25 Best Open Kitchen Shelf Ideas That Are Both Beautiful and Functional

If you are looking for a kitchen renovation that will give your kitchen a modern yet homey look, it is time to forget about the wall-mounted upper cabinets.

Once they have been the only storage solution but today they are replaced by open shelves. Open shelves are trendy not only because they look good in all sizes of kitchens.

Best Open Kitchen Shelf Ideas. Are you considering a kitchen makeover? Would you like to try the open kitchen shelving concept? Well, these open kitchen shelf ideas are exactly what you need! #decorhomeideas

Open shelves have become a trend because they sort out the clutter, they make the atmosphere homey and they can work with any interior style.

Ahead are 25 best open kitchen shelf ideas and designs all working to make your kitchen more beautiful and functional.

1. Add Modern Open Shelves to an Old Kitchen

Add Modern Open Shelves to an Old Kitchen #decorhomeideas

This incredible and easy idea upgrades drastically the kitchen look. If there is an empty space between the upper cabinets, use it to fill with an open shelf unit.

Three wooden beams cut to size create an additional storage space with a charming farmhouse touch. Combine with small kitchen accessories in the same style.

via Frugal Family Times

2. Chic Dark Wood and Iron Corner Shelves

Chic Dark Wood and Iron Corner Shelves #decorhomeideas

The upper part of this corner space has been empty and for a kitchen that is a total loss. This space can be a helpful part of the neat storage and also an appealing part of the décor.

The L-shaped wooden shelves are made to perfectly fit the size of the corner. Metal supports give the rustic wood a rough industrial touch that coheres with the ceiling ornaments. Storage can be directly on the shelves or in baskets.

via Not Just a Housewife

3. Cool Copper Piping Built-in Shelving Unit

Cool Copper Piping Built-in Shelving Unit #decorhomeideas

This is another great open shelving idea combining farmhouse and industrial. It matches perfectly the kitchen interior of a contemporary home.

The design combining wooden shelves and piping features a practical and maximized storage area on a few levels.

It is also amazing how functionality is mixed with décor impact displaying ingredients with vintage containers for storage.

via DIY Showoff

4. Cute Coca-Cola Mini Shelf

Cute Coca-Cola Mini Shelf #decorhomeideas

This shelf idea has more a decorative than practical function but we cannot blame the author because it is unique and truly makes the kitchen more welcoming. The repurposed Coca-Cola crate is hung on the wall to accommodate mini succulents planted in vintage containers.

The black and white pattern of the ceramic pots plays pleasantly with the weathered red paint of the wood. This shelf can also be the place for seasonal décor which will turn the kitchen into a festive place.

via Infarrantly Creative

5. Cute Shelves with a Classic Touch

Cute Shelves with a Classic Touch #decorhomeideas

The open shelves can look as a continuous part of the existing kitchen cabinetry. To achieve this elegant and united look, choose material and color that blends with the existing storage furniture.

The example here shows what a wonderful addition the open shelves can be. One long wooden beam in glossy white is supported by wrought iron corbels that set a modern rustic backdrop for a vintage tableware set.

Added green plant gives the display a natural touch and a contrast that attracts the attention

via Town and Country Legend

6. Decorative End Shelves

Decorative End Shelves #decorhomeideas

These end shelves can be added to any upper cabinets. They are compact, cute with their curved shape and practical for giving the kitchen a nice decorative look.

The shelf unit can be screwed directly to the wall and the cupboard side so you can easily extend the cupboards yourself.

These small displays are perfect to add a pop of color or to enhance the decorative impact of a style already imposed.

via Charleston Crafted

7. Distressed Farmhouse Style Shelf

Distressed Farmhouse Style Shelf #decorhomeideas

This shelf is of a small size but its impact over the kitchen interior- sensitive!

The combination of a repurposed tray and a reclaimed piece of wood assembled together with vintage metal corbels creates a charming focal point.

The bare wall needs just a piece like that to make the kitchen homier. Use this farmhouse shelf for a dedicated space to display a special vintage set of tea cups or other antique pieces.

via Anderson and Grant

8. Fit Anywhere Short and Study Shelves

Fit Anywhere Short and Study Shelves #decorhomeideas

The lovely contrast set by the blonde wooden shelves attached to the deep grey wall is eye-pleasing.

The shelves cover a bare part of the kitchen wall right above the countertop to declutter it and make a charming farmhouse industrial statement.

via We Are The Brauns

9. Install DIY Open Shelving in Kitchen

Install DIY Open Shelving in Kitchen #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want the storage furniture to overwhelm your kitchen space, use one and the same color for the walls and the wall cupboards.

The lighter it is, the airier the room will feel. The additional shelf unit screwed to an empty part of the wall makes sure that the spacious look is not affected.

Added brown accents are symmetrically spread on the shelves to create a point of interest.

via A Box of Twine

10. Kitchen With Open Shelving Makeover

Kitchen With Open Shelving Makeover #decorhomeideas

Open shelving in the place of upper cabinets is a good kitchen design idea when a more open and airy look is searched.

Tiers of shelves tracing the walls offer quick allocating and easy access. If you consider this storage idea, you must be prepared for regular dust cleaning sine there are no doors keeping the dishes protected.

via Hometalk

11. Make Your Own DIY Kitchen Open Shelving

Make Your Own DIY Kitchen Open Shelving #decorhomeideas

Open shelves are perfect for small kitchens. Imagine how this kitchen would look like if there were upper cabinets instead of shelves? They would have been quite overwhelming, wouldn’t they?

The subway tiles also presuppose a storage solution with a retro look. These sets of two shelves are functional and sturdy.

Fixing on the wall happens with long strips which also add an industrial vibe and cohere with the faucet design.

via Oh So Lovely Blog

12. Minimalistic Shelves Blend Right In

Minimalistic Shelves Blend Right In #decorhomeideas

Open kitchen shelves are the best storage design for kitchen statement walls. They let the interesting texture stand out and also work as an emphasis on this interior detail.

The look of this floating shelves matches the rustic texture of the statement wall keeping the look nature-inspired.

via Jenna Sue Design

13. Multi-Depth Staggered Shelving

Multi-Depth Staggered Shelving #decorhomeideas

This is an interesting kitchen storage idea featuring a combination of a closed cabinet and open shelf unit acting as a set.

It allows you to store some of the dishes protected from dust and others that are more special- visible to create a point of interest.

This idea is another solution for small kitchens because it works well with the space and does not affect the airy feel.

via Lobster and Swan

14. Open Farmhouse Kitchen Shelving Project

Open Farmhouse Kitchen Shelving Project #decorhomeideas

Changing the cabinets with open shelves makes such a transformation of the overall kitchen look!

Yes, keeping some of the kitchenware hidden behind doors is safe but it can be also very dull. Imagine displaying all your special dish and bowl sets on open farmhouse shelves?

They could be part of the kitchen décor, not only practical kitchenware.

via House Of Joyful Noise

15. Rustic and Elegant Natural Wooden Shelves

Rustic and Elegant Natural Wooden Shelves #decorhomeideas

If you are an artistic person and storage is more than a place to organize things neatly, you would love this nature-inspired open shelf idea.

The shelves here keep the natural curves of the woodcuts. The edges are smoothly sanded and the wood is stained with a clear varnish to expose the beautiful texture of the timber.

This art set of shelves requires special decorations that will cohere with its style and will emphasize its beauty.

via DIY in PDX

16. Simple and Trusty Shelves in Bright White

Simple and Trusty Shelves in Bright White #decorhomeideas

The corbels or the brackets are not only beautiful but also practical when it comes to shelves storing heavier items.

If you do not trust the floating shelf design and want to back the storage unit up, add supports that will keep them in place.

The hardware is a good way to add an industrial or rustic touch to the shelves.

via A Daily Something

17. Simple Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves

Simple Farmhouse Kitchen Open Shelves #decorhomeideas

This is another appealing corner shelf idea with triangle brackets. The brackets and the wood are painted glossy white to create a uniform look that helps for the airy feel in the kitchen.

The shelves are used to display farmhouse elements which make the atmosphere homier.

via Open Doors Open Hearts

18. Simple Shelves for a Quiet Corner

Simple Shelves for a Quiet Corner #decorhomeideas

Even the smallest blank wall can be decorated with open shelves. The white subway tiles create a perfect backdrop for the solid wood shelves.

The contrast the wood makes gives the space depth and interest. Being small, these shelves are best for decorations display such as plants and a few antique pieces that will give the room a character.

via Turning It Home

19. Slightly Weathered Nook and Cranny Shelving

Slightly Weathered Nook and Cranny Shelving #decorhomeideas

These two shelves are cut at the perfect length to fit into a niche in the kitchen. This space would otherwise stay unused. By adding the set of shelves, you provide extra storage space for items you love to share with guests.

This idea features a slightly weathered look of the wood achieved by whitewashing.

The reading lamp below the shelf and the galvanized sconce above it match the farmhouse look of the storage unit and turn this corner into a special part of the kitchen.

via Le Cultivateur

20. Space-Saving Shelving on a Bare Wall

Space-Saving Shelving on a Bare Wall #decorhomeideas

This transition wall is perfect for vertical storage. Here we see a combination of open shelves and basket organizers that add a cute farmhouse look and plenty of extra storage.

This type of open storage can be a good learning curve for your kids. Place vegetables and fruits in the baskets to remind them to eat healthy food more often.

via Mommy My Way

21. Sturdy and True Farmhouse Shelving

Sturdy and True Farmhouse Shelving #decorhomeideas

This part of the kitchen showcases the harmony between rustic and contemporary.

The combination of white cabinets with classic grey open shelves set a lovely neutral backdrop for vintage tableware and antiques.

The shelves are long to offer a rigid and spacious place for open storage.

via Design Indulgence

22. Sturdy Natural Light Timber Shelves

Sturdy Natural Light Timber Shelves #decorhomeideas

This idea for open kitchen shelves also features long shelves but this time the timber is solid to keep items stored safe.

The wood is left in its natural look to create a modern farmhouse touch to the neutral white tiles. It matches the golden finish of the hardware of the low cabinets and the color of the marble countertop.

With these shelves, the kitchen looks neat and free from any clutter.

via Bigger Than The Three Of Us

23. Ultimate Gorgeous Pantry Shelves

Ultimate Gorgeous Pantry Shelves #decorhomeideas

Open shelves are also great for pantry storage. Usually a small space, the pantry shelves keep all items stored vertically and within reach.
Open shelves do not mean unprotected storage. Use containers such as glass jars, baskets and crates to sort items out.

via We Lived Happily Every After

24. Vintage-Inspired Rounded Sink Shelves

Vintage-Inspired Rounded Sink Shelves #decorhomeideas

This open-shelf idea is an easy DIY project that will give the kitchen a place to add character to the interior.

The rounded boards do not cover the opening throughout its entire width. They are small and suitable to hold one decoration in place.

Being placed at both sides of the empty opening, it is best to create a symmetrical décor nook by matching the décor pieces at each level.

via Claire Brody Designs

25. Wrought-Iron Decorative Mounted Shelves

Wrought-Iron Decorative Mounted Shelves #decorhomeideas

This is another fabulous idea for farmhouse open shelves. Choosing solid wood and wrought iron corbels to support it gives the storage piece a unique design.

The shelves can be made at the desired size to fit the blank wall of your kitchen. The rustic display is the best place to expose special vintage tableware in combination with small plants.

via Southern Hospitality

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