70 Super Easy Dollar Store Easter Crafts ( plus Kids Crafts )

Easter is knocking on our doors! It is amazing how this divine holiday that appraises the revival of life always intertwines with spring. The season when flora and fauna ‘wake up’.

Easter is one of those holidays we long for anxiously the whole year. We connect it with the valuably spent time with our families and close friends, the high moods and the coziness of home.

DIY Dollar Store Easter Crafts For You and Your Kid. Bunnies, centerpieces, banners, decorations, paper crafts and more. #diy #dollarstore #crafts #easter #kids #decorhomeideas
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Most of us want that holiday mood not only in our souls but also on our tables and interiors.

The accents specifically made for the holiday make Easter even more special.

Combining the common symbols of Easter with spring, we decided to present to you easy-to-make decorations which will be the perfect finish to your holiday interior.

You would be amazed how ordinary supplies from the nearest Dollar Store are transformed into unique and cute decorations.

The best of it is that you would have a DIY customized décor that won’t cost you a fortune and will be just as good as the expensive ready-to-buy home decorations sold at that time of the year.  

1. Bunny Gumball Machines

Bunny Gumball Machines #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Everything about that idea is little! Little and so so cute! These bunny families are hiding in transparent globes! All of the materials are easy to be found in the Dollar store and will cost you less than a regular deli menu.

via Average Inspired

2. Bunny Pom Pom Garland

Bunny Pom Pom Garland #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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I bet you have already made a project with pom-poms! These are so universal that you can use them for various decorations and occasions.

Here is an idea for a gentle white garland made of bunny pom-poms. Hang it from your fireplace, place it on your window, hang it above your table – it will look well anywhere in your home!

via Create Craft Love

3. Coffee Filter Peonies

Coffee Filter Peonies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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We mentioned how well spring and Easter go together. Here is an idea of how to bring spring into your Easter decoration. These peony flowers are made from coffee filters.

The rest of the materials are things you have at home so this will be a very easy project to do. The best thing is that these flowers may be used as a permanent décor or for various occasions so… don’t think much!

via The Crafted Sparrow

4. Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Decoupage, decoupage, decoupage! This craft technique could transform various objects and the final result is always amazing!

Check this idea for decoupage on plant pots which turns Dollar Store terra cotta pots into designer pots only through some paints and napkins!

via Place of My Taste

5. DIY Easter Egg Topiary Idea

DIY Easter Egg Topiary Idea #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Here is an idea for personalized decoration. These egg topiaries made of foam eggs planted in Dollar Store pots could make a memorable gift for each member of your family.

via This is Our Bliss

6. DIY Nursery Decor Easter Bunny

DIY Nursery Decor Easter Bunny #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Using only popsicles and glue you can make a modern bunny figure that would give an unobtrusive and yet cute finish to your Easter decoration.

via Make and Do Crew

7. DIY Spring Bird Houses

DIY Spring Bird Houses #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Here is a very cheering idea for you! Get ready birdhouses, paint and decorate them with craft paper that suits your interior. They are a lovely way to invite spring into your home!

via Love of Family and Home

8. DIY Yarn Chicks

DIY Yarn Chicks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Which came first- the chicken or the egg? That’s another topic! Since the painting of eggs is a must tradition for Easter, make these easy non-crochet sweet yarn chickens place over your basket of painted eggs.

via DIYHowTo

9. Dollar Store Bunny

Dollar Store Bunny #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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A glittery shining rabbit could be your favorite decoration for this year’s Easter. Two glass bowls from the Dollar Store, some glitter powder, mod podge, fairy lights and the usual craft equipment are the materials you need to create this smiley figure.

It will be fun to engage your kids in the process and leave them to use it as a nightlight in their bedroom.

via Leap of Faith Crafting

10. Dollar Store Robins Eggs

Dollar Store Robins Eggs #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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You can create dozens of realistic faux robin’s eggs for only a dollar! Get a package of foam eggs, pick a paint color and get started. This is a very easy and fun DIY project so you can involve your kids in it.

via Mad in Crafts

11. Dollar Tree Easter Craft

Dollar Tree Easter Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Mason jars are the most used material for Easter DIY crafts, aren’t they? I have seen them transformed into candles, seasonings storage, vases, etc.

Here they have been repurposed into candy storage jars! And the best part of them is the bunny that has landed on the lid!

via Passionate Penny Pincher

12. Easter Bunny Cut File

Easter Bunny Cut File #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Personalized buckets for eggs or candies is definitely a good way to make your kids feel special on Easter day.

These simple and yet original buckets come in different colors in the Dollar Store. Print the free bunny pattern and follow the instructions.

via The Pinning Mama

13. Easter Bunny Treat Jars

Easter Bunny Treat Jars #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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This is another idea of how to use Mason jars for sweets holders. Painted in different colors, only a silhouette of a bunny is left transparent.

We love the ribbon below the lid, it gives them a nice cottage accent that makes the jars unique addition to the Easter décor.

via Happiness is Homemade

14. Easter Egg Candleholder

Easter Egg Candleholder #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Looking for a more extravagant Easter decoration? These candleholders will be noticed! The materials can be found in the nearest Dollar Store and won’t cost you much.

via Two Sisters Crafting

15. Easter Egg Mason Jars

Easter Egg Mason Jars #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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We love the color combinations of these Mason jars! They remind us so much of spring!

Making them requires only painting and enough time to let them dry completely. Fill them with faux grass or shredded green paper and you would have cheerful nests for your Easter eggs.

via Mason Jar Crafts Love

16. Easter Egg Vases Decor

Easter Egg Vases Decor #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Using the same color combinations, you can paint wine glasses without stems and turn them into beautiful succulent pots.

via Tater Tots & Jello

17. Easter Mason Jars Decor

Easter Mason Jars Decor #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These Mason jars have been turned into cute animals, the perfect Easter gift for your kids. Fill them with candies, sweets or leave them empty for your kids to place their favorite egg inside.

via No. 2 Pencil

18. Easy Easter Candy Jars

Easy Easter Candy Jars #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These adorable jars can become your kids’ favorite Easter decoration. Fill them with candies and give one to every kid.

via Crazy Little Projects

19. Egg Tree

Egg Tree #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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The egg tree is a must-project for Easter. It combines natural materials from your yard and some Easter supplies from your local dollar store.

That project is easy to be done and the end effect – adorable. Make sure to display the tree at a place where you can enjoy it easily!

via Peanut Blossom

20. Fake Chocolate Easter Bunny

Fake Chocolate Easter Bunny #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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That chocolate bunny is so attempting! I would have considered eating it after Easter but…it is fake!

Karen suggests that any Easter figure can be turned into ‘yummy’ chocolate using only appropriate spray paint.

via Sew Many Ways

21. Gussied Up Easter Eggs

Gussied Up Easter Eggs #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These Dollar Store plastic eggs have been dressed up to faux natural ones. Place them in a basket, in a crafted jar and make sure they are not mistaken with your edible Easter eggs as they do look so real!

via Southern State of Mind

22. How To Make an Easter Gnome With Felt and Bunny Ears

How to Make an Easter Gnome with felt and bunny ears #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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The next project is a fairy DIY Easter gnome. Get a jar, a pair of socks (yep, socks!), a black marker from the Dollar Store, some materials from a craft shop and make this fantastic and fun decoration for your Easter table.

via Ruffles and Rainboots

23. Improved Dollar Tree Carrots

Improved Dollar Tree Carrots #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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When I saw them first I thought they were gypsum.

You would be surprised that these carrots are plastic kid toys bought from the Dollar Store! Painting them with chalk paint has created that sculpture look which is just awesome!

via Little House of Flour

24. Jelly Bean Topiary

Jelly Bean Topiary #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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You haven’t seen such tasty topiary anywhere, I bet it! Made of egg-shaped jellybeans, they are a must-have centerpiece for your Easter dinner!

There are some suggestions in the comments of the original post of how to make the topiary editable, so you may give that a try as well.

via Crafty Sisters

25. Mason Jar Easter Candy Pedestal

Mason Jar Easter Candy Pedestal #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These candy pedestals are easy to be made. You can use them on various occasions, not only on Easter.

Made of Mason jars and candlesticks, they are an interesting way to treat your kids for the holiday.

via Living Well Spending Less

26. Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art

Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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The Moss Covered Bunny Canvas Art is made of moss glued at a canvas patiently and in small sections.  This creative idea is the perfect complement to your Easter front porch decoration.

via Domestically Creative

27. Ombre Spring Vase

Ombre Spring Vase #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Dollar Store ombre vases – a cheap way to welcome spring in your home. Place the gradient-colored vases next to each other, fill them with seasonal flowers and enjoy.

via Living Well Spending Less

28. Paper Napkin Bunny Favors

Paper Napkin Bunny Favors #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Made of small paper beverage napkins, satin ribbon, wooden beads, you can fill the bunnies with chocolate favors or any other sweets.

They are the perfect small Easter present for the smallest ones.

via One Little Project

29. Peep Mason Jars for Easter

Peep Mason Jars for Easter #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These mason jars have been inspired by Easter nail art ideas. The author has painted the multifunctional jars with acrylic paints.

Fill them with shredded green paper and place them anywhere in your home from where these cute jars will peep out.

via Mason Jar Crafts Love

30. Recycled Easter Bunny Vase Idea

Recycled Easter Bunny Vase Idea #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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The bunny vases are another idea for the decoration of a vase, a mason jar or a regular jar in the spirit of Easter.

You can paint other animals or creatures that will accompany the bunny vase.

via Weekend Craft

31. String Easter Egg Basket

String Easter Egg Basket #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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That Easter egg basket looks as if only a master in crafts could do it. The author argues that saying it is super easy to be made! One thing is certain – that will be on our favorite list!

via Mom Luck

32. Three Dimensional Decorated Eggs

Three Dimensional Decorated Eggs #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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These decorative eggs could be a nice decoration for a more industrial or modern home interior.

Believe it or not, they are transformed from plastic Dollar Store eggs.

via Kim Six Fix

33. Tin Can Bunny Planters

Tin Can Bunny Planters #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Tin cans are a great recycled material and the next idea proves it!

These adorable bunny planters have been made by tomato puree cans. Paint them with spray paint, add white and pink felt for the ears and legs, two large googly eyes and you are almost done!

via We Know Stuff

34. Transform Dollar Store Bunnies

Transform Dollar Store Bunnies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #decorhomeideas
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Easter Bunnies — Dollar-Cheap to Super-Chic is a very appropriate post name of the next Easter decoration idea.

Transform the cute bunnies from the dollar store into a stylish Easter décor.

via The Project Pile

Dollar Store Easter Crafts for Kids

Kids love holidays! They also love any kind of crafts that involve painting, cutting, gluing, anything which involves using their hands!

The craft list here is perfectly suitable for children of all ages so just let them experiment, let them learn, let them get messy!

You will forget about the mix-up they’ve made once you see their happy and pleased smiles!

The materials are easy to be found on the Dollar Store so when you start preparing your list of goods for your next shopping tour there, don’t forget to include the supplies for the projects of the youngest family members!

We promise it will be fun for all of you and you will create not only nice decorations for your Easter holiday but also valuable memories!

35. Candy Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks

Candy Filled Easter Egg Carton Chicks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Debbie from One Little Project gives instructions on how to make small Easter chicks from an egg carton.

These adorable chicks can open their beaks and show the candies they hold.

via One Little Project

36. Chicks in Nest

Chicks in Nest #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Plastic eggs are a great supply for Easter crafts for kids. Making these funny nested chicks is easy and big fun.

via About Family Crafts

37. Clothespin Bunnies

Clothespin Bunnies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The Easter clothespin bunnies are another family craft project.

They could be cute napkin decorations on the Easter table if your kids could ever stop playing with them.

via One Little Project

38. Coffee Filter Easter Wreath

Coffee Filter Easter Wreath #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The Coffee Filter Easter Wreath is a clever idea for a simple and creative project for toddlers and preschoolers.

Focused on the old-fashioned way to let kids express and learn, this is an idea that needs inexpensive materials like coffee filters and water coloring. The steps are easy to follow and the making –fun for all involved.

via Happy Hooligans

39. Cotton Ball Bunny Craft

Cotton Ball Bunny Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Would your kids like the idea of a personalized gift for Easter? The DIY Easter card is your thing! Choose a shot photo of your child, print the free template and let your kid finish the rest!

That project could also be a great classroom project.

via Easy Peasy and Fun

40. Craft Pipe Cleaner and Plastic Egg Flowers

Craft Pipe Cleaner and Plastic Egg Flowers #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The idea for a plastic egg flower bouquet could be a great exercise for your kids’ fine motor skills.

Unpack the Dollar Store package, separate the eggs in halves and let your kid put through the pipe cleaners through one of the bottom holes and then back down through the second hole. Let them twist the pipes so that they become strong ‘flower’ stems.

via Make and Takes

41. Craft Stick Flower Pots

Craft Stick Flower Pots #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Have you been looking for a no-mess craft for your kids? Craft Stick Flower Pots could be your solution.

via Typically Simple

42. Doily Sheep Craft

Doily Sheep Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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If you have some paper doilies, it is now the time to use them for a very easy and cute project – doily sheep. Prepare the sheep parts and let your kids arrange and glue them.

via Easy Peasy and Fun

43. Easter Bunny Craft Idea

Easter Bunny Craft Idea #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Bunny must be the favorite Easter character of all kids.

The craft by Crafts N Coffee transforms regular materials into a wonderful and relatively big rabbit.

As it requires some skills, we suggest that you work together with your kids. This egg-shaped bunny needs yarn, Styrofoam eggs, googly eyes, some felt, glue.

via Crafts N Coffee

44. Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets

Easter Bunny Spoon Puppets #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Do your kids play with everything but their toys?

The cooking wooden spoons can be turned into a funny bunny couple for a small puppet show with a little paint, googly eyes and inspiration!

via Hobby Craft

45. Easter Chick Craft Colorful Place Holders

Easter Chick Craft Colorful Place Holders #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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If you are looking for a more personalized craft to do with your kids, the named chick spoons are your thing.

Painted in different colors each of them has a label with the name of its owner.

via Crafts by Amanda

46. Easter Chick Fork Painting

Easter Chick Fork Painting #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Let your kids do this fluffy yellow chick all by themselves! Painted with a fork, that cute image could make a great Easter party invitation card.

via Crafty Morning

47. Easter Craft Easter Bunny Craft Sticks

Easter Craft Easter Bunny Craft Sticks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Kids will be eager to get involved in the making process of these popsicle sticks bunnies.

Painted in pink and decorated with cute ears and feet from foam sheets, these funny sticks could make a great gift for Easter or even a bookmark.

via The Best Ideas for Kids

48. Easter Egg Doily Craft

Easter Egg Doily Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Be prepared to make dozens of these doily paper eggs when your kids see how easy and funny this project is.

You also won’t mind that as it is one of the messy-less projects.

via A Little Pinch of Perfect

49. Easter Egg Painted Rocks

Easter Egg Painted Rocks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Do your kids have a collection of stones gathered at random places? Now it’s time to finally use them and make beautiful colored in pastel shades Easter stones.

Your kids will be proud to contribute to your Easter decoration with their long-time gathered treasure.

via Projects with Kids

50. Easy Yarn Easter Craft

Easy Yarn Easter Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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It is now the right time to use all yarn threads left from your knitting projects.

These adorable yarn figures of chick and carrot will engage your kids’ hands and logical thought.

via Natural Beach Living

51. Foam Cup Bunny

Foam Cup Bunny #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Make these fun and easy bunnies out of paper cups. You could use them later on to hide sweets or other candies for your kids.

via I Heart Crafty Things

52. Foam Cup Bunny Candy Holder

Foam Cup Bunny Candy Holder #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Debbie from One Little Project gives another idea of how to transform paper cups into Easter decorations.

The funny bunny may be actually used for juice, candies or any other sweets your kids may like.

via One Little Project

53. Lolly Pop Bunnies

Lolly Pop Bunnies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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A treat and decoration in 1? Check this clever and sweet idea for Bunny lollipops.

via One Little Project

54. Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks

Mini Popsicle Stick Chicks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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This craft idea is perfect for kids of all ages. A few craft sticks, glue and some paint and they will make an adorable little chicken as an addition to the Easter decorations.

via Crafty Morning

55. Paper Bunny Craft for Kids

Paper Bunny Craft for Kids #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The next bunny craft is made entirely out of paper and is very easy.

Let your kids make as many as they want and help them hang the finished bunnies on a string to create an adorable garland for their room.

via Easy Peasy and Fun

56. Paper Plate Chicks

Paper Plate Chicks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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This plastic chick could be a perfect project not only for home occupation but also for school.

With the help of the tutorial in the link below, you would be able to introduce the first steps in sewing to your children.

via Red Ted Art

57. Paper Plate Easter Bunny

Paper Plate Easter Bunny #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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An easy project is the Easter bunny made out of paper plates.

Gather the supplies from the dollar store and let your kids assemble the googly-eyed funny bunny.

via The Best Ideas for Kids

58. Paper Plate Easter Chick

Paper Plate Easter Chick #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Your paper plate bunny needs a friend and that can be the cute long-legged chick that is so ridiculously charming.

via Simple as That

59. Pinecone Bunnies

Pinecone Bunnies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Most of us connect the pinecones with winter but they reach their maturity in springtime.

Why not use their perfect shape and texture for Easter decoration? Check these pinecone bunnies that your kids will be eager to do.

via Fireflies and Mudpies

60. Pom Pom Bunnies

Pom Pom Bunnies #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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These are the cutest bunnies ever! Your kids will definitely love the idea of making them.

The pom pom bunnies are so soft that your children would love to cuddle them all the time.

via One Little Project

61. Pom Pom Easter Chicks

Pom Pom Easter Chicks #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Another pom pom project for kids is this small sweet chicken.

Make sure you make enough of these as everyone would like to have one for themselves.

via Crafts Unleashed

62. Potato Stamp Easter Eggs

Potato Stamp Easter Eggs #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The potato stamp idea is great for the smallest kids. They would be amazed by the footprint a potato can leave.

Make the shape of the potato yourself and leave them to play with the colors. I promise you will see a lot of amazed and funny faces.

via Premeditated Leftovers

63. Q Tip Flowers

Q Tip Flowers #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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An interesting spring project, not only for kids but for adults as well, is that Q-tip flowers.

They look so good I am starting to consider making them myself asap. Get some fake flowers from the Dollar Store for the stems, a package of Styrofoam balls and a couple of Q-tip packs.

via Homemade Ginger

64. Q Tip Lamb Craft

Q Tip Lamb Craft #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Use the Q-tips left to make this sweet dreamy sheep. Your kids will love the gluing part.

The legs of the sheep are made of clothespins so you can attach them anywhere.

via One Little Project

65. Sock Bunny Tutorial

Sock Bunny Tutorial #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Have you ever wondered what to do with the remaining sock from the pair after the other one has mysteriously disappeared in the washing machine?!

It is time to get them out from the box of lonely socks and let your children fill them with rice to make these funny-looking bunnies.

via Pumpkin and A Princess

66. Tissue Paper Easter Egg Sun Catchers

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Sun Catchers #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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The kids will love making these brightly colored Tissue Paper Easter Eggs.

They could work as suncatchers if hung on the windows or be used to decorate invitation cards to the Easter party you would be hosting.

via Kids Craft Room

67. Yarn Easter eggs

Yarn Easter eggs #easter #diy #dollarstore #crafts #kids  #decorhomeideas
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Another fun project for both kids and adults is this super easy yarn eggs. All you are going to need is glue, yarn and balloons.

Make them in different colors and arrange them in a basket to put as a centerpiece on your Easter table.  

via Six Sisters Stuff

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