35 Awesome Before and After Living Room Makeovers To Inspire You

When we are planning the makeover of our homes, we usually start with the living rooms. Whether the decor of your living room is outdated or it is no longer functional, there are ways to make a transformation on a budget.

Best Living Room Makeovers. Get inspired to improve your own living room with these fabulous before-and-after living room makeovers. There are easy and budget-friendly to recreate. #decorhomeideas

Here are the 35 best makeovers and remodel ideas that consider every style and every taste and will inspire those of you that are ready for a change.

1. Fresh And Bright

A Breath of Fresh Air #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The easier and most affordable way to transform space is to change the color pattern of the interior. The dark colors tend to make the room look darker and smaller while light ones freshen it and visually enlarge it.

This doesn’t mean that dark colors shouldn’t exist. Instead, use them as an accent.

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2. Organized And Stylish Makeover

A Modern Family Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

In case your family is big, the living room is the shared space where the belongings of each member can be found. To make it look neat and tidy and not overwhelmed with items, make a built-in shelving unit on one of the walls.

The open shelves will take up a lot of the pieces that would otherwise be spread on the table or on the floor and will yet give the space an airy feeling.

The storage unit can be given further functionality by storing the TV unit as well.

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3. Break Up A Dark Wall

A Bare Wall Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Planking a wall with wood gives the room a unique rustic look. But since wood is dark, it can mislead the perception by making the place look smaller.

To change this effect, use decoration in light colors that will give the wood depth and will act as a backdrop.

4. Coastal Makeover Emphasizes A Tall Ceiling

Beach House Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Looking for a style that can make the atmosphere of the living room cozier and relaxing?

The nautical style does that in a unique way. Pastel colors as background, blue nuances for the accessories and coastal decorations create an enlightened nook that inspires you to take off all worries and leave behind the memories from the busy day.

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5. Dramatic Gallery Wall

Before and After Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Looking for a quick and affordable way to hide the statement wall you once found unique? The quickest way is to repaint it. The best color you can choose and thus make space look visually larger is the same color as those of the ceiling.

White is a neutral color and some people underestimate its interior possibilities. Instead of considering it a plain color, accept it as a canvas. White matches with every color and every texture- a universal backdrop to leave your print on the living room’s interior.

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6. From Dated To Delightful

Cheerful Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

If there are niches in the living room, paint them in the same color as the color of the walls if you are looking for a continuous and stylish general look.

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This way they will also act as an architectural specific that is both functional and decorative. Use darker colors for the furniture or for the accents to keep the airy feel.

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7. Brighten A Dark Space With Colorful Accents

Colorful Family Room Reveal #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Use the carpet as the unique accent of your living room.

Especially in a more stylish decor, the colorful pattern of the carpet will anchor a cheerful mood and will underpin the personal touch.

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8. Chic Neutral Makeover

Condo Makeover Living Room Idea #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Paint the walls light grey or white, change the dark leather furniture with a set in a brighter color.

If the floor is dark, you don’t have to change it as it is a big investment. Instead, place a carpet under the sitting set in the same color palette which will give this nook a continuous look.

Add accents from the same texture and color around the room to make the flooring look like the perfect match.

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9. Whimsical Modern Living Room Transformation

Eclectic and Colorful Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Bolder people don’t limit their interior to two or three colors. On the contrary, they include almost every color in a room but in such a way that the final result is a harmonious atmosphere.

The key to this challenging decision is to keep all the furniture and accents in the same design style. It will unite them despite their colors.

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10. Feng Shui Floor Plan

Feng Shui Your Favorite Space #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Use the Feng Shui teaching to base your living room makeover.

It will guide you through the best colors, the best alignment of furniture and what accessories should be present in this particular space.

11. Update A Drab Fireplace

Fireplace Tiles Accent Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

A simple and easy change sometimes does miracles with the interior. For example, the tiles around the fireplace have been stenciled with paint to become the focus of the living room.

The color combo repeats a combination that is already existing in this space so the change has a stylish enhancing effect.

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12. Modern And Sleek Open Shelving

A Floor-to-Ceiling Living Room Remodel #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The integral storage units are great but depending on their position and the size of the room, they can overwhelm the space. If this is the case with your storage unit in the living room, here is an idea of how to upgrade it.

Disassemble the top sections so that only the bottom ones remain. Use that material to create open shelves that will take up just the same amount of items as the original unit.

You will be surprised to see how this modification makes the room feel and look airier and refreshed.

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13. Use White To Brighten A Small Space

Freshen Up a Formal Living Room #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The dark wood is very authentic and inviting. However, having too much of it can have the opposite effect. We suggest that you leave the dark surfaces on two or three room components- the floor, the ceiling and the storage furniture.

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14. Scale Matters In A Large Room

From Big To Crisp and Organized #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Everybody dreams about big living rooms but most people don’t know that they can be a big challenge when it comes to covering all the square feet creating an inviting and organized atmosphere.

In the shown example, the homeowners have faced that difficulty.

There is an empty area that looked so odd. To overcome this they have used the largest wall as a wall for storage units and have made zones that are tied up by the same design style.

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15. Add Layered Style With Texture And Shine

From Empty to Elegant in 7 Steps #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Need advice on what to focus on when you do a living room makeover?

The link below reveals secrets to decorating it and the best practices to create a harmonious and stylish space.

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16. A Stylish Living Room Grows Up

From Play Room to Living Room #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

When kids grow older, the amount of toys decreases. Therefore, the living room that has once been safe and adjusted for games, needs a makeover. Take out the rubber mats and place a fancy carpet.

This will instantly change the interior from a playroom to a stylish living space.

Bring the planters in, add some decorative elements like pillows and paintings and enjoy the transformation.

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17. Go For A Bold Hue

How Color Can Change Everything #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

This makeover included only one wall makeover. Thinking about the budget and the time invested, the wall behind the sofa has only been repainted.

The bold blue color that covers it has given the room a breath of freshness and uniqueness.

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18. Easy And Stunning Statement Wall

How to Create a Statement Wall #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

This is an idea of how to make a statement wall without changing the texture of the wall itself. Another way to make it the focus of the room is to add storage furniture. For smaller spaces, open shelves are the best choice.

Attach them to the wall with rope, chains, corbels, etc. to give them a unique design.

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19. Add Height By Elongating Windows

How to Fake Floor-To-Ceiling Windows #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The larger the window is, the bigger the room looks. This is due to the natural light and the landscape seen from the window. While changing the windows with bigger ones will require a total overhaul of the space, there is an easier, quicker and very affordable way to mimic the design of floor-to-ceiling windows.

Place shades over the top frame of the window which will look as if they are hiding part of the glass. It is a must to also change the color of the frame- white is the best choice. And last but not least, the curtains that end at the floor visually make the wall taller.

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20. Leaving Paneling In The Past

How to Fix 1980s Design Disasters #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The old-fashioned wood panels on the walls don’t fit in the contemporary understanding of style, comfort and coziness. One of the options to change that is to paint them in a light color.

The other and more permanent decision is to take them off for good.

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21. Revamp A Blank Space With Bold Accents

How to Get an Instagram-Worthy Interior #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The small accents in the interior have a big significance when it comes to the general look of the interior. They are the ones that give a room a character and turn it into a homely space.

Plants, vases, lamps, trays, pillows, blankets, curtains, wall art are among the wide range of decorations that will do a great transformation on the living room.

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22. Rustic Wood Walls Add Farmhouse Charm

How to Get the Rustic Look #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Wood gives the room warmth and coziness like no other material can do. If you want to include it in the living room interior without giving it an old-fashioned vibe, try this idea.

Cover one of the walls with wooden laths or laminate boards.

This rustic accent wall quickly adds to the interior the desired charm, interest and inviting look.

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23. Make Big Changes With Paint

How to Update Dated Living Room Finishes #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

By painting the storage furniture and the fireplace bricks the old-fashioned surfaces quickly become refreshed and modern.

24. Modernize A Room With Small Changes

Little Changes for a Big Impact #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The modifications of this living room included repainting the walls, changing the table, adding thematic pillows and including repurposed items into the decor to serve as a focal point.

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25. Add Visual Height With An Accent Wall

Living Room Makeover With a Faux Fireplace #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

If you don’t want to make a whole wall a statement wall, you can do it only with part of it. This idea is good for smaller rooms or short ceilings as it will visually make space look taller.

Use scrap wood or laminate to cover a stripe from the wall. Add a storage unit consisting of open shelves to give the accent depth.

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26. Bright Accents Add Contrast

Living Room Renovation #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

And yes, we said that the dark colors tend to make the living room feel darker and smaller but not always. If you manage to reach the balance between dark and bright colors, this effect is not possible.

If the walls are dark, stake on bright furniture and accents.

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27. Color And Mirrors Bright Light To A Small Space

Make a Small Room Feel More Spacious #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

When the living room is small, the first rule to making it feel larger and cozy is to set the interior in the light palette. You can choose from a variety of colors and make unique combinations.

Grey, white and creamy can cover the structural parts and the furniture while gold, silver and even dark colors can define the accents.

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28. Use Colors That Reflect Light

Make Your Living Room More Inviting #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

If the natural light in the living room is not sufficient, it will be gloomier and not that inviting.

Change that by forgetting about dark colors. Include nuances from the pastel or light palette and use bolder shades only as accents.

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29. A Bright Fireplace Makeover

Neutral Living Room Makeover #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

to give the living room a character, choose a color to define the accents. In this example, the blue color exists on every level of the room. In addition to the point of interest it creates, it also adds a pinch of relaxation because it is tightly connected to the coastal style.

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30. Rugs Can Create Areas In An Open Space

Open Floor Plan Before and After #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

This living space is so big that it provides endless interior possibilities.

The homeowners have decided to zone the shared space but yet give it a tied general look. That has been achieved by following a particular color combination and style of the furniture.

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31. Make The Most Of Your Light


This small living room is an example that it can feel as comfortable and look as stylish as a big room with the proper decisions and good taste.

The light colors are predominant and make space airier, brighter and fresh. There are only a few darker accents that aim to add a modern vibe and unique touch to the interior.

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32. Simple Upgrade Of A Dated Fireplace

The One-Day Fireplace Makeover Hack #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

The makeover of a fireplace is possible only with paint.

Check out the tutorial below to understand the secret of turning the old-fashioned fireplace into a modern interior part.

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33. Colorful And Eclectic Living Space

The Right Way to Mix Patterns #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

Combining different patterns is a difficult task. If you don’t do it well, you risk investing money in items that will ruin the whole interior and eventually won’t be used at all. The first piece of advice for this design challenge is to choose patterns in the same color combination.

The second one is not to place the different patterns very close to each other. The third one is to be moderate with the number of patterns you include in the interior.

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34. Add Visual Interest With Pattern

Transform Your Living Space with Curated Patterns #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

This is another example of a successful combination of different patterns. The bolder patterns that drag attention cover a bigger part of the room.

Although they are in a different color combination, they have a similarity between them and that is the striped motif.

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35. Stunning Modern Living Room Makeover

Upscale Design Living Room Do-Over #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

This living room makeover aimed to make it a unique and cozy space where the whole family can gather together and feel invited to spend their time together.

The electrical fireplace built in the wall adds the element related to warmth and light. The other wall next to it adds the same vibe with the added wooden laths in a shutter design.

36. Built-Ins Done Right

When You Need More Storage #livingroommakeovers #decorhomeideas

If you need more storage places in the living room, ensure them by covering one of the walls with storage units.

Combine open shelves on the top part of the wall with closed chests on the bottom to give the space height and not impact the airy feeling of the space.

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