48 Cute Outdoor Hanging Planter Ideas For Your Backyard

We have decided to dedicate a special post for the hanging planters for some important reasons. Just before summer, we intend to start planning the decoration of our backyard as it is going to be the most attended place during the hot days.

One of the most preferred ways to do outdoor decoration is with beautiful flowers. You can choose among a wide variety of species with regards to blooming capabilities, size, growing requirements, life span.

Are you looking for the best way to spruce up your home, garden or backyard? Try these cute hanging planter to add charm and color.

The planters are not only flower containers. They are a means to organize and spruce up your interior and exterior. Depending on the space specifics, you may need to consider different types of planters – simple flower pots, floor planters, tiered planters or hanging planters.

We have gathered the best outdoor hanging planter ideas that will help you define the vertical space of your home. We promise that each of the ideas will enhance the planted flower and will improve the visual effect of your home.

1. Beautiful Porch Railings with Metal Planters

Brightly Colored Coleus and Geranium Porch Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Metal through planters are perfect for porch railings and backyard fences. Make a lining for the soil with coco liners and plant greenery and blooming flowers.

via 3 Little Greenwoods

2. Flower Display with Hanging Planters and Light Brackets

Cafe-Style Planters and Window Boxes #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Light brackets can be a great holder of a hanging planter.

If you love the ancient look of the wrought iron, you can nail brackets on the house walls or the fence – symmetrically or asymmetrically, both alignments will make a great flower display.

via Tuintuin

3. Make Stylish Diamond-Shaped Hanging Planters at Home

Ceramic Daimond Shaped Hanging Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of DIY hanging planters that are best to be used indoors. The shape of a diamond is very sophisticated and will match almost any décor design, especially the minimalistic one.

There is a tutorial on how to make these yourself out of cardboard on the link below.

via The Crafted Sparrow

4. Make Stylish DIY Hanging Planters with Cardboard

Chic Industrial Globe-Shaped Iron Hanging Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

As long as there is a wish, there is a way to find and repurpose even industrial materials and turn them into interesting planters. These globes have been closed after the pots have been put in.

With the help of a hook at the top, they can be tied to the branches of a large tree.

via Diario De Cuyo

5. Hang Flower Pots for Beautiful Home Decor

Classic Metal Hanging Baskets with Petunias #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is a classic way to hang flowers, especially blooming ones.

Fix light brackets on the house wall and hang on coco-lined pots with Petunias or Pelargonium.

via The Painted Chandelier

6. Create a Hanging Planter with a Finial

Cleverly Repurposed Architectural Pediment Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Use a large finial as a hanging planter! Turn it upside down, drill holes to thread through a cord and plant the flowers.

You can hang it on a light bracket or a tree branch.

via Apartment Therapy

7. Upcycle Hanging Planters from Colanders

Colorful Colander Springtime Hanging Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Another great idea for a recycled flower container!

Colanders can turn into very functional and easy to be transformed hanging planters because of the existing holes, the dish and the two handles that will be used to tie up rope or cord.

via Mom Spark

8. Create an Eye-Catching Fence Planter Display

Cottage Style Hanging Fence Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

The fence of the country house can easily become very beautiful and wide support for hanging planters.

Use the cross beams to hang old pottery, pipes, frameworks, etc. that will support your flower pots.

via King George Homes

9. Get a Unique Garden Look with Plants and Wire Baskets

Creative “Jellyfish” Succulent Hanging Basket #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

The jellyfish effect is actually achieved with a special blend of plants. The holder itself is a wire basket with coconut fiber lining, hung to a post.

The thing that is trailing down is called Dichondra. You can combine with succulents or blooming flowers.

10. Repurpose Old Car Tires Into Hanging Plant Holders

Creative Tire Swing Hanging Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Old car tires can be an excellent hanging plant holder since the internal rubber part is open to holding soil and flowers.

Paint in a color you like, drill holes for drainage and hung on a tree with chain or thick rope.

via Roeshel DIY Show Off

11. Create Succulent Arrangements with Ladles

DIY Kitchen Utensil Wall Planter for Succulents #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Succulents are very favorable plants as they do not require much care and provide the opportunity for various arrangements – from fairy pot gardens to large garden sections.

Ladles can successfully turn into a small succulent holder.

via Coffee Lovin` Mom

12. Make a Succulent Hanging Globe for Your Outdoor Space

DIY Succulent Orb Hanging Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Make your own succulent hanging ball!

This impressive alive globe will become the focal point of your backyard. Follow the picture tutorial and enjoy it for many years forward.

via DIY & Crafts

13. Wood Tiered Vertical Hangers for Indoor Use

DIY Wood and Twine Hanging Succulent Tower #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

The tiered vertical hangers are very stylish especially when they are made of wood.

That also makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor exposure. The planter can be hung to the ceiling via a hardware hook.

via The Inspiration Board

14. Transform Your Ceiling with Hanging Planters

Dramatic Urban Outdoor Hanging Garden #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

The ceiling is one of the underestimated parts of the homes, regardless if we speak for house or apartment, interior or exterior.

Take advantage of the wide and free space provided and trace its outline with hanging planters. The more tiering greenery you plant in, the greater the effect will be.

via Food Network

15. Use Hanging Rain Gutters for Your Herb Garden

Easy DIY Rain Gutter Herb Garden #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Gutters can easily be used as plant holders. It is even easier to hang them, either separately or in a tiered arrangement. Fill the gutter pieces with soil, plant your fav flowers or herbs.

Use rope or cord to stack each section. You can hang the planter directly to a hook in the ceiling or to a wooden stand.

via 1001 Gardens

16. Grow Your Herbs with a Hanging Planter

Easy to Make Hanging Herb Garden #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Culinary lovers prefer using fresh herbs to dried. This hanging planter is a practical way to grow your own herbs. It allows the accommodating of 12 different herb species.

Wooden boards with preliminary cut circles of the size of the pots, some rope to keep the boards tight and tiered position – that’s all you need to make it yourself.

via Homesteading

17. Hanging Planter for Year-Round Foliage and Blooms

Elegant Seasonal Outdoor Hanging Basket #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is another plant mix that is suitable for exposing in a hanging planter.

Combine blooming flowers with evergreen tiny shrubs. Once the season for the flowers ends, leave the rest of the plants to grow in.

via Food Network

18. Utilize a Rustic Chalkboard Sign for Your Hanging Planter

Entryway Chalkboard Sign and Hanging Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This DIY project is perfect for all seasons.

You can use the hanging part for seasonal flowers and even holiday decorations.

via Decor And The Dog

19. Hang Patriotic Planters for 4th July Celebrations

Fourth of July Themed Hanging Basket #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Hanging planters can be patriotic.

With the help of a light bracket nailed to the porch post or to your wall, you can arrange Petunias in blue, white and red and honor 4th July in a more aromatic way.

via Amazon

20. Repurpose Spoons to Hang Flower Baskets

Hanging Basket Hooks Made From Spoons #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

If you are wondering about what hardware to use to hang your flower baskets, we have a great idea for you.

Old spoons can easily be turned into hooks.

via Decorextra

21. Make a Bird’s Nest Hanging Planter with Grapevines

Hanging Grapevine Bird’s Nest Succulent Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Grapevines are great material for twisted outdoor decorations like solar-powered light balls.

Here is another idea of how to use their flexibility and durability – make a hanging planter in the shape of a bird’s nest and put your favorite plants in there. Hang on a tree, to your porch railing or to the wall with the help of an S-hook.

via Simply Succulents

22. Use Coco Fiber Liners in Your Birdcage Planter

Hanging Wire Flower Pot Cage #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Birdcages used as decoration instead of their intended application look like a gorgeous romantic decorations. They can easily be used as hanging planters if you choose a suitable pot.

The pot that will easily go in the cage without having to cut any of the wires is the coco fiber lining as it is soft and flexible.

via Thrifty Artsy Girl

23. Create a Tiered PVC Pipe Plant Holder

Inexpensive PVC Pipe Hanging Vegetable Garden #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Similar to the rain gutters, PVC pipes can also be used as plant holders. If cut into halves, they can open up space to put the soil and the chosen plants.

For a tiered arrangement, use tie rods beneath both sides of each pipe. They will not only hold the pipes leveled, they will also allow fixing to the chain.

via 1001 Gardens

24. Use a Thrift Shop Birdcage as Hanging Succulent Planter

Metal Bird Cage Succulent Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

If you come across a birdcage in a thrift shop, grab it! See how beautiful it looks like a hanging planter!

Do some renovation by sanding off any rust or dirt, paint in a color you like and plant your favorite flowers.

25. Chevron-Shaped Hanging Planter for Succulents

Modern Chevron Patterned Metal Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This hanging planter is a shop-made item and is perfect to hold succulents.

Its shape reminds of a chevron and is perfect for areas designed according to the minimalistic trend.

26. Use a Ladder to Hang Metal Pot Planters

Modern Wooden Planting Wall with Metal Pots #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is a DIY project for a ladder-like wooden plant holder.

Using the vertical space, you can hang as many pots as you like with the help of hooks inserted in the wood railing.

via Sugar & Cloth

27. Decorate with a Hanging Macrame Flower Pot

Outdoor Hanging Planter Ideas For Small Spaces #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Turn an old flower pot into a hanging beauty with the help of the macrame technique.

Use rope, cord or yarn to twist into beautiful baskets that can be hung to a tree outside or to hooks inside your home.

via Brit + Co

28. Utilize a Rustic Wooden Frame for Your Lobelia Planter

Perfectly Framed DIY Lobelia Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Give another look of your flower pots with a framed hanging planter. Use old painting frames or make yourself one, stain in dark color or paint in bright shade.

You can use hooks to hang the flower pot or insert a wire through the top frame to tie the pot at one end and tie to an S-hook – at the other.

via Organized Clutter

29. Turn an Old Chandelier into a Hanging Terracotta Planter

Playful DIY Outdoor Hanging Planter Ideas #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

An old chandelier can easily become an impressive hanging planter! Change the light bulbs with small terra cotta pots. If you are not happy with the color, you can paint both the chandelier and the pots.

Plant succulents or small blooming flowers.

via Gardening Dreams

30. Hang Woven Rattan Planter for Blooming Flowers

Pretty Cone Shaped Petunia Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This cone-shaped planter is only suitable for the hanging of plants. It looks especially beautiful with blooming flowers.

The woven rattan basket goes with chains for hanging to a bracket or a hook.

via Wave

31. Upcycle a Horse Bridle Into Flower Pot Hanger

Recycled Horse Bridle Hanging Pot Holder #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Crafty people can be easily spotted when it comes to the repurposing of materials. Use old horse bridles to hang an existing flower pot.

Tie tightly around the pot, just below its rim. Use the buckles to connect the other bridle which will “carry” the pot.

via Hipismo & Co.

32. Make a Bright Colored Macrame Hanging Planter 

Retro Macrame Hanging Flower Pot #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is another idea for a macrame hanging planter. Use cord in a bright color and twist it following a basic macrame pattern.

Orange Etsy Button

33. Handmade Rustic Wooden Succulent Planters

Rustic Carved Wooden Hanging Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is a handmade planter that will make a great artistic and rustic effect in your home.

The planters are made from a solid wood piece and shaped into individual baskets for succulents.

via Anthropologie

34. Hang Metal Dish Planter for Flower Arrangements

Saucer Style Succulent Hanging Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This is a shallow dish planter that is prepared for hanging.

If you like its look and the shape as it provides relatively wide space to make a flower arrangement, you can look for similar metal dishes to paint and prepare to hang your flowers.

via Pot Incorporated

35. Suspend Petunia Flower Pots with Nailed Brackets

Simple Fence Post Planters for Petunias #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

These brackets are perfect for fence suspension of flower pots. As long as you have a basket, you can hang it on the nailed bracket.

Plant blooming flowers like cascading petunias as they make large blooming tufts.

via Little Green Landscapes

36. Hang Your Plants Vertically with a Trellis Planter

Simple Summertime Vertical Trellis Garden #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

A simple trellis can be used as a vertical planter to hang your plants. Use S-hooks to attach to the rails.

37. Make a Circular Plant Holder for Succulents and Ferns

Striking Circular Wooden Fern Planter #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This circular plant holder looks more like a curved wood wall decoration. Anyway, there is a hole in the middle where you can fit a small flower pot.

The flowers that are suitable to be grown in this planter are succulents, fern and similar green leaf plants.

via Food Network

38. Use a Rope to Hang Your Flower Pot

Super Simple Hanging Planter Project #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

If you like the hanging pots, then you can easily make one yourself in only one step.

With the help of a rope, you can tie an existing pot steadily and hang it to a hook or nail in the wall.

39. Utilize a Rattan Hanging Basket for Blooming Flowers

Sweetly Simple Woven Flower Basket #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This basket is made of rattan and is perfect for outdoor use.

It comes with chains for hanging so all you need to do is to insert in a pot with cascading blooming flowers.

via Food Network

40. Curved Hanging Planter with Wood and a Bandsaw

Teardrop Shaped Potted Plant Display Shelf #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This curved hanging planter is made of three pieces of wood glued together and a bandsaw that has cut a thinner wooden strip from them.

If you like the artistic look of this planter, check the tutorial below.

via Three 16ths

41. Three-Tiered Hanging Planters with Wire Baskets

Three Tiered Hanging Ivy Baskets #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

These wire baskets can be found in different stores as their application varies.

Used as hanging planters you only need to line the internal part of the basket with coco lining for example. Plant tiering plants to achieve the effect of a fountain.

42. Get the Artistic Look with Zinc Coated Flower Orbs

Vintage Hanging Orb Flower Planters #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

These hand-forged orbs are perfect for lining with moss and for a descending display of flowers.

Their surface is zinc coated which makes them resistant to the outer ambient conditions for many years.

via Terrain

43. Rustic Wagon Wheel Hanging Planter Stand

Western Wagon Wheel Hanging Planter Stand #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This rustic planter will become the focal point of the backyard.

It is handmade, it can take up to 4 large flower pots and it is movable.

via Zulily

44. Personalize an Entryway Sign with a Hanging Planter

Wooden Entryway Sign and Hanging Flower Pot #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

This custom-made plant stand will make the porch even more welcoming as it contains a personal statement with the family name and gives space to hang a flower pot.

via Makarios Decor

45. Decorate Your Fence with Hanging Flower Baskets

Woven Planter Basket with Geraniums and Ivy #diy #planter #flower #hanging #garden #decorhomeideas

Standard woven baskets are great to decorate your fence with flower pots.

Tie the handle with wire to the slat top and hang the basket. You are free to plant any flowers you like or change the arrangement with seasonal plants.

via Homesthetics

46. Birdsong Circle

hanging planters on a wooden post

This vibrant garden nook is anchored by a central wooden post, adorned with hanging flower baskets and bird feeders.

A circular stone flowerbed at its base bursts with a colorful selection of annuals, creating a charming spot for birds to feast and onlookers to enjoy the harmonious blend of horticulture and wildlife hospitality.

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