Tiny Living Room? 24 TV Setup Ideas That Prove Less Is More in Modern Decor

Designing a small living room may seem challenging for many people, especially with the limited spaces. However, this is actually an opportunity to flex your creativity!

Limited space offers the chance to create cozy and bold rooms that may require more work with expansive spaces.

Designing these paces requires skill and craftiness to ensure the space is functional for the whole family. It’s vital to be skillful when designing around a TV, which can offer your family and guests endless hours of entertainment.

We will explore 24 creative and practical small living room ideas that incorporate a TV, from clever storage solutions to space-saving furniture arrangements, and lighting tricks that enhance the overall ambiance of your space.
  • Where is the best place to put a TV in the living room?

This greatly depends on the functionality of the living room. If the TV is meant to be the center of entertainment, it should be at a central point in the room.

However, if you don’t plan on using it frequently, you can choose a different place.

  • Where should I put my TV in a small space?

Place the TV where it’s easily visible or serves the purpose you want it to. Consider factors such as proportionality when choosing a TV for a small Living room. 

  • How do you arrange a small living room with a TV?

Again, this comes down to personal preferences. However, you should consider vital factors, such as the number of decor items you use and the size of the furniture, to ensure the space doesn’t feel cluttered. 

This article discusses a range of ideas to help you decorate your small living room around a TV.

1. Decorate with Some Paintings on the Opposite Wall

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@Shea Homes – Arizona

One of the primary rules of interior design is symmetry, and adding paintings on the opposite wall to your TV may just be the right way to achieve this. 

Employing this kind of symmetry makes the room easy to design as other design elements can be added to the space without compromising the balance as in this design.

2. Try Some Bright Colors

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via Brittany Lyons Interiors

When decorating a small living room, using light colors creates the illusion of space, making the room appear larger than it actually is. 

This small living room appears open and lively due to the light colors used on the wall painting, decor, and furniture. While the TV covers one wall, it’s balanced out by a more prominent light-colored picture on the other wall. 

The availability of natural light also adds to the coziness of the space.

3. Add a Bookshelf Next to the TV

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@Decor Home Ideas

The TV doesn’t always have to be the dominant element hung on the wall. Adding a shelf on the side creates visual interest in this design and prevents the TV from dominating the space. 

By placing multiple different small decor elements on the shelf, the space has been brought to life. 

4. Corner It 

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via Anthony Wilder Design

Small spaces may be limited regarding wall space, making it hard to determine where to place the TV. Nonetheless, you can always go right with the corner. 

In this tiny living room, the TV occupies the corner of the room, and it’s complemented by an artistic corner table. 

Light shades on the rug and furniture make the room feel less cramped.

5. Embrace the Symmetry 

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via Cottage Company of Harbor Springs

As previously stated, symmetry is a cardinal rule of interior design, and what better way to adhere to it than placing your TV in the center?

In this design, the TV completes this symmetrical arrangement with cabinets on either side of the fireplace and furniture arranged in line with these cabinets. 

6. Place it on the Side

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via Degnan Design-Build-Remodel

Having your TV on the side of the sofa may seem a bit unconventional. Still, it’s a very thoughtful design if you don’t want it to be the center of attention or want to reduce screen time. 

Here, the TV is placed on one side of the wall and accentuated by decor elements such as candles, vases, and a painting.

7. Table For One Please!

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via DeBaker Design Group

Introverts will love this small living room design with just one armchair beside the fireplace to warm those chilly nights (or days). 

The TV is carefully masked between the two windows that are interestingly of similar size. The design is symmetrical, with decorative plants on either side of the screen.

8. Try a Traditional Design 

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via Diana Lombard Interiors

The conventional design of a small living room with a TV entails arranging furniture around it, making it the central entertainment point. 

Movie watchers will like this design with an L-shaped sofa on one side and armchairs on the other to complete a C-sectional. 

9. Multi Sectional 

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via Wander Designs

A cozy living room isn’t always limited to small living rooms with limited space to explore. 

This large living room has been cozied up by having different sections where one is a TV or entertainment area with an L-shaped sofa. 

10. Behind the Sofa

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via Stephen Bobbitt Architects

In most living rooms with TVs, the sofa always faces the television. Still, TVs can be distracting when the living room is a conversational area. 

That’s why placing it behind the sitting area where it’s not as distracting may be a good idea. 

11. Camouflage It 

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via Anjie Cho Architect

Some interior designers consider a visible TV a design crime even though it’s a necessary evil. If this is the case, you’ll be well suited to camouflage your TV like in this design, where the wall is painted black. 

The TV blends in with the black color, creating a neutral graphic block that cleverly draws attention away from the screen.

12. Blend In 

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via 3 Lights Design

Blending your television with other design elements is the perfect way to create an artistic appeal to your small living room. 

In this design, the TV is placed next to wall paintings of similar size, hence blending in perfectly on the wall. 

The use of the paintings also ensures the TV isn’t the centerpiece but rather just one of the design features.

13. Try a Minimalist Approach

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@Decor Home Ideas

Minimalism is a famous concept when designing small living room spaces; the fewer items you use in your area, the more it feels open and inviting. 

This small living room embraces this approach by having minimal furniture and using houseplants to live up the small, cozy sitting area. The abundance of natural lighting opens up the space even further.

14. Go For an Artistic Approach 

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via Shea Homes Charlotte

Creating a cozy space requires you to be as creative as possible to explore different ideas when it comes to making the right setting. 

Try using different materials and combine different colors to create the ultimate haven. 

15. Make it the Center of the Design 

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via Megan Grehl

A TV can be the centerpiece of your living room design, especially if you are looking forward to it being the primary source of entertainment. 

This design will especially work well if you own a large screen that occupies a large part of the wall. You can accent the design by decorating the wall with paintings.

16. Try a Rustic look 

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@Decor Home Ideas

You can never go wrong with a classic look, especially if you value simple designs. Use antique furniture to give the room a rustic vibe. 

You can combine the furniture with other modern decor and make the TV the center of this modernity. 

17. Over the Fireplace

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via Jenny Roush Newman

Decorations over the fireplace have existed as long as the fireplace. Most living room designs with a fireplace are usually designed around it as it ensures even heat distribution. 

Placing your TV just over the fireplace may be the ideal way to add an entertainment feature to the space without interfering with the seating arrangement. 

18. Behind All the Furniture

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via Adams + Beasley Associates

Being the primary source of entertainment, it’s only fair that the TV can be viewed from different sitting areas in the living room. 

This also provides extra sitting space when you have people over and want to offer some entertainment. 

19. Try an Inbuilt Wall Unit 

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via 41 West

A wall unit with shelves is the best way to decorate your TV. In this design, the living room features a shelved wall unit with various decor elements such as vases and houseplants. 

The shelves can also serve as an extra storage space for your books or a place to display family photos.

20. Two Screens? No Problem

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@Decor Home Ideas

When you have a TV and a computer, it’s essential to understand where each screen should be placed. 

In this case, the TV should be placed where multiple people can view it, while the computer can be placed on one side of the room since it’s for personal use.

21. Make it Proportionate

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@Decor Home Ideas

A small living room needs proportional furniture and other items. When you use a large television, it becomes the center of attention in the room. 

As such, it’s essential to go for a proportional TV size such that it appears as part of the living room rather than the focus. 

22. Try Some Natural Light

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via Domus Nova

If you have a lot of natural light in your room, working with it is the best way to create a cozy space. 

Try using fewer curtains and blinders so the room has plenty of natural light. This makes the room feel larger than it actually is, especially if paired with light-colored furniture. 

23. Add Some Ambiance 

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via Inspired Dwellings

Most small living rooms will benefit massively from added light when the natural light is limited. 

You can use lamps or pot lights to add some ambiance to the room and make it appear brighter. Use light-colored paint for the walls to reflect extra light in the room. 

24. Embrace the View

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via PJ Designworks

When you have a good view, why not design your small living room to embrace it? 

This design follows a minimalistic approach with a single sofa and a well-lit wall unit. The design extends to the balcony, which offers a great city view. 

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