28 Awesome DIY Furniture Makeover Ideas

It can be overwhelming to know what to do with a piece of furniture that you don’t really like or that doesn’t fit the décor of your home.

Instead of getting rid of the furniture and buying something new, you can easily make it over into a new piece.

DIY Furniture Makeover Ideas #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Get the inspiration that you need to tackle your next makeover project when you check out these 28 great examples.

1. Upcycle an Old Coffee Table into a Comfy Bench

Coffee Table To Bench Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Turn an old coffee table into a comfortable bench with a fresh coat of paint and a cushion.

Make sure to pick a fabric that complements the rest of your décor.

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2. Transform Your Dresser into a Stylish Storage Station

Dresser To Storage Box Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A fresh coat of paint brightens up this old dresser.

Take out the bottom two drawers to make storage space. Add small legs to the drawers to turn them into child-friendly storage boxes.

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3. Repurpose an Old Dresser into a TV Stand

Dresser To TV Stand Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

By removing most of the drawers on an old dresser, you can easily get the room you need for your TV, gaming consoles, and DVDs.

Brighten it up with fresh paint and new hardware.

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4. Refresh Your China Cabinet with Fresh Coat of Paint

China Cabinet Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A simple coat of paint that is then distressed, and some new hardware give an old china cabinet a new lease on life.

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5. Upcycle an Old Coffee Table into Rustic Entryway Benches

Table To Entryway Benches #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Cut an old coffee table in half lengthwise and then paint and finish these halves.

They make great benches when secured to the wall in the entryway.

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6. Create the Perfect Craft Station with a Dresser

Craft Station From Old Dresser #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

An old dresser has plenty of storage for crafting equipment. Adding a long top and extra storage provides a work surface, as well.

7. Make a Functional Storage Unit with IKEA Shelves

IKEA Shelf Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Instead of putting three IKEA Expedit units side by side, turn one 90 degrees to allow for side storage. Paint the exposed side with chalkboard paint, which is perfect for family lists.

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8. Give Life To Antique Piece of Furniture with Chalk Paint

Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A little elbow grease and some white chalk paint will bring any old dresser back to life.

Skip distressing the paint for something a little more modern.

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9. Repurpose a Classic Bed into a Vintage Bed

Old Bed To Garden Bench Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Old beds are usually trashed, but you can bring it back to life as a garden bench.

Shorten the sides of the bed, add planks for seating or hidden storage, and then paint it.

10. Build a Stylish Clothes Rack with a Rustic Ladder

Old Ladder To Clothes Rack-Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Paint an old ladder a bright color for a pop of interest and then hang it on the wall.

Clothes can be hung on the rungs, providing you plenty of storage space.

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11. Upgrade Your Kitchen in Style with an Old Wall Cabinet

Old Cabinet To Kitchen Island #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Old wall cabinets make great kitchen islands.

Replace the doors with ones hinged at the bottom and leave some open space for storage.

Add feet or casters, paint the piece, and top with butcher block.

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12. Give Dining Table a Farmhouse Look with Interlocking Boards

Dining Table Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Remove the top of an old dining room table and replace it with interlocking boards.

It’s then easy to paint and distress the legs and frame for a new look.

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13. Build a Chic Side Table with an Old Dresser

Side Table Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A fresh butcher block top, new paint and hardware, and some open spaces in place of drawers makes this perfect for storage.

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14. Transform a Thrift Store Cabinet with an X-Patterned Lattice

Thrift Store Cabinet Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A dark and dated cabinet looks great with white paint and with the heavy and ornate doors updated.

Replace the carvings with X patterned lattice for a fresh look.

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15. Add Style and Functionality with Paint Laminate Furniture

Paint Laminate Furniture #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

It can be tricky to paint laminate furniture, but carefully sanding it first is key.

You can then choose a light and high-gloss paint for a fresh look.

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16. Give Old Cabinets New Life with a Light Blue Finishes

Dresser Makeover With Chalk Paint #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

The ornate carvings on this old dresser really pop when they are outlined with a contrasting light blue.

Using the same blue on the top of the dresser ties the piece together.

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17. Give Your Workspace a Luxe Upgrade with Copper Details

Desk Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Glam up an old desk with moody blue paint and gorgeous copper pulls and knobs.

A freshly stained top finishes the look and makes it look expensive.

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18. Transform Your Pantry Cabinet with Stunning White Paint 

Pantry Cabinet Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Bright white furniture isn’t for everyone, but you can easily age your cabinet or other furniture using paint, not wax.

This highlights the details of each piece.

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19. Revitalize Your Headboard into a Porch Swing

Swing Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Use an old headboard from a bed to make a unique front porch swing for your home.

Pick a color that will pop and will help showcase the carvings on the headboard.

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20. Refresh Your Home with a Fresh Look

Chic Console Furniture Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

A boring wooden console table can enjoy new life when painted fresh and bright white and finished with shiny knobs.

This allows the delicate lines of the piece to pop.

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21. Build a Comfy Bench with Functional Storage Space

DIY No Sew Bench Cushion #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Even people who don’t sew can enjoy a new bench cushion.

It only takes around 15 minutes and uses a staple gun and spray adhesive to hold the new cushion in place.

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22. Paint Your Old Chairs for a Modish Look

Paint Fabric #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Update an old chair without reupholstering it when you paint the fabric.

Make sure to use a paint designed specifically for this job.

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23. Create a Rustic Porch Bench with an Upcycled Headboard

Repurposed Headboard Bench #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Ornate headboards look great when repurposed as benches.

The detailed carving really makes the piece stand out.

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24. A Simple Way to Rejuvenate Your Cabinet Cubby

Cabinet Cubby Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

This cabinet cubby is given new life with bright paint and some fun fabric on the inside.

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25. Upgrade Your Home with an Apothecary Cabinet

IKEA Cubbies To Apothecary #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Turn old IKEA cabinets into a gorgeous apothecary.

With hidden swing doors, you can hide anything inside.

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26. Reimagine a Dresser Hutch into an Elegant Side Table

Dresser Hutch Turned To Sofa Table #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

An old dresser hutch makes a great side table with a little paint and imagination. You will need to add a back, but that makes it a durable piece.

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27. Give New Purpose to an Old Desk with a Makeover

Old Desk Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Instead of throwing away an old desk, give it new life with paint, fresh pulls, and some shelving.

This will make it one of the favorite pieces in your home.

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28. Turn Vintage Chairs into a Modern Porch Set

Outdoor Set Makeover #furniture #makeover #decorhomeideas

Updated outdoor furniture will make you want to spend time outside with your friends and family. Keep everything light and airy with neutrals and white paint.

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The next time that you have an old piece of furniture that you want to makeover, you will be able to draw inspiration from one of these 28 great ideas.

Making over your furniture is a great way to save money and to create a custom piece that you will love.

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