101 Beautiful DIY Easter Centerpieces To Bring Spring Cheer To Your Home

Spring is the season of renewal.

What was once a dense snow-covered winter is starting to become a bright and cheery spring.

This beautiful time of year requires some equally beautiful table decor and decorations.

DIY Easter centerpieces are a perfect way to add a festive and colorful touch to your holiday table and impress your guests. From simple flower arrangements to creative egg displays, these centerpieces allow you to showcase your creativity and craftiness, and create a welcoming and joyful atmosphere for the occasion.

Check out these ideas for some simple but beautiful decor ideas.

1. Easter Table Decor with Stone Bunny and Eggs

10 Minute Spring Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This entire table ensemble is really just a bunch of Easter decor arranged nicely. A large stone bunny in a basket and eggs surrounding a few classic plates.

via Our Southern Home

2. DIY Apothecary Jar Table Decoration

Apothecary Jar Terrarium Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Using an assortment of apothecary jars you can fill them with nests and eggs to make a full table decoration.

via Bless’er House

3. Fill a Jar with Carrots and Top it with Flowers

Bouquet of Carrots and Flowers #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a glass jar and fill it with carrots. And top with flowers.

via Southern Living

4. Creative Carrot Centerpieces for Spring Celebrations

Carrot Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

These adorable carrot centerpieces have glass jars filled with carrots. Then flowers are positioned on top.

via Love Grows Wild

5. Simple Table Centerpiece Using Carrots

Carrots In A Vase

For a simple table centerpiece fill a glass jar with full carrots.

6. Easter Table Centerpiece with Clothespins and Napkins

Daffodil Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This Easter centerpiece is made using clothespins to look like baskets. Fold the napkins to look like Easter bunnies.

via An Extraordinary Day

7. Welcome Spring with a Freshly-Painted Farmhouse Bucket

DIY Bucket of Flowers Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

A classic farmhouse bucket that says fresh on the side is the perfect tub to fill with spring flowers.

via Sarah Joy

8. Hard-Boiled Egg Basket with Pink Flowers

DIY Easter Basket Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a simple farmhouse egg basket with hard-boiled eggs. Then top with pink flowers.

via Tulipina

9. Colorful Easter Floral Decor with Frappuccino Bottles

DIY Painted Bottles #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Have a few old rinsed out frappuccino bottles sitting around? Paint them with pastel colors and fill with flowers for a cheap but beautiful Easter decoration.

via Homey Oh My

10. Decorate a Lantern with an Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny In Lantern #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take an old lantern and fill it with brown grass and a plastic or stone Easter bunny.

via On Sutton Place

11. Decorative Easter Wooden Box with Rocks and a Cross

Easter Cross Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use a long wooden box and fill it with rocks and small crosses.

via Leap of Faith Crafting

12. Easter Lily Centerpiece with Hard-Boiled Eggs

Easter Egg Hunt Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This simple centerpiece is beautiful Easter lilies planted in a long planter with a few hard-boiled eggs.

via Jenny Steffens Hobick

13. Decorate a Grass Topiary with Egg Ornaments

Easter Egg Topiary Tree #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a grassy topiary tree and cover it with egg decorations.

via Sand and Sisal

14. Craft Easter Eggs with Pastels

Easter Egg Tree #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Easter eggs that are pastel-colored can simply be glued or wired together. Then cover the crevices with green Easter grass. It’s the perfect Easter crafts project.

via Peanut Blossoms

15. Vibrant Pink Hard-Boiled Eggs and Flower Centerpiece

Easter Egg Vase #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Dye hard-boiled eggs all different tones of pink. Then fill them in a glass jar and add flowers on the top. It completes a perfect centerpiece.

via Better Homes and Gardens

16. Make a Jesus Sanctuary with a Planter and Rocks

Easter Empty Tomb Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

A planter laying on its side looks like the perfect Jesus sanctuary. Put rocks in front and cover with moss.

via Savings Lifestyle

17. Craft a Rustic Easter Centerpiece

Easter Floral Arrangement #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a farmhouse basket with speckled eggs and flowers to make this beautiful centerpiece.

via The Casual Craftlete

18. Whimsical Tablescape with Eggs and Flowers Vase

Easter in Bloom Tablescape #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

To make an entire tablescape use a glass jar filled with eggs. Then add a bunch of white limbs.

via StoneGable

19. Make a Peeps and Jelly Beans Bouquet for Spring

Easter Peeps Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a glass jar with a layer of jelly beans and then encircle peeps around the edges. Then fill with flowers.

via Taste of Home

20. Elegant Easter Table Decor with Ball Jar Lilies

Easter Table Setting Ideas Ball Jars #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Simply use ball jars filled with Easter lilies. Line them up along a table for a perfect tablescape.

via On Sutton Place

21. Classic Easter Tablescape with Bunny and Flowers

Easter Table Spring at Fox Hollow Cottage #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

A very classic tablescape can be made with a white stone bunny and a vase of flowers.

via Fox Hollow Cottage

22. Creative Easter Tablescape Idea with Eggs and Grass

Easter Wine Glass Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a wine glass with a layer of eggs and Easter grass. Then flip them over on a table for a great Easter tablescape.

via Country and Victorian Times

23. Easter Table Arrangement with White Lilies and Eggs

Easy Easter Arrangement #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This whole Easter table arrangement is a white jar filled with eggs and white lilies around the edges. Tie the lilies with rustic rope.

via Brooklyn Limestone

24. Decorate a Ball Jar with White Baby’s-Breath Flowers

Easy Mothers Day Breakfast Decor Ideas #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Paint the inside of a ball jar a nice light blue color. Then fill with white babies breath flowers.

via Design Improvised

25. Use Fresh Lemons as a Table Centerpiece

Easy Spring Centerpiece Idea #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This super simple table centerpiece is simply a glass jar filled with lemons.

via Yellow Bliss Road

26. Upcycle Egg Shells into Easter Flower Centerpiece

DIY Eggshell Flower Centerpiece

You can blow the center out of an egg and plant with small but bright flowers.

via Little Inspiration

27. Classic Centerpiece with Moss and Candles

Elegant Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

For a classic centerpiece just use a white plate with moss and white candles.

28. Put Easter Flowers in a Refreshed Farmhouse Box

Farmhouse Spring Wooden Box Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take an old farmhouse box and paint white. Then fill with Easter flowers.

via The Turquoise Home

29. Plant Bright Easter Flowers in a White Flower Pots

Flower Show Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use a tall white flower pot to plant your bright Easter flowers for your Easter centerpiece.

via Karin Lidbeck

30. DIY Gold-Dusted Eggshell Floral Centerpiece

Golden Eggshells and Flowers #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Paint emptied eggshells gold. Then fill with a few flowers for an elegant centerpiece.

via 79 Ideas

31. Create a Unique Flower Vase with Jelly Beans

How To Make a Layered Candy Filled Vase With Flowers #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a glass vase and layer it with pink and white jelly beans. Then plant flowers inside.

via Get Creative Juice

32. Make an Enchanting Jelly Beans Candle Lantern

Jelly Bean Candle #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

A glass fishbowl is perfect for layering easter jelly beans. Then put flowers on the top or a candle.

33. Decorate a Jelly Bean Jar with Floral Accents

Jelly Bean Floral Arrangement #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This simple arrangement is a glass jar filled with jelly beans and flowers.

34. Festive Easter Jar with Lemon Droplets and Peeps

Lemon Drop and Tulip Bouquet #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a glass jar with lemon drops. Then layer a layer of yellow peeps. Put flowers on top to complete the Easter look.

via The Laws of My Life

35. Bring Spring into Your Home with Lilacs and Glass Jars

Lilac Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Glass jars can simply be filled with water and lilacs from your yard to give your home a spring touch.

36. Floral Centerpiece with Moss and Eggs Accent

Lily Easter Table Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This entire centerpiece is a white jar and filled with flowers. Along with that are light blue bowls with moss and eggs.

via Z Design at Home

37. Brighten Your Home with Mason Jar Spring Decor

Mason Jar Spring Decor #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

For a farmhouse Easter look just paint the inside of ball jars. Wrap a string around and fill with flowers.

38. Easter Egg Display in Elegant Grass-Filled Bowls

Milk Glass Easter Centerpieces #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Simply fill elegant white bowls with grass and easter eggs.

via Sadie Seasongoods

39. Create a Modern Easter Table Centerpiece

Modern Farmhouse Easter Brunch Tablescape #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Modern Easter looks can be created with white table decor, white bunnies and light pastel eggs.

via Oriental Trading

40. Modern Easter Table Centerpiece with Moss and Eggs

Mossy Egg Tablescape #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Cover classic plastic eggs of varying size with moss.

via Martha Stewart

41. Make a Rustic Birds Nest with a Cake Stand

Nest Cake Stand #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a cake stand and put a nest on top. Then fill the nest with pastel-colored easter eggs.

via Get Creative Juice

42. Craft a Floral Basket Using Paint Sticks

Paint Stick Basket Project Opener #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use paint sticks to make a basket. Then fill the basket with flowers.

via Build Basic

43. Decorative Jelly Bean and Peep Centerpiece

Peeps centerpiece main #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Peeps are the perfect centerpiece. Fill a glass jar with jelly beans and peeps. Then top with flowers.

via Two Sisters Crafting

44. Creative Candle Displays with Peeps

Peeps Mason Jar Candles #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

For a simple votive surround candles in a mason jar with peeps.

via Confessions of a Plate Addict

45. Make a Rainbow Display with Your Flower Centerpiece

Rainbow Centerpiece

To make a rainbow flower centerpiece simply dye water in a ball jar and add white flowers.

via Papery and Cakery

46. Recycled Easter Bunny Vase for Your Lilies

Recycled Easter Bunny Vase #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Using a large glass jar paint the inside white. Then add a bunny face and beautiful flowers.

via Weekend Craft

47. Create a Rustic Bunny Wreath Centerpiece

Rustic Bunny Wreath Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This bunny wreath looks more like a nest. Then the bunny and flowers on top complete the look.

48. Make a Unique Twig Vase with Colorful Blooms

Rustic Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Using small twigs you can make a round twig vase. Then fill with big beautiful flowers.

via Good Housekeeping

49. Create a Rustic Easter Basket with Sheep and Flowers

Simple and Rustic Easter Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a basket and add a rustic sheep. Complete the rustic Easter look with purple and white easter flowers.

via Confessions of a Plate Addict

50. Craft a Spring Table Runner with Nests and Robins’ Eggs

Simple Bird Nest DIY Centerpieces #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Make an entire table runner with nests and small robin eggs.

via Early Ivy

51. Simple Lemon and Flower Centerpiece

Simple spring table centerpiece lemons #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This simple centerpiece is sliced lemon floating in water. The flowers out the top complete the whole look.

via Driven by Decor

52. Make Easter Table Decor with a Wooden Centerpiece

Soft and Lovely Easter Tablescape #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

For a simple and small Easter table runner just take a thin long box and fill with nest material and eggs. Centerpiece is the perfect Easter wooden craft project.

via A Wonderful Thought

53. Colorful Arrangement with Bunny Accent in White Bowl

Spring Bunny Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This white bowl is filled with green and white flowers and carrots. Then a bunny on top to complete the look.

via On Sutton Place

54. Illuminate Your Home with a Floral Candle Lantern

Spring Decorations Ideas #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use a lantern to fill it with a white candle and top with flowers.

55. Craft a Rustic Floral and Moss Candle Centerpiece

Spring Dining Room Decorating Ideas #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Take a long wooden bowl and fill with green moss and flowers. Then to finish the look add a candle in the middle.

via Clean and Sensible

56. Add a Rustic Chandelier for Your Easter Decor

Spring easter table cabbage tulips centerpiece rabbits #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

For a simple plate decoration use chocolate bunnies on each of your guests plates.

via Driven by Decor

57. Create a Charming Tablescape with a Birdbath and Bunny

Spring Easter Tablescape #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

An entire tablescape can be made by using a large birdbath as a base and filling it with a large bunny and flowers.

via Design Dazzle

58. Make a Colorful Table Runner with Flowers and Grass

Spring Floral Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

To make an entire table runner use a large box and plant bright flowers and green grass.

via House of Turquoise

59. White and Tall Table Centerpiece with Large Willows

Spring Pussy Willow Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use large willows in a glass vase to make a white and tall table centerpiece.

via On Sutton Place

60. Celebrate Easter with Beautiful White Eggs and Lilies

Spring Tulip Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a tall vase with white eggs. Then put Easter lilies in to finish the easter look.

via Home Stories A to Z

61. Create a Table Centerpiece with a Terrarium Garden

Spring under glass #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Use a small terrarium and fill it with bright flowers and a small white bowl.

via Cottage at the Cross Roads

62. Unique Jelly Bean Bouquet Decoration

Sweet Easter Decoration #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

This decoration uses a glass bowl filled with jelly beans. Then a layer of peeps are added with a few flowers in the middle.

via Ciao Bella

63. Make a Stylish Egg and Flower Table Runner Centerpiece

Yellow Daffodils and Blue Eggs Centerpiece #easter #diy #centerpiece #decorhomeideas

Fill a variety of white bowls with eggs and flowers. Then add them to a table runner centerpiece.

via Jenny Steffens Hobick

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