22 Modern Fireplace TV Wall Ideas and Designs

When you want to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room, nothing compares to the combination of a fireplace, but you always need to find a place for the TV, too. Most of us don’t have the luxury of separating the two elements, so it’s logical to combine them onto a single wall.

Whether you want a modern, contemporary look or a more traditional style, there are plenty of fireplace and TV wall ideas that can help you transform your living space.

Best Modern Fireplace TV Wall Ideas. Get some creative ideas and designs on modern fireplace TV walls. Create an accent with a modern fireplace and add a TV above or beside it. #decorhomeideas

Given all the technology available today, you don’t have to tear up a wall to get a fireplace. Portable electric fireplaces often double as a cabinet and TV stand. Walker Edison has a collection of consoles for every interior design style.

It isn’t uncommon these days to add a modern fireplace TV stand that doesn’t have fire or even generate heat. Whether you’re looking for ideas for a fireplace TV stand combo or are looking for a change in your home decor, we’ve got you covered.

1. Contemporary Metal Fireplace Surround

 Contemporary Metal Fireplace Surround

The easiest way to decorate a fireplace and TV center is to keep the color palette neutral. The gray brick at the base matches the metal chimney breast.

The light stain on the open shelves on the right connects with the light shade of the cabinets on the left as well as the chair and border on the area rug.

via MAK Design

2. Contemporary Farmhouse Idea

Contemporary Farmhouse Idea

A newer trend in Farmhouse shiplap is to add warmth by staining it a darker color.

This is a higher end solution to a combo electric fireplace tv stand bought off the shelf.

via Mr Home Guy

3. Traditional Fireplace Upgrade Idea

Traditional Fireplace Upgrade Idea

Sometimes, the only place to put your TV is directly over the fireplace. It works here by blending it into the charcoal gray background over the mantel.

The fireplace is painted white, and the mortar matches the black-gray wall above. Keep in mind when you raise your TV high on the wall, it needs to be positioned at a forward-leaning angle for easy viewing.

via Pizzigati Designs

4. Add Texture and Warmth

Add Texture and Warmth

Achieve a sleek contemporary look with a gas or electric fireplace by using tile from the floor to the ceiling. The TV is mounted over a slim mantel.

The textured style adds character to an otherwise plain living room with white wall paint.

via Francesca Owings Interior Design

5. Embrace Symmetry

Embrace Symmetry

Symmetry brings cohesion to this Asian-inspired formal living room. The room is a study in bringing variety to a black and brown room by using texture.

The fireplace and TV match up well with the ebony coffee table.

via Studio KW Photography

6. Modern Stone Fireplace

Modern Stone Fireplace

The gray flagstone fireplace becomes the focal point of this feature wall.

Floating shelves are minimally furnished. The TV is placed at eye level, making it easy to view.

via Westlake Development Group

7. Double Sided Fireplace Idea

Double Sided Fireplace Idea

You can get an electric, gas, or wood burning fireplace in every configuration these days.

A double sided fireplace brings warmth to the dining area and living room here.

via O plus L

8. Dramatic Marble Fireplace Surround

Dramatic Marble Fireplace Surround

The TV and electric fireplace look dramatic, mounted on a chimney breast paneled in marble.

Each piece of gray furniture in the room was carefully chosen along with the gray background wall to pick up on the colors of the veins in the marble fireplace surround.

via Randy Whaley

9. Bring Balance to a Long Wall

Bring Balance to a Long Wall

Pick a TV stand that can be wall-mounted so that it can rest flat against the wall and pull out at an angle when it’s time to watch a movie.

The mantel connects all the way across to the wall, creating balanced sections.

via w.b. builders

10. Add Textured Tiles

Add Textured Tiles

The modern fireplace TV wall will often break with tradition. The placement of the fireplace and TV showcase a twist to modern interior design.

The wavy tiles over the fireplace create a feature wall. It adds an element of surprise and texture to the block design and is a great contrast to the smooth, dark wood floor.

via Jennifer Weiss Architecture

11. Use Fireplace as Home Decor

Use Fireplace as Home Decor

A beautiful modern living room filled with a large abstract art piece demands that the TV and fireplace design need to stand apart from the traditional fireplace and TV console.

The TV takes up a modest amount of space on the wall. The choice of a vertical electric fireplace insert over a traditional fireplace insert gives the room the right amount of modern flair.

via KCS Residential Design

12. Modern TV Fireplace Design

Modern TV Fireplace Design

The minimally designed room, with a big blue couch, lack of window treatments, and wooden accents, are commonly found in new Scandia design.

The three-sided gas fireplace provides supplemental heat in the winter.

via Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

13. Mix Materials

Mix Materials

Mixing textures is an art form unto itself. and this fireplace TV duo,  stone on the overmantel with the metal chimney over the modern see-through fireplace. and a dramatic room that makes use of every inch of the gorgeous high ceilings. 

via Pearson Design Group

14. Make an Industrial Statement

Make an Industrial Statement

This room is a study in contrast. The dark metal industrial look of the fireplace surround is a stark contrast to the warm wooden ceiling and white walls.

The TV floating on cabinets is a modern contrast to the mid-century Eames chair.

via Intrinsik Architecture

15. Keep the Cabinets Low

Keep the Cabinets Low

Smooth surfaces come to life with the use of textures in the finishes of the furniture and the fireplace. see the off-white fireplace contrasted with the wood mantel.

The fireplace mantel connects to the cabinets on the right and the TV acts as a mirrored accompaniment to the fireplace.


16. New Take on Traditional Brick Fireplace

New Take on Traditional Brick Fireplace

The wall mounted electric fireplace is set into the white washed brick. The TV is almost hidden in the left corner as it sits against a dark background.

The TV placement is designed to keep the space looking more like a fireplace wall and less like a media wall. 

via Solitude Homes

17. Modern Curved Fireplace Surround and TV

Modern Curved Fireplace Surround and TV

Customized rectangular sections of dark wood surrounded the corner fireplace. The TV is inset in the wall so as not to disturb the sleek finish.

18. Inserts in an Impossible Area

Inserts in an Impossible Area

The TV and fireplace are built into the wall design specifically as a partition and entertainment center.

A lot of extra support is needed if you want to build an electric fireplace TV combo in a stud wall.

via Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

19. Customized Wood Fireplace Surround Idea

Customized Wood Fireplace Surround Idea

A gorgeous Cherrywood finish is the backdrop for a beautiful fireplace and a large TV.

Here’s another instance where the TV needs to be tilted down towards the couch in order to achieve the proper viewing angle.

via Pavilack Design

20. Modern Colors in a Traditional Room

Modern Colors in a Traditional Room

The off-white trim works with light gray to add visual interest in this formal living room.

Accessories on the mantel are kept to a minimum so as not to distract the viewing area.


21. Contemporary Cover

Contemporary Cover

Here, we see the fireplace hidden behind the sectionals. An electric fireplace usually has the option of turning off the heat. This gives you more options when designing your living space.

The TV above is hidden behind sliding doors. You can either use doors to hide your TV, or an interesting piece of artwork can also be a good choice.

via JD Ireland Interior Architecture

22. Built-in Cabinets

Built-in Cabinets

While in many rooms, the fireplace is the focal point, in this family room, the television is the star. The fireplace becomes another accessory in the shelving unit.

The TV is inset to keep it from looking out of place.

via Greenleaf Lighting Ltd

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