35 Best Walk In Closet Ideas and Designs

A walk-in closet is a dream come true for many homeowners as they are visually appealing and offer a number of storage and organization options.

What’s more beautiful than walking into a room full of your shoes and clothes?

It’s a widespread belief that a walk-in closet is only affordable to the rich and wealthy, especially when you read magazines about houses of celebrities and royals, where a walk-in could cost a fortune – sometimes more than your entire house.

Best Walk-In Closet Ideas and Designs #closet #storage #decorhomeideas

Fortunately, there are a lot of DIY walk-in closets that are small, don’t cost a lot of money, and are still practical.

Of course, having a small walk-in closet is much more complicated to organize than having a big one. The key is to arrange your clothes and shoes the way you like them, easily reach them and declutter as much as possible.

It turns out that more and more homeowners want to have one in their new home – not as big as a bedroom, but rather small and functional.

Follow our tips and suggestions to plan and style your walk-in closet without spending a fortune. These ideas could be applied to “U”-shaped, “L”-shaped, or straight closets.

1. Add Stylish Lighting to Your Closet

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One of the most practical ways to enhance your walk-in closet is by adding additional lighting.

This can be done easily, and beautifully, by repurposing vintage light fixtures or even sourcing IKEA items.

2. Maximize Your Walk-In Closet Storage Space with Shelves

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It is easy to forget the importance of shelving and focus on the hanging space when you’re looking for walk in closet ideas. Remember that shelving can be an even more efficient use of space!

3. Add Functionality to Your Closet with a Counter

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When outfitting your closet, one might not think of having counter space.

However, having a surface to sort and place items can be a very useful feature of walk in closet design.

4. Revolutionize Closet with the Right Colors for Maximum Impact

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Even if you have a small closet, color can make a huge impact.

Whether you’re choosing the shelving color or floor finish, be conscious of the color pallet when choosing your walk in closet design.

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5. Effortlessly Define Luxury with Shoe Organization Solutions

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When looking for walk in closet organization ideas, it is easy to focus on creating hanging space and forget about other aspects.

Don’t make this mistake. Make sure to have plenty of shoe space to organize and display your prized footwear.

6. Make the Most of Limited Space with Colorful Closet Design

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Just because you have a small walk in closet does not mean it can’t be beautiful.

One of the best walk-in closet ideas is using area rugs to help add color and beauty to the space.

7. Transform Your Hallway into an Ingenious Closet

Narrow Walk In Closet Design #closet #storage #decorhomeideas

Using shelving in other areas of your home can be a great use of space.

Even a spare hallway or nook can feature elements of walk in closet organization.

8. Upgrade Your Walk-In Closet with a Bench

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If your walk in closet has the space, adding a bench or small chair can be an excellent addition.

This gives you a place to put on your shoes – or even decide on an outfit.

9. Utilize Prefabricated Closets for Your Walk-In Closet

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Many people mistakenly think that they lack the skill to create a DIY walk in closet.

However, multiple companies offer pre-fabricated closet systems which allow you to outfit your space the way you like it.

10. Accessorize Your Walk-In Closet with a Candelabra

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A walk-in closet is a great place to express your style without fear.

When thinking about the design, don’t be afraid to accessorize – a kitchy vase or candelabra can liven up any space.

11. Include Mirrors in Your Walk-In Closet

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You’d be surprises how many people forget mirrors when looking at walk in closet design ideas.

Whether it be a simple hanging mirror, or a custom-made install, don’t forget the mirror!

12. Design a Luxurious Walk-In Closet that Reflects Your Style

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Your closet is where you are going to store your clothes, so it only makes sense that it should compliment them.

When looking for walk-in closet ideas, remember that your color and design should correspond to your style in clothing.

13. Maximize Every Corner of your Closet For Maximum Storage

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When planning walk in closet organization, it is easy to forget the importance of efficiency.

Many closet systems feature corner-units which help fill out every possible inch of your available space.

14. Utilize Closet Space with Ceiling-Mounted Shelving

Multi Shelves Walk In Closet #closet #storage #decorhomeideas

When buying walk in closet shelving, remember to look up.

Many closets have wasted space against the ceiling which is ideal for items you only use once in a while

15. Incorporate Baskets into Your Walk-In Closet

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Baskets and small organizers are an excellent way to stay organized.

When outfitting your walk in closet IKEA has numerous great boxes and bins.

16. Decorate Your Walk-In Closet with Great Panache

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Your closet is a great place to be a little more “extra” than you would in the rest of your home.

When planning the design of your walk in closet, remember that it is okay to splash a little gold or jewels into the mix.

17. Add a Laundry Basket in Your Closet

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When you’re planning the organization of your closet, don’t forget to have a place to stash your dirty clothes.

This can be a permanent fixture or even a small bin.

18. Transform Any Room into an Elegant Walk-In Closet

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A closet does not have to be attached to your bedroom.

If you have a spare room in your house, it could always become a walk in closet.

19. Plan Your Closet for the Future

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One of the biggest pieces of advice that professional walk in closet organizers often give is to remember to plan not just for what you have, but for what you will get.

Make sure to leave some extra space for your future collections.

20. Elevate the Aesthetics of Your Closet with Molding

Walk In Closet With Rug #closet #storage #decorhomeideas

When searching for ideas, don’t overlook the power of molding.

For a small investment it can make your closet feel like a real room.

21. Illuminate Your Wardrobe with Direct Light

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The best walk in closet designs remember that you must focus on lighting the clothes themselves.

Direct lighting makes it easier to see colors and find your treasured items.

22. Turn Your Small Closet into an Organized Stylish Paradise 

Storage Organization Walk In closet #closet #storage #decorhomeideas

If you’re looking for small walk in closet ideas, think about how much floor space you actually need.

Maximizing storage can help a closet function, even if it means giving up walking room.

23. Personalize Your Walk-In Closet with Custom Designs

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Don’t design a closet for someone else – design it for YOU.

If you know you prefer hanging up most clothes, make sure to factor that into your design.

24. Improve Accessibility with a Small Ladder

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A mistake that many aspiring walk-in closet organizers make is to forget about the importance of access.

Make sure you can reach all of the space you have – this might mean bringing in a small ladder or stool.

25. Transform an Unused Nook into a Rustic Closet

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If your bedroom has an awkward “nook” space, think about simply turning it into an additional closet.

If you have a complete enough walk in closet organizer, you may not even need closet doors.

26. Elevate Your Walk-In Closet with Artistic Creations

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Many people think that a closet has to be a purely functional space without decoration.

Not true! A closet can be a great place to display extra art or treasures.

27. Refresh Your Closet with Free-Standing Dressers

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A walk in closet organizer does not have to be a build in piece.

Free-standing dressers and shelves can also be a great addition.

28. Bring Life to Your Closet with Small Planters

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Plants are a great addition to your closet even if it’s tiny spaced.

Just remember that some plants thrive better in low light conditions.

29. Create a Beautiful Display for Your Shoes in Your Closet

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Your closet doesn’t have to merely be a place to store your items.

Properly designed, it can also be a gallery to display them.

30. Achieve a Contemporary Look with Glass Cabinet Doors 

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Glass cabinet doors are a great way to make a closet feel larger while making your items easier to find.

31. Upgrade Your Closet with LED Lighting

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Lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to improve a space.

Inexpensive LED strips can be great beautiful backlighting to display your treasures.

32. Incorporate a Fold-Out Ironing Board

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Think about including a fold-out ironing board into your space to make it a one-stop shop for getting ready.

33. Use Closet Organizers to Improve Accessibility

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When searching for small walk in closet ideas, remember that the easier it is to get to your items, the more you will use them.

This is why walk in closet organizers are so important.

34. Update Your Walk-In Closet with Affordable Stylish Solutions

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Because of the small space, you can use expensive materials like marble and still have an affordable build.

35. Give Your Walk-In Closet an Elegant Look with Faux Fur

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Funky materials like faux-fur can make your space charming and unique.

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