35 Unique Garden Trellis Ideas To Enhance Your Outdoors

If you are looking for some great ideas to enhance your outdoors we are here to help.

Garden trellises are something you wouldn’t want to miss as they offer functionality and aesthetics like no other garden structure.

Moreover, they are not expensive and easy to build.

I am excited to show you more than 30 whimsical examples of arbors, lattices, frames, structures, and panels called garden trellis that make the outside world dreamy.

Best Trellis Ideas. How to make a beautiful garden trellis for your plants and flowers and spruce up your backyard, wall or fence.  #decorhomeideas

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1. Architectural Standing Trellis

Wood Garden Trellis Ideas

This appealing freestanding trellis can definitely beautify any outdoor space of simple design yet elegant and stylish, it adds functionality and an architectural character and makes a unique garden feature.

Not to mention that when covered with blooming climbing plants ( such as roses ) it is simply an eye-catching garden décor element. You can put a lot of different flowers which can bloom in different seasons so it could be great all year round.

If you coat the wood with several layers of coat you can put it even directly under rain and sunlight.

Trellises are the delightful structures that we install outdoors to cultivate the divinity of the flowers in our yards and gardens.

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2. Iron Dress Form Trellis

Dress Shaped Trellis

Photo: Credit

Dressed up for a garden party?

If you get creative, trellises offer endless options to add visual interest and personality to your garden. Have a look at this one.

Dress-shaped metal trellis definitely grabs and keeps the eye. Creative, isn’t it? Pink climbing flowers stand out against the green background and add color and romance. A dream-come-true garden spot!

This is the perfect garden piece for a fashion lover. It is rare and wonderful to see a beautiful mannequin made out of flowers in the backyard, isn’t it?

It makes you wonder who could be the owner here… This flower dress is admirable, my friends!

3. Elegant House Mounted Trellis

Built-In Garden Trellis Ideas

Photo: Credit

We are reaching the next level here with this beautiful white frame, which is installed on the back of a small mansion. It truly leaves us breathless and it makes afternoons feel like a gorgeous movie scene.

What can be better than sipping lemonade in the summer in this backyard?

Wall-mount trellises offer an easy, budget-friendly way to beautify your outdoors. Look at this white custom-made trellis.

It definitely stands out against the brick wall, adds elegance, vertical interest and personality, and complements this charming backyard space. What an adorable way to combine functionality and art!

4. Old Headboard Wall Trellis

Repurposed Headboard Garden Trellis

Photo: Credit

Aged iron headboard repurposed as a trellis supports beautiful blooming greenery!

What a charming space!

Another perfect example of what spring and summer do to our souls. This beautiful flower arrangement completely changes the vibe of the outside world.

It reminds of our inner force to create the heaven we want in every aspect our lives.

Yellow, orange, and red are the flaming colors of the sun.

5. Colorful Peg Rack Planter Trellis

According Peg Rack Trellis

Accordion peg rack is repurposed as a trellis.

What a way to add a burst of color!

When we grow simple green plants outside, we not only purify the air and feel at peace. We also make a perfect design peace.

All you need is a small frame that you can paint in any color of your desire and add it to a flower pot and voila! The plants will continue to grow, healthy and tall.

6. Ornate Pyramid Garden Trellis

Pyramid Garden Trellis

Photo: Credit

Set of two pyramids supports and trains climbing plants.

Definitely a charming garden spot!

I am an admirer of small round gardens and flower beds in living areas, parks and anywhere for that matter.

They become their own ecosystem somehow – so rich and abundant, they bring life to the environment of cities, yards, and plantations.

They do need your care and nourishing, but it that feels rewarding, too.

7. Upcycled Vintage Door

Repurposed Doors Into Garden Trellis

Photo: Credit

Set of salvaged doors serves as a trellis. Wind chimes and a fountain complement the space.

So lovely!

These white frames create a beautiful illusion, don’t they? We have a little fountain, a bunch of the loveliest flowers and it feels as if we will walk into the secret garden.

Time spent here will be a time well spent. You can’t help but look at it when you are walking by.

8. Cottage Look Wire Trellis

Rustic Looking Garden Trellis

Photo: Credit

Rustic wire fencing supports a climbing plant…

So adorable!

Number eight is always great! In this case number, eight can be the simple detail. The iron net meets the liveliness the flowers.

This is a frame attached to the fence, it is very simple and the flowers naturally grow around it with a little help from the gardener.

9. Rustic Teepee

Rustic Tee Pee Garden Trellis

Easy-to-make, budget-friendly trellis option.

Charming way to add rustic touches and visual interest to your garden.

Time to look at this rustic garden. It is not rare to see flowers growing around the beautiful fences of people outside the city areas.

It is also quite common to grow edible greens such as lettuce and kale in the backyard. Passersby will marvel at these flowers, I assure you.

10. Repurposed Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Garden Trellis

Repurposed wagon wheel supports red roses…

Gorgeous, isn’t it?

You have no idea what to do with the old bicycle frames? Well, gardens are amazing spots to use all that is no longer of use.

Frames of all sorts, ladders and other equipment can be designated to act like trellises. You can plant red and white roses, peonies, etc.

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11. Giant Lattice Wall Trellis

Wall Trellis

Wood lattice on a huge outdoor wall acts as a support for climbing roses.

What a way to enliven the house!

Welcome home, Alice! There is a whimsy to this garden. You kind of expect for the Mad hatter to come for tea. Any second, now… any second!

Did you notice how the entire wall has been turned into a frame? I remind that ivy is retro; I prefer to imagine this whole wall with flowers.

12. Natural Pyramid Trio

Woven Willow Trellis

Eco-friendly trellis option, which definitely makes a dramatic vertical statement!

Gorgeous, don’t you think?

These cones create freedom for the plants and flowers to grow. By preserving some space, they do miracles for garden spaces.

It is always a good advice to keep some room to experiment with new seeds, or who knows – it could be avocado or lemon trees!

13. Garden Arch Window Frame Trellis

Wrought Iron Trellis Around Front Door #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

This wrought iron trellis is an accent garden décor item.

They say that the flowers are the children of the angels. While I look at this serene environment I tend to also believe so.

I find great delight in a front porch like this one. It is almost as if flowers are stretching themselves over to the one walking towards the entrance. Dreamy!!!

Follow the link below to see how to make a trellis like this one.

via fortheloveofahouse.blogspot.com

14. Wall Matching Iron Trellis

Creative White Frame Wall Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

This structure is almost invisible on the wall of the house, but when the flowers take over it will be the most appealing visual accent in the garden.

15. Bent Wood Trellis Heart

Heart Shaped Garden Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

You can create garden trellis in the shape of a heart. It’s very creative and will show your love for flowers.

16. Neutral Palette

Trellis Ideas In White #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

If you think white trellis with white flowers looks boring, think again.

You can decorate in white only and still have enough detail and texture.

17. Wood Wall Mounted Panel Trellis

Paneled Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

Take a look at these wooden wall panels that are perfect for plants and flowers.

You can arrange them in different patterns and create visual masterpiece.

18. Easy Trellis Pergola

DIY Wooden Arc Garden Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

It might look hard to create your own garden trellis, but this DIY project is very simple and easy to do.

19. Garden Surround Wire Trellis

Wire Mesh Trellis Veggie Garden #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

You can use trellis to grow vegetables in your garden. They are much easier to build and maintenance is very low.

20. Matured Arch Trellis

Red roses trellis cottage garden #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

You can leave the plants and flowers to grow wild on your trellis. Nature will do it’s job just perfect.

21. Framed Arch Construction

Wall Mount Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

Another great example of wall mount composition with a lot of attention to each detail.

22. Colorful Clematis

Clematis Trellis #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

Clematis is such a wonderful plant that could easily grow around any trellis or arbor.

These are very cheap and easy to do.

23. Coming Up Roses

Trellis Ideas Around Fence #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

Why don’t you build a trellis by the fence and plant some roses around it?

24. Geometric String Pattern Trellis

Trellis Ideas With Strings #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

Instead of wood or iron, you can use strings for the plants to grow on to.

25. Illuminate A Trellis Wall With Solar Lanterns

Garden Trellis With Solar Lanterns #garden #trellis #decorhomeideas

This project is amazing! It’s not that hard although you need to have some woodworking skills and fortunately, there is a nice tutorial at Kippi at Home.

26. Fountain Framing Criss Cross

Criss Cross Trellis #garden #diy #trellis #decorhomeideas

This DIY wall trellis idea shows the beauty of the vines and the small flowers that will climb it. It has a nice pattern and is really easy to do.

via Centsationalstyle

27. Primitive Look Hanging Trellis

Easy Wall Lattice Trellis

It’s the easiest trellis you can do. Just hang it on your wall and let the plant climb it. You can find it in your local store or DIY.

28. Teepee Trellis Playhouse

Bean Pole Teepee #trellis #garden #diy #decorhomeideas

Use the bean pole teepee as a play area, fort, or reading nook at any stage of bean growth.

via Artful Parent

29. DIY Easy Wood Trellis

Simple DIY Trellis Idea #garden #trellis #diy #decorhomeideas

Plant Morning Glory and Ivy as they are going to look so pretty once they grow in!

via Gina Michele

30. Decorative Chevron Pattern

Chevron DIY Garden Trellis Idea #garden #diy #trellis #decorhomeideas

It is the perfect way to add some sophistication and uniqueness to your yard, thanks, in part, to the black glossy finish! The on-trend chevron pattern is really gorgeous and adds a lot of detail to the trellis.

31. Standing Copper Pipe Trellis Frame

Trellis Made Out Of Copper Pipes #trellis #garden #diy #decorhomeideas

That’s really creative use of copper pipes.

32. Decorate Planters With A Ladder Trellis

Awesome Diy Garden Trellis Ideas #garden #trellis #diy #decorhomeideas

You can put it in a raised garden bed.

33. Vertical Flower Box Trellises

Vertical Garden Trellis Idea #garden #trellis #diy #decorhomeideas

If you need a neat design for your trellis, this one is just for you.

34. Easy Fence-Mounted Honeycomb

DIY Honeycomb Garden Trellis #garden #trellis #diy #decorhomeideas

This Honeycomb DIY Garden Trellis is perfect for all your flowers and has an unique form. It’s not too difficult and you can start making it today.

via Mama Needs a Project

35. Ladder Frame Watermelon Trellis

Watermelon Trellis

This simple style A-Frame DIY watermelon trellis could be built with scrap wood and metal wire. It should be strong enough to support watermelons. Learn more about growing watermelons vertically on Outdoor Happens

via A Farm Girl In The Making

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