to have a coffee on the balcony.

5. Stand Out with a Personalized Balcony Oasis

Bygone Era #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

At first sight, you may think that this is a traditional balcony but wait a minute and take another look. Only the colors are typical, otherwise, this balcony is very personalized.

It is furnished and designed to be a very comfortable and relaxing bygone area. The rug on the floor, the sunbathing chair equipped with a thick cushion and the side table resemble an indoor scene.

The added string of lights on the ceiling will extend the time spent outdoors and will make the atmosphere even more inviting.

6. Utilize Floating Shelves for Balcony Herb Garden

Colorful Shade #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

For an elegant and clean look, you can try this balcony garden idea. The shelves are placed vertically on a wall section, creating a symmetrical stand for flower pots.

The order of this garden can be also felt and seen with the identical pots placed on every row. They are of the same size and of pastel color so that the stylish effect is enhanced.

7. Bring Farmhouse Charm with a Pallet Herb Garden

Culinary Creations #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is a great balcony idea for all garden and culinary lovers. It proves that fresh herbs can be grown everywhere, even on the urban balcony.

What you need are a reclaimed wooden pallet and some black chalk paint. This is only for an added charm to the farmhouse design of the DIY planter.

8. Maximize the Beauty and Comfort of Your Balcony

Deck Balcony #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The minimalist design of this balcony is so appealing. Decking is placed on the floor to make a connection with the calming life outside the city.

The sides of the balcony are made of railings that let the air in and make the small space look larger. The neutral earthy tones together with the natural textures make this balcony very peaceful.

The rug, the blanket and the pillows add a motif from the indoors to add comfort to this outer space. Together with the well-spaced planters, this balcony looks like a small living room but outside in the air.

9. Turn Your Balcony Into a Lush Garden Oasis

Dinner Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony is a dream come true for a person that loves practicing green thumb and space isn’t a limit for him. Considering also the practical side of doing gardening within a small area, container planting seems to be the best choice.

The containers can be placed on the floor and also on any other flat surface. Stools, stands, repurposed pieces of furniture like shelves can come in help to maximize the space and increase the number of kinds grown.

10. Adorn Your Balcony with a Unique Hanging Planter

DIY Hanging Planter #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Do you like the hanging planters? If you want to make your own piece that will perfectly suit the empty space of your balcony, try the ideas below.

This particular design features two levels for plant growth. The pots are inserted in preliminary cut holes to a size that doesn’t allow the pot to fall down.

The color choice is also very interesting. The dark wood and the dark chain almost blend together. The gold finish of the pots stands out against the dark brown to give this hanging garden a visual interest.

11. Add a Rugged Appeal with a Shabby Pallet Vertical Garden

Economy Friendly #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

You can utilize an entire wall of your balcony to turn it into a vertical garden. Use wood boards, reclaimed wood, pallet slats to assemble the grid-like wall structure.

Since it will accommodate many pots and planters, this structure should be well secured to the wall with suitable hardware.

Depending on the plants you want to grow, you can create a colorful bloom waterfall with cascading petunias or a living green wall with vines and succulents. You can also do a combination between these two and create a unique wall art inspired by nature.

12. Brighten Your Balcony with a Colorful Garden

Energizing Balcony #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The bright colors of this balcony make you feel so cheered up! Red, yellow and orange accentuate this balcony decor to balance the thick cascading greenery planted in red containers.

We can see flowers, vegetables and vines grown in this artistic balcony garden. The kind variety pleases the eye with its vibrant colors and will also enjoy with its bio taste once the vegetables are ready for eating.

via Designmag IT

13. Enjoy Outdoor Relaxation and Entertainment

Entertainment Balcony #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony is an outdoor space suitable both for relaxing and entertainment. Depending on the occasion it will be used, there are two small nooks. They are zoned on a decking floor that adds the porch motif in urban living.

A coach and a table that form the entertainment zone are anchored by a small rug. The relaxing corner is placed directly on the decking and looks towards the inside of the apartment.

All empty spaces on the periphery of this balcony are utilized with flower pots. Some of them are on the floor and there are others hanging from the railing or on the furniture to complete this outdoor living area.

14. Accent Your Hanging Chair with Chic Vertical Planters

Hanging Chair Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is probably the tiniest balcony garden you would see but it deserves its special place here because it proves that there are no limits when there is a wish, and creativity, of course.

The planter imitates the floating effect thanks to the hidden suspension on the planked wall. The containers are not big but they add the missing pop of color and natural motif which is so missed in the city.

via Keltainen Talo Rannalla

15. Elevate Your Balcony with a Tiered Farmhouse Design

Highlighted Wood #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This idea showcases a balcony plant stand that inspires with its tiered farmhouse design. It consists of a wooden vertical grate on which flower pots are attached.

On its bottom, three benches find support. They are aligned in a staircase pattern so that every plant gets enough light, air and space to grow.

The staircase part of this balcony stand accommodates herbs that will spread insect-repelling scents and will be the magical ingredient to the tastiest homemade meals.

16. Extend Your Home with a Floral Balcony

Home Extension #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This charming balcony copies a charming picture from the porch of a cottage house. It is furnished as a living space to sit comfortably and have a meal or a dring on the air.

The influence of the calm living outside the city is enhanced with the number of plants living on the balcony. Horizontally and vertically, the pots are well aligned so that they do not cover any of the used space and yet let the airy feeling exist.

17. Make a Statement with Potted Trees

In a forest? Or on a balcony? #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The furniture of this balcony is of a space-saving design so that there is maximum room left to grow a variety of plants. There are potted trees in the corners, followed by smaller in height ones right before them. This alignment creates a staggered garden that looks like a thick green forest.

Another interesting element of this balcony that continuous the natural motif is the shelf on the outer side of the railing which serves as an additional planter display.

via Marie Claire Maison

18. Embellish Your Windows with Vibrant Petunias Planters

Italian Flair #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Have you ever been to Italy? Then you remember how amazed and inspired you felt after seeing all the colorful balconies! Although they are small, there are numerous flower boxes where bright petunias flow out, creating waves of colors, like a flower waterfall.

This design can be easily recreated with wire supports for baskets attached to the outer side of the railing. You can extend the balcony garden to the walls with hanging baskets from coco liner.

19. Create a Micro-Park with Cleverly Utilized Pots and Planters

Micro-Park #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony imitates the garden in the backyard. Faux grass carpet acts as a lawn on which flower pots add nature to the city living.

To avoid taking up too much from the valuable outdoor space, the pots trace the periphery of the balcony. The railings add more growing where hanging baskets continue the garden topic. Another space that is cleverly utilized is the windowsill.

The fact that it is narrow doesn’t limit you. Get a dozen from the smallest terra cotta pots and plant succulents, herbs or other plant kinds that love the small spaces.

via Wild Flower Hour

20. Add Modern Flair with White Flower Planters

Modern Comfort #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This modernly designed balcony aims to provide the coziness of the indoors with comfortable furniture and welcoming decor.

The black-white-and-grey color combination is neutral and perfect for small spaces. The flower pots follow the same concept with their color and also with the simplicity of the planted kinds.

21. Create a Calm and Tranquil Spot for Relaxation

Outdoor Living Room #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony is spacious enough to let you create a living outdoor space. All elements from the indoors can be seen here.

The only difference is that the natural element of the living plants is more sensible on the balcony. There is a big number of planters on the floor that grow trees, succulents and trees.

They are added on the periphery of the balcony to create a privacy screen on the one hand and to hide the city outside- on the other. This way, this balcony looks and feels like an oasis.

22. Transform Your balcony into a Cozy Bedroom

Outdoor Room #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony design could be your inspiration if you are looking for a dual-function outdoor space. On the one hand, the balcony is the place to grow plants and fresh herbs. On the other- it is furnished as an outdoor room where a person can not only sit but sleep!

The sitting set of chairs and a table is replaced with a mattress. Because of the non-traditional usage, the mattress becomes the focal point of this outdoor room.

It is placed very close to the vertical herb garden which will spread insect repelling and calming for the human’s scents.

23. Get Inspired by Nature with a Boho-Chic Balcony

Outside the box #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This Boho-styled balcony is the peaceful oasis of an artistic soul. The furniture lays on the floor and consists of cushions, ottomans and a small mattress.

They are placed directly on the floor to remind us of the ancient ways to connect with nature. The flooring of this relaxing nook differs from the rest in order to zone the area.

Above the mattress, we see a fantastic idea for a vertical garden on the balcony.

Coconut lining totally changes the outer look of a plain wall planter. It creates the illusion that the plants grow out of this natural material. Most of the planted kinds are cascading to create thick foliage tufts that flow down the wall.

24. Embrace Minimalism with a Rustic Pallet Garden

Pallet Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting and easy idea about how to grow any collection of plants in a space-saving way. Pallet gardening has become more and more trendy because it focuses on functionality without taking any of your savings.

Pallets can be found almost everywhere for free so just make sure that you choose a sturdy one. You may be wondering how are the plants held in there? Wit fabric pieces stapled along the sides, the back and the bottom of the pallet.

25. Hang Your Succulent Planters on Balcony Railings

Petite, Yet Hardy #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony garden features a collection of succulents planted in large metal baskets. The white color of the metal lets the green shades stand out.

An interesting part of this balcony garden is the stand in the corner which meets the style of the baskets but ensures spaces for the vertical growing of plants. This stand is dedicated to edible plants that will make the meals tastier.

An interesting part of this balcony decor is the pink flamingo looking towards the outer world. It is so cute and charming, adding visual interest to the elegant balcony garden.

via Melodrama

26. Indulge in the Lavish Look of a Balcony Cabana

Private Cabana #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Do you like the cabanas? They are so calming and enchanting! You can have your own cabana in the apartment you live in with these tips.

Use wood as a predominant decor element. Use it on every level- for the floor, for the furniture and also for the walls. In this case, one of the walls is covered with bamboo rolls which are inexpensive and very attractive.

The wooden floor is actually an elevated second flooring which adds visual interest and makes the space look larger. Don’t forget to add greenery to your cabana which will enhance the relaxing atmosphere.

27. Refresh and Reconnect With Nature on Your Balcony

Private Oasis #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony welcomes you to spend relaxing time outside feeling as if you are capsulated from the city chaos. The wooden beams covering the floor remind the floor of a house porch.

By bringing floor pillows, the sitting area is not only extended but also creates a relation with the ground.

The rattan rug combined with the rattan ottoman serving as a table continues the farmhouse style. This oasis is well hidden from the outer glances with tall and large flower pots.

via Cote Maison

28. Bring a Contemporary Vibe with a Rail Garden

Rail Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This design of flower pots is perfect for small balconies. It has been made to be added directly on the rail without the need for any additional supports.

These flower pots are offered in all colors so you can choose from achieving an elegant touch or adding a pop of color in case this part of your home is too neutral.

29. Add an Elegant Touch with a Rose Garden

Rose Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The rose is the queen of the flowers and its place is irreplaceable even on the balcony. If you love the delicacy and beauty of this flower, you should know that there are kinds that can be easily grown in flower pots.

You can choose from a variety of colors but choosing one has its visual advantages to the decor of the balcony.

30. Bring Rustic Elegance with Scrap Wood Planters

Scrap Wood #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to cover any of the balcony floor space, you can give it a try to this build-on-the-wall wooden planter.

Wooden slats are assembled together in the shape of a frame covering a section from the wall to support wooden boxes. Instead of filling the hollow sections with soil, the author has decided to put pots inside.

This idea provides a more universal solution for growing up various plants depending on the season and why not also herbs?

via Las Cosas de Bego

31. Add a Pop of Color with Vibrant Vertical Planters

Semi-private #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The shared wall of this balcony has been turned into the bold accent of the space. The white wall can’t be changed a lot and therefore other means for embellishment have been considered.

A trellis-like grate with the height of the wall covers one-third of its width. The openings let flower container hooks to be attached vertically.

The different colors of the planters make this balcony interesting and personalized. This idea will also work with small bucket pots with hooks and with Mason jar planters that are equipped with hooks to their neck.

via Der Wohnsinn

32. Discover Balance and Serenity with an Urban Balcony Design

Serenity Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The view from this balcony is very inspiring. The apartment is situated in the city but there is a big park that visually divides it from the business of the town.

This landscape is used as an inspiration for the balcony decor- grey and black outline the main parts of the decor. Earthy materials are used for the production of every piece of this setting. There is a garden bed tracing the periphery of the balcony planted with boxwood. It mimics the green part of the city landscape.

Boxwood plants are seen in the empty spaces opposite the raised bed to continue the natural motif. This garden idea is perfect for urban areas as it requires almost no maintenance and has a stylish visual effect.

33. Showcase Your Creativity with Simple Balcony Garden

Simple Color #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony inspires with its inviting farmhouse decor. Not much money is needed for that! Only a dozen vintage containers and creativity!

Galvanized tubs, watering cans, buckets could become a small raised garden bed while bowls and glass jars can hold single kind flowers.

Add the smallest pots on wooden boards or coat racks to hang them together on the wall. The larger ones will weigh more so it is better to display them horizontally.

34. Get Unmatched Aesthetics with Balcony Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Who says that stepping stones are good only for the walkways in the backyard garden? They can be brought on the balcony as well to make it more interesting and to add texture to this outdoor space.

If you need inspiration about DIY stepping stones or backyard ideas with stepping stones, check the link below.

35. Impress Guests with a Stunning Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The succulents are trendy and very easy to grow. You can plant them in large containers to create a garden bed with a variety of these or plant them separately like showcased by this example.

If you are wondering how this flower pot balcony screen has been created, you should know that everyone can do it. This idea requires metal dowels and identical terra cotta pots.

There is a hole in the center of each pot where the dowel goes in. On the bottom, the pot is secured with a pin so that it doesn’t move from its position.

via Lowe’s

36. Maximize Balcony Space with a Corner Flower Stand

Sunny Side #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony has been turned into a shared living space for the warmer days. In addition to the sitting corner beautified by a stand with plants, there is a play area for the youngest ones.

Since the space of the balcony is limited, the stand aims to cover only a small footprint and give a vertical opportunity for displaying the natural elements.

37. Experience Unrivaled Style with a Hanging Garden

The Hanging Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

There are no limits to having a balcony garden even when it is the tiniest or narrowest one! Just think outside the box and utilize the ceiling.

This inspiring idea is achieved by adding a second ceiling to the original one. It is made of white tubes leaving distances between them and the main ceiling.

All hollow sections will once be covered with the vine planted in the farthest corner of the balcony. In addition to that, the pipes also serve as supports for hanging baskets forming a large collection of plant varieties.

38. Create a Victorian Garden Oasis on Your Balcony

The Secret Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony is so serene! Replicating the look and atmosphere of a Victorian garden, it is the oasis of the apartment where you can spend a calm time on your own.

The stone angel statue placed in a pot stands out against the thick green color of the ivy foliage climbing the stone wall.

The longest side of the balcony looks like a fence edged with field flowers. They create thick tufts from which small purple blooms peek out. In the corner, there is a tree adding to the variety of plant kinds placed on the vertical plane.

39. Bring Your Small Balcony to Life with Flowers

Tiny Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Adding flowers to the balcony instantly makes the atmosphere more inviting and homely. They don’t have to be many, especially if the space is limited.

One basket hanging from the railing, two or three – from the ceiling and a vertical arrangement on a wall is just enough to have your own balcony oasis.

40. Brighten Up Your Balcony with Blooming Bucket Art

Tiny space, Big color #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

If your balcony is neutrally designed, you can experiment with the accents. That can be a colorful ottoman that praises flowers. One of the walls copies the colors of this accent not with its color but with its decoration.

Red, orange, yellow and magenta buckets are hung on the wall in a straight pattern to form a vivid balcony garden art.

41. Bring Country Elegance with a Pallet Planter

A Touch of Country #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting idea of how to use an empty corner of your balcony without making any modifications or involve repair works.

A plain pallet is standing upright to hold many small flower pots. The visual interest comes with its color- deep dark grey.

In addition to that, it is the perfect background for the cute pot embellishments- wide yellow ribbons from burlap here and there that enhance the countryside influence on this balcony.

42. Add Coastal Charm with a Tranquil Blue Balcony

Tranquil Blue #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony design is inspired by the coastal atmosphere. The blue shades create a peaceful vibe which is so needed.

The wood floor tiles are painted in a pastel blue color. The artistic glazed pots feature a more vibrant blue color grading with white and ink colors.

The navy chair cushions ensure comfort on the balcony in the same nautical style. The balance comes with the earthy colors of the chairs and the walls that make the setting harmonious and relaxing.

43. Enjoy Immersive Relaxation with a Tropical Oasis

Tropical Privacy #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The design of this balcony aims to ensure privacy. Bamboo rolls cover the balcony partition.

We can see the same material included in the handmade customized arch. It covers the air above the sitting area so that the vines create a thick green layer that will add shade and enhance the privacy feeling.

Once all plants develop on this balcony, it will feel like a tropical oasis. The visual interpretation of this effect is additionally complemented by the orange chairs which also add a pop of color to the earthy nuances of the decor.

44. Add Character with an Upcycled Garden

Upcycled Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

The owners of this balcony wanted to have a garden on their balcony so therefore they made a raised garden bed. Thinking also about the budget aspect of it, the handmade container uses wooden crates that are used for shipping of goods.

You can find such for free from stores, just ask them if they could give you two or three, depending on the size of the balcony space you would like to utilize.

Before planting the kinds you wish, cover the inside with plastic liner and ensure good drainage.

45. Elevate Your Balcony with a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

You can grow your own herbs in flower pots on the balcony. And in case your balcony is big, you can even grow vegetables!

Use large containers for those that need space and smaller pots for the herbs. Combine the green foliage with blooming flowers so that you have a multifunctional garden.

You can use stands, stools, pallets, wire supports to maximize the space.

46. Define Your Balcony with Terracotta Hanging Planters

Vertical Terra Cotta #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is a good idea for all balcony sizes. Greenery is never too much, especially if it doesn’t take up any of the floor space and adds coziness and privacy!

These hanging chains of flower pots are so unique! With simple means as metal hooks, rods and bolts from the hardware store, the flower pots become an outer curtain. Their staggered alignment creates a whimsy visual point of interest.

47. Create a Cozy Balcony with Victorian-Style Garden

Victorian Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This balcony decor celebrates delicacy and women’s taste for style. The pink shades together with the white color create a harmonious atmosphere that soothes the body and the mind.

This setting reminds of a piece from an English castle garden where elegance rules. Add a soft pillow and a blanket to make the sitting set more comfortable.

And since this is an area replicating the Victorian style, roses are a must!

48. Add Artistic Flair with Wall Succulent Garden

Wall Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This succulent wall art is so amazing! We have already shown you how to make it and the efforts are totally worth it.

Hanging these indoors or outside on the balcony creates a vivid point of interest! This vertical garden is almost maintenance-free so that makes it an even more preferable balcony garden option.

49. Create a Modern Retreat with Farmhouse Charm

Yard Balcony #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

This is a balcony design that has adapted two approaches- of Zen and of the city park. Aiming to have a modern but yet relaxing private balcony, these two styles work fantastically together.

There are large terra cotta and wooden boxes tracing the limits of the balcony. They showcase a wide variety of green plants, including trees that remind of the park landscape.

The area with decking and rocks aims to add nature to urban living in a very relaxing way creating a stepping stone walkway to the sitting nook.

50. Unwind in Luxury with a Zen-Inspired Garden

Zen Garden #balconygarden #decorhomeideas

Another style that will make the balcony feel like a relaxing oasis is a zen design. It is referred to mediation and so all materials, shapes and textures aim to lead to this optimal mind and body relaxation.

On the balcony decor, this means adding dark wood furniture which is not tall but closer to the ground. Another element related to Zen design is the rock, Fill the gaps between the low furniture with rocks and stimulate your senses when you step on or touch them.

The peaceful atmosphere is enhanced with the water feature spreading bubbling sounds and also light at night.

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